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Under the traffic dilemma, 11 CEOs analyzed in detail how to break through the global growth

multi-dimensional, super full analysis and preparation 618!

In the first half of 2022, various difficulties came one after another. The price of talent became more and more expensive, the price of raw materials increased, the gross profit of products became lower, and the express delivery stopped. Many businesses’ top priority was not to expand, but to make money and survive.
In order to prepare for a rainy day and better prepare for the war, the trump Growth Camp invited 10 CEOs of new consumer goods to hold the sprint 618 brand global growth Summit on April 29. The brand Gmv covers 1 billion +, category top 1, and 0-500 million growth is particularly good.
The growth sharing of the brand side not only focuses on Gmv, but also considers profitability, has an overall view, and grows with brand thinking.
Streamline the dry goods of the summit and share them with you.
1、 Under the traffic dilemma, how to break through the global growth?
2、 How does the new brand start the small red book with a low budget?
3、 Create founder IP closed loop efficiently
4、 How to gain insight into users? Step 4: define explosive payment
5、 90 days 0-1 self broadcast, brand thinking live broadcast
6、 Round table: 2022, how to find new growth points for brands
7、 Those pits encountered when online brands enter offline
8、 What is the private domain operation of long-term activists doing?
9、 How does little red book leverage high transformation with low budget?
Under the traffic dilemma, how to break through the global growth?
Lao Wang, founder of ACE growth camp and founder of juezhi marketing
At present, many businesses have a misunderstanding: the driving force of brand growth comes from innovation. It is believed that only by constantly innovating can the brand grow, and even the founder’s work focus comes from finding anchor and visiting channels, ignoring products and re purchase.
It can be seen from the growth quadrant that if the products are re purchased at a low price, even if it is growing at a high speed, businesses are also in a dangerous “leaky bucket”. Perfect diary from the high light moment of listing to now that the share price has fallen below $1, facing the risk of delisting has given everyone a warning. Local tyrants, such as the perfect diary, are crazy to pull new ones, but there is no re purchase. They all continue to lose money. 99.9% of ordinary businesses should pay more attention to the importance of re purchase.
If the brand wants to grow and make profits, the core is 2 points, pull New + re purchase. Here, I give a simplified global growth model:
1. Bottom combing
Whether you want to make a so-called brand or make money, you must consider the bottom of the product: positioning, selling points, vision and product power. Even if you want to make fast money, traffic is not the most important. There is no bottom layer of these products. How can the traffic be transformed?
All the things at the bottom must be clearly thought out before market behavior and even before product development.
1.1 selling points
Many brands find it easy to refine their selling points. In fact, the seemingly simplest is actually the most difficult.
Last month, Laowang e-commerce College held a training course. Students from three brands shared the selling points of their products. Not surprisingly, the selling points of the three brands were not attractive to other students.
  • A pet health care product: the selling point is 100% fish oil imported from Peru, but other students are more interested in 25% more absorption rate and fish oil that does not touch their hands;
  • A menstrual cream prescription: the selling point is seven traditional Chinese medicine formulas, 64 times concentrated, but what other students are interested in is that it won’t hurt after eating.
Every brand is very confident that their selling points are refined well, but many people are blindly confident.
2. Lachine:
Why do some brands pull new products very well, but they lose money?
I hope you will remember two words:
1. Consumers are mobile;
2. The product is not good, burn money to pull new, now lose, always lose;
Consumers are mobile:
In terms of loyalty, there are “loss area”, “indifference area”, “emotion area” and “blue ocean area”.
  • Loss area: in the red sea environment, most customers face too many choices. At the same time, human nature likes to taste fresh food.
  • Indifferent area: customers will choose good products, but their loyalty is general. Once better competitive products are found, they will lose;
  • Emotional area: customers rely on products and brands and habitually choose their favorite products.
  • Blue ocean area: customers have too few choices and have to be loyal to products.
The cruelty of reality is that the products are highly homogeneous, and most consumers are in the “loss area” and “indifference area”. Don’t feel that the new ones are yours, especially the new categories. You have educated the consumers. As a result, the loss lies in the users, and it is likely to realize re purchase in the competitive products with better product power.
