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Just after the May Day holiday, the roommates of beibella, a senior who is about to graduate, set up a small tent on the Bank of the river not far from the school, prepared food and music, and began a camping time, hoping to commemorate the coming end of her student age.
In the nature of spring flowers and gentle breeze, Beibei and her roommates and girlfriends who have been living together for four years are sharing delicious food while imagining the career life they are about to enter. Of course, she doesn’t forget to create all kinds of beautiful photos and short videos, and then output them on social platforms such as circle of friends, Tiktok, xiaohongshu, Weibo, etc.  
Source: Little Red Book
Different from Beibei’s temporary intention, Dongdong belongs to a professional enthusiast of camping. As long as there is a holiday, it will invite several like-minded camping enthusiasts to drive several off-road vehicles and take their families to the mountain lake far away from the hustle and bustle to start a natural journey.
For Dongdong, camping can not only free itself from the busy work on weekdays, but also effectively enhance the relationship between husband and wife through the cooperative relationship in camping. At the same time, it can also cultivate children’s curiosity and practical ability.
Indeed, in recent years, “camping” has rapidly climbed into a popular word in the adult light circle, and more and more people call camping “one night Utopia”.
According to AI media consulting data, the market scale of camping camps in China increased from 7.71 billion yuan to 16.8 billion yuan from 2014 to 2020, and increased rapidly to 29.9 billion yuan in 2021. It is expected that the market scale will exceed 35 billion yuan in 2022.
According to Ctrip camping data, since the beginning of 2022, the growth rate of platform camping products has reached 800%. The camping travel orders during the May Day holiday have increased five times compared with the Qingming holiday, and the average daily search volume of keywords in the station has doubled month on month in April.
Why have camping scenes become popular in recent years? Taking advantage of this camping boom, which food categories have opportunities to take advantage of? What qualities can you see in them?
Are you on fire?
When it comes to camping, it is actually a short-term outdoor lifestyle. It was originally a temporary outdoor camp for engineering, military, surveying and mapping, tourism, etc.
The earliest leisure camping dates back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.
In 1908, a tailor named Thomas Hiram holding wrote a book about his experience of crossing 1930 kilometers of grassland in the United States with his family when he was young. In the book, there is a chapter detailing the production methods of 10 kinds of tents, from simple single slope to complex canoe tents.
This book, called the camper’s Handbook, became the world’s first “camper’s Handbook”.
Source: wired for adventure
However, different from the traditional outdoor camping in the past, such as deep mountains and wasteland, what is sweeping the country now is an exquisite camping style. Abroad, it has a special word “glamping”.
First of all, “glamping” is a creative word, a combination of glamorous x camping, which translates directly into “charming camping”.
In glamping, in addition to the beautiful scenery of nature, there are also music, food and tent lights with a full sense of atmosphere. Through this series of small beauties, we can jointly weave a “Midsummer Night Dream” for people.
Source: Baidu Gallery
So, how did the fire of exquisite camping burn in China?
L. social development drives consumption upgrading
With the spring breeze of reform and opening up blowing all over the north and south of the river and the continuous consolidation of national strength, the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents has increased year by year.
According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, from 1978 to 2021, the per capita disposable income increased from 171 yuan to 35128 yuan. At the same time, the Engel coefficient of urban and rural residents has also decreased from 57.5% and 67.7% in 1978 to 28.6% and 32.7% in 2021 respectively. The quality of life of urban and rural residents has been continuously improved.
After the problem of food and clothing for the people across the country has been solved, they have a greater pursuit of living quality and taste, the continuous upgrading of living and housing, and the consumption structure has gradually tilted from survival to development and enjoyment, which also indirectly drives the economic growth of camping and other tourism industries.
On the other hand, according to AI media consulting’s analysis report on China’s camping economic development prospect and commercial layout from 2022 to 2025, from 2015 to 2017, the Chinese government issued a number of policies related to the camping industry, which played an important role in promoting the development of the camping industry.
Source: AI media consulting
In the future, with the increasing attention and scale of camping economy, the government will continue to promote relevant policies of camping industry to further standardize the market.
L. “poetry and distance” under the epidemic situation
In addition to consumption upgrading, the rapid growth of the camping industry in recent years has something to do with the COVID-19 in the past three years.
