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Yili marches into pet food, idle fish pushes 520 limited vermicelli, vitality forest sees zhongqingti… | hot smell in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Oreo panda limited series is on the market, with 6 panda cakes and “bamboo” crispy and cute
2. Even coffee has launched NFC Italian coffee extract, and the fresh milk fresh-keeping process locks in the natural flavor
3. Fresh coffee and coconut latte on the plant label, and the gold formula restores the freshness
4. Yongpu has a new small latte 3.0 and crispy latte. The latte you can chew brings cool summer
5. Yuanqi forest’s burning tea has a new green Oolong flavor, with fruit aroma integrated into it, enjoying freshness
6. Hengmei launched three-layer flow heart protein bar, and the process is upgraded and delicious layer by layer
7. GNC jiananxi released the daily nutrition package to break through gender and age and realize customized nutrition
8. Aiming at the scene of staying up late, don’t expect to launch the essence drink of the night cap of “Beware of liver” in the corner
9. Free fish launched 520 limited noodles, playing stem “hanging free fish on one side”
10. Yili entered the field of pet food and hatched a customized brand of pet food one on one
11. Sunshine Dairy, a regional dairy enterprise, is listed, and more than 90% of its revenue comes from Jiangxi
12. The brand of low-temperature meat products has completed tens of millions of yuan of round a financing, and baozun and xiaohongshu have invested
13. Lemon tea brand Ningji wholly-owned investment coffee brand RUU
14. One week after the listing application was considered, Bingfeng beverage withdrew its application materials
15. Beyond meat entered convenience stores in China for the first time to seek business growth


On May 17, the official of Oreo announced the launch of the limited series of pandas, covering Oreo sandwich biscuits and Oreo Qiao crispy rolls, which are all open. Oreo sandwich biscuits have 6 panda cake patterns and 8 panda roll films. There are three flavors: chocolate sandwich, strawberry sandwich and original sandwich. The styles and patterns are random; Oreo Qiao crispy roll is made into a “bamboo” shape, with three flavors: passionate cocoa, fresh Matcha and fragrant vanilla. The new products will be limited for sale from April to December 2022. Now the gift box price of tmall flagship store is 79.9 yuan / box.
Image source: Yizi official flagship store


Nfaily coffee extract, a non natural coffee extract, is introduced to retain the flavor of coffee. The new product is yegaxuefei flavor. High quality raw beans are selected for baking and extraction, which meet the SCA gold cup extraction standard. The Swedish advanced aseptic canning process is adopted to complete fresh milk grade preservation in 12 seconds. 0 sucrose and 0 essence. 60ml of large capacity can be used as 400ml+ drinks, which is more convenient to pack in bags. Tmall flagship store sells for 60ml * 12 bags / box / 112 yuan.
Photo source: Lian coffee flagship store


On May 18, the plant label launched a new fresh coffee raw coconut latte, which is another kind of plant dairy products. The new product features 9BAR high-pressure fresh extract of Arabica coffee beans, adding 2.5% concentrated coconut water (equivalent to 35% single coconut water) and 10% cold pressed Indonesian coconut emperor fresh coconut milk. The gold formula restores the freshness without adding additional white granulated sugar and 0 preservatives. It is fresh and fresh. The price of tmall flagship store is 285ml * 12 bottles / 156 yuan.

Photo source: plantag plant label flagship store


On May 16, yongpu launched a new small latte 3.0 and crispy small latte: a new small latte was upgraded and iterated to version 3.0, and yongpu Yunnan shiduanzheng manor cold extract and Arabica freeze-dried coffee powder were added, together with milk powder imported from New Zealand and cream imported from France, which made the mouth feel fragrant and rich in milk fragrance; The inner filling of the crispy latte is also selected from yongpu freeze-dried coffee powder and New Zealand imported milk. The outer layer is wrapped with cocoa crispy skin, which is very thin and crisp. The pre-sale price of both flavors in tmall flagship store is 12 pieces / 119 yuan.
Source: yongpu


On May 20, the official microblog of Yuanqi forest announced the promotion of xinqingti Oolong flavor burning tea, integrating fruit aroma into tea to show rich taste. The new product is made of Oolong tea originating from Anxi, Fujian Province. The first tea soup extracted in a single time is combined with sunshine Rose Green extract. Each 500ml bottle contains 7.5G dietary fiber, which can freshen and relieve greasiness and awaken a good state.
Source: Official microblog of Yuanqi forest


On May 15, Hengmei Shangxin three-layer flow core protein bar b-end customized product, with upgraded technology and richer taste. The new product adopts the scientific proportion of concentrated whey protein, concentrated milk protein, casein, collagen peptide and other proteins to release amino acids for a long time. Each 100g product contains 25g protein and 12g dietary fiber. It also uses low calorie sugar substitute, resistant dextrin, white kidney bean extract and medium chain triglyceride (MCT), low sugar formula and no fear of carbon water; Pure cocoa butter chocolate coating enriches the tongue tip experience.
Source: Heng Mei


Recently, GNC, a world-famous brand of health products, launched a series of daily nutrition packs, aiming at customized nutrition tracks. More than 300 kinds of raw materials are preferred for the new products. Each package contains 1 male / female vitamin and mineral, 1 calcium tablet and 3 advanced precise nutrients with different effects. With personalized customized nutrition as the core, it aims to solve the core pain points of health needs at all stages around 30 +, 40 +, 50 + people of different ages and genders. In order to be convenient to carry, GNC daily nutrition package adopts the design of convenient and easy to tear small package. You only need to take one package every day, which is suitable to carry with you; Considering the characteristics of similar products on the market that the particles are too large and difficult to swallow, mini particle size is adopted to provide a more comfortable swallowing experience.
Source: GNC