The products are not good. They burn money to make new ones. Now they are losing money and have been losing money.
In 2022, strategic losses simply can not adapt to new consumption. The reason for the loss is that most of the cases are due to the failure of innovation or the failure of re purchase caused by the failure of product strength, which is in the quadrant of “leaking barrel” and “unable to return to the sky”. In particular, the loss caused by poor product power will only lead to more losses.
3. Repurchase
In re purchase, membership system and private domain traffic are very important parts. The cost of acquiring a new customer is five times that of maintaining an old customer. Therefore, don’t ask whether to do private domain or when to do it. The answer must be yes, private domain, right now.
4. Brand level
Brand stories, PR communication, user word of mouth, user activities, etc. are actually difficult to evaluate the data-based effect of innovation and re purchase. But these are helpful to pull new and re purchase. It is to establish users’ favor for the brand from the perceptual and cognitive levels.
The flow generated by perceptual recognition is the flow that truly recognizes products and brands and is not easy to lose.
The purpose of growth is for profit, for the growth of the brand, not for the vain Gmv. Never turn the focus of e-commerce into smashing the marketing budget and punching Gmv. Growth should be systematic and global.
How to start a new brand with a low budget small red book
Li Geng, co-founder of Yao Xiaocha
1、 Select competitive products
As a new entrant in the industry, when doing content marketing, there must have been many “predecessors” who have found out all kinds of explosive articles. Therefore, the choice of competitive products is a good shortcut. Finding a reference and learning with results first is the most efficient way. You can also avoid the pit.
How to find references?
  • Similar products: take our brand “milk ginger tea” as an example, the products under the brewing category are all reference targets.
  • The crowd demand scenario is the same: consumers who demand milk ginger tea also have the same demand for functional soft candy of similar products, so this kind of products is also a reference.
  • Products with a large number of explosive articles: for the explosive articles of large food categories, you can refer to their explosive ideas
2、 Four elements of little red book content
1. First picture
Find a display form suitable for the near future of the product! Key words: suitable for your products, recent
You can take a look at these three pictures, almost. Why can such pictures explode? Because during this period of time, such pictures are new to everyone and can arouse everyone’s curiosity. Once similar pictures are flooded, users also lose their curiosity, and the number of clicks on the pictures will slowly decrease.
2. Title
The first picture and title were selected, with 80% success. The title can also be set with a fixed template. For example:
1) “It is suggested that girls replace milk tea with him”, which can be transformed into “it is suggested to reduce fat and replace milk tea with him”
2) “Internal employee recommendation”
3. Rotation and copywriting
Users like to see pictures. When users click in, the rotating pictures can attract their interest, and users are more willing to browse the content. There are several points to note in copywriting:
1) What style is more personal
2) How to express the selling point? How many? How to sort? How long?
Milk ginger tea has two selling points:
  • What’s the problem with aunt
  • It’s delicious, just like drinking milk tea
There is no need to talk about how many other cards, what milk powder and what ginger.
3) Explosive text does not mean that products sell well. We should grasp the scale
Some note data are very good, but it’s not because the product has attracted the attention and curiosity of users. It may be the characters themselves. Such explosive articles are not helpful for product transformation.
Product description is very important. If it’s too soft, users don’t know what you are. It’s too hard, the data is poor, and users know it’s advertising.
4. Comment interaction
Comment maintenance: add a fire to high-quality content. High quality comments can drive more interaction, and the amount of interaction will pry more free traffic.
  • Draw attention to the product and guide the purchase.
  • God comments can trigger more tap water comments. The higher the amount of interaction, it is very helpful to transform and improve the weight of notes.
  • Put positive and high-quality comments on the top.
3、 Continuous output:
Content has timeliness. What if some form of content has no flow bonus of the platform?
1) Change the expression of the first picture
2) Change people, needs and scenes
The crowd in aunt’s period has done it for six months, and it’s almost done. So it’s time to continue to promote the product. For example, health preservation people can also do it, but change the way of content expression. Such as “body cold”, “air-conditioned room” and so on. In this way, it can be built again.
3) If it doesn’t work, change the product.
