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The new favorite of the 10 billion snail powder market, why does this bowl of “smelly treasure” make people repeatedly fragrant| New Xiu

After the popularity of
for two years, snail powder has evolved from a novelty hunting single product to a spiritual food. Taking smelly treasure as an example, from the perspective of new players, how should the snail powder brand create differentiated brand memory points? What opportunities are there for snail powder?

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Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

In 2022, snail powder is still popular.
In 2020, the outbreak of the new coronavirus disease, in the time when the whole people live at home, the snail powder in the convenient fast food track has sprung up all over the country and absorbed countless powder. Since then, it has become the second largest fast food after instant noodles among the subdivided categories of online fast food.
In 2022, under the attack of a new round of epidemic, many regions in the country fell into a state of long-term home isolation again. In the group buying group in Shanghai, foodaily observed that in addition to the cola known as the “top hard currency”, snail powder has also become a bowl of desire of countless people and the spiritual needs and sustenance of some people.
In the early days of foodaily’s Shanghai group buying mutual aid group, two friends were constantly asking if there was snail powder
According to the enterprise survey data, the annual registration volume of snail powder related enterprises in China has increased year by year in the past decade. The registration volume in 2021 reached the highest in previous years, with a total of 9614 new enterprises, a year-on-year increase of 41.63%. Among so many new players, foodily [new Xiu] recently paid attention to a snail powder brand called “smelly treasure” in the daily “Shanghai” activity. After a preliminary understanding, foodaily [new Xiu] found that in the local specialty hall opened by tmall supermarket for the first time on April 27, smelly treasure entered Liuzhou snail powder hall as a new brand; At the same time, the interesting content dissemination of smelly treasure in station B has further interested us in this brand.
What is the content that makes us interested in snail powder? Looking at the development process of snail powder in recent years, as the new favorite of snail powder track, in addition to the content out of the circle, in terms of product and channel layout, what differentiated playing methods does smelly treasure with the mission of creating happiness use to create a happy experience for consumers, and what strength has it become a new choice for young people? From the perspective of snail powder industry, what opportunities are there for the new snail powder brand?
Is the real body of Internet hot words snail powder?
Boldly create a stem and create a happy online surfing experience,
How does smelly treasure break the dimensional wall at station B?
Why is a bowl of snail powder behind the late night barking of millions of online celebrities for a year?
Recently, Xiaobian brushed a “climb into science” program at station B. after watching it, Xiaobian deeply felt: hungry, really hungry.
In this video entitled “the mystery of dog barking in the late night of [climbing into science], the truth behind it is thought-provoking”, the protagonist of millions of fans, sun Huowang, tells what has bothered him for a year: every night, his dog barks at him, barking fiercely, and barking at night instead of during the day.
The continuous barking of the dog late at night made Master Sun feel abnormal, and finally he couldn’t bear to ask for help from others. Finally, the truth came to the surface under the investigation of Dong shenpo and bu Heli: Master Sun’s house lasted a whole year. The fierce dog roared late at night. It turned out that master sun made a wordy sound of snail powder every night, and the dog smelled greedy and couldn’t eat, so he barked wildly in the middle of the night.
Finally, Master Sun, who learned the truth, decided to put a special mask on his dog when he talked about powder. Since then, the dog son no longer barked when Master Sun talked about powder, and Master Sun can finally talk about powder quietly.
Master Sun’s dog: I may not be human, but you are a real dog. Picture source: station B @ my name is sun Huowang
In fact, halfway through the video, netizens in the barrage and comment area left messages saying “I’m hungry”, “where can I buy smelly treasure snail powder” and “where is the link of smelly treasure snail powder?”. Seeing this, Xiaobian swallowed his saliva and felt it with netizens.
With a large number of dramas, how can smelly treasure detonate users’ original content and play with consumers?
This video of “climbing into science” is actually a contribution video in the # summoning order activity of the # drama essence gathering department jointly launched by smelly treasure snail powder and station B.
As the new favorite of snail powder, smelly treasure is a “playable” brand. The activity opened in station B is to recruit the playful talents full of entertainment spirit in the whole station to work together to play treasure and change magic into second creation, and jointly create content around snail powder, so that brands and consumers can play together.
After the convening order is opened, all kinds of up masters in the food area, living area and ghost livestock area of station B go to battle together to carry out “fancy finishing”. In the videos submitted by netizens, in addition to all kinds of interesting and interesting original content of netizens to bring joy to the audience, smelly treasure snail powder also appeared in the video of up master in various unexpected ways, which makes people deeply impressed by the product characteristics of smelly treasure snail powder, such as explosive material, strong and spicy taste, and Yuba larger than the palm of their hand.
Smelly treasure snail powder super large form of Yuba, picture source: station B @ Xiaobei is hungry
