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Ruixing’s board of directors welcomed new members. The number of Danone milk powder transported to the United States soared, Nestle’s two city upgrading project, Costa’s Shanghai stores resumed business one after another, flying crane diversified, and the director of the US FDA was questioned

Hot company information and announcement


Ruixing coffee board welcomes new members

Today, Ruixing coffee announced the adoption of the new term of office of directors. At the same time, two directors (Zhuang Weiyuan and Wu Gang) resigned and appointed four new board members (Chen Weihao, Liu Jun, Liu Qianli and Liu Shaoqiang), with immediate effect. Statistics show that three of the new board members are from Dazheng capital (the controlling shareholder of Ruixing coffee).

(historical data)

Contract signing of Nestle Shuangcheng infant formula upgrading project

Yesterday, Shuangcheng District of Harbin held a centralized signing ceremony for key investment promotion projects in 2022. At the signing ceremony, 28 enterprises including Nestle signed contracts with Shuangcheng district government, including the upgrading of infant formula. (Harbin Daily)


Leng Youbin reiterated that Feihe will strive to achieve 100 billion output value

Yesterday, Leng Youbin, chairman of Feihe, said that Feihe would speed up the construction of a 100 billion level ecological industrial cluster of dairy products, establish a diversified dairy product system focusing on infant powder and synchronous development of children’s milk powder and adult powder, and strive to achieve 100 billion output value. (Qiqihar Municipal People’s Government)

Liangpin shop was reduced by shareholders

Today, liangpin store announced that the shareholders Zhuhai Gaoling Tianda equity investment management center (limited partnership), hhlppz (HK) Holdings Limited and Ningbo Gaoling Zhiyuan investment partnership (limited partnership) plan to reduce their holdings by no more than 6%. (company announcement)


Costa stores in Shanghai resumed business one after another

Costa announced on wechat official account today that its offline Store Shanghai Baoshan District Merchants Shekou Garden City store will resume business today, and Shanghai Changning District Golden City Road store will also resume business on May 23. (issued by the company)

Maotai ice cream is not sold to minors

Yesterday, Maotai and Mengniu cooperated to launch a hot search on ice cream. “Maotai ice cream has alcohol content, so it is not sold to minors. And the alcohol concentration is 3%. It is recommended not to drive after eating it,” said the head of Maotai ice cream R & D team (SSE China Securities Network)

Yili dairy and Evergrande beverage negotiated and signed a contract with Xianning, Hubei

Xianning economic and Information Bureau reported yesterday that Xianning City, Hubei Province focused on the world-famous brands of beverage industry and the top 100 domestic industries to carry out industrial chain investment. Among them, Yili dairy, Evergrande beverage, Dayao soda and other projects are under negotiation and signing. (Xianning economic and Information Technology Department)

The first phase of Lulu series beverage project with an annual output of 500000 tons in Chengde is being gradually promoted

Today, Chengde Lulu said on the investor interaction platform that the company’s relocation project “Lulu series beverage project with an annual output of 500000 tons (phase I)” is being gradually promoted. The construction period is two years and will be put into operation after completion. (company announcement)

Tea Yan Yuese opens a teahouse

Recently, chayan Yuese’s first “xiaoshenxian teahouse” opened in Changsha, with a store area of about 200 square meters, much larger than the standard store of dozens of square meters. In addition to traditional drinks, this teahouse focuses on three types: creative original leaf tea, high-quality original leaf now extracted milk tea and high-quality hand brewed tea. The taste price is between 16-18 yuan. (36 krypton)


Jiugui Liquor said that the impact of the epidemic in April was limited

Recently, Jiugui Liquor said at its investor meeting that the performance scale in the first quarter achieved a significant increase, laying a solid foundation for completing the annual goal, and the management team is confident to complete the annual task. When talking about the impact of the epidemic on the company, the company said that the overall impact of the epidemic on the company in April was limited. (company announcement)


Negotiate free gift boxes to shareholders

Yesterday, Qiaqia food announced that it decided to present the company’s Kui Zhen gift box to all shareholders free of charge. It is reported that the price of Kui Zhen black gold can gift box (188g * 6 cans) is nearly 160 yuan. According to the sales price of the gift box, the gift box will cost about 2.77 million yuan. (First Finance)