Efficiently build founder IP closed loop
Yi Zihan, fresh pine & the founding of Qingxin Lake
1、 Why do you want to be a founder IP? There are several very important points:
1. Spread the brand concept: the perception of consumers is completely different between someone and no one. Someone will reduce consumers’ sense of distance and generate a sense of closeness, especially in the private domain, which can improve the popularity and trust of products. On tmall and other product pages, we continuously output the founder’s personal settings.
2. Form high transformation and long-term re purchase: take [private domain] as an example: first character, then product! The annual repurchase rate of Qingxin Lake private domain reaches 450%. Consumers are willing to repurchase for a long time because the IP output by the founder represents the brand and the trust in the founder leads to the trust in the product.
3. Reduce marketing costs: there is no need to buy traffic everywhere. Once the founder’s IP content explodes, it is equivalent to saving the advertising expenses of one million fans;
Therefore, being the founder IP is a very good help for the brand end, traffic end, private domain end and transformation end.
2、 How to do founder IP:
1. Custom IP story: first of all, we should customize the story of the founder, which must be true.
2. Integrating the founder’s story: repeated and unified display in all channels. In any channel that reaches consumers, the story of the founder is output to improve users’ perceptual cognition, which is difficult to eliminate once established.
3、 What content does founder IP spread?
1. The ultimate goal of all creative content is to spread enterprise values, brand ideas and product ideas. Founder IP represents brand and products.
For songxianxian, the core keywords of enterprise values are:
#0 add healthy seasoning ## founder of Tricholoma matsutake seasoning #, # healthy seasoning for baby and family #, # three high # pregnant women # old people # can eat at ease, # healthy diet ## healthy kitchen ## maternal and infant nutrition#
Therefore, the content of creativity should focus on these core keywords.
2. Spread the values of the enterprise: humility, sincerity, persistence and happiness.
3. Official account matrix + video number matrix. Expand dissemination. The official account has three numbers: teach vegetarian food, Qingxin Lake vegetable food, and Qingxin Lake vegetarian food. There are also three video numbers: Yi Zihan, founder of pine fresh, Yi Zihan, mother of nutritionist, and Yi Zihan’s list of ingredients
4、 Planning content
After the content direction and content channels are set, how to plan the content?
1. What are founders good at? Take yourself as an example. If you find a label from yourself, you must be true. Only truth can move people.
2. Communication in line with their own brand concept: find what they are good at, make a mind map, and find the direction of communication. Many founders are afraid of appearing on camera and have perfectionism. The most important thing is to take the first step and adjust in constant attempts.
3. According to the mind map, split the detailed schedule and arrange personnel to implement it
Then the action to be done is continuous output and continuous optimization.
The end of IP is to complete the closed loop of landing. The founder should think about how to empower sales? How to empower the brand? When the user’s mind is consistent with the mind that the brand wants to spread, the final victory of brand marketing is completed.
Bottom thinking logic of brands with annual sales of millions to billions
Zhao Dan: founder of luyouxian
At different stages of brand development, the problems faced by the company are different. At the earliest time, the problems faced by the company are:
1. At the initial stage, the crowd was not focused: the first company selling fresh products had a strong supply chain and a lot of SKUs, but this was product logic, not brand logic. Later, after thinking, including the advantages of the supply chain, profits and the needs of the crowd in the market, the cod was finally determined, focusing on the baby of 6-36 months.
