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Nongnongshan spring, Yuanqi forest and Ruixing pick one after another. Will it be a new weapon to shape the explosion of the category?

is of high quality and has its own traffic. Qingti’s “business ambition” can’t be hidden.

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Summer is coming, and the recent fruit market is lively again.
Known as “South Baiguo, North Xianfeng and West Hongjiu”, the three giants of fruit retail – Baiguoyuan, Xianfeng fruit and Hongjiu fruit are competing to attack the “first share of fruit retail”, which makes people focus on the fruit market with a scale of more than 200 million again.
In “the outbreak of fruits and vegetables and the new trend of Nuggets’ natural health”, one of the “top ten annual business hotspots of daily food in 2022”, foodaily Research Institute believes that the domestic fruit and vegetable market is still in the primary stage in terms of product type, technical content and scene development. Under the general trend of pursuing natural health and freshness, consumers have put forward higher-level needs for convenience and experience of fruits and vegetables.
In recent years, the innovation of raw materials of new tea drinks has brought fire to a small number of fruits such as oil Mandarin, yellow peel, guava and Rosa roxburghii. It also makes people re recognize the precious ingredients such as coconut and cherry, and actively explore the greater commercial value behind them. As the “No. 1 fruit and vegetable country”, what other precious food materials are worth excavating and shaping in the “new food era”?
Recently, foodaily has noticed that “qingti”, represented by sunshine rose, is becoming more and more active, and many brands such as nongnongshan spring and Yuanqi forest carry out product innovation around “qingti”. So, what kind of treasure value and commercial plasticity does qingti have? What possibilities will it bring to category innovation?
Why do we pay attention to “qingti”?
When it comes to qingti, many people may think of sunshine roses. As the representative variety of qingti, sunshine rose has the best quality, and the price was once hyped to 700 yuan. In recent years, with the decline of qingti price represented by sunshine rose, more and more consumers have realized qingti freedom. Beverage, dairy, baking and other brands also choose qingti as raw materials for product innovation.
In the beverage category, the combination of fresh, fragrant and sweet qingti tea and fragrant and mellow tea complement each other. “Qingti oolong tea” has become a new choice for brands such as Yuanqi forest, nongnongshan spring, Naixue tea and Chali tea to meet the increasingly diversified consumption needs of consumers.
Xi tea continues the idea of exploding meaty grapes and makes the green lift deep and thorough. In addition to launching a variety of qingti fruit tea drinks, it also unlocked a variety of product forms such as qingti bread, qingti cake, qingti lactic acid bacteria bottled gas soaking in water, qingti color co branding and surrounding, bringing consumers an immersive qingti experience. Lele tea, aunt Hushang, Guming and other brands have also increased their sizes, and a number of new types of freshly made qingti fruit tea have been added.
Photo source: Yuanqi forest, nongnongshan spring, Naixue’s tea, Xi tea, Lele tea, aunt Hushang, Gu Ming
In the coffee market, with the explosion of raw coconut latte, the “Fruit Coffee” made of fresh fruit + coffee has become one of the trends of coffee innovation. According to the statistics of Carmen, 46% of the new products launched by 10 chain coffee brands in 2021 contain fruit elements.
Ruixing continued to work hard on the track of Koka and returned with the upgrade of the popular “first love qingti latte” in the summer of 2021. Sweet green tea with mellow thick milk and original 0 calorie sugar technology can reduce the sweet burden of consumers, and a cup can enjoy the balance of sweetness, fruit aroma and freshness.
In addition, qingti also has development potential in alcoholic beverages. Jiushilang has an insight into women’s light drinking market. With the concept of “slightly drunk tea in perfume bottle”, it has launched qingti Jasmine cold extract tea wine. Rio’s new sunshine rose grape vodka flavor bubble cocktail brings consumers a diversified taste bud experience.
Photo source: Ruixing, jiushilang, Rio
Among dairy products, innovative flavors such as qingti kiwi, qingti aloe and oats give yogurt a new taste experience; Frozen desserts such as qingti smoothie and qingti Oolong ice cream bring consumers a touch of freshness and ice in hot summer.
