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“Green Code Coffee” has become popular all over the country. How many product ideas are hidden in the mood of young people?

grasping “emotional needs” may bring unintended effects.

In the middle of May, a new pop in the coffee circle came again: green coffee.
Move the words “Health Code” and “prepared nucleic acid” necessary for daily travel to the coffee cup to transmit “green code energy”.
This form has set off an upsurge in many cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Hangzhou. Nowwa coffee, Fangha and other brands are also playing the homophonic stem “green horse travel”.
What is the new marketing trend hidden in the green code coffee of the fire?
Drink coffee and keep the green code
“Green coffee” has become popular all over the country
These days, “Green Code Coffee” has suddenly become popular all over the country.
The cafes cleverly pasted the words “Health Code” used by people every day on the coffee cup, implying that “we should keep the green code while drinking coffee”.
There are various ways to play green code coffee. In addition to printing green code, Guangzhou coffee brand “unlicensed” also printed the words “made nucleic acid” on the cup; Qingdao once Coffee & store combines the green code with bagged coffee, pastes the “green code” on the sub packaging bag, and pastes the “location” on the cup.
Some merchants wrote messages on the cup: “you can drink this cup with this green code”, “sell happiness and prohibit burnt green”, which made everyone empathy in an instant.
In order to match the color of green code, some merchants have launched green pistachio milk; Suzhou has also seen green code bubble water with fresh colors. Both appearance and concept are online.
There are also various homophonic stems and joint play methods.
Nowwa coffee and Chengdu steamed stuffed bun brand Li and Bai jointly launched the breakfast CP of spinach green steamed stuffed bun + coffee, and launched the publicity point of “eating green bags and keeping green ‘horses”. When buying steamed stuffed buns in Li and Bai, you can also get nowwa green horse stickers.
Fangha is also using “green horse creativity” to prepare for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. It has launched “zongzi”, which is a green code crystal zongzi, and holds it with the drink green code hand “zongzi”.
The topic of “Green Code Coffee” is very popular on social platforms. In Tiktok, 37000 green Code Coffee topics have been played, and 4000+ relevant notes have been written in the little red book.
Looking through many consumer sharing posts, I found the reasons why green code coffee is sought after by young people:
Under the epidemic, the green health code is like our second ID card. The CP composed of green code and drinks has a wonderful emotional hedge against the anxiety of the current epidemic and brings consumers different psychological feelings (of course, we should also pay attention to moderate marketing and do not mislead consumers).
Having fun in bitterness and emotional hedging
Product opportunities hidden in the emotions of young people
It is not difficult to see that the green code coffee in this circle captures the real mood of young people at present.
At present, people will inevitably fall into anxiety and boredom, and the “green code energy” brought by green code coffee makes people smile and discuss easily, providing people with scarce fun and happiness.
The hedge between the two emotions forms a special feeling called “having fun in hardship”, which provides appropriate emotional comfort for young people.
After combing all kinds of popular cultures of young people, I found that many of them are related to emotions. For example, “punk health”, nourishing while staying up late; There is also the “morning eight coffee culture”, which uses the joy of drinking coffee to make up for the pain of getting up early for class.
Two days ago, Ruixing, who has always been good at grasping young people’s emotions, launched a new product “grasping horse watermelon latte”, and gained another wave of heat.
The “watermelon drinking method static squatting challenge” launched with horse catching watermelon is to drink “horse catching watermelon” while doing static squatting to consume calories. Netizens posted comments on the challenge one after another, “can you make up a few more cups after squatting thin?”
——A quiet squat challenge skillfully alleviates the guilt of young people after sugar intake and meets their emotional needs.
Under the various restrictions of the epidemic, the rate of consumers visiting stores has decreased, and the link between businesses and consumers is relatively low. At this time, seizing some “emotional needs” of young people to help them express themselves and resonate may bring unexpected results.
