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“Self heating zongzi” is popular, and prefabricated dishes have been rolled into the zongzi industry!

this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, zongzi are particularly difficult.

Spring at home

“New species” of zongzi were hatched

This year, zongzi has not only new tastes, but also new ways to eat. Self heating zongzi is coming!

From the platform data, Qianji’s “Steamed Fresh zongzi” is currently selling well. The monthly sales of this product in Taobao flagship store has exceeded 500 orders. In a box of Qianji’s “Steamed Fresh zongzi”, there are four zongzi with different tastes and specifications of 80g, three packages of dipping seasonings, a self heating package, and some small paper trays and forks equipped with cakes. The price is 58.9 yuan. The packaging information shows that it needs to be heated for 15 minutes before eating.

The four flavors of zongzi are very popular

After calculation, an 80g zongzi is about 15 yuan, which is not cheap. But there are still many people willing to buy.

Consumer evaluation can give two reasons: first, self heating zongzi tastes traditional and delicious; Second, the heating is convenient and it is not easy to get the oil on the clothes. For those who do not have a steamer at home (especially school students), this is a great choice for the Dragon Boat Festival.

Source: Little Red Book

At present, a number of enterprises are making self heating zongzi, and their names are different. Qianji is called “Steamed Fresh zongzi”, the joint name of zihi pot and Chali is called “zihi zongzi”, and Yupinxuan is called “Yipin zongzi”. Zhenzhen has no name, and the package is directly “XX flavor zongzi (self heating type)”.

Self heating zongzi made by most enterprises is similar to “Steamed Fresh zongzi”, whether it is the quantity, taste or packaging of zongzi. Some enterprises with local flavor will change the part of meat dumplings into local characteristics, such as zihi dumplings written by Pan Xiangji in Yunnan Province, which include cloud leg dumplings and flower dumplings.

Put the vegetables in the zongzi

It is becoming an innovative fashion

Similar to moon cakes, tea and coffee for drinks have also been added to the raw materials of zongzi. The difference is that tea and coffee are added to the moon cakes, and there is a “flow heart” section. Tea and coffee in zongzi are more flavor and solid.

Chashili launched a gift box of tea dumplings with 8 flavors. Each flavor corresponds to a province. There are Longjing Cantonese sausage barbecued dumplings, Longjing shrimp dumplings, Longjing abalone fresh meat dumplings and so on. The part of tea is Longjing, but the suffix is very rich.

Many brands of gift boxes have tea dumplings. For example, zhenzhenlao and the Forbidden City’s joint zongzi gift box, including red robed bean paste zongzi.

There are few cases of coffee dumplings. Ganran Jiangzi has launched a latte zongzi, which has a consumer evaluation of “less sweet sweet zongzi”, which is a bit like the highest evaluation of dessert.

To some surprise, the zongzi produced by the new tea brand has nothing to do with tea and coffee. Naixue’s tea dumpling gift box has 6 flavors. In addition to black truffle meat dumplings, the other 5 are classic dumpling flavors. Lele tea dumplings also have six flavors, but almost every flavor is heavily innovated, such as scallop XO Sauce Abalone black pig meat dumplings, Overlord elbow dumplings and eel dumplings in secret sauce.

“Moving vegetables into zongzi” is the mainstream of taste innovation of catering enterprises.

Da Dong has made Da Dong roast duck Zong, GUI Manlong has made Jiangnan plum dried vegetable braised pork black rice Zong, Lipu Taro mashed oatmeal black rice Zong, Jingui Chenpi washed shawu rice Zong, Guizhou local brand “Aunt Liu” has made spicy chicken Zong and introduction fresh meat Zong, Yuanzu food has launched rattan pepper beef Zong, Tang bakers have launched tea tree mushroom old duck Zong, and Gu muchun has made Xinjiang yogurt Zong.

Perhaps the most heroic gift box of “vegetable zongzi” is “my heart”. The Dragon Boat Festival gift box of “huishanhai” in the Forbidden City has 9 flavors of zongzi, 5 salty and 4 sweet. The salty ones include fresh abalone ham Buddha jumping wall zongzi, pepper native chicken Buddha jumping wall zongzi, matsutake Boletus Buddha jumping wall zongzi, Sichuan flavor meat zongzi in high soup and pickled beef zongzi in high soup.

It is worth mentioning that Xibei makes its own cakes into zongzi to synthesize a “Xibei coarse grain zongzi series”, which includes Mongolian cheese oatmeal zongzi, old Xi’an steamer cake, red jujube zongzi and yellow rice cold cake zongzi.

Driven by the growing health demand of the public, there are more and more “health care version zongzi”. Organic zongzi, pure vegetarian zongzi, low sugar xylitol zongzi and low-fat brown rice zongzi are all available. With these names, zongzi looks more like they are sold to “three high people” or “elderly groups”. If you change the name, the taste will be different.

On Taobao, a fitness food brand called “chicken belly closing” made two types of zongzi: a brown rice zongzi with “strictly control calories” in brackets and a quinoa zongzi with “strictly control carbon water”. Although I still eat zongzi and solid carbon water, I feel fat burning.

Difficult zongzi

Important Dragon Boat Festival

Some catering enterprises are not happy to make zongzi. Because it takes time and effort to make zongzi, but the sales time of zongzi is short, and the high price zongzi is not popular.

If the sales situation of zongzi is good, the enterprise can quickly realize in the short term with the help of brand potential energy, but if the sales situation is bad, the enterprise will face large losses. Therefore, the zongzi plan of some catering enterprises is to “taste it” and give it up.

It is hoped that the “Dragon Boat Festival gift box” will enhance the brand loyalty of the catering industry from the “gift box” to the “Dragon Boat Festival” brand, so it will enhance the brand loyalty of the catering industry.

However, new changes have taken place this year.

Although it is the third year of the epidemic, this is the first spring and summer when hall food is suspended in many places in the country. Without the pillar of hall food as an economic source for catering brands, cash flow itself is very difficult. Each catering brand is trying its best to increase revenue by trying more business methods as much as possible.

At this time, do the heavy zongzi well or not?

Although the online sales volume of zongzi has always been much higher than that of offline, the important sales channel of catering brand zongzi is offline stores. Without stores, zongzi of catering brands can only be sold on e-commerce platforms of and tmall, or wechat group, group purchase group and applet mall operated through the private domain of the brand. These methods require catering brands to have a certain new retail foundation.

Overall, the gift giving attribute of zongzi is strong, which can also be seen from the gift box packaging of zongzi.

But now, a large proportion of residents in Beijing and Shanghai are living at home, and express delivery in some areas can not be sent for the time being. The gift giving scene is limited. Some consumers have solved the problem of “this year’s rice dumplings” by relying on epidemic prevention gift packages. Under this background, the sales volume of rice dumplings made by meal enterprises will naturally be affected.

The first play of “zongzi” every year is particularly difficult this year.




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