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How did KFC make the whole country “hard to find a duck” overnight?

a “children’s fun” business has changed its flavor.
“No, no, not yesterday.” Across the fence, a KFC clerk shouted to the retail king.
It was at 9:30 a.m. on May 22, 24 hours after the KFC launched the children’s Day package.
On May 21, KFC officially launched this year’s International Children’s Day package, the traditional “meal” × In the “toys” group, there are three different baokemeng toys, namely reachable duck music box, Pikachu music box and Pikachu outing kettle. Among them, the hottest can reach duck, which has been “hard to find one duck” in the whole network.
The clerk added that half an hour after the sale on the morning of the 21st, the three toys had been robbed. At present, there is no notice of replenishment, and there is a high probability that “if it’s gone, it’s gone”.
At the same time, two young people rushed to get the same answer and left with a lost face.
KFC is still the same KFC – since the launch of set meal exclusive toys in cooperation with baokemeng in 2000, KFC has sold limited toys according to different Festival themes for more than 20 years, directly grasping the happiness of several generations.
KFC is still that KFC——
Because of channel control, management and other problems, KFC has to experience a wave of “crisis” every time it launches joint brand toy products. Scalpers grab goods, resell at high prices, and even increase prices privately in stores, which makes consumers complain.
This year’s children’s Day is obviously no exception.
The duck is busy
The duck is a charmingly naive duck. When the music starts, the whole duck bounces up and its hands swing up and down. The way to get out of the stem is to stick two stickers on the duck claw, write “rich woman” in the left hand and “money” in the right hand. If you record the video, you can easily get a wave of praise in the circle of friends.
Now, including the circle of friends, Tiktok, Weibo, xiaohongshu and other social platforms have been captured by this duck.
Of course, because of the limited sale, it has been “swept away” on the day of sale, and more are “people without ducks”. Some consumers shared that they were told that they were out of stock and wanted to cry without tears when they ran four KFC stores on May 21.
Ah Chan is the lucky one. She first brushed the news that KFC was selling children’s Day packages from a small red book, and took a fancy to this reachable duck. According to past experience, Achan thought that toys must be shipped quickly, so she pinched and squatted at a nearby KFC store on the morning of the 21st, and got her wish to win a duck for her son.
Everything was unexpected and reasonable – ducks became hard currency.
With the popularity of swing duck, more and more people have joined the army of buyers. On the second-hand trading platform, the high ones have been sold for 350 yuan, while the one contacted by the retail king, including mail for 88 yuan, although the price is not too outrageous, it is still a huge profit compared with the original meal package.
In Beijing, KFC has two children’s Day packages including baokemeng toys. One for two costs 69 yuan and one for family bucket 109 yuan.
Compared with the reachable duck, the other two Pikachu are unexpectedly cold. On the one hand, the second-hand trading platform is almost contracted by reachable duck. On the other hand, even if it is on sale, the price is much lower than that of reachable duck. For example, the above-mentioned seller sells Pikachu for only 68 yuan.
KFC didn’t expect it.
According to past experience, Pikachu has always been the “c-position” role of baokemeng family. The soft, cute and playful form has been popular for decades. Pikachu toys are sold in festivals such as Spring Festival and Halloween. There are also up to ducks in children’s Day packages in 2019 and 2020, but the heat is not as high as Pikachu.
A KFC clerk explained that there were only 8 reachable ducks in a box of 40 toys assigned to the store, and almost all customers named reachable ducks.
In fact, the explosion of reachable duck has long shown signs.
On May 15, Li Jiaqi’s Live Room launched the KFC children’s day baokemeng family to enjoy dinner. As soon as the three toys were on the table, the two anchors were attracted by the reachable duck. Li Jiaqi smiled and said “it’s too bad to beat”, and asserted that it would become the popular toy of this year. The audience in the live room immediately shouted “want to reach the duck”.
A consumer told the retail king that this is mainly because of the “cheap and cute” temperament of reachable duck, and this year is an oversized toy, which is more lovely. Compared with children’s picachu kettle and music box, the design is pure and young, which is more in line with the aesthetics of adults.