Qingdao food appointed Tian Jian as the deputy general manager

Recently, Qingdao food announced that Tian Jian was appointed as the deputy general manager of the company. According to the announcement, Tian Jian once worked in Nestle China, Mars China, Wyeth and fisland, and has been the deputy general manager of fisland Food Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. since December 2021. (company announcement)


The first carbon footprint label product was launched on Monday

Today, the first carbon footprint label product “master Zhou zero black pepper vegetable beef slices” was launched on Sunday. The product will be launched in the official flagship store of tmall Jingdong on Sunday and the supermarket channel of well-known convenience stores in China. It is reported that the “master black pepper plant beef slices” passed the carbon footprint certification on Sunday, reducing the carbon emission by about 84% compared with similar animal meat products. (issued by the company)

Fonterra launched the activity of “Anjia real Ganoderma flavor”

Today, Fonterra’s consumer brand team recently launched the “Anjia real cheese flavor” activity with Anjia masurila cheese and Anjia cheese slices as the main products. It is reported that Fonterra will also jointly launch various activities and festivals with e-commerce platforms such as, dingdong and HEMA, so that more cheese products can enter Chinese tables and kitchens. (issued by the company)


Naixue’s tea launched 520 cups of group exhibition “all flowers for you”

Today, Naixue’s tea joint “ABC Book Exhibition” gathered five Chinese independent illustration artists to form a group for the first time and launched the eighth issue of “cup Art Museum” – 520 Cup group exhibition “all flowers for you”. With tea cups as the carrier, Naixue jointly created five flower themed illustrations. In addition, Naixue’s tea also launched “art flower flash stores” in 7 stores in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, and launched flower gift activities in 300 stores in 9 cities across the country. (issued by the company)

Wang Laoji and Li Xiaoji push 520 confession can

Today, Wang Laoji and Li Xiaoji unveiled 520 confession cans, inspired by 9 characteristic varieties of 9 litchi producing areas (regions) in Guangdong. (issued by the company)


The number of Danone milk powder shipped to the US market is accused of soaring

Reuters reported today that Danone has stepped up the delivery of infant formula from Europe to solve the shortage of milk powder in the United States, according to the analysis of U.S. Customs data and ocean audit data. It is reported that it transported most of the products produced in the UK and the Netherlands to the United States by sea through its Nutricia North America branch. Data show that from January to 51 last year, Danone transported nearly 770000 cans of infant formula to North America, filled with about 100 containers; By the same period this year, the figure had soared to more than 2.4 million cans. This shows how the shutdown and supply shortage of Abbott’s U.S. factories have shaken the U.S. market, giving some rivals a chance to take a share in the lucrative U.S. infant formula industry. (Reuters)

Danone plans to close a factory in Spain

Danone has planned to close a factory in northern Spain that produces desserts, fresh cheese and cheese pancakes. Danone said the planned closure “is part of the rationalization process, taking into account the need to reduce production capacity and concentrate production to ensure the continuity of the brand and obtain competitiveness and industrial efficiency”. (Just-Food)

Fonterra plans to add healthy dietary supplement

With Fonterra facing the future of declining milk production, the company is shifting its focus to the global health and health dietary supplement market, and plans to launch consumer products related to improving cognitive ability, improving vision and relieving stress demand in the coming months. (Stuff)


Coca Cola promotes global music platform

According to adnews today, Coca Cola is expanding its music flat “coke studio” originally launched in Pakistan in 2008 to the world. The project aims to provide opportunities for newcomers to cooperate, create and attract new audiences. The content can be unlocked through Coca Cola packaging. (AdNews)

Quick reading of food industry information


The “milk powder shortage” in the United States will take weeks to ease

Yesterday, Robert kalif, the director of the US Food and drug administration, said that a discontinued factory of Abbott, the largest milk powder supplier in the United States, is expected to resume production within two weeks, but the shortage of infant formula in the United States is expected to ease in a few weeks. Karif told a congressional hearing that Abbott’s plant in Sturgis, Michigan, is expected to resume work in a week or two, and it may take two months from the resumption of work to the entry of milk powder into the retail market. According to kaliv, it will take “several weeks” for the supply of formula to return to normal. (Xinhua News Agency)