So, in the current environment, what other ways to play emotional marketing?
Recently popular emotional marketing
Give me four Inspirations
After combing the recent popular marketing cases, I summarized four emotional marketing ideas:
1. In good emotional marketing, there must be scenes
“Most of the time, what people like is not the product itself, but the scene in which the product is located and the emotions they infiltrate in the scene.” Wu Sheng, the author of “Scene revolution”, said such a sentence.
In other words, there must be scenes in emotional marketing.
“Green Code Coffee” is a typical example. It closely follows the scene of nucleic acid and scanning QR code, gives happiness in the scene, and makes coffee an emotional placebo under anxiety.
Similar examples include the anti epidemic stickers like tea, which were very popular some time ago. They add some expectations and happiness to the boring nucleic acid process by collecting stamps.
In special scenes, the “pleasure in bitterness” is magnified. This less full fun is more effective than straightforward emotional impact in the current environment.
2. Seize identity, such as “saving migrant workers”
Young people are a new force in the consumption of coffee and milk tea. Migrant workers and students account for the majority of young groups. Seizing the emotions generated by these two identities, they succeed in more than half.
Zhongshan “save coffee” has a series of coffee “return agents”. In Cantonese, “return agents” means “catch a pair of medicine”. When consumers go to the store for “treatment”, the boss will prescribe symptomatic coffee according to the “symptoms”, which will eliminate the disease and rekindle hope.
Saving coffee accurately captures the complex emotions generated by people’s work. Although it can not directly solve people’s problems, it provides an opposite emotional comfort: work is not so bitter, and a cup of coffee is a hero.
The popular early eight coffee culture among students is very similar to “saving migrant workers”. There is a post on Xiaohong book that “early eight people need coffee to power them every day”.
What really works is the psychological comfort that coffee brings to young people in plain life. This is also one of the values of coffee culture itself.
3. Health preservation + self-discipline is the itch of this young people
Recently, the “one whole root” ginseng in Rosen convenience store is very hot. This bottle of drink is very simple. There is a whole root of Jilin Changbai Mountain Ginseng and light yellow ginseng water in the transparent bottle.
The first bottle is 19.9 yuan and the second bottle is 5 yuan. The ingredients list is very clean and the taste is very simple. Netizens describe the taste of Chinese herbal medicine + slightly sweet.
I noticed that Hetian shuipu also has this drink, which appears in many regions such as Guangzhou and Qingdao. Young people call it “stay up late water”.
Staying up late while keeping healthy, sometimes self-discipline and sometimes rotten, is a common living state of this generation of young people. They are keen to find comfort in their guilt after staying up late and eating dessert, which is also an emotional compensation in essence.
4. Provide hope and inspire the good side in people’s hearts
Some time ago, romanlin launched the activity of “you can go to the store to get ice cream balls if you donate only a penny”. The donations are donated directly to the local Red Cross to help people in need.
Xuchang “Haohao Prince” milk tea shop made 500 cups of milk tea every day for the anti epidemic personnel to take by themselves during the epidemic. Many netizens commented: “such a milk tea shop must be made hot” and “when the epidemic goes away, we must drink a cup of milk tea from his family”.
During the epidemic, the actions of these brands inadvertently touched the most sensitive nerves of young people, opening a gap for people surrounded by the negative emotions of the epidemic, giving them a hope and moving.
Looking through the posts on green coffee and epidemic stickers in Xiaohong book, I feel the unique expression of young people.
Young people who shout that life is meaningless every day actually have a high perception of moving, hope and happiness. Perhaps youth is like this, bereaved and full of hope.
This tangled and contradictory mood has created a large number of interesting product ideas.
In fact, compared with marketing, I prefer to regard this way of making products as the shopkeepers’ understanding of coffee and tea – coffee and tea are the sweeteners and small blessings of life.
Under the epidemic, the life of tea shops and cafes is difficult. Shopkeepers are using their own way to convey a state of mind of having fun in hardship to consumers.
At any time, keeping interesting and actively creating will bring hope.



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