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Snow King sells roses and happy tea into “囍” tea. 520 brands are good to play this year!

guess who will be out this year?

Advertising Annual
Creativity will never admit defeat
As one of the most popular festivals in May
Every year 520 is like a
Brand creative bazaar
Someone wrote something new
Some people do miracles
Others are so desperate that they just want to do something
For example, this one this year
Advertising gift box for dumbbells
I really convinced you……..
Let’s just say
Is this 520 this year
The heaviest brand qualification gift in the whole network?
Makeup and dumbbells
Who is the one who can’t get these eight poles together
Forcibly tied into an advertising gift?
Oh, it’s Bai Jingting. It’s okay
The iron advertisement is not unreasonable
Well, apart from this generous gift
What are the interesting brand restrictions of 520 this year?
Let the officials play a shallow game for everyone

Honey Snow Ice City confession building block
520 this year
Snow King, who has always been able to play, launched the immortal flower of 9.9
Building block roses that never fade
Soft tricolor
It’s a tough occasion
Don’t say yet
The assembly process is interesting
The finished product is also very good-looking
I just don’t know 520. Take it to confess
What is the probability of success
In case of success
Remember to go to the store to get a card again
Honey Snow Ice City, call for each couple’s ID card

Xi Cha Shuang 囍
And like tea
Coincides with the tenth anniversary of the brand
Therefore, this 520 is really “double happiness”

The resulting limited perimeter
Netizens looked at it with emotion:
Xi tea has changed into “Xi” tea this time
Paired cup covers, badges
Jubilant bag packing
All exude the pink smell of love
I swear I never did
Jealous tea loving villain has the meaning of object

The above stores contain heart binding ingredients
Single people are advised not to go yet
But think differently
We can also visit KFC and pizza hut

KFC cat claw egg tart
In this season of love everywhere
Limited new cat claw egg tart launched by KFC
Let me be a bachelor
I also love you very much
Who can refuse one
But where’s the cute little cat?
I can’t refuse it
Like the pink cat claws that couldn’t refuse Starbucks
In fact, I don’t want to be excited
But it’s looking at me
Who said that
“Look again, look again and eat it!”

Pizza Hut cat nest
Love who is not love
The owner who loves cats loves cats even more
If you put this nowhere 520
Give it to the kitten who has been with you all the time
Who says this is not another sense of ritual?

Pizza Hut thinks so
So this year 520
Pizza Hut launched two “take away the Pizza Hut cat nest”

It is said that company is the longest confession
The so-called sense of Festival ceremony for cat owners
After all, it’s their company
It brings us a sense of atmosphere to say love loudly

The gift is for them
And happiness is what we sign for

Wuling flash
Finally, let’s share
Wuling Hongguang miniev is expected to go online in 520
Makaron Wenchuang ice cream
As the return of last year’s hot money
I have to say that this ice cream is greedy for me
What do people need
What does Wuling make
Now 520 is coming
Don’t you just need some sweet?
Have to say
Brand limit of 520 this year
Gave us a lot of surprises
The theme of love is also broader
Beauty + dumbbell
It’s encouraging girls to love themselves
Love a confident face and a healthy body
Flowers and double happiness
It’s teaching us to love our confidants
Thank you for your company and future together
And cute pet and cat nest
It’s an expression of other lives that participate in our lives
The official wants to say
This year 520, this brand is very good at playing



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