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99% of northerners have never eaten fruit, which has been targeted by tea

Xi cha Naixue’s road to breaking the game is not smooth.
“How come I don’t know the new products of milk tea shop this season?”
“Well, only the northerners don’t know the world of fruit, and they have reached it again.”
This session of milk tea shop has obviously succeeded the fruit supermarket and popular science blogger, and has become the main position for northerners to know fruit.
Last year’s yellow peel and oil Citrus have been wildly tested on the edge of northerners’ knowledge.
99% of the people in the North should not know Yougan before last year
In February this year, many tea shops gathered together to hold a new c-top stream: red heart guava.
“Guava Portugal”, “red guava Camellia”, “domineering crisp mang guava”… There is no difference in the limelight.
Three months later, as the season of red heart guava is coming to an end, the era that I thought belonged to guava has passed.
Who knows, there is “white heart guava” to take over.
White guava / tuyuan little sister circle of friends launched by a tea brand
So, there are “white guava grape”, “white guava Camellia” and “cream guava grape”… You sing and I appear on the stage. Northerners with a hooded face:
“Guava, what is it? Is it a banana, your guava…?” (this is a dirty word. Don’t talk nonsense, children.)
Friendly tips, this article is not wide in the whole process. Please eat it at ease.

Guava is definitely a new top class in the new tea industry.
According to statistics, in February alone, there are as many as 9 new products made of guava.
First, Xi tea launched two guava drinks, “full bottle of guava Portuguese” and “full bottle of guava Yakult”.
Subsequently, a variety of guava drinks were added to Lele tea, including big mouth guava, big mouth guava lemon, guava Peach Cheese, cream guava grape, etc.
Lele tea red heart guava beverage publicity map / tuyuan Lele tea official account
At the end of March, Naixue’s tea also followed the trend and successively launched “domineering crisp mang guava” and “domineering guava duck excrement fragrant jade oil Mandarin”.
In particular, the latter integrates online red fruit “guava”, online black tea bottom “duck excrement fragrance” and Guoqi online Red “jade oil Mandarin”, and summarizes the flow password together.
Tweets of Naixue’s tea on Gua’er duck excrement, Xiangyu and Youkan / figure source: Naixue’s tea official account
After all, this is not the first time that tea drinkers rely on the minority to break the circle.
Guava’s niche is relative. Like last year’s yellow skin, it wanders between the poles of “this can also make tea” for northerners and “this can also make tea” for southerners.
On a video platform, a video about guava was praised by 55.3w. The highest praise comment below is:
“Wonder what guava is.”
The netizen who doesn’t know guava is probably from the north.
Because guava is a daily fruit in the south, especially in Guangdong, Guangdong and Fujian. It also has a more grounded name, guava.
Even Cantonese will be stunned by the name “guava”
This kind of fruit originated in South America was introduced to Asia by Europeans. At present, China’s large-scale cultivation of guava is mainly in Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan, Taiwan and so on.
As for the taste, it can only be said that even southerners who are used to “the fruits around them suddenly become net red” have different opinions on the popularity of guava.
Some people think that guava is such a delicious fruit that it is a great joy to finally get out of the circle. After all, “anyone who hasn’t eaten guava will make me sad”.
Those who don’t like it call it “the worst fruit”, “don’t dare to compliment”, “run away from the lantern in front of me”.
Some people also say that the taste of guava is difficult to describe, just like “rabbit meat in fruit”. Whoever matches it is the taste.
Barbara: can you respect me?
The taste of guava is mixed, and the drink is naturally difficult to adjust.
But for tea shops, the taste and evaluation of guava may not be so important.
Guava is just another breakthrough and bet of tea brands on minority fruits.