As the epidemic continues to envelop, control measures are gradually normalized. In the past, the popular “say and go” and “poetry and distance” among young people have become an extravagant hope.
With the advocacy of “don’t go abroad without necessity / Province / city” issued all over the country, at the same time, major scenic spots have also taken relevant measures of reservation flow restriction or temporary closure due to the epidemic situation, which greatly limits the places that a large number of consumers with tourism and leisure needs can choose.
Source: Netease
As a result, suffocated consumers began to focus on camping with more flexible and convenient operation and shorter distance from time, so as to meet their urgent psychological needs for getting close to nature and traveling.
Of course, the COVID-19 has not only blocked people’s long-distance travel, but also awakened people’s health awareness.
Getting close to nature and maintaining appropriate outdoor sports are well-known as one of the most cost-effective ways to increase physical resistance. At this time, camping with the above advantages and attributes meets the health needs of consumers, so it ignites the market boom.
L) emotional value derived from camping
The emotional value behind the camping scene is also one of the important factors for consumers to flock to it.
With the accelerating pace of life, people’s pressure from study, work and family is increasing. No matter which track “roll” becomes the standard; Regardless of active or passive, everyone is pushed forward by the tide of social development.
Under the heavy and high-speed life, people increasingly pursue the rest time and small happiness of life after “pressing the pause key”, enjoy the ultimate pleasure after escaping from the “steel forest”, and are willing to pay a higher premium for emotional value when projected onto the consumer market.
Source: Sohu
According to the AI media consulting camping report, the main reasons why Chinese consumers like camping are to relax, relieve pressure, promote family and friend relations, get close to nature and experience a new life.
On the other hand, the “black swan” incident of the COVID-19 has made countless people face the pressure of life, the fear of illness and death, and the loneliness under long-term closure. This series of negative effects have accumulated into huge psychological pressure and emotional problems for consumers.
Three or five friends and a few members of the family had a simple camping trip. People warmed each other in the bright spring, comforted their hearts and vented their pent up emotions.
This is exactly the great emotional value that camping can give people.
L) camping + in line with the new generation of social models
At present, the main audience groups of camping are the post-80s, post-90s and even post-00s young people, of which the post-95s account for 32.8%. Why young people like camping is mainly due to their own social attributes.
According to the 2021z generation camping social white paper released by soul app and Taobao, camping enthusiasts on soul app believe that in the natural environment, it is easier for everyone to open their hearts and communicate. Many young people have made new friends with the same interests through camping and expanded their social circle.
In addition, for many young people, camping is not a one-off. 36.4% of users often go camping in groups, which obviously benefits from the wonderful social experience brought by camping.
Source: Soul
In addition, camping can also derive more diversified “camping +” play experiences, such as fishing, stargazing, picking, script killing, open-air movies, frisbee and so on. The versatile camping social concept will continue to heat up the camping fever.
In addition to the social connections built by camping at present, the online popularity attribute of camping itself also enables it to ferment rapidly on the social platform, generate the secondary social networking of digital links, and meet the sharing desire of the younger generation of consumers on the Internet.
The prosperity of camping scene drives the vigorous development of camping economy. Food and beverage as an indispensable part of the camping scene, how can we grasp this hot air port?
Necessary conditions for the popularity of camping food
What do you eat for camping?
Fruit, potato chips, drinks, candy, biscuits, kebabs, hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot… In theory, as long as you want, as long as you want to eat, as long as you get takeout, it’s no surprise that what you get appears in the camping scene.
Source: Little Red Book – rice paste
However, some scenes of “freedom” and “freedom” have the characteristics of “freedom”.
L) sociality
When camping has become a new social way for young people, the sociality of food has become particularly important.
High value, interesting and trendy food has become the most choice for young people when camping. For some people, it doesn’t matter whether camping food is delicious or not. Colorful and good-looking photos are the king.
Of course, if this food is a popular product that everyone has been grabbing on social platforms recently, it is the right choice.
Source: Little Red Book bonjour-m
After all, camping that lives in more than half of the circle of friends can produce a large film, reflect the beauty of life, represent the sense of ceremony, and show the light and luxurious life. Only the food can highlight the significance of camping and be worth sharing on the social platform.
At the same time, for the younger generation, only after sharing all kinds of beautiful photos and Strategies of camping on social platforms can the trip be truly completed.