FDA requires more resources to regulate milk powder

Today, the US Food and Drug Administration Secretary Robert karif group attended a congressional hearing and was questioned by members of Congress on the regulation of milk powder. He asked for more resources because the agency was understaffed and needed personnel and resources to assess the safety of infant formula. He also called for the bureau to have greater power and more technical force to check the supply chain data of milk powder manufacturers. (Bloomberg)

Detection of cronobacteria in infant formula exported from Czech Republic

According to the EU food and feed rapid warning system (RASFF), on May 17, 2022, the Czech Republic notified the country that its export of infant formula was unqualified through RASFF.

Investors are dissatisfied with the executive compensation plans of many companies

In the non binding shareholder vote, the executive compensation plans of more than 20 major American companies faced dissatisfaction from investors. Some had very low support rates, and some had low support rates for the second consecutive year. Investors in JPMorgan Chase and Intel, which own about two-thirds of the shares, did not support the compensation plan at the recent annual general meeting. Coca Cola narrowly won the majority with 50.5% of the affirmative vote this year. Historically, it has been unusual for companies to get less than 90% of the support in such votes. Corporate governance analysts believe that a support rate of less than 70% indicates serious dissatisfaction among investors. (Wall Street Journal)


Today, the general office of the State Council issued the national health plan for the 14th five year plan (hereinafter referred to as the plan). The plan proposes to implement the three child fertility policy and improve relevant supporting measures. We will continue to ensure maternity insurance for female employees’ maternity medical expenses and maternity allowances, and ensure the maternity medical expenses of urban and rural residents’ medical insurance insured, so as to reduce the burden of maternity medical expenses. (snack generation)


Plan: promote “three reductions and three health”

The plan points out that we will fully implement the national action on healthy lifestyle and promote special actions such as “three reductions and three health” (salt reduction, oil reduction, sugar reduction, healthy mouth, healthy weight and healthy bones). We will implement the national nutrition plan and the action of rational diet, advocate the establishment of the awareness of cherishing food and the habit of balanced diet, promote the construction of the food nutrition standard system, improve the residents’ nutrition monitoring system, and strengthen the nutrition intervention in key areas and key populations. (snack generation)

Plan: accelerate the formulation and revision of national food safety standards

The plan points out that it is necessary to improve the food safety risk monitoring and evaluation system and the food safety technical support system, and improve the food safety standards and risk monitoring and evaluation ability. We will speed up the process of formulating and implementing the most rigorous food safety standards, and improve the ability to identify and implement the most stringent food safety standards. Comprehensively improve the ability of investigation and traceability of foodborne family diseases. (snack generation)

Plan: implement breastfeeding promotion action

It is also pointed out that it is necessary to carry out breast feeding guidance, improve the prevalence rate of preschool children, and reduce the incidence of anemia. (snack generation)


Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan: the rate of fine coffee will reach more than 30% by 2025

Recently, Dehong Prefecture issued the three-year action plan to promote the high-quality development of the coffee industry (2023-2025), actively explore the international market, deeply integrate into the global supply chain of coffee, connect with RCEP, and promote Dehong’s higher level of opening-up. By 2025, the planting area of high-quality coffee in the whole Prefecture will be stable at about 150000 mu, the output of dry beans will be 20000 tons, the rate of high-quality coffee will reach 80%, the rate of high-quality coffee will reach more than 30%, the comprehensive output value will be more than 5 billion yuan, and the trade volume will be more than 8 billion yuan. (Dehong government network)


JD 618 will be launched on the evening of May 23

This year, JD 618 will open the pre-sale at 8 p.m. on May 23. The pre-sale will begin at 8 p.m. on May 31. The final payment will be reset and the first wave of spot sales will start, and will continue until June 3. The second wave of sales will be held from 8:00 p.m. on June 15 to June 18, and return activities will be held from June 19 to 20. In addition, Jingdong revealed for the first time today that the “weaving plan” has begun to take shape, with 43 “Asia No. 1” and about 1400 warehouses across the country. (Shanghai Securities News)


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