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Sam first launched mm vegetable meat roll on Saturday, Shanghai Customs urgently inspected the imported raw pulp of Coca Cola, GM mill sold the brand for us $610 million, Starbucks sold the fruit juice brand, and Yashili Yingjing police

Hot company information and announcement



Recently, Yuan Jing, the planning and logistics manager of Coca Cola beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., found in the system that a batch of imported concentrated raw pulp was hit by territorial inspection. Local customs Xinzhuang customs immediately opened up a “green channel” for local inspection of key materials. Expedited the inspection of this batch of imported raw pulp, seizing the time window for the supply of raw materials on the production line. With the orderly progress of resumption of work and production, under the guarantee of Xinzhuang customs, the company has imported about 4000 tons of imported raw materials. Recently, the production capacity is still recovering. At present, it has achieved 60% of the usual output, which can gradually alleviate the supply problem in the peak season of beverage sales. (surging News)

Yashili issued profit warning


Yesterday, Yashili announced that it was expected to record a loss of no more than RMB 195million in the first six months of 2022, mainly due to the negative impact of China’s domestic COVID-19 epidemic on the market and the rising production costs caused by the rising cost of raw milk powder. (company announcement)

“Sam’s” local plant protein “roll


Today, retail giant Sam joined hands with the local plant protein food brand “Monday zero” to launch “mm plant meat roll” for the first time, including two light food products: plant Tuna Roll and plant beef roll. This product has been launched in Sam’s national stores at the price of 49.8 yuan / box (4). The product has 0 trans fatty acids, including dietary fiber, low fat, low cholesterol and other health advantages. Plant Tuna Roll: it contains “week zero protein stick” and plant tuna surimi. It contains DHA and a variety of amino acids. It tastes delicate and has marine flavor. Vegetable beef roll: the ingenious combination of “Zhou zero master black pepper vegetable beef slice” and spinach bread also adds rich taste of vegetable meat floss, crisp and delicious fresh vegetables such as tomato slices and cucumber strips. It is worth noting that this is also Sam’s first cooperation with local plant meat enterprises. Sam is a high-end membership store under Wal Mart, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises. It is one of the largest membership stores in the world. It has always been known for “strict selection and high-quality goods”. The reason why “Sunday” is recognized by him is due to its leading production and research ability, channel influence and good market feedback. (issued by the company)


Disclose the prospectus to cup suppliers such as Ruixing and Starbucks

Recently, Hefei Hengxin Life Technology Co., Ltd. disclosed the prospectus listed on the gem. The company plans to raise 828 million yuan, which will be used for an annual output of 30000 tons of PLA compostable green environmental protection biological products project, intelligent upgrading and transformation project, R & D technology center project and supplementary working capital. It is reported that Ruixing coffee is the largest customer of Hengxin life, with sales revenue accounting for 6.24% and 11.57% respectively in the past two years. (flower Finance)


KFC, hi tea supplier Baoli food will sprint for the main board IPO

Recently, the official website of the CSRC announced that Baoli food will officially attend the meeting on May 26 to sprint for the main board IPO. It is reported that Baoli food is a composite seasoning supplier of foreign fast food such as KFC, McDonald’s, pizza hut, Burger King and domino pizza. The company mainly relies on the development from b-end to C-end. (China Fund News)

Feihe was successfully approved as the first lactoferrin production license in China

Recently, Feihe was granted a lactoferrin production license, marking the official production of the first lactoferrin automatic production line in China’s dairy industry. (issued by the company)


McDonald’s launches “Happy Planet” series of new products

McDonald’s today announced on its wechat official account the launch of “Happy Planet” series of new products, including happy planet twin towers and star potato cakes. (issued by the company)


Yongpu launches a new flavor of sparkling coffee solution

Today, yongpu announced on its wechat official account that it had launched fresh jasmine flavor, medium deep roasted rich Manning, and three new types of sparkling coffee solutions from Yunnan highland with full fruit flavor. (issued by the company)


Starbucks will sell its juice brand

Starbucks will sell its cold pressed juice brand evolution fresh because it wants to focus on the coffee business and improve its stores and relationships with Cafe employees under the leadership of interim CEO Howard Schultz. Bolthouse farms, a fresh food manufacturer, said it would buy Starbucks’ evolution fresh juice series. Starbucks said the financial impact of the deal was not expected to be significant. (Wall Street Journal)

