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2022 FMCG launch week ol Online

epidemic continues, and offline people are trapped
Repeated epidemics, static management and staying at home should be several high-frequency words in recent three years.
In particular, this year, outbreaks have occurred one after another across the country. Beijing and Shanghai have successively become the epicenter of the epidemic, which is destined to be an abnormal year.
The word “dynamic clearing” was highlighted in the news broadcast on May 5. The five minute heavy broadcast once again clarified the general policy of “adhering to dynamic clearing” of the Party Central Committee.
Under this general policy of epidemic prevention, major domestic conferences and events have been postponed one after another.
The Asian Games will be suspended, the spring sugar meeting will be postponed indefinitely, and all offline exhibitions that receive foreign visitors will be temporarily closed.
As early as the end of 2021, many enterprises have formulated 2022 strategic plans and quarterly implementation plans. All the plans, schemes and deployments are eager to make progress, and even some enterprises say: I just want to fight a beautiful turnaround in 2022 and spend a lot of money to build the market
However, the uncertainty of the epidemic has brought great tests to enterprises.
In the face of change, how to put limited resources into the most critical elements and try to get 100% harvest with one point of hard work? Just as our government coordinates the rhythm of “slow, quiet and stop” according to the risk degree of different epidemic areas, we should also learn to slow down, calm down and stop at present, think about how to deal with changes and generate greater benefits with the least resources.
Mr. Liu chunxiong mentioned that 80% of people lie flat and 20% of those who refuse to lie flat.
Yes, as teacher Fang Gang said: shielding the epidemic is a mantra. We can’t let the epidemic become a gold medal for performance. We refuse to lie flat. We can still sweep the streets and talk about business at home, promote collection and popularity at home, and drive user growth at home.
Are you the 20% who refuse to lie flat? Trapped off-line due to the epidemic, how to show your strength?
From “down” to “up”, we still have a chance!
“2022 FMCG release week ol” officially opened
The 7th China FMCG Channel Innovation Conference, originally scheduled to be held on March 18, 2022, was postponed due to the epidemic. For this purpose, the new distributor × “2022 FMCG release week ol”, CO sponsored by the Organizing Committee of FMCG release week and hosted by coral reef exhibition, officially opened today.
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[2022 FMCG release week OL] is the only professional Expo in the whole FMCG industry chain. It aims to build the launch week as the first choice for the procurement of FMCG products such as food and beverage, grain and oil seasoning, daily necessities, life services and alcohol in the whole country and even around the world, and provide a comprehensive service platform for the display, negotiation, sharing, learning and cooperation of FMCG products and brands in the whole industry chain.
Help FMCG manufacturers to explore industrial trends online without leaving home, follow the trend, become bigger and stronger, and promote the development of high intelligence in the industry. At the same time, it empowers people’s good life and helps people bring a better life experience.
Five highlights:
FMCG industry chain comprehensive exhibition
Select popular products of the whole industry chain
Enabling enterprises to open up the full link of channel resources
Live investment promotion and build a global investment Bridge
Ensure at least 5 groups of professional visitors (buyers)
Resource introduction:
We media matrix: total fans 50W+
Live broadcast investment promotion case: nearly 200 enterprises were obtained in a single live broadcast
High quality channel providers: tens of thousands of business elites
Well known brands: wholehearted service, sincere cooperation and win-win
Audience initiatives:
Live investment promotion: complement each other’s advantages and expand resources
Outbound team: specially invite key customers, and the outbound team makes great efforts
Audience advertising: online and offline full scene coverage to achieve national manufacturer interaction
Activities held: two types of voting activities, inventory glory and create a gold list
Business connection: meet the needs of online buyers and realize one-to-one accurate matching and connection
Audience data: 200W + database, easy to help manufacturers connect
Network marketing: public-private traffic linkage operation to help develop the international market
Media cooperation: tens of millions of traffic boost, invite accurate audiences
Contact information: [2022 FMCG release week OL] will become a big platform for FMCG enterprises to understand industrial market information, broaden trade channels, show enterprise strength and realize accurate docking. Currently, the booth is open for reservation. Please sign up for consultation.

PS: from May 10 to May 31, 2022, “new distribution” will launch the theme live broadcast of “growth in war”. We will continue to invite marketing experts, front-line commanders and excellent dealers of brands who have won or even great victories in the war and epidemic to meet you in the live broadcast room of the “new distribution” video number and express their opinions. Tell them how they achieved phased victory in this arduous war, and what experiences and lessons they have for you to learn from.

From 20:00 to 22:00 on May 25, the fifth program of “growth in the war” series was broadcast live. This live broadcast was jointly planned by rookie supply chain, and invited industry expert representatives: Dong Benhui, director of rookie domestic supply chain FMCG industry, Li Yan, director of rookie domestic supply chain FMCG operation; Brand representatives: Li Jun, head of pastoral logistics and supply chain, and Yang Rui, general manager of three squirrels logistics center. They will tell in the live studio: what kind of supply chain do we need for omni-channel, fighting the epidemic and maintaining growth? Please pay attention.




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