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Stay away from acne and keep your youth in high spirits | daily new product stew Vol.2

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产品名称 :

HRI Teen Skin
Source: HRI official website


Direct attack on adolescent skin problems ignored by the market
Aiming at the common health problems such as exam / interpersonal stress, high sugar intake, staying up late and hormonal imbalance among teenagers, HRI launched teen skin, the first dietary supplement for teenagers’ skin problems in the UK. Consumers only need to take 2 capsules continuously every morning to alleviate the common skin health problems in adolescence, such as acne and acne, so as to keep their skin clean, moist and glossy and relieve their mood.
Multiple vitamins, natural ingredients, no addition
The product contains 26 kinds of high-quality nutrients, including grape seed, berry extract, vitamins, minerals and live bacteria, which jointly regulate metabolism and hormone secretion. The B vitamins contained in it can regulate the hormone activity in the human body, help energy release, and help balance the blood glucose level; Antioxidants also protect cells from oxidative stress.
Source: HRI official website


Focus on adolescent skin health pain points and create exclusive solutions
In recent years, women’s economy is really hot in the market. In contrast, the “Youth” group with the same considerable purchasing power has little brand attention. In fact, teenagers in their adolescence have considerable physical and mental anxiety: psychological problems, intellectual development problems, height and obesity problems, too little / too much hormone secretion
In many adolescent health pain points, skin has become a new focus of attention. Skin is not only the first line of defense of the human body, but also related to the cultivation of personality such as personal image, self-esteem and self-confidence. Therefore, skin health is particularly important for growing teenagers. According to the survey on adolescent skin health released at the end of last year, more than 60% of the surveyed teenagers have been troubled by skin related diseases. Nearly half of the respondents had significant changes in their normal life, study and social life due to skin problems. Among the 150million teenagers in China, the incidence rate of acne alone has reached 8%, which means 12million people will suffer from it.
Compared with taking drugs, adjusting life, improving diet and moderate dietary supplement are undoubtedly more natural and reassuring measures for parents. However, there are few (functional) foods for teenagers’ skin health on the market.
Source: HRI official website
HRI sees this potential market. Teen skin dietary supplements are specifically designed for adolescents. Although they are common ingredients and nutrients in terms of composition, its unique and accurate positioning undoubtedly has important reference significance for the functional food market. This blue ocean to be reclaimed should become the future direction of domestic functional food brands.
Source: HRI official website
HRI, a family business founded in 1978, takes natural herbs as the core and has created a series of herbal dietary supplements including skin water retention, gastrointestinal digestion, mood improvement, influenza prevention, anti hangover and other functional demands.


Country of origin: UK
Company & Brand: HRI herbal medicine
Category: functional food / dietary supplement
Applicable population: teenagers aged 12 and above, vegetarians are also applicable
Ingredients: thiamine (vitamin B1), vitamin B5, iodine, vitamin A, riboflavin (vitamin B2), magnesium, coenzyme Q10, β Carotene, niacin (vitamin B3), iron, live bacterial mixture, vitamin D3, vitamin B6, zinc, grape seed extract, vitamin E, folic acid, copper, N-acetylcysteine, vitamin K, vitamin B12, selenium, berry extract (wild blueberry, wild mulberry, cranberry, sour cherry, Prunus, raspberry seed, strawberry), vitamin C, biotin and chromium
Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place
Specification & Price: 42 tablets / box / £ 19.99
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Cover source: HRI official website
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