At the beginning of 2021, the Icelandic Atlantic cod was popular, which was completely different from the tangent of competitive products. Deer Youxian adopted small packaging. Later, it was named small square cod,
2. Fierce competition after the transformation: after the transformation of children’s supplementary food, as a new brand, it is under great pressure. From children’s fresh food brand to children’s fresh food brand, it includes cod products and deep cultivation of COD products throughout the year;
3. Looking for strategic breakthroughs: cod faces a limited population and the ceiling is relatively low, so the company’s strategic focus has changed from children’s cod to children’s Prefabricated dishes, seeking greater development space;
As a brand with supply chain advantages and cutting into the new consumer goods track, president Zhao refined four replicable experiences:
1. Focus: traditional e-commerce businesses and factories with supply chain advantages are likely to encounter many SKUs. Each product is their own child, but in fact, there are too many SKUs, which is a pressure on capital flow and inventory. We must have an insight into the industry, study competitive products, find our own advantages and core groups, simplify SKUs and focus on products and groups. Only by focusing can we have a chance to break through;
2. Explosive products do not necessarily represent the brand, but the brand must need explosive products: to determine the core large single products of the brand, it is often difficult to have technical innovation, so micro innovation can be carried out in the products. Luyouxian is to make cod into small bag packaging at the COD track, which is more convenient and quickly, and it has attracted the favor of target users at once;
3. Public relations makes a brand, and word of mouth is very important: opinion leaders are the key to foothold and break the circle. We should find KOL from different dimensions to help the brand speak;
4. Keep trying to find new traffic depressions: xiaohongshu, Tiktok, station B and Zhihu are all very important communication channels, especially xiaohongshu and Zhihu. Positive and negative reviews erupt rapidly in these two channels. In addition to these channels, any channel is very important in the process of brand growth.
90 days 0-1 live broadcast, brand thinking live broadcast
Chen Wanli, founder of Laidian Technology
Tiktok is a horse racing mechanism every day. Only 5% of the people can make money. The user group and traffic are not as good as before.
Online business faces the national competition. As a brand, we should think every day: how to create unique value?
1、 Tiktok is still in the development stage
I am optimistic about the future of Tiktok e-commerce, because I believe in one sentence: all business models should ultimately be more efficient. The penetration rate of live broadcast e-commerce is less than 30%, and it is still in an early stage:
  • E-commerce retail growth is greater than offline and overall
  • The growth rate of Tiktok is greater than that of e-commerce market
  • The growth rate of strong sellers is greater than that of Tiktok
2、 Four major reasons why the brand live broadcasting room can’t be done well
1) Cognitive problems, learn quickly from more people with results, and see your situation clearly.
2) I’m worried about my state of mind. When I see that other people earn tens of millions of yuan a month, I also want to. I can’t follow the underlying logic of Tiktok, and I can’t eat hot tofu.
3) People’s problems, excellent traders have done it by themselves, and the people you can recruit are basically ordinary.
4) As for the problem of executive power, try to enter the game with the mentality of trying. The boss takes Tiktok as a channel. The boss pays attention to it and doesn’t invest time and energy. He hands it over to the team. The executive power can’t keep up with the rhythm of Tiktok.
Why can we do well when we cut from tmall? Because I think the underlying logic of the essence of e-commerce is interlinked, and will eventually return to the matching degree of “people and goods yard”.
3、 Bottom logic of Tiktok
1) Track selection: when choosing a track, businesses should consider whether the track is large enough, whether the starting number is fast or not, and the matching degree of the supply chain.
2) Brand thinking makes Tiktok sound
Tiktok is just to grasp the essence of traffic through brand thinking
3) Trade off of business play
4、 Tiktok algorithm cognition
The essence of Tiktok is an Internet product. Behind the product is the algorithm. Why is there no traffic in a live broadcast room? Almost all problems can return to the underlying system of the algorithm.
Tiktok likes popular models. Therefore, there should be three models of the brand live studio: traffic model, stay model and transformation model
Therefore, it is necessary to tell Tiktok what kind of people he needs through a clear “people and goods yard” to help Tiktok quickly build a model.
5、 Control of people and freight yard
The delivery of people and goods yard is mainly to convey emotions through content. Dry live broadcasting is the main line store. How do successful offline stores operate?
1) Identify the core pain points of the population
What problems exist in the group, what problems I can solve, what products I can solve problems and corresponding scripts
Baoma, middle-aged, office workers, rich men (and so on
2) Thinking of users who meet the same needs: current users, especially those after 95 and 00, are no longer limited to the explanation of product selling points. Many users will like the brand because of its values and vision. Now the competition is not only brand products, but also vision competition.
3) Treat traffic as people and consumers as people: Tiktok is a content platform that pays more attention to consumer experience. In particular, consumers’ negative comments have a greater impact on Tiktok than tmall. Therefore, we should respect every traffic and do a good job in every traffic experience.
