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23 kinds of prefabricated dishes were investigated. During the epidemic period, the people in Shanghai bought the most




in 2020, we investigated the catering situation of consumers during the epidemic period. After the epidemic, only 1% of users will uninstall the app, and fresh e-commerce ushers in a real spring? It can be seen that consumers in 2020 generally like to buy vegetables and cook by themselves. With the epidemic this spring, great changes have taken place in consumers’ eating habits, and prefabricated dishes are unprecedentedly popular.
Kurun data recently conducted an online survey of 400 Shanghai citizens to understand the consumption status and consumer satisfaction of prefabricated dishes during the epidemic, and gain insight into whether prefabricated dishes will continue to be hot in the future, forming a new outlet for catering.
Realize food freedom in isolation
during the isolation period when materials are slightly in short supply, it is as difficult as heaven to cook with fresh fruits and vegetables! However, this “critical” moment also highlights the charm of prefabricated dishes – easy to store, convenient, fast, and easily harvest a meal.
▼ conclusion: during the
epidemic, the per capita consumption frequency of prepared vegetables was as high as 2.2 times / week, indicating that most consumers have gradually formed the eating habit of eating prepared vegetables every week, and the proportion of prepared vegetables in consumers’ tables is increasing; The upper limit of per capita consumption of dishes is 6031.33 yuan per user, which is also gradually increased.
ceiling of fish flavored shredded pork prefabricated dish
Shanghai residents living in isolation also ate prefabricated dishes all over. Which one ate the most and easily took the lead? Which model has achieved rapid sales and become a rising star and a dark horse in the field of prefabricated vegetables?
▼ conclusion: during the isolation period of
, instant food and instant food represented by instant noodles, quick-frozen dumplings, beef jerky and Babao porridge continued to sell well. These types of dishes have the characteristics of “easy to eat” and “long storage time”, and are deeply welcomed by consumers;
in addition, instant food and instant steamed food have witnessed a sharp increase in sales due to the convenience of purchase (various online shopping platforms have been put on the shelves one after another). Shredded pork with fish flavor is our favorite ready-made dish.
fresh e-commerce platform and takeout platform are the main channels for people to buy prefabricated vegetables.
is prefabricated food a favorite of lazy people?

Lazy people like to eat prefabricated vegetables? Is that reasonable? In fact, people are not lazy. They are busy with work and many things. They really can’t afford to cook! No, I’m going to have a video conference with my colleagues again. Let’s eat prefabricated vegetables at noon!
▼ look at the conclusion:
prefabricated dishes have become the gospel of “lazy people” and cooks during the epidemic. Even if you don’t want to cook or can’t cook, you can quickly complete a rich meal with complete color, flavor and flavor through prefabricated dishes.
purchase experience can buy, eat and live
although prefabricated dishes are a small helper in life during isolation, some aspects should be continuously improved. Only by checking the leaks and filling the gaps can we achieve better products, so that consumers who like prefabricated dishes can taste more suitable prefabricated dishes!
▼ conclusion: food safety and raw material quality of
dishes need to be guaranteed first. Secondly, the richness, cost performance and reprocessing difficulty of dishes are also indicators that consumers pay close attention to when choosing prefabricated dishes; The essence of
prefabricated dishes is “lazy dishes”. The lack of dish types and the difficulty of processing after arrival will limit consumers’ choices and reduce consumers’ experience.
shout in your heart
prefabricated dish yyds
nowadays, the brand of prefabricated dishes is really good. The types, dishes and tastes are becoming more and more abundant, and the quality and quality are also improving rapidly, which makes consumers dazzled!
▼ conclusion:
generally speaking, the taste of prefabricated dishes on the market can basically meet the expectations of consumers, and more than 70.0% of the respondents said that the taste is very delicious;
but the taste of consumers is a dynamic process. Continuous improvement and upgrading of taste, increasing the richness of taste and dishes, and diversification of packages and collocations are the main promotion direction of prefabricated dishes in the future.
don’t like it?
pulled the grass?

An epidemic has made Shanghai citizens understand that there are so many varieties and types of prefabricated dishes, and the taste is very good! I wonder if the prefabricated dishes will have a place on the table and become the main force of daily satiety in the future?
▼ look at the conclusion: most consumers in
said they would buy prefabricated dishes after the epidemic. They would mainly save the cooking process when they were busy, worried about takeout and guests at home. They would also use it to improve their meals when their cooking skills were not enough;
fresh e-commerce will be the main purchase channel. At the same time, traditional supermarkets and hypermarkets are also the main sales force for ready to serve foods such as pork and mutton.
The popularity of
prefabricated dishes has brought many business opportunities. More new brands and new sales channels have sprung up, and the upgrading of categories and taste has not only enhanced the stickiness of consumers, but also brought many opportunities and challenges to factories. The development potential of prefabricated dishes should not be underestimated.
but considering the limitations of prefabricated dishes, can our consumption habits really be continued after the epidemic situation is recovered, the community is unsealed and the shopping mall is restored? Can each prefabricated food brand seize the opportunity to prevent the once popular food from dying out and becoming a flash in the pan?
Development factors and trend of
prefabricated dishes:




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