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Nestle acquired a food technology company, and man coffee apologized. KFC responded that Da Da duck was hot fried. Jiang Xiaobai confirmed to optimize his position. Yili planned to set up a venture capital fund, and Kedi dairy was terminated from listing

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Cody dairy was terminated from listing

Today, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced that it had decided to terminate the listing of the shares of Henan Kedi Dairy Co., Ltd. It is reported that the company’s shares have entered the delisting consolidation period since June 1, 2022. On the trading day after the expiration of the delisting consolidation period, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange delisted the company’s shares. (Dahe caicube)

Jiangxiaobai confirmed to optimize non brewing related business posts

In response to the recent news about jiangxiaobai’s massive layoffs, jiangxiaobai responded on May 24, saying that the company was indeed optimizing non brewing related business posts, but the proportion of layoffs was not as popular as the outside world. At the same time, jiangxiaobai also stressed that “labor pains really exist”, because the consumption scene of jiangxiaobai brand is inseparable from the catering terminal. The drastic changes in the environment this year forced enterprises to make this adjustment. (

Man coffee responded that a store in Shanghai was filed for investigation

This afternoon, the official wechat of man coffee issued a statement of apology and sincerely apologized to consumers for not properly taking 2 ℃ – 6 ℃ raw milk and not clearing the back paper of additional food safety seals in time during the supply guarantee and distribution period of Shanghai Wujiang Road store on April 30. (Beijing business daily)

Yili plans to fund the establishment of innovation seed private equity investment fund

Yili shares announced today that the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Jianling capital plan to jointly invest in the establishment of Shenzhen Jianling innovation seed private equity investment fund (limited partnership), with a scale of 350 million yuan. The fund mainly focuses on healthy food, health-related and other investment value fields to invest in start-up enterprises with high development potential. (company announcement)

KFC’s response to the difficulty of raising the price of reachable duck: personal behavior has nothing to do with the company

Recently, KFC’s “reachable duck” music box has been rapidly fermented through the Internet, and the price has soared all the way on the second-hand platform. In this regard, KFC said, “recently, some consumers reported that KFC toys were sold at an increased price, which was not supported by the company. This behavior is a personal behavior and has nothing to do with the company”. (Sina Finance)

Big happy hair surplus police


Today, the Hong Kong chain catering company Da Kuai Huo issued a profit warning, saying that it is expected that the profit attributable to shareholders will record a significant decline of about 70% in this year. The group pointed out that in the last quarter of the year, the COVID-19 brought unprecedented challenges to the catering industry in Hong Kong. (company announcement)

Mengniu and PetroChina enhance cooperation

Yesterday, Mengniu announced on its wechat official account that it would further enhance its cooperation with PetroChina in the near future. The two sides would carry out relevant activities from multiple dimensions, such as product customization, exclusive activity promotion, system platform linkage, etc. (issued by the company)


Recently, Chengdu quanshuyi Beverage Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 300000 yuan, the legal representative is Cheng Benkang, and its business scope is catering services (no oil fume, peculiar smell and waste gas); Food Internet sales, etc. Among them, Sichuan shuyishaoxiancao Catering Management Co., Ltd. invested 200000 yuan to the company. (business system)

Hongjiu fruit signed a framework agreement with Chongqing Zhongxin Demonstration Project Management Bureau

Recently, Hongjiu fruit signed a framework agreement with Chongqing Zhongxin Demonstration Project Management Bureau. The two sides will grasp the new opportunities for the development of digital economy and industrial Internet, and jointly build Zhongxin (Chongqing) Hongjiu Dongmeng agricultural products distribution and trading center by using cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent terminal and other technologies. (Securities Daily)

Consistent konjac IPO application accepted, or into a shares “konjac first share”

Recently, the IPO application of Hubei consistent konjac Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “consistent konjac”) was accepted by the Beijing stock exchange. If it goes well, konjac is expected to become the “first konjac stock” in the A-share market. According to the prospectus, konjac is in the middle of the industrial chain. By purchasing konjac raw materials planted by upstream farmers, konjac is intensively processed and made into konjac hydrophilic colloid (konjac powder) and konjac food, which are sold to downstream food manufacturers, brand operators and end consumers. (interface News)

Villagers chicken officially submitted a prospectus to raise 1.2 billion yuan

Recently, Anhui Laoxiang chicken catering Co., Ltd. officially submitted the prospectus and planned to be listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. According to the prospectus, from 2019 to 2021, the revenue of rural chickens was 2.859 billion yuan, 3.454 billion yuan and 4.393 billion yuan respectively; The net profit was 159 million yuan, 105 million yuan and 135 million yuan respectively. The local chicken plans to raise 1.2 billion yuan through IPO. (I knew it early)