1. The products of e-commerce are the foundation of operation. If the products and product structure do not have advantages, it is impossible to obtain competitive advantage.
for instance:
If you search for wall breaking machines on Tiktok, you will find wall breaking machines of many brands. If your product has no advantages, you and other competitors have no chance of winning.
2. Product depth:
If a consumer buys product a, he is more willing to choose product store 1 for purchase, because in his impression, store 1 is more like a professional seller of product a than store 2 and store 3.
Depth is the highlight of professional image. Without depth, there is no big live studio.
3. The accompanying products set off the live broadcast room
When consumers enter the live broadcasting room, they have enough products, which will prolong their stay. With more products, the momentum of the live broadcasting room will be different. Compared with the live broadcasting room with only a few products, consumers are more willing to believe that it is a big store;
4. The end point of e-commerce is the supply chain:
99% of the live broadcast with goods died in the supply chain. The advantage of goods determines the success of the live broadcast room. Every high-quality live studio must attach great importance to the live studio of the supply chain.
Most of the so-called long-term love begins with love at first sight, especially live broadcast. A good live broadcast must come from the “director”. A good live broadcast is very much like a good movie, and even some acting parts.
How to build an awesome Market:
  • Real scene: the part that consumers can see when they come in, including scene, anchor, clothing, background, lighting, etc.
  • Virtual scene: Naval script, field control script, voice, emotional guidance.
It can be divided into:
1. Light: the sharpness of the picture does not mean that the more expensive equipment you buy, the better.
2. Background activity atmosphere: floating screen, price, discount and other information should be available, so that new users can enter the live room and find clues to the live room through the background, such as: are there good things here and there are no cheap products here, which can also increase the stay in the live room.
3. Things from the first perspective: the core is to let consumers in and know what you sell?
4. The anchor’s dress is also very important: because we play a simple style, the anchor’s style and the style of the live studio should be unified;
5. Navy: improve the atmosphere of the live broadcast room through interaction and response;
Round table: how to find new growth points for brands in 2022
Halogen owner Wang xiaohalogen founder
Founder of Wang Yichao space carving
Zhou Lei, marketing director of Puxi brand
1、 The epidemic situation is repeated and the flow becomes expensive. How to adjust and respond to new consumer goods?
Halogen Main:
The impact of the epidemic on everyone is relatively consistent, because the receiving address will fluctuate by 20-30%. We deal with it through direct delivery from the factory and goods preparation by suppliers. However, because we are snacks, changes in the economy have little impact on snacks.
These changes are all changes at the supply chain end and express end, rather than changes due to changes in consumers. The ceiling of snacks is relatively high. The impact of all outbreaks on the track is relatively low.
However, the company will not be greatly affected in terms of recruitment and marketing. However, I can dig the business model. I hope all the one-way models are positive. Tiktok doesn’t make money. It doesn’t go in large quantities. It’s more about the quality of content.
Wang Yichao:
The delivery capacity will indeed be affected. The demand is increasing, but consumers can’t buy it and products can’t be delivered by express. If production cannot keep up, we should control marketing investment and ensure that the business model is positive.
When investing in brand building, we should control our emotions, take care of consumers’ feelings, and be cautious about untimely advertising.
Zhou Lei:
The upgrading of consumers’ consumption is basically irreversible. We used to buy very good products. Because of the epidemic, we can’t buy good products. Consumers will not have the possibility to reduce consumption, especially household products.
What industries have been impacted? Pseudo demand industry. Under the epidemic situation, some foam have been squeezed. However, there is no need to have too many negative emotions for businesses in industries that consumers just need. Whether our crowd is accurate and whether our business model is stable.
2、 In this year’s environment, will there be any emphasis on the product side, brand side and marketing side?
Halogen owner: consumer goods have a triangle, products, matching and channels. Consumer goods companies need to study these three elements.
Product side: the production and Research Center has paid more attention, attracting Nestle Mars talents to study the second growth curve of the company. The ceiling of chicken feet is relatively high, which does not mean that we do not reserve the second curve. In particular, the cost of chicken feet has increased more this year.
Channel side: now the proportion of offline continues to rise, which is not significantly affected by online traffic and is still overweight. Gain increment in Tiktok and pinduoduo.
