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Danone Nutricia has made great efforts to provide accurate nutrition for the middle-aged and elderly, and accelerated the innovation of digital services

Danone Nutricia, which continues to focus on providing nutritional solutions for the whole stage of life, hopes to seize more market opportunities by meeting the precise nutritional needs of middle-aged and elderly people in China. At the “9th International online symposium on nutrition in New Zealand” held recently, the company released the “dare step” series designed to provide nutritional solutions for people over the age of 40.

It is understood that Gregg ward, head of the Department of health, nutrition, research and innovation in Greater China of Danone nutritia, and many well-known experts and scholars in the field of food, medicine and nutrition, such as Chen Junshi, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, researcher and general consultant of the national food safety risk assessment center, participated in the above seminar, focusing on the dietary nutrition status and solutions of infants aged 0-6, early life nutrition and intestinal immune development They exchanged views on hot topics such as nutrition solutions for healthy aging and digital enabled medical services.

Many experts pointed out that under the current aging trend, targeted nutrition intervention should be adopted in advance to help realize healthy aging.

Focus on precise nutrition management for middle-aged and elderly people

According to the report released by the China Development Foundation in 2020, it is expected that by 2022, China’s population over the age of 65 will account for 14% of the total population, from an aging society to an aging society. According to the report, if 60 years old and above are used as the standard for delimiting the elderly population, there will be nearly 500 million elderly people in China by 2050.

All-weather dynamic Housekeeper – Bold Series

“China has become one of the countries with a high degree of aging, and the nutritional problems of the middle-aged and elderly have also attracted the attention of the majority of the people.” Academician Chen Junshi pointed out at the seminar that compared with young people, the physical function of middle-aged and elderly people will decline to varying degrees, which will affect the ability of food intake, digestion and absorption, and increase the risk of nutritional deficiency and chronic diseases of middle-aged and elderly people.

He also proposed that we should deal with it in a scientific way, and carry out targeted nutritional intervention in advance to help the middle-aged and elderly people carry out adaptive aging prevention.

Contents of Academic Conference on multi-dimensional focus on healthy aging

Three experts from the Clinical Nutrition Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, the Institute of sports medicine of the Third Hospital of Peking University and the Clinical Nutrition Department of Beijing Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital Affiliated to Tsinghua University also introduced the existing nutritional risks of the middle-aged population from the aspects of intestinal nutrition and sports, and suggested to prevent chronic diseases in advance by means of reasonable diet and precise nutrition.

According to the data, the concept of “all-weather precise nutrition” is the main theme of the dare Mai series launched by Danone nutrihia. The series is aimed at people over 40 affected by age, body, pressure and other factors. Based on their physical needs and daily habits, it selects a combination of Chinese and Western Nutrition formula to provide all-weather nutritional support for the nutritional needs of different periods in the morning, middle and evening.

Localized research and development of early life nutrition

While focusing on healthy aging, nutrition in the early stage of life has also been a topic of constant concern at the International Symposium on nutrition in newdishia for many years.

Under the two themes of “exploring the nutritional needs of Chinese children” and “intestinal flora and immune adaptation”, the participating experts had an in-depth discussion on the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency in children, the dietary nutritional status and nutritional solutions of 0-6-year-old infants, the latest frontier progress of intestinal microecology related immunology and other hot topics.

Gregg Ward said at the meeting that by studying the intestinal flora, Danone newdihia found that compared with other stages of life, it is particularly important to establish the intestinal flora in the early stage of life to affect the health effect of immune regulation.

In fact, in order to have an in-depth insight into and understand the consumer demand and characteristics of China’s local market, Danone invested and built China’s open scientific research center two years ago to help develop innovative nutrition products that meet China’s local needs faster and more, and practice Danone’s development concept of “in China, for China”. The main target groups served by the scientific research center include infants, the elderly and patients with special nutritional needs.

At this seminar, Wang Ying, director of the Department of pediatric digestion and nutrition of Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to the Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University, also shared the latest results of the clinical research “dragon” jointly conducted by Danone open scientific research center and many experts. Based on Chinese babies, this research explored the application of partial hydrolysis formula containing symbiotic elements.

Continue to explore digital innovation

It is worth noting that under the background of the current global epidemic, this seminar also had a heated discussion on the current popular wave of “digital medicine”. Participating experts believe that with the popularity of online shopping, online education and online consultation, digital means have become a new channel and new way of health management under the new normal of epidemic prevention and control.

Duan Tao, Professor of the first maternal and Child Health Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, said that with the update and iteration of 5g, AI and other technologies, digital technology has entered all aspects of people’s life. New medical experience such as mobile phone reservation and registration, online payment, online query report and electronic medical record has led to an emerging hot topic, that is, how to promote nutrition science popularization and answer questions to the masses with the help of digital management.

It is understood that Danone nutritia has been committed to innovating medical services through digitization, such as optimizing the construction of specialized diseases with the help of community operation, and building a professional science popularization platform with medical workers to help improve the quality of patient education and enhance the influence of doctors.

In fact, Danone has also recently launched a new digital tool called “Jingyi private nutrition consultant”, which provides customized professional nutrition and health assessment and precise nutrition management schemes for Chinese pregnant, pregnant and lactating mothers, including gene testing, diet records, drinking and weight management.

Jingyi applet function introduction

Last year, Danone Nutricia also launched the wechat applet “one-stop smart feeding platform aptaclub feeding freedom” during the Expo. The digital feeding tools provided by the platform can help novice parents easily arrange feeding plans and meet the personalized nutritional needs of pregnant mothers and babies through personalized feeding product suggestions.

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