Farmer mountain spring baby water Disney Limited new clothes listed

Today, nongnongshan spring announced the launch of a Disney limited edition of natural water suitable for infants and young children. (issued by the company)

New products of Yuanqi forest burning tea are on the market

Recently, Yuanqi forest’s brand burning tea announced the launch of a new product – qingti Oolong sugar free tea. (issued by the company)

Nestle acquires Brazilian food technology company puravida

Yesterday, Nestle said it had reached an acquisition agreement with puravida, a Brazilian manufacturer of organic, natural and plant-based foods, and said puravida’s product portfolio could complement it. Previously, Nestle has carried out nutritional supplements and protein powder business in Brazil, and the acquisition will expand its health science business. Nestle did not disclose the financial details of the transaction, and the acquisition is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022. (Reuters)


Mars arrow set up a new team to support retail customers

Yesterday, Mars Wrigley announced the establishment of a consulting team called “the transaction zone team” composed of front-end experts at the candy and snack Expo in Chicago to support retail customers. The team is committed to identifying and implementing market solutions to help category managers, store operators and shoppers expand their trading areas. (issued by the company)


Fonterra research helps alleviate the “milk shortage” in the United States

Recently, Fonterra said that it was studying how to help alleviate the crisis of infant formula shortage in the United States. However, it also said that although the company’s representative will follow the trade delegation led by the Prime Minister of New Zealand to the United States in the near future, any discussion on this issue is temporary and there is no special meeting to discuss this issue at present. (New Zealand Herald)


Quick reading of food industry information


China’s ice cream market has maintained growth, and the market scale ranks first in the world

Recently, the professional committee of green agriculture and food nutrition of China Green Food Association jointly issued the report on the trend of China’s ice cream and ice cream industry. The report points out that in 2021, China’s ice cream market still ranks first in the world. In the future, ice cream will achieve breakthroughs in health and nutrition, social attributes, eating scenes, cultural collision and so on. Data show that China’s ice cream market has maintained a growth trend, reaching 147 billion yuan in 2020 and more than 160 billion yuan in 2021. Overall, the scale of China’s ice cream market remains the largest in the world. (Beijing Youth Daily)

The Indian government plans to restrict sugar exports

According to the financial associated press today, India plans to limit sugar exports to 10 million tons in the sales year ending in September. The source said that the purpose of the move is to ensure that there is enough inventory before the next sugar making season starts in October. (Financial Associated Press)

US agencies will exempt drivers from the service time requirements for transporting milk powder

The Federal Motor Transport Safety Administration (FMCSA) said yesterday it would be issuing an emergency statement exempting drivers of commercial vehicles transporting infant formula ingredients and packaging from service hours. The FMCSA statement states that the scope of transportation goods exempted from the service time requirement includes but is not limited to whey, casein, corn syrup and hydrolyzed protein, as well as containers and packaging of infant formula. At the same time, it also said that “the finished formula and the products involved in the production of formula are included in the exemption scope”. (Reuters)

The total transaction volume of Kwai e-commerce in the first quarter increased by 47.7% year-on-year

Today, Kwai released its financial report for the first quarter of 2022. According to the financial report, the revenue of Kwai in the first quarter was 21.07 billion yuan, up from 17.019 billion yuan in the same period of last year. The net loss in the first quarter was 6.25 billion yuan, and the adjusted net loss was 3.72 billion yuan. In the first quarter, the total amount of Kwai e-commerce transactions (Gmv) reached 175.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 47.7%, of which the self built e-commerce system Kwai stores contributed more than 99% of the transaction volume. (company announcement)

Didi will delist from US stocks

Yesterday, Didi held an extraordinary general meeting to vote on the voluntary delisting of didi American Depositary Shares on the New York Stock Exchange. The result of the vote showed that the company agreed to withdraw from the NYSE. According to Didi’s announcement, in order to better cooperate with the network security review and rectification measures, the company’s shares will not be listed on any other stock exchange until the delisting is completed. (brokerage China)


The SEC plans to crack down on misleading ESG investment statements

US securities regulators are preparing to crack down on exaggerated environmental, social and governance qualification (ESG) statements in investment products and set standards for the sustainable fund industry, which has soared to nearly $3 trillion, the financial Associated Press reported today. The rules being developed by the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will clearly stipulate that when the terms “ESG”, “sustainable” or “low carbon” appear in the name of investment funds, they should be disclosed. (Financial Associated Press)

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