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the rapid response of coconut milk products to the market from hot to new products is inseparable from the brand’s polishing of products, accurate insight into consumer demand and market trends, and investment in the supply chain. More importantly, the taste of coconut is really good.

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Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

The two hottest food tracks in China in recent years are coffee and vegetable milk. With the intersection of these two tracks, coconut milk stands out and develops rapidly.
As the “coconut” in the raw coconut latte, fino, the representative brand, has attracted the attention of foodaily [new Xiu] column. In just one or two years, with the product of thick coconut milk, with the explosion of raw coconut latte last year, it has almost become synonymous with coconut milk category and the head brand driving the development of the whole coconut based vegetable milk track.
Recently, foodaily has noticed that fino is working at the b-end and C-end at the same time: McDonald’s wheat coffee has a new series of “thick coconut season”, which selects two kinds of vegetable milk as raw materials – oatly oat milk and fino coconut milk to jointly create a new product [oatly thick coconut latte]; At the same time, fino has also launched a new raw coconut latte, with the layout of the C-end direct drinking consumption scene.
Picture: Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir
As one of the representative brands of domestic vegetable milk, from the development process to the trend of new products, it can be seen that fino has been working at the b-end and C-end at the same time to explore new opportunities in different consumption scenarios. Then, from the breakthrough road of thick coconut milk, how does fino penetrate into the b-end, promote coconut milk products to the public vision of the C-end, and even drive the overall development of coconut based vegetable milk? What are the layout ideas and consumer trend insights? From the b-end explosion to the C-end explosion, what is the fundamental reason why fino can quickly respond to the market demand? What are the opportunities of coconut based plant dairy products in fino’s development process?
From raw coconut latte DIY to joint wheat coffee,
From net red drinks to coffee industry standard
Coconut Coffee has become the third wave of coffee
Recently, foodaily observed that McDonald’s Handmade coffee brand Mai coffee launched a new series of “thick coconut season”: oatmeal thick coconut hot latte, oatmeal thick coconut ice latte and oatmeal thick coconut snow ice. The special feature of this series of new products is the addition of two star vegetable milk most commonly used in the coffee industry: fino coconut milk and oatly Oh Maili oat milk. The new taste of oat thick coconut milk is another innovation of vegetable milk coffee on the basis of raw coconut latte and oat latte.
Source: fino
Trend: entering the third coffee wave, “fancy coffee” has become a new consumption demand
In fact, as one of the most popular drinks in the world, the world coffee industry has experienced three development waves, and China’s coffee industry has also experienced the same development process.
If Nestle instant is the first impression of Chinese consumers on coffee and successfully led to the first wave of Chinese coffee, then Starbucks and other chain coffees led to the second wave of Chinese coffee with culture and style. Coffee once became synonymous with “elite”, “petty bourgeoisie” and “quality”.
Now, the third wave of coffee has come. Coffee has become a more popular daily drink from “exquisite life standard”. In addition to refreshing and other functions, consumers also look forward to tasting more fresh collocations of coffee tastes and unlocking the new experience of drinking coffee.
As a result, coffee is running faster and faster on the road of “good drinking”, so there is a trend of “tea drinking” in the domestic coffee industry, constantly trying new flavor combinations to form differentiation while product innovation, so as to meet the pursuit of freshness and new experience of domestic consumers.
Momentum: innovate coconut milk category to unlock new scenes, and thick coconut milk will become a good friend of coffee
While pursuing freshness and new experience, Chinese people prefer milk coffee. According to the data in the 2021 white paper on the development of China’s coffee industry, the top two in the choice of coffee taste are latte and cappuccino. AI media consulting data also show that in 2021, Chinese consumers’ favorite purchases in coffee shops were lattes and cappuccinos, and nearly 60% of them would choose these two categories.
The preference for the taste of milk coffee and the preference for vegetable milk of some lactose intolerant and environmentally conscious consumers have prompted the coffee industry to choose more “milk”, and vegetable milk coffee is becoming more and more popular. Driven by the rapid promotion of coffee tea drinking and Chinese milk coffee preference, through the arrangement and combination of different raw materials, the combination of thick coconut milk + coffee was successful and popular.
Source: fino
Precipitation: chasing after the victory, thick coconut milk takes root in the daily coffee consumption scene
Coconut based food has a long history in China. In many people’s childhood memories, there is a corner for small snacks such as coconut milk, coconut sugar, or bread and biscuits wrapped with coconut paste. Although some classic products have been born in the domestic coconut based food, the charm of coconut, a treasure food with unique flavor, has not been fully released in the past few decades, and the domestic coconut based food lacks new innovative products for a long time.
