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The new dietary guidelines focus on plant nutrition, and the prospect of soybean milk is more promising

Recently, the latest version of the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents (2022) (hereinafter referred to as the “dietary guidelines”) was officially released, in which the “eight guidelines for a balanced diet” proposed to eat more fruits and vegetables, milk, whole grains and soybeans. In the latest 2022 edition of the dietary guidelines for school-age children in China, the weekly intake of soybeans is listed for school-age children aged 6-10, 11-13 and 14-17, respectively.

During this year’s national nutrition week, nutrition experts once again advocated to achieve a balanced diet through “two cups of milk in the morning and evening: one cup of soybean milk and one cup of milk”.

It is not difficult to find that the concept of balanced diet and the importance of plant protein nutrition including soybean are still rising, which is expected to bring a broader market space for plant protein drinks.

Help national nutrition and Health Science Popularization

It is understood that the scientific research report on dietary guidelines for Chinese residents issued by the China Nutrition Society last year shows that there are insufficient intakes of whole grains, vegetables, soybeans and other foods in the daily diet structure of Chinese residents. The dietary balance needs to be further improved and the nutritional literacy needs to be improved. Therefore, balanced diet and reasonable collocation are still one of the core ideas of the latest version of this year’s dietary guidelines. The suggestion of advocating eating more plant foods such as soybeans, grains, fruits and vegetables still plays an important role in food diversity.

For example, in the balanced diet pagoda of the 2022 edition of the dietary guidelines for Chinese school-age children, soybean was listed separately for the first time.

Source: Official Website of China Nutrition Society

As a scientific diet advocated by authoritative nutrition experts, dietary guidelines not only provide consumers with guidance on daily diet and consumption, but also provide ideas and directions for food and beverage enterprises to develop and innovate products and market layout in the future. For Vitasoy milk, which has continuously cultivated soybean milk and expanded plant protein for many years, we also hope to seize new development opportunities.

“Soybean milk has always been a stable category in the plant protein beverage industry. As a nutritious and delicious soybean product, its high-quality plant protein and a variety of nutrients are important for human health. It is very suitable for office workers, primary and secondary school students, lactose INTOLERANTS, vegetarians and light food and self-cultivation people as daily nutritional supplement.” Vitasoy said.

During this year’s national nutrition week, Vitasoy public welfare supported the Beijing dietitian association to promote the health advocacy of “two cups of milk, one cup of soy milk and one cup of milk in the morning and evening”, and organized a series of popular science lectures with the theme of plant protein nutrition.

According to reports, the lecture was conducted by authoritative experts from Beijing Dietitians Association, School of public health of Peking University, Beijing Center for Disease Control and prevention and other institutions. Seven online classes with different themes were launched for women, exquisite white-collar workers, light food and self-cultivation, vegetarians and other people to provide simple and practical knowledge of plant protein nutrition and health.

On the day of “5.20 Chinese Student Nutrition Day”, the company also supported the Beijing dietitian association to launch the theme lecture of “students drinking milk to protect the strength of Chinese teenagers”, which paid attention to the healthy development of school-age children and helped popularize national nutrition and health knowledge.

In addition, on May 15, Guangdong national nutrition week and “5.20” Student Nutrition Day jointly sponsored by Guangdong nutrition society, Guangdong food safety society and School of public health of Sun Yat sen University were fully launched. Vitasoy was also invited to participate in the activities and actively promoted the development of Lingnan regional national nutrition plan.

Vitasoy helps China student nutrition and Health Promotion Association promote nutrition science education for children and adolescents

In 2020, Vitasoy linked the industry and nutrition authorities to support the formulation and release of China’s first 2020 soybean milk nutrition and health white paper, which specifically proposed the health advocacy of “two cups of milk sooner or later, one cup of soybean milk and one cup of milk”. At the same time, Vitasoy also actively helps domestic nutrition authorities and well-known experts in nutrition circles to popularize science to consumers by means of live classroom, so as to promote and disseminate health knowledge of soybean and plant nutrition.

Layout of whole category vegetable milk

In fact, after the outbreak period in 2020, the trend of plant-based has continued until now, and it is still a promising consumption trend in the next few years.

Ipsos predicted in the “plant-based 2.0 era” report released in the middle of last year that the market scale of plant-based food in China is expected to double that in 2020 to more than 10 billion US dollars in 2025. The report also showed that among all kinds of vegetable milk products, soybeans ranked first with 41% according to consumers’ preference for raw materials (vegetable protein drinks drunk in the past three months).

According to the data of prospective industry research institute, the market scale of China’s plant protein beverage industry will be about 123.4 billion yuan in 2021 and is expected to reach 140.6 billion yuan by 2026, maintaining a positive growth trend as a whole.

Vitasoy Dongguan production and operation center with a total investment of more than 1 billion

For Vitasoy, which has rich experience in producing soy milk for more than 80 years and focuses on plant nutrition, soy milk is still its core business in the future. Data show that Vitasoy milk raw materials are selected from non genetically modified soybeans in the northeast “China Golden soybean planting area”, and each batch of soybeans has the non genetically modified identity maintenance (IP) certification of international well-known institutions.

At the same time, under the trend of expanding the camp of vegetable milk products in the market, Vitasoy also conforms to the trend and overweight the whole category of vegetable milk.

In recent years, Vitasoy has successively launched a variety of vegetable milk products. Not long ago, Vitasoy also launched a series of “Ying + small white bottle” products to strengthen a variety of nutrition, focusing on “silky and mellow taste” and “new choice of high calcium” to attract high-end people. Among them, the alcohol soybean milk series provides high-quality plant protein, which strengthens protein and prebiotics respectively, while oat milk strengthens dietary fiber.

At present, Vitasoy has a classic series of soy milk with rainbow taste, Vitasoy oat milk with friendly price, and a new Vitasoy camp + small white bottle series for high-end people with higher nutritional requirements, so as to meet the needs of different consumer groups. The company said that in the future, on the one hand, it will continue to produce appropriate products and advocate a healthy lifestyle; On the other hand, adopt appropriate production methods, pay attention to resource conservation and environmental protection, and actively distribute new energy.

Previously, Vitasoy has been recognized by many parties in terms of sustainable development. It is not only a class a enterprise rated by MSCI, but also one of the constituent stocks of Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index. Vitasoy Wuhan and Foshan factories won the title of cleaner production enterprise, and Dongguan factory also won the gold award of green building certification “energy and environmental design pioneer” (LEED).

Vitasoy has taken advantage of a series of market initiatives of the national nutrition week to bring some positive enlightenment to the plant-based food and beverage industry. Let’s wait and see how it will intensively lay out the next step in the plant-based milk industry, continue to maintain brand vitality, lead and promote the growth of the plant-based milk industry.

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