Brand side: continue to follow the plan of last year, continue to increase entertainment marketing and put in plug-in advertising. Because we have conducted in-depth user interviews, the high-frequency scenes used by users are watching dramas. The proportion of women watching dramas is higher than that of men, so we think we should invest in large dramas, which is determined according to user scenes and user group portraits.
Wang Yichao: the general direction is to cultivate categories and occupy the mind of brands.
We will make an article on pull new and re purchase. In La xinduan, we conducted research last year. Most of our customers don’t know “empty carving”, so our brand is only a local well-known brand, and has not completely formed a broken circle. Therefore, we will spend more budget on building category and brand mind this year. At the same time, we should tell the consumers who have purchased the differentiation.
We will shoot brand advertisements and carry out cross-border and joint branding with some brands at the same time.
Zhou Lei:
We also exist in the customers who buy and don’t know the brand. This year, it will be launched in the number of social media stores, the cooperation of stars and the implantation of variety shows.
Park Sai will invest more in Tiktok this year as an important track for growth. In addition, through the launch of the content side, we can achieve growth.
3、 What is your prediction about the future of Tiktok e-commerce? What kind of role does it play in the company;
Halogen owner: 600 million dau, a platform that no one can bypass, we will continue to improve the conversion efficiency of the live broadcasting room, and we have been optimizing from the level of buying traffic to the “technology” of conversion. However, we don’t think the self broadcast model is a particularly good model. We will vote for the Tiktok challenge and other things about product promotion. We won’t completely regard it as a platform for selling goods outside tmall. We will also think about how to improve the content of product promotion through Tiktok.
Wangyichao: we look at Tiktok with “innovation + promotion”. Laxin’s interpretation of products in space engraving, short video and live broadcasting room is more direct and efficient.
We treat the self broadcast as a dynamic and three-dimensional detail page. For shelf e-commerce, the details page is a one-time investment. However, the self broadcasting room continues to invest, and the investment is not low. It is a challenge for our products that are not high margin.
Tiktok is pushed to consumers, requiring the brand to spend money to buy, and the launch cost is high.
Zhou Lei: we have high expectations for Tiktok. Established its own content team and jointly built content with consumers. The short-term input-output ratio does not reach its ideal value, but it is going in a good direction.
First of all, as a content touch platform, it is actually the harvest of the selling attribute.
4、 What is the experience of getting customers when traffic becomes expensive?
Halogen owner: it is inevitable that the flow continues to become expensive. Traffic is an algorithmic logic. In essence, it won’t make you a lot of money. The cost of getting customers will always be higher.
So why do we invest in entertainment marketing that doesn’t know ROI? This is really building brand awareness. Continue to use the way of brand penetration, rather than bidding for traffic in the form of commodity competition.
So the ultimate solution is to build your own brand power.
Wang Yichao: before the traffic was cheap, it may not be really cheap. There are many invalid traffic. Now it is not really expensive, but there are more effective traffic. Use the flow value to judge the flow, not just the flow price.
What we need to do is that when consumers open tmall, they already want to buy out, and tmall just makes a commitment. We will make more efforts in this direction and do mental pre-sale. Just as there was a saying before, before consumers go out, they already want to buy Coca Cola, but the supermarket has made a commitment.
Zhou Lei: the value brought by traffic depends not only on sales, but also on what can be done in addition to sales. This involves the concept of brand.
If I buy traffic, I have it. If I don’t buy it, I don’t have it. No one can afford it. The traffic done through content will generate brand awareness and secondary repurchase. Therefore, we will weaken the evaluation standard of single ROI on customer traffic, but increase the evaluation standard of brand and brand attribute.
5、 What kind of advice to peers?
Halogen owner: for start-ups, don’t rush to pursue growth. It’s a good time to grasp the rationality of business model. Customer acquisition, repurchase and gross profit. Whether the business model is of high quality is more important than scale. Bad business models are in the wrong direction.
Efforts should be made to build the organization and culture. Our company attaches great importance to the introduction of talents. If you make more money and less money this year, you will pay it back. The results obtained by chance are not long-term.