In the baking category, in addition to the qingti bread and qingti cake in the new tea store, the time-honored zhiweiguan wrapped the qingti into the qingtuan and launched the jasmine qingti qingtuan. Novel tastes and seasonal restrictions endow the Youth League with social attributes, narrowing the distance between traditional food and young consumers.
Photo source: Middle Street freezing point, light excellent, like tea, zhiweiguan
So, what kind of treasure value does qingti have and be selected by major categories? What is the development process of qingti from the once sky high price fruits to today’s multi category applications? How many possibilities does qingti have for innovation in the future? Next, let’s walk into qingti’s treasure food.
The top stream of the grape world in the past,
Freedom of consumption is now achieved
Qingti, with green appearance and sweet flesh, originated in California. It is a grape variety cultivated by researchers at California State University in the 1970s.
Green extract is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B3, B12 and resveratrol. It can not only provide certain antioxidant protection for the skin, but also nourish, strengthen the stomach and replenish qi. The fruit is closely combined and not easy to crack. It is suitable for long-distance transportation and long-term storage. It has gradually become the preferred variety for the development of grape industry all over the world.
At present, qingti has developed into many varieties, such as sunshine rose, Victoria, polette, chicken heart white, moon ball, Thomson, white Rosa and so on. Among them, sunshine rose has the best quality and is also a green variety selected by many food and beverage brands.
Sunshine Rose: “Hermes in grapes” is not a false name
The sunshine Rose (shine Muscat, シャインマスカットトトトシシみみイわぺスカットトトトシシシみ. However, it is not a native Japanese variety, but a hybrid between European and American hybrid “anyijin 21” and European variety “Bainan”.
Okayama Prefecture, located along the coast of the Seto Inland Sea in Japan, has long sunshine time (2100 hours of sunshine a year) and low precipitation (1200 mm a year). Coupled with the warm sea breeze of the Seto Inland Sea, it has created excellent conditions for planting sunshine roses.
The sunshine rose planted in Okayama county has rich fruit aroma, thin skin, crisp fruit, no acid or astringency, sweet juice and no seeds. The famous sunshine rose brand “QingWang” (はれおう) was registered by Okayama County in 2010. In addition, Nagano’s “water drop of the earth” (earth のしずく) is also a representative brand of sunshine rose.
Source: NNA jp
The price of sunshine roses with thousands of excellent quality is naturally higher than that of ordinary grapes. A bunch of sunshine roses with the best quality has been hyped to 12960 yen, equivalent to nearly 700 yuan. Therefore, sunshine roses are also known as “Hermes in grapes”.
Exploration of Chinese localization of sunshine rose
Around 2006, China introduced sunshine rose varieties, with a planting area of about 800 mu. However, due to the immature cultivation technology, the appearance of planting is yellow green, large string, small fruit grain and soft pulp. In addition, Chinese consumers prefer the inherent consumption mentality of red, and the exploration of localized planting of sunshine rose is not smooth.
Picture source: semi cooked Finance
Until around 2016, the localized planting technology was relatively mature. Sunshine roses imported from Japan also gained a certain popularity in Hong Kong. Fruit farmers and fruit merchants began price speculation in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other places. From the initial 300 yuan a box to 680 yuan a box, a car of more than 1000 boxes of sunshine roses can make a profit of nearly 600000 yuan in half an hour.
On social media, many KOLs are keen to share bright sunshine roses. The sunshine rose, which is unknown in China, has become one of the representatives of high-end and foreign fruits for a time with the help of the media. The sales channels of sunshine rose across the country are also gradually opened.
Short term large-scale planting, opportunities and challenges coexist
Seeing the benefits of profit, Yunnan, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Hunan, Shaanxi and other places began to plant a large number of sunshine roses. According to the statistics of the fruit tree Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, by 2020, the planting area of sunshine roses in China has reached 800000 mu, about 40 times that of Japan. The actual fruit bearing area is 300000-500000 mu, an increase of about 500 times compared with 2016.
The sunny Yunnan area can be picked as early as April. Until around October, fresh and mature sunshine roses are on the market in all major producing areas in China. The large-scale expansion in a short time makes sunshine roses no longer “rare as expensive”, and the price also shows a gradual downward trend, with the lowest falling to 10-20 yuan / 500g.