Adults loved children’s day and KFC held it.
Who’s paying the bill
As we all know, fast food selling toys is an old tradition, and so is cooperation with baokemeng.
According to the media travel research agency, in 2000, before baokemeng became famous in China, KFC introduced the first set of “fairy baokemeng” series in the form of genuine authorization and launched the model toy “pet elf three-dimensional puzzle”, which was included with Qiqi children’s meal.
Over the past two decades, KFC has continuously launched toy packages, ranging from Doraemon, Pikachu, Jenny turtle to reachable duck. Most of them are the IP of baokemeng. For example, during the Spring Festival in 2021, KFC also dressed Pikachu in red Tang clothes.
This is also McDonald’s choice.
Last year, on the 25th anniversary of baokemeng, McDonald’s announced that it had reached a cooperation with baokemeng to order “happy meal”, which can be accompanied by a set of exchange game cards of baokemeng’s “25th anniversary special”. In order to collect cards, many users flock to second-hand trading websites and choose to exchange at a high price.
KFC is a 92 year old enterprise. McDonald’s is 82 years old. There is no doubt that in addition to the charm of IP toys, the influence of the enterprise itself and the cultural charm it brings make people all over the world willing to pay for it.
But at the same time, who can deny the indifference on the B side of this charm.
Under the official account of KFC little red book, the highly praised message about the children’s Day package is a complaint that the father is a 6-year-old daughter:
He made an appointment for his daughter online one day in advance. He couldn’t get to the store because of work. He had to choose takeout delivery, but the clerk told him that the goods were out of stock. Search on the second-hand platform and find that reachable duck has already become a high-priced toy in the cattle channel.
“I don’t know how you understand the definition of children’s package. Do you want to get more attention through this activity or disappoint more people who like KFC?”
No, it’s just this father.
Hunger marketing is the tradition of KFC toy meal. A more serious incident occurred in 2020. Several baokemeng toys in the children’s Day package were sold out directly once they were on sale, while offline stores required that no toys could be exchanged for the package. The official announcement stated that if they were not exchanged at the expiration, they could apply for a refund, but many consumers found that they could not find an online refund entrance at all.
Scalpers and black box operation are the last straw to crush consumers.
On Weibo and other platforms, many people exposed that they went to the store and were told that they had no inventory, but they saw that someone took several cattle in advance, which was suspected of scalping. People familiar with KFC employees said that the toys in some stores were directly digested by insiders and would not be released at all. In the third and fourth tier cities, there are many stores with lax management, which increase the purchase threshold and require a recharge of 200 yuan to be eligible for the package.
A business of “children’s interest” always tastes bad.
Need to return to the essential question: is KFC really selling children’s meals?
Take a 69 yuan toy dinner for two as an example, including 1 crisp chicken burger / spicy chicken burger + 1 old Beijing chicken roll / Golden Chicken Nugget + 1 small potato + 1 finger sucking chicken + 1 Pepsi Cola + 1 cup apple juice – regardless of the price or specification, it is more like an adult dinner for two for lovers or friends.
At a time when children’s Day is becoming more and more adult and has gradually become another major marketing festival for businesses, few people have noticed that the meaning of children’s meal itself is also changing and becoming unlovable.
Li Bo, vice president of KFC planning, said in an interview that KFC hopes to have new elements to keep customers interested and feel that KFC is a young brand.
This is certainly correct, but at the same time, “in China, the income level and living standard have improved rapidly in the past 30 years. Consumers are willing to pay high prices. We hope to innovate products because customers demand better quality food”.
The price of this year’s children’s meal has indeed increased compared with last year. It is unclear whether the food quality has improved, but friends who buy reachable duck may need to pay attention. This is also a product that is very easy to damage.
If you need it, please kindly remind me that the maintenance course has been shared by various gods. On various social platforms, you can search keywords directly:
“Maintenance / repair”.
*The pictures in the text are from KFC wechat official account



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