Until last summer, the raw coconut latte was born, and the thick coconut milk also took the new coffee tea as the starting point. The popular single product of raw coconut latte filled the gap of coconut based drinks in the new coffee tea scene, and coconut based food finally produced another popular product.
Since then, thick coconut has become the focus of the coffee industry, followed by the creation of Feinuo coconut. However, how to avoid a flash in the pan after becoming a net celebrity, leaving a chicken feather, is a problem that enterprises should consider more. Fino, which has become the focus, has been further expanding the layout of the b-end, continuously developing offline store scenarios and cooperating with new brands, infiltrating and taking root in the national 13W + offline coffee and tea stores, making thick coconut milk the standard configuration for opening stores.
With the high reputation of coconut coffee represented by raw coconut latte and the wide recognition of consumers, fino has also successfully entered the vision of wheat coffee. This time, in addition to the new “thick coconut season” series products, fino and wheat coffee jointly launched the “fino x wheat coffee: Oh coconut! Oatmeal thick coconut latte free” flash activity to jointly promote the new “thick coconut” series products of wheat coffee. The coffee Mini yellow car unique to wheat coffee appeared on the streets of Guangzhou and Shenzhen with the same oatmeal thick coconut latte and fino thick coconut milk Mini of the store, and delivered the same coffee and customized surroundings of the store during the activity.
Source: fino
The combination of fino and Mai coffee looks like a new product launch. In fact, it means that “coconut milk” has become an indispensable product in the coffee bar and an evergreen classic in the production of coffee and tea. With the use of thick coconut milk, a large single product, coconut blending products are frequently popular. Coconut has gradually become a regular taste with stable consumer groups from a limited taste, realizing extensive penetration in the b-end channel.
From coffee shops to home refrigerators,
Fino opens up a new version of the C-end scene
After the initial popularity of raw coconut latte on the market, it was once difficult to find a cup. In order to drink a cup of raw coconut latte, the savvy netizens opened their minds and finally pulled out that the “coconut” of raw coconut latte is fino’s thick coconut milk. Fino therefore entered the vision of consumers at end C from end B, which triggered the DIY trend of raw coconut latte.
In the little red book, there are nearly 5W notes including # raw coconut latte ## homemade ##diy# and other related labels. After trying to recreate the raw coconut latte, a group of netizens summarized two soul elements of the raw coconut latte DIY: one is that the ice must be added enough, and the other is to recognize fino’s thick coconut milk.
Consumer demand insight from B to C: communication, communication or communication!
Under the influence of the domestic coffee wave, more and more consumers will not only drink coffee produced by stores, but also try to make coffee at home, in dormitories, in offices and so on. From the popular trend of raw coconut latte DIY, fino had an insight into the demand of C-end consumers for mixed drinks, and had a positive communication with consumers.
However, as a brand that suddenly became popular from the b-end to the C-end, fino was also exploring how to communicate with consumers at the beginning, and their communication method of being too honest, but responding in time and reporting continuously was unexpectedly loved by many people.
After the popularity of raw coconut latte DIY, many consumers reported that the amount of 1kg thick coconut milk product is too large for family mixing, which is very inconvenient to use and save. They hope that the brand will launch small packaged products that can be used up at one time. Therefore, on fino’s official little red book number, the birth series of 200ml Mini thick coconut milk was staged, “you urge me, I urge him, users, operators and factories love and kill each other”.
Photo source: fino Xiaohong Book No
It is also due to the personal use habit of home blending, and some consumers have been calling on brands to launch 1kg thick coconut milk at the same time in the comment area. Therefore, after a period of time, the little red book note of “thick coconut milk on sale” was finally put on the top.
Photo source: fino Xiaohong Book No
Fino’s interaction with consumers in the little red book and its response to new products can be said to fully reflect the sentence “make coconuts with heart and operate occasionally” in the introduction column. At the same time, it also reflects that the products that meet the needs of consumers may be the best operation loved by consumers.
The answers from B to C have been written in fino’s brand operation: communication, communication or communication.
Enrich the taste of coconut milk and meet the demand of direct drinking. The new product of raw coconut latte is launched
The popularity of DIY drinks on social media spread in offline scenes, and “self-made drinks in convenience stores” is also a popular trend among consumers. Many consumers began to choose to go to convenience stores to “get local materials”, buy tea, coffee, fruit juice, milk and other raw materials, simply mix them, and quickly make fancy coffee, fruit tea, milk tea and other drinks to enjoy in the office. Therefore, some 711 Family convenience stores have also launched the sales packages bundled with single drinks on the shelves one after another.
Photo source: taken in the convenience store
Fino has thus gained insight into the possibility of consumers looking for raw coconut lattes in the convenience store channels within a close range, and launched the “fino raw coconut latte” in cooperation with the South China / full convenience store of Bristol, so that consumers can easily get a cup of raw coconut latte. It is reported that fino raw coconut latte has become the first single product in a week after the full system was launched.