The freedom of qingti consumption represented by sunshine rose has been realized. In addition to retail fresh fruits, qingti has also been used in new tea, coffee, bread, candy and other products, bringing consumers a higher-level qingti consumption experience.
But at the same time, in order to get ahead of the market, some fruit farmers have adopted various means to “pull up seedlings and encourage”, and the uneven product quality has also disturbed the market order of qingti to a certain extent.
Looking at the world, unlock the N possibilities of qingti innovation
In addition to the relevant qingti products in the local food and beverage market, what application values and consumption scenarios can qingti, which has thousands of fans around the world, dig out?
In the baking category, South Korean leisure snack brand Haitai combined qingti jam with classic French dim sum, and launched a qingti jam French dim sum pie (해태후렌치파이샤인머스캣) in June 2021. Qingti jam is made by pressing the skin of qingti in season, which fully retains the original aroma and sweetness. Layers of crispy 64 layer classic French dim sum, paired with sweet and rich jam, unlock the ultimate enjoyment of taste buds. It is very suitable for leisure moments such as afternoon tea and friends’ gathering. Once the product is listed, it is favored by many consumers. KOL such as food bloggers also plant grass and share it on social media.
Source: Haitai
The Korean brand SPC samlip implanted the concept of modern frozen dessert into the traditional New Year cake and brought consumers a qingti Ice Cream New Year cake in the summer of 2021. Using the unique triple filling technology, the fresh qingti jam, kraft cream cheese and Cassida sauce are perfectly wrapped in the New Year cake, enjoying three flavors in one bite, catering to the current consumption trend and narrowing the distance between traditional food and young consumers.
Source: SPC samlip
In the candy & Chocolate category, Lotte took seasonal qingti as the inner core of chocolate jam, and launched qingti sandwich Ghana chocolate in November 2021. The fragrant chocolate made of pure natural raw materials is wrapped with selected green extract to make fresh jam, which is delicate, silky, mellow and delicious. It is very suitable for consumption with hot drinks such as green tea and black tea, bringing consumers the ultimate afternoon tea experience.
Photo source: Lotte
Asahi launched a qingti flavor sugar free menthol (ミンティアブリズスパクリわグぺスカットトットほンティアアアリズスススパククゆわグぺスカトト. Sugar free formula, 0 sugar and low fat while maintaining the original fruit flavor of green extraction. Taste slow release technology, fresh breath, cool and lasting. Especially add vitamin C. The application of green lift, bubble and other elements in packaging design adds a refreshing visual feeling to the product.
Photo source: Asahi
In the beverage category, Senyong combined qingti with rice wine and carbonic acid, and launched a qingti flavor carbonic rice wine in September 2021. Rice wine is fermented by selected distiller’s grains. The addition of green wine in autumn makes the fruit flavor and wine flavor complement each other. The blessing of carbonic acid gives the product a rich taste experience.
Source: Mori Yong
Riqing added the refreshing qingti juice to the lactic acid bacteria beverage, and launched a qingti flavor lactic acid bacteria beverage (ヨクルツゆッチょょクぺスカット) in June 2021. Qingti juice made from fresh qingti is sweet and refreshing. It is very suitable for drinking in hot summer after refrigeration. In particular, the addition of NY 1301 active lactic acid bacteria helps to maintain the balance of intestinal flora, inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria and meet the increasingly diversified consumption needs of consumers.
Photo source: Riqing
In recent years, the wave of new consumption has roared with various cultural views, aesthetics, outlook on life and diet. With the rise of the main consumption force of generation Z, the multiple collision of taste buds has become one of the new sharp tools of consumption.
Foodaily Research Institute believes that the rich supply of food materials and the deficiencies in product types, technical content and scene development of fruit and vegetable products are the core common demand contradiction faced by China’s fruit and vegetable industry.
How to improve the richness of categories, expand consumption scenarios, increase residents’ Consumption Willingness, and make the industrial development consistent with the status of “the largest fruit and vegetable country” will be a great challenge and opportunity for the fruit and vegetable industry.
In the future, as one of the representatives of food ingredients in fruits and vegetables, qingti will show what kind of innovative development, let’s look forward to it!
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