L. psychological comfort
On the other hand, camping, as a “Utopia” far away from the hustle and bustle of reality, food and drinks that play an important role in creating an atmosphere also need to play a role in soothing emotions and comforting the soul.
What kind of food can soothe people?
For many people, Du Kang is the only way to solve their worries; Coffee and coke have become the spiritual salvation of many people in Shanghai under the influence of the epidemic; Dopamine in sweets helps many people eliminate the bad mood of the day; The hot stimulation brings dripping and hearty pleasure to many people
Source: Netease
Therefore, it is not difficult for us to find that these addictive foods can bring more emotional value to everyone, and also become an essential existence in leisure scenes.
L) carrying hunger and satiety
As a camping scene bundled with sports, games, tourism, hiking and other elements, there may be a lot of physical consumption in the long-term outdoor process. Therefore, camping food needs to have the attribute of rapid energy supplement or continuous energy supply.
Traditional biscuits, convenience foods, chocolates, puffed foods and so on naturally enter the consumer’s camping food list because of their hunger resistance.
Source: xiaohongshu hanamama
In recent years, with the rapid development of the takeout industry, consumers have more choices in the matter of “feeding their stomachs” in camping. Seeing the potential business opportunities brought by camping, many catering enterprises have launched camping related takeout packages in an attempt to catch the stomach of consumers.
L) shared and combined
Camping, as a multi person activity, can’t be better if it has group attribute in food selection.
As the saying goes, “it is difficult for everyone to adjust”, different people often have different preferences for food types and tastes. Therefore, assorted clothes and shared clothes, which focus on a variety of flavors, have become the best solution to take into account the preferences of all parties and solve selection difficulties. At the same time, large-scale sharing can also ensure that “no one can be less” and avoid the embarrassing situation of uneven distribution.
Source: cratejoy
In addition, the snack box concept popular overseas in recent years is also applicable to camping scenes. This combination of snacks and drinks can greatly save consumers’ lengthy food preparation time in the past. Only a few snack boxes that meet their wishes can meet the food and beverage needs of a camping activity.
L) environmental protection and Sustainability
Camping is on fire, and the environmental protection problems brought by camping have also been sent to hot search recently.
Qiantang River Evening News said that during May Day, the daily garbage output of Qiantang River Park in Hangzhou reached 3 tons. Some uncivilized tourists will leave a pile of wine bottles after camping, as well as scattered fruit tea and coffee powder. The most is catering packaging boxes and fruit skins.
Coincidentally, according to Jimu news, a campsite in Handan, Hebei Province, left dozens of garbage on the roadside after tourists played. Many netizens shouted that they had no quality.
Source: surging news
It is true that these immoral behaviors mainly need to be corrected and improved by increasing the investment and popularization of civic quality education in the whole society.
However, as a food product itself, if it can wake up, encourage or assist consumers to participate in environmental protection through more environmentally friendly and simple packaging, easier storage and recycling design, or attach eye-catching and intimate environmental protection reminders on the packaging, it can also be regarded as a marketing means that can improve the social responsibility and value of the brand.
It is not difficult to see that as a food and beverage attached to the camping scene, if you want to find a new differentiated playing method, in addition to cultivating the internal skills of the product, you need to give the product unique attributes around the consumer needs behind the camping “out of the circle”, and use the product to help consumers get a more immersive camping experience.
In the camping scene, these categories are worth looking forward to
If food and beverage want to rise rapidly in each new scene, as mentioned above, they need to have specific attributes. Usually, these attributes have something in common.
However, looking at the popularity from the perspective of categories, in the camping scene, some categories are naturally dominant and fit the scene very well, which is worthy of being expected by the market. To this end, sushi advocates selecting three tracks with great potential.
L) semi cooked flavor drinks
In the Japanese food market, we often see the word “adult taste”, which translates into Chinese to mean “adult taste”.
What is “so adult”?
Probably different from childhood, the taste is simple and simple. The taste of adults is often more complex, such as a cup of strong tea or a bottle of spirits, which contains sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, just like the world of adults. At the same time, it is also such a complex taste, which is not like the sweet straightforward of childhood milk candy and fruit juice. It can often comfort the heart after growing up.