Source: fino
On May 10, fino announced the launch of a new raw coconut latte. It uses the special coconut milk for fino’s “home” coffee to match with espresso, and adopts a 200g Mini package, which is easy to carry and can be stored at room temperature. The mini raw coconut latte with intubation and ready to drink further arranges the C-end direct drinking scene from the more convenient prefabricated direct drinking coffee, so that consumers can realize the “freedom of raw coconut latte” in more life scenes anytime and anywhere.
Source: fino
From mixed drink products with different packaging models to prefabricated direct drink products, fino has been launching corresponding new products through insight and response to consumers’ consumption needs in different scenarios, consolidating the category mind through product + use scenarios, and making the “raw coconut freedom” in different life scenarios easy and accessible through the solutions provided by different products, so as to gradually complete the consumption territory of coconut based plant milk products at the C-end.
From red hot items to steadily rooted and multi-point flowering,
What does fino rely on to quickly complete the consumption territory of coconut based vegetable milk?
Steady and steady, supply chain construction has become the core competitiveness of coconut based plant dairy products
Coconut milk belongs to raw material products, which need good raw materials to ensure the provision of good products.
As a brand producing coconut based vegetable milk, fino can become popular. In addition to finding the right entry point of the product related scene and having a clear layout idea, the most important thing is fino’s attention to the supply chain and the origin of raw materials, which is fino’s core competitiveness and the fundamental reason why Fino can quickly respond to market demand and launch new products.
In fact, fino has been laying out raw materials and factories since 2015, and thick coconut milk is not the first explosive product of fino. In 2018, fino’s Coconut Jelly became a popular product in the family convenience store. This product also allowed fino to find out the raw materials behind the product and the whole supply chain system. After thick coconut milk became popular again, fino did not blindly market a large number of products, but focused more on building the supply chain and product research and development.
In terms of raw materials, fino has reached strategic cooperation with 38000 mu of coconut forest around the world, ensuring the stable supply of high-quality coconut raw materials; In terms of R & D and production, fino has three R & D bases in Haikou, Shenzhen and Tongxiang and a R & D team of more than 30 people. It has two own factories and six strategic cooperative manufacturers. Through its own + integration, fino creates a high-quality supply chain, which constitutes the basic guarantee of product quality.
In the little red book, fino also sent the contents related to the clocking in of Hainan factory. Picture source: fino little red book number
In terms of product research and development, fino not only has coconut milk products, but also creates a matrix of all coconut based products. It has coconut based brands such as “fino” focusing on coconut based vegetable milk, “zhikeqing” focusing on coconut based fermented milk and “little coconut stew” focusing on coconut based stews. Its products include thick coconut milk series, coconut milk, coconut water, coconut milk drinks, frozen raw coconut milk, frozen coconut water drinks, Zero sugar coconut milk, raw coconut latte Stewed Coconut Chicken with coconut and other products.
It can be seen that the core competitive advantage of fino is to “maximize the value of a coconut” by building the whole industry chain of coconut base, continuously and stably outputting high-quality products.
Orderly layout and expand the influence of B + C end
In terms of brand activities, fino is also adhering to the two pronged approach of b-end and C-end.
In relevant fields of the industry, fino influenced the circle of the coffee industry by sponsoring cafeex Coffee Festival, and further enhanced the cognition of the leading brand of coconut based vegetable milk by participating in industry exhibitions.
Facing the consumer market, fino has produced thick coconut milk bird’s nest porridge in the 12th summer, and has also jointly marketed with local chicken, capsule tea language and other brands to expand the brand influence. In addition to communicating with consumers through official accounts, fino has also established brand IP “thick” and “coconut” to enhance the brand image through visual hammer.
The fruit of coconut will be spread by water. The mature coconut will fall into the sea and drift with the water. Once it meets the shoal or washed to the shore and meets the appropriate environment, it will take root and sprout.
Fino is also like coconut. With the flow of coffee wave, products take root and sprout in the operating console of coffee shop and the refrigerator of home and office, and slowly grow into a coconut forest.
Taking coconut milk as the starting point, coconut based drinks can blossom from the red to the B and C ends. It is inseparable from the polishing of the brand for the supply chain and products, the insight into the trend of consumption scenes and consumption demand, the orderly layout of channels and the accurate positioning of the initial category image, or the harmony of time, place and people.
However, the most important thing is that the taste and taste of coconut is so good that coconut milk is both delicious and “fun”. Under fino’s all coconut based brand matrix, domestic plant-based food with coconut as raw material will certainly have more categories of innovative products, and this piece of coconut forest will gradually expand.
Cover image source: fino
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