Wang Yichao: use a form that conforms to the current stage of the brand: it is not recommended to consider loyalty and reputation when there is no popularity to solve the problems of the brand at the current stage. Early investment budget to establish brand culture. Because your influence is limited, your culture is also limited. Because of the information explosion, every brand wants to say that culture, values and consumers can’t accept it.
Use the marketing media within the company’s resources: select the appropriate media according to the budget and make the most economical account.
Zhou Lei: to be an enterprise, you should allow yourself to be imperfect. Now many enterprises are facing problems. Where I am weak, I will make up for it first. The weakness of the supply chain lies in the input of the supply chain, which brings the supply chain to the average level. However, in the breakthrough stage, we should give full play to our advantages. When the two armies fight, if you have average indicators, it is difficult to break through without your own “Mao”.
We should make it clear that we are competitive and have our own breakthroughs and strengths.
Those pits encountered when online brands enter offline
Xiao Bo: founder of MI Xiaoya
1、 At present, there are several pain points on the line:
1) The flow is becoming more and more expensive: not only the flow becomes more expensive, but also the logistics cost has become more expensive recently
2) Low price competition: in order to obtain users, we rush Gmv and are reducing prices;
3) Unlimited competition: your competitors, hundreds, thousands, the same category of tmall store and Taobao store, are all your competitors;
4) Low customer loyalty: especially after 00, they are very willing to try fresh food, and there is no brand loyalty at all
5) Traffic experts start their own business: talents who do well online either have high wages or start their own business.
2、 Offline opportunities:
Although many stores are closed, the offline market is still very large. The share of offline market is at least twice that of online market. Offline opportunities have several core points:
1) Broad market
With a large population and a large market, China has its own living space from the first line to the 18th line.
2) Regional barriers
There is a complete Matthew effect online. Offline brands have regional barriers. I haven’t even heard of it in other provinces or online.
3) Limited competition
200 flat mother and baby stores, one category, 10-15 brands, top of the sky. Generally, there are only 3-5 brands, so offline stores compete with 3-5 brands, which is completely different from hundreds of online brands.
4) High loyalty
When you buy within 3km offline, your loyalty is higher than online.
5) Offline experience
Offline products can be directly touched and experienced, and the conversion rate is higher.
3、 Logic of offline brands:
1) The needs of first-line and third-line customers are different
The population of many first tier cities has entered the fourth consumption era, the second and third tier, or the third consumption era, the fourth and fifth tier, or the second consumption era. Big logos only buy expensive ones, not the right ones.
The rise of domestic products is not in the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. But second and third tier cities. The data are easier to accept Guochao culture. They have always been second and third tier cities.
2) Trust high cost products
It’s difficult to play in the front line, and it’s relatively easy to play in the third line, because they trust the shopping guide and the platoon.
3) Arrangement and location are more important
If there is no visual impact, it is easy to be ignored. Choose stores that are willing to focus on us.
4) The shopping guide decides the sales volume
The shopping guide is similar to a football forward. The off-line shopping guide can decide whether the product is ready for sale. The core is not the exposure of the product in xiaohongshu and Tiktok, but the ability of the shopping guide.
5) High conversion rate of on-site experience
Online prices are mainly compared, but offline prices are not the core factor. Perhaps because of the words of the shopping guide, even if the specification is a few yuan, for today’s consumers, they are also willing to place an order.
4、 Deep distribution, occupy the mind
1) Enough channels
2) Permeability is high enough
3) The arrangement of noodles is trust: either do not shop or have a large arrangement of noodles, otherwise it will have no effect.
4) The shopping guide is a foot on the door: the shopping guide is very important. Otherwise, it will not work well if you just lie quietly.
5) Dealers, stores and shopping guides all need to take care of: to get rid of the shopkeeper, not necessarily the clerk, but every clerk. There are many links. If one link is broken, you won’t work.
6) Only continuous activities can be effective: offline activities may not be very powerful, but they should be sustained, because offline transmission is not as fast as online, and the transmission efficiency is relatively low. Only continuous activities can be effective.
What is the private domain operation of long-term activists doing?