On May 16, Huaxi bio launched a night hat essence drink specially designed for people who stayed up late, focusing on night repair. The new product contains 300mg GABA produced by Huaxi biology, five-year-old red ginseng, 300mg turmeric, 200mg artichoke, chrysanthemum medlar and other ingredients, 0 sucrose, 0 fat and 0 hormone. Each calorie is only 18kJ. It is gentle, nourishing, reducing fire and sleeping. It is suitable for many scenes such as staying up late and working overtime, late night games, big meals and drinking wine. The flagship store of tmall sells for 3G * 2 pieces / 30 yuan.
Photo source: flagship store in Wuxiang corner


This year, in 520, leisure fish launched a limited noodle “one-sided relationship”, which is inspired by 520’s love leisure theme – “one-sided relationship with leisure fish”, which means that people habitually hang inappropriate 520 gifts decisively and have only one-sided relationship with the gift giver. In order to strengthen this theme, free fish also photographed a group of fashion blockbusters “hanging” for it. With the unique vision of the model hanging on the fishing net, we continue to deepen the action symbols of “hanging” in hanging noodles and hanging free fish. The interesting publicity picture of the product echoes with the relaxed and humorous brand short film, which jointly presents the wonderful gift of idle fish.
Image source: idle fish

10、伊利进军宠物粮食领域,孵化出宠粮定制品牌one on one

It is reported that Yili hatched a new project pet grain customized brand one on one. According to the brand information, one on one can make a nutritional pet food more suitable for the health of each pet and reduce the health risk through the analysis of pet’s health data and daily life details according to the individual situation of each pet, such as variety, age, physical signs, taste preference, exercise volume, etc. The brand expands its brand with the topic of “one-to-one pet food customization expert” in xiaohongshu to provide customized services for pet food products.
Tianyancha app shows that the main company of one on one is Inner Mongolia kangyijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which was registered and established in 2021. Chairman Sun Donghong, directors Zhang Yujun and Zhang Zhanqiang are all from the management of Yili department.
Source: Little Red Book


On May 20, Jiangxi Sunshine Dairy Co., Ltd. was listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The stock is abbreviated as sunshine dairy, with stock code 001318. The issue price is 9.46 yuan / share, and the number of shares issued is 70.7 million. According to the listing announcement, Sunshine Dairy expects the year-on-year change in revenue in the first half of this year to be – 10.32% to 0.03%, and the year-on-year change in net profit to be – 10.46% to 1.14%, with weak growth.
According to the prospectus, Sunshine Dairy was founded in 2008 and is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of dairy products and milk drinks. It takes milk delivery to households as the main sales channel. Its core brands include “sunshine” and “sunshine every day”, which is one of the influential dairy enterprises in Jiangxi. In this fund-raising, Sunshine Dairy is intended to be used for the dairy products expansion, testing, R & D and upgrading project of Jiangxi base, the dairy products phase II construction project of Anhui base, marketing channel construction and brand promotion project, etc.
Source: gelonghui


Recently, the low-temperature meat products brand benweixianwu has completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round is led by Baorui capital, the venture capital fund of baozun e-commerce, and the old shareholder xiaohongshu continues to follow. It is reported that this round of financing will continue to be used for R & D and supply chain construction.
As an emerging brand of meat products, this delicious food focuses on barbecue sausage without adding pure meat, and introduces original cut American bacon and low-temperature prefabricated dishes. In March 2021, the original roast sausage with black pork, the first product of this delicious food, was officially launched on tmall. So far, the monthly sales volume of this single product has exceeded 5W boxes. Up to now, this delicious food has opened up all channels such as xiaohongshu,, Tiktok, offline kitchen and offline community group purchase. In 2021, the company’s sales will exceed 100million yuan.
Source: 36 krypton


Recently, lemon tea brand Ningji invested in coffee brand RUU. Founded in February, 2021, Ningji has received hundreds of millions of yuan of investment from byte bounce, Shunwei capital and Tencent capital to lay out the supply chain and brand matrix around the lemon category of perfume. The founding team of RUU is mainly composed of former Starbucks and byte employees. At present, RUU is mainly directly operated, mainly distributed in Changsha, Hunan. The number of stores to be opened in June is expected to exceed 5.
Source: interface news


On May 19, the official website of the CSRC showed that Xi’an Bingfeng Beverage Co., Ltd. withdrew its application materials one week after the CSRC considered the IPO application, and the CSRC cancelled the review of the company’s issuance application documents at the 57th working meeting of the 18th development and Examination Commission in 2022.
In fact, in July 2021, Bingfeng beverage issued a prospectus to be listed on the Shenzhen main board, but Bingfeng beverage withdrew its application the day before the CSRC considered its materials. There are many reasons for enterprises to withdraw their application before the IPO. For Bingfeng, the current consumer market environment and its own limitations also make its original IPO plan face many uncertainties.
Financial picture: Koi

15、Beyond Meat首次在华进军便利店,寻求业务增长点

On May 16, beyond meat announced the establishment of cooperation with Rosen, a chain convenience store, and launched two plant-based bentos, namely, Italian spicy eggplant pasta and seven kinds of seasonal vegetables bibimbap, in more than 2300 Rosen stores in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui, mainly targeting urban white-collar workers, college students and young audiences. This is the first time beyond meat has cooperated with chain convenience store brands in China, and it is also its latest attempt to seek new growth points of Chinese business.
In addition, the two plant meat products used in Bento have been produced locally from the local production facilities of beyond meat in Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone, which means that on the basis of lower raw material cost of plant meat, the pricing of plant meat Bento can also be relatively close to the people.
Photo source: Rosen Lawson Shanghai



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