McDonald’s is expected to win the proxy battle with radical investor Icahn

Today, the Wall Street Journal quoted people familiar with the situation as saying that McDonald’s may win the agency battle with radical investor Carl Icahn. It is reported that the early voting results showed that McDonald’s was far ahead of Icahn, who nominated two directors to the company’s board of directors and questioned McDonald’s on the rights and interests of sows. The above-mentioned people familiar with the matter said that the voting will continue until the end of McDonald’s shareholders’ meeting this morning, and there may be changes, but it is unlikely to change the result. (Wall Street Journal)

General Mills sold its brands for $610 million

Today, General Mills announced that it would sell its helper main meal business and suddenly salad side dish business to Eagle foods, with a transaction value of about $610 million in cash. It is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022, but it still needs to be approved by the regulatory authorities. (company)

Abbott will release 300000 cans of special formula

Abbott will release about 300000 cans of special formula for children with urgent medical needs. At the same time, the FDA also said that Kendal nutricare in the UK was allowed to send about 2 million cans of infant formula to the United States, which will be put on shelves in American stores in June. FDA officials, Abbott and other formula manufacturer executives are scheduled to attend a committee meeting of the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday to assess the safety and availability of infant formula. (Wall Street Journal)

The number of Danone special formula transported to the United States doubled

Today, Danone told Reuters that the Abbott recall affected 38 markets – not just the United States. Danone is producing more formula at its plant in Liverpool, UK, and the number of special formula neocate sent to the US market has doubled. (Reuters)

Trian is considering acquiring Wendy’s, an American hamburger chain

The largest shareholder of Wendy’s, an American hamburger chain, said it was considering a potential deal to acquire control of the company. According to a securities regulatory announcement, trian Fund Management LP has suggested to Wendy’s board of directors that it intends to explore and evaluate a potential transaction alone or with a third party to improve shareholder value. The announcement shows that potential transactions may include acquisitions, business mergers or other transactions to gain control of Wendy’s. (Reuters)

Wal Mart’s drone delivery range reached 4 million households

Wal Mart announced yesterday that it was planning to expand the number of stores providing UAV delivery packages; By the end of this year, it hopes to fly deliveries from 34 locations in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Utah and Virginia. The company said the expansion would enable up to 4 million families to access the service. (Zhongguancun Online)

Coca Cola will phase out the honey tea product line

Recently, Coca Cola said that by the end of 2022, the honey tea product line will be eliminated from Coca Cola’s beverage portfolio, but the fast-growing honey kids product line will continue to be supplied. Even if these two products are discontinued, it will retain the logo and brand of honey, so it may choose to license other honey products in the future. (CNN)

Quick reading of food industry information


539 food production enterprises in Shanghai resumed work

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of market supervision has urged food production and processing enterprises to resume production. So far, 539 food production enterprises in the city have resumed work, including 338 guaranteed food production enterprises, mainly food production enterprises that ensure people’s livelihood, such as rice noodles, grain and oil, meat products, dairy products and so on. 104 food production enterprises in the city have undertaken community group purchase orders, involving bread, pastries, bean products, quick-frozen noodles and rice products, pre prepared meat products, etc. The city’s market supervision departments at all levels inspected and guided 2887 food production and processing enterprises, and filed and investigated 24 cases in the field of food production, mainly involving illegal acts such as the use of expired food raw materials, false marking of production date, and products that do not meet food safety standards. (Shanghai market supervision)

Large scale layout of dairy goat breeding industry in Laixi City, Shandong Province

Recently, Laixi agricultural and rural bureau held a kick-off meeting on Laoshan dairy goat breeding promotion. Laixi is a large breeding city in Qingdao. At present, the number of dairy goats has reached 30000. By the end of 2022, it is planned to expand the number of dairy goats by 2000-3000, add 80-100 sheep farmers, and increase the daily output of goat milk by about 5 tons. The agricultural and rural Bureau of the city will further optimize the breeding structure according to the industrial planning and layout, and promote the large-scale development of dairy goat breeding in the city. (Laixi agricultural and rural area)


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