Sisi Honi and your favorite food founder
1、 Mode startup reason:
Honi set sail from the circle of friends, starting with three people. In the mode of wechat direct sales, we are doing 0-1. Why do you want to make such an offer? Here are some points:
1. At present, there are four characteristics of the pet group: young, female, highly educated and high ability to pay
2. Pet rearing = baby rearing, super social and sharing attributes
Therefore, it shows that these people have the attribute of sharing, and most of these users are not married and have children. They raise pets before raising children. Therefore, I think the population of pet raising and mother and baby raising are highly consistent.
3. Rigid demand, viscosity, stability, high repurchase
4. Breaking the ice of domestic trust crisis with network trust: the industry agrees that foreign brands are better, and the trust crisis must be solved first when new brands enter the market. Therefore, the best way to break the ice is to break the ice of contacts and narrow the trust in products through the relationship of friends.
5. Meet the emotional and spiritual needs of users: if they just need it, it is difficult to explore their spiritual needs and respond if they only use products for short and quick communication.
Therefore, we use wechat direct selling as a brand and achieve good results.
However, we should know that quality is the basis of fission, and there will be no compound interest of fission. Products can’t be bought once for face, and we will never buy again. It is our original intention to exchange trust with users.
2、 Whose needs are we meeting
Our products are for pets, but the buyer is the owner.
According to Maslow’s needs, we can see that safety needs and physiological needs are to meet the needs of pets.
What Honi sees is that in addition to the pet owner, we hope to achieve richer emotional / spiritual experience / goals with the help of pet raising.
3、 Personal IP , trust empowerment , altruism
Everyone should inject personal characteristics into the brand. Many dealers may choose cooperation because they trust the founder, but we hope our partners can convey trust and interpret the brand story in their own language.
Real altruism should not be price reduction. We should use values to guide, private domain should have soul, and [people] is the core of private domain.
How does the new brand leverage the high transformation
with low budget in xiaohongshu
Co founder of the Republic of acher
1、 Policy: find traffic password
In the case of limited budget, the cutting-edge brand hopes to achieve the highest transformation effect. We chose Koc to launch the hand-held explosive text. With small and broad scale, the production can be very high.
2、 Find Xiaohong Shuda
1) Brush: the content brushed is generally of high quality. Because of the water number, the platform will not recommend it.
2) Search: product keywords related selling points: low sugar drinks, etc. Find bloggers with popular articles to choose;
3) Copy: study the talent of competing products and select suitable bloggers from their talent
We will not the type of organization:
1) Refuse one price institutional cooperation
2) Refuse packaging cooperation without knowing the details of the talent
Formulate the screening rules for bloggers:
1) People with a cost of less than 1000 yuan;
2) The hand-held content explosion rate of products of the same category released in recent month is greater than 10%: the keyword is the same category. If it is the explosion of different categories, the products of the brand will not necessarily explode;
3、 How to improve the rate of explosive text and effective drainage
1. Share truly, create content together, not control content
Stacking of selling points is not important
Unimportant brand
Brand topics are not important
2. Our popular formula: creative main map with flow + exaggerated and subjective title + content length no more than 10 lines + hard selling points no more than 2
Not every topic will produce explosive text, but different periods tend to different content. How do you find out? Just brush more.
3. The French fries are heated to give the notes a chance to explode again
  • After the note is released, the traffic is abnormal. Is the French fries test illegal
  • The content enters the platform stage, and the French fries are pried twice
  • The catch-up shot of the generated blast may be a surprise
4. Violation risk control, in line with xiaohongshu flow ecology
1) Brand keywords / prominent logo packaging
2) False marketing: efficacy word / limit word
We have a lot of VC in our drinks, which can whiten, but we don’t say whitening, we will say “whitening”, and we don’t say lemon Republic whitening, but VC can whiten. For sensitive words and prohibited words, please refer to the website:
3) Restricted marketing: sensitive words / prohibited words
4) Repeated Plagiarism: highly similar content
In case of explosive text, similar explosive text can be imitated and copied in batch.
4、 Control and evaluation
Create a sense of reality and praise, and guide users to place orders
5、 Recycling: secondary utilization of content
The published content can be put in the comments of tmall and praised by tmall
At the same time, you can synchronize to the blogger or organization
Original title: 11000 words, 11 CEOs, detailed analysis of brand growth



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