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Rest&Quiet Focus Formula Spray 25mL
Source: rest & quiet official website
All natural plant-based ingredients, clean and sustainable
Seven kinds of herbs are used, which are rich in vitamin B12 and free of alcohol and gluten, so as to add vitality to consumers at the same time. Supplement adequate dietary nutrition.
Different herbal ingredients perform their respective functions and play different roles: grape leaf Clematis tincture helps to concentrate and stabilize emotions; European wild elm tincture strengthens self-awareness; European goose ear oak tincture can restore spirit and physical strength; European Larch tincture helps to improve self-confidence; Hard flower tincture makes people decisive; Walnut tincture protects against external influences; European Aesculus tincture gives tranquility and clarity; Vitamin B12 brings mental energy, attention and clarity.
Source: rest & quiet official website
Convenient, simple and easy to operate
When using, just aim the nozzle at your mouth like a breath freshener, and then spray it twice under your tongue. Specific can be repeated according to their own feelings.
Source: rest & quiet official website



Dosage form innovation to create more scene space
At present, functional drinks occupy the main position in the functional foods focusing on improving anti fatigue in the market at home and abroad; The products that help to concentrate or calm the mind and nourish the Qi are mainly drug supplements and alcohol spray. However, rest&quiet focus formula spray breaks the existing barriers, combines the advantages of the above products, and uses spray bottle packaging, which is not only safe, reliable and easy to carry. With it, consumers can maintain their best state at any time.
On the official website of rest & quiet, three scenarios requiring high brain concentration are listed for this product, including “study preparation”, “work discussion” and “interview negotiation”. At present, people believe that the “high pressure” in the workplace and life needs to be improved, and food needs to improve its efficiency. This is fully confirmed by the rapid growth of coffee and energy beverage market. The change of product form often leads to the extension of eating scene. Compared with drinking a large bottle of coffee, gently spraying the tonic into your mouth can achieve similar functional effects. It is indeed a more convenient and promising new brain tonic.
Spray functional food is still very “rare” in China. Rest&quiet focus formula spray supplement will bring new design inspiration to the domestic functional food industry.
Source: rest & quiet official website
Natural raw materials are not added, which benefits a wide range of people
Unlike general functional drinks, rest&quiet focus spray does not use common taurine and caffeine as the main refreshing ingredients, but combines Bach Flower Therapy created by Dr. Bach, who is known as the “second haniman” in the homeopathy field, and mixes the extracts of various wild plant flowers to achieve the purpose of healing the body and mind. Thanks to natural herbal ingredients and endorsement of “homeopathy”, which is widely accepted overseas, this product has an extremely wide range of applicable people. For example, pregnant women, vegetarians, and even the whole family, who are often “discouraged” by functional foods, can eat them at ease. Just spray it in the mouth to relieve the pressure and mild anxiety, so as to radiate new vitality.
Source: rest & quiet official website
It is understood that rest&quiet has a wide variety of dietary supplements, and the products with spray intake and applicability to the whole population are “unique”. In addition to “focus”, the formulated spray series also has “calm” to promote calmness and “sleep” to help sleep. It also uses herbal extracts commonly used in Bach Flower therapy as its functional components.
In addition to the spray type, rest&quiet also launched the dietary supplement in the form of drops to meet the diversified supplement needs.


Country of origin: Australia
Company & Brand: Martin & pleasance
Category: functional food / dietary supplement
Applicable population: suitable for those who need to improve their attention, and suitable for vegetarians and lactating women
Ingredients: Clematis tincture, Aesculus tincture, scleroanthus tincture, Ulmus tincture, Quercus tincture, larch tincture, walnut tincture, cyanocobalamine (vitamin B12)
Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place
Specification & Price: 25ml / $24.95
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