For young people who love camping, they have experienced a period of social training but have not really reached the mature stage. Their taste and style are also in the “semi mature” stage. Neither childhood drinks nor tea and wine loved by their parents can become their emotional support at this stage.
At this time, products with appropriate stimulating flavor, such as low alcohol wine and coffee, have become their favorite, especially in the experience of camping, which is of great emotional value.
Among them, in the low alcohol wine category, several food advocates that alcohol free wine has more advantages. This relies on non-alcoholic drinks to bring people the flavor of alcoholic drinks. At the same time, it also makes alcoholic products get rid of the negative hidden dangers of health, drunkenness, drunk driving and so on brought by alcohol, which is very suitable for new scenes such as outdoor and traffic, so as to greatly improve the audience range of products.
“Nowwa coffee” × “Northland” jointly launched a new wine bottle coffee, including two flavors of raw coconut horse latte and light milk latte, both of which are alcohol-free. According to the brand introduction, the new product adopts buckle design, which makes the product easy to carry and leak proof.
In terms of publicity, the brand focuses on the matching of new products and outdoor activities: put freshly ground coffee into beer bottles, and you can drink coffee in outdoor activities such as camping.
Source: foodtalks
L. universal seasoning
In the camping scene, in addition to Kaifeng ready to eat products, many people have to turn into chefs to show their skills. All kinds of kebabs, hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, fried steak, chicken wings, fried rice and fried noodles are routine operations.
At this time, a bottle of universal sauce can make consumers enjoy the fun and ritual brought by cooking, and greatly reduce the weight of luggage and the difficulty of operation.
Therefore, the traditional Chinese “dry rice artifact” such as bowl chicken seasoning, hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot seasoning and the national goddess “Lao Ganma” has become an essential existence of outdoor catering. In recent years, with the gradual internationalization of the tastes of the younger generation, many foreign compound spices and condiments have also become the secret behind everyone’s camping cuisine.
Horinishi is a multifunctional seasoning released by orange, a famous outdoor store in hegeshan County in April 2019. As a seasoning that complements meat, fish and vegetables, it swept campers’ tables just a year after its launch, selling about 100000 bottles a year (1.5 million as of March 2022).
Horinishi, as a multifunctional mixed spice, is based on salt and soy sauce and combines 20 spices such as garlic, pepper, coriander and chicken seasoning. In the process of R & D, the number of samples produced alone exceeded 200, which is a miracle spice of “all things can be used” created through more than 130 repeated taste tests.
Source: Amazon
L) prefabricated dishes
As an advanced choice of universal seasoning, prefabricated dishes have become the favorite of “lazy people” with their stable products and simple operation steps, and have successfully been listed on the main push list of camping strategies on various social platforms. According to the data of Jingdong supermarket, the transaction amount of prefabricated vegetables during May day increased by more than 250% year-on-year, and the number of sunrise exceeded one million. The founder of a camping camp also said that “camping + picnic” helped the popularity of the prefabricated vegetable market.
It is precisely because of this growth potential that many prefabricated food brands have found new starting points with the help of camping economy and expanded new scenes of products on display outside the family scene.
The tip of the tongue hero with “Ruixing gene” aims at the C-end market and focuses on the offline stores of prefabricated dishes. At present, more than 6000 dealer stores across the country intend to sign contracts, covering 30% of prefecture level cities and major large and medium-sized cities.
At present, the products of the tip of the tongue hero, in addition to quick cooking dishes, namely hot dishes, prefabricated ingredients, staple snacks and other categories, also sell prefabricated dishes suitable for outdoor scenes such as camping, such as hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot barbecue ingredients. Consumers can choose the dishes they like according to their needs.
Source: xiaohongshu – Chuqing
With the increasingly homogenization of consumer goods, brands began to explore more diversified segmentation scenarios in order to seek the differentiated cognition in the minds of consumers.
At the same time, when a new scene detonates a hot spot, it will often usher in the influx of many brands. Everyone expects to drive product exposure and improve product volume and sales through hot events.
However, following the trend is also a technical activity. If you want to “rub” well, you can not just bind the brand and events together to play a chemical role. Among them, you still need to have an in-depth insight into the underlying needs behind the hot spots, so as to strongly associate the brand with events and become the first choice of consumers in a specific scenario.
Note: Beibei and Dongdong in the text are pseudonyms.
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