New tea,
Why focus on niche ingredients
Guava is not the only popular niche fruit in the change of new tea products.
This year, along with guava, there is a smaller number of Rosa roxburghii, not to mention northerners. Many southerners have never eaten it.
Rosa roxburghii grows like this. It’s not a kind of pear
In January, aunt Hushang took the lead in introducing new Rosa roxburghii products in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan and other regions, and later extended them to other regions. Similarly, there is also a mix of net red elements, such as oil Mandarin and duck excrement.
In February, two kinds of Rosa roxburghii drinks such as “Rosa roxburghii Tratt lemon pomelo” were also added to the book.
Driven by the strength of tea brands, this small fruit mainly produced in Guizhou is also understood by more and more consumers.
Guava and Rosa roxburghii Rose came out of the circle vigorously, which can’t help but remind people of last year’s yellow peel and oil Mandarin.
Yellow peel, before last year, was definitely a fruit that 99% of northerners didn’t know.
Because the taste is sour, sweet, slightly astringent and a little “spicy”, it is not as easily accepted as longan and litchi in the south.
With thin epithelium, short preservation period, transportation cost and difficulty, it is also difficult for it to go out of the South and into the vision of consumers in the north.
Southerners will use yellow skin to make old salt fruit / tuyuan CCTV
Until it was unknown, it suddenly became the raw material of fruit tea: Taking Xi tea as an example, the new yellow skin series launched last year sold nearly 60000 cups in only three days.
The fate of Yougan has experienced a dramatic change of “Tian Shirang in the morning and the son of heaven in the evening”.
On March 23 last year, Naixue’s tea launched a new product, domineering jade oil Mandarin. The slogan “66 only fill a bottle, slightly astringent in 3 seconds and sweet in 5 seconds” aroused thousands of waves with one stone:
Domineering jade oil Mandarin / Naixue’s tea list applet (really not advertising)
At the end of May, “domineering jade oil Mandarin” accounted for more than 20% of the sales of Naixue tea products, and some stores even exceeded 25%. It won the champion of single product sales for many months and became the “top stream” of tea in 2021.
After Naixue held the red oil Mandarin, brands such as Xi tea, Lele tea and coco also quickly launched oil Mandarin flavor drinks. The “double squeezed olive oil Mandarin” of Xi tea once sold for 36 yuan per bottle.
Oil Citrus is a very small fruit, which is basically only planted in Chaoshan area.
Tea brings a sharp rise in the value of oil oranges / CCTV2 punctual finance and Economics
However, even Chaoshan people seldom eat it directly. Because it tastes sour and astringent, oil oranges are generally used as pickled fruits.
Oil oranges, which are not popular with many locals, have jumped to net popularity and doubled their value under the pursuit of tea brands.
“We have planted oil oranges for decades. In the past, the price was a few cents, and the price was more than one yuan. Suddenly, it rose to dozens of yuan, which was unexpected to us.
The market is scrambling for goods, basically raising prices in order to get some goods. “
Yougan said: wanghong doesn’t ask about her origin / CCTV2 punctual finance and Economics
Many people are puzzled by the fact that tea drinkers compete for “not delicious enough” oil oranges at high prices:
Why are these rare fruits so popular that they can’t be called amazing?
In a word: volume.
Source: CCTV2 punctual finance and Economics
First of all, the small number of fruits out of the circle have eye-catching selling points and memory points.
For example, in the publicity of Naixue’s tea, it is said that the taste of oil Mandarin is “a polarized taste experience, and the more you drink, the better you get”; Xi tea is described as “sour, astringent and bitter in the mouth and sweet, fresh and sweet in the fine products”.
Yihetang publicizes that Huangpi is “a special flavor from Lingnan”; Many brands play emotional cards, saying that yellow skin is the “childhood flavor” of most Cantonese.
Tuyuan Xicha wechat official account (not really an advertisement)
On the other hand, the “function” of such small fruits in terms of health has severely poked consumers’ heart.
For example, many businesses have publicized oil oranges as a powerful tool for removing oil, scraping oil and detoxification. How can young people who are keen on health preservation and weight loss not be confused?
Young people are confused when they can’t hear the word “health”. / source: CCTV2 punctual finance and Economics
Coincidentally, many brands will highlight the effects of “quenching thirst and generating fluid”, “cooling and antipyretic” and “digestion and stomach strengthening” on the packaging of yellow skin drinks.
The selling point of Rosa roxburghii is “rich in vitamin C”. On the publicity poster, the merchant also prominently emphasized that “the vitamin C content of a bag of Rosa roxburghii beverage is ≈ 63 apples”.
The text in the picture is business publicity, which does not represent the slot value position
Of course, the niche ingredients excavated by tea drinkers are not limited to fruits. Niche tea is also an important track.
Yashixiang, yellow tea, rock tea, Shilixiang, Liubao tea… More and more niche tea bases are becoming innovative chips for brands.
However, there is a dilemma behind the tea drinking’s efforts to hold the tea bottom of a small number of people:
Net red fruit alone may really be unable to roll.

Net red fruit, can’t roll?
I have to admit that neither guava nor Rosa roxburghii seem to have reproduced the grand occasion of last year’s yellow skin and Yuyou Mandarin.
According to the search, the Baidu Index of Yougan jumped from 0 to 4010 in just one month last year.
The Baidu Index of Huangpi soared from nearly 1000 in early May last year to 11345 at the end of June.
In contrast, guava and Rosa roxburghii rose relatively less.
The Baidu Index of guava rose from nearly 2000 in early February to the highest value of 4675 in early April, and Rosa roxburghii rose from about 1300 in January to the highest value of 5120 in mid April.
Tuyuan Baidu Index
According to the data of feigua, the “Yougan tea” launched last year on the Tiktok platform still had a playback volume of more than 100000 yesterday.
Figure source flying melon data
As a new product, guava tea and guava lemon tea have unsatisfactory performance.
Figure source flying melon data
It is not difficult to find that the popularity of guava and Rosa roxburghii is much more “mild” than that of Mandarin and yellow peel last year.
Like many consumer trends, the charge launched by a small number of fruits to the market seems to be doomed to “keep up the momentum, decline again and exhaust three times”.
Some people say that it may be because guava and Rosa roxburghii pear taste more eccentric, but last year, there were not a few people who complained that yellow skin was hard to drink.
Barbara: do you mean to blame me? Is it all my fault/ Tuyuan Vision China
In the final analysis, the achievements that are not bright enough should not be carried by guava. The “grand occasion” of yellow skin and jade oil Mandarin is difficult to reproduce. Behind it is the dilemma of the whole tea industry:
On the one hand, tea brands constantly develop new products, cross-border joint names and attract consumers.
Since this year, Xi tea, Naixue and other brands have reduced prices one after another, and the much criticized situation of “nearly 40 pieces of milk tea” has been broken, embracing a larger user group.
On the other hand, it is mentioned in the 2021 New Tea Research Report issued by China Chain Operation Association:
In the next 2-3 years, the growth rate of new tea will slow down to 10% – 15%.
To win the cooling market, a small number of fruits, tea grounds and ingredients are regarded as life-saving straws for tea innovation and breakthrough.
However, from the “achievements” of guava and Rosa roxburghii drinks, tea brands still have to continue to work hard to study the popular tea drinks.
Last week, sandwiched between red heart guava and white heart guava, Xi tea launched another niche fruit drink: carambola; Lele tea also adds a small number of Perilla to the regular peach tea.
Reducing prices, developing niche tastes and increasing the frequency of new products… The road to breaking the situation of Xi tea Naixue is not smooth.
However, as consumers, especially those in the north, they can calm their minds:
I want to see, “I don’t know how many surprises you have.”.
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