The event received 1000 + video submissions, attracting 39.74 million people to browse, with a total playback volume of more than 10 million, of which the top 10 videos exceeded one million, and became a hot topic on station B. interesting topics even triggered the spontaneous participation of stars Yang Di, guogai wer, Yao Yao Yao and other up owners such as P30.
Popular in the event & millions of videos
Through the co creation and output of major up owners and onlookers, rich and interesting content breaks the social barriers between users in different circles radiated by different up owners, realizes content interaction, brings strong exposure and grass planting to the brand, and improves brand cognition at the same time.
During the activity, many netizens said that they would place an order immediately after eating Amway! The official number of smelly treasure, which actively interacted with netizens in the comment area, also attracted a large wave of powder, and the enterprise number increased powder by nearly 38%, which was certified as “smelly treasure who can play with material”.
Interesting content leads to platform topics, boldly creates obstacles and establishes brand mind
In addition to station B, the way smelly treasure goes out of circles on other platforms is also interesting.
On the microblog platform, smelly treasure found another way to attract platform users to participate in discussions and grow grass smelly treasure snail powder by ## how ## different snail powder chicken claw pot and how ## different pets react to snail powder ## how unique snail powder meat crab pot are # such topics of interest to microblog platform users such as Fairy eating methods and pet interaction.
At the same time, the brand takes advantage of its name to create a blockbuster through the pun of “smelly treasure”, and forms a number of hot topics on Weibo and Tiktok, such as .
Part of the marketing content of choubao on Weibo and Tiktok platform. Photo source: Weibo @p · driving to @ the dead ghost King Er Pang @ researcher of human curiosity, Tiktok @ crazy birth sister @ caiyunen @ surfing expert ah Yi
While the content out of the circle has brought a lot of exposure to smelly treasure, smelly treasure, which focuses on “fun experience”, is also echoing the words “create happiness” in its products. The product itself is the foundation of the food industry.
As the top hard currency of spiritual food,
How to create happy snail powder?
Snail powder became popular because of curiosity, and finally conquered consumers by taste.
Snail powder, which was born in the roadside snack stall of the night market, has a salty, spicy and oily taste. It blends fresh, fragrant, sour, spicy and smelly in a bowl. Coupled with the rich small materials covered on the surface, it is the reason why countless people can’t stop it.
The white paper on the development of snail powder industry in 2021 shows that the main driving factors for consumers to buy snail powder are: first, they want to eat heavy taste, and second, they want to challenge taste buds. A bowl of snail powder can not only satisfy the craving, but also bring happiness and satisfaction to people. It can even become a way to relieve pressure, relieve emotions and please yourself.
Therefore, a bowl of snail powder with strong taste and sufficient materials is the way for smelly treasure brand to convey happiness to consumers.
Two kinds of soup bases + creative “big” materials. Snail powder with enough explosion, cool and materials is strong
The brand of smelly treasure is positioned as “exploding snail powder with materials, bringing strange and interesting new experience”, and is committed to bringing extreme sensory stimulation and happy feeling to everyone. In order to achieve this goal, in addition to being “authentic Liuzhou products”, smelly treasure has moved some careful thinking on the soup bottom and small ingredients of snail powder, so as to meet the taste preferences of different people and increase the amount of ingredients to make it happy.
On the bottom of the soup, smelly treasure snail powder has two flavors: original flavor and thick soup. The original flavor of the signboard is mainly spicy, sour, refreshing and rich, which is in line with the taste of most people; The explosion thick soup adopts the bottom of the stewed soup with the added snail pig bone essence, coupled with the special red oil. It is mainly double fragrant and double fresh. It is strong, hot and cool. It is very cool. It is suitable for heavy taste lovers.
In addition to common ingredients such as peanuts, vegetable bags, vinegar, red oil and small pieces of beancurd, the smelly treasure snail powder also adds the smelling option of two packs of sour bamboo shoots, as well as the most distinctive “big” material – a super large form of beancurd larger than the palm of the hand.
Smelly treasure snail powder super large form of Yuba, picture source: smelly treasure flagship store
As the most distinctive side dish of smelly treasure, this super large shape of Yuba has an average length of 19cm and an average width of 8cm. The big bean curd bamboo is delicious and attractive after it is filled with the soup of snail powder. At the same time, netizens have also developed countless ways to play, such as snail powder spring rolls, snail powder taco and so on.
Netizens created their own way to eat snail powder spring rolls. Picture source: station B is full
While being delicious and fun, and bringing satisfaction to people, the super large shape of Yuba has also become a unique memory point of smelly treasure snail powder, which is different from the mainstream small Yuba in the market. In the product review area, you can also see that many consumers express their love for Yuba, which is bigger than the palm of their hand. Some even said that “they hope to sell Yuba alone”.
Evaluation of some buyers of smelly treasure flagship store, picture source: smelly treasure flagship store
Creative “big” materials are hard won, and professional R & D teams explore more possibilities of snail powder
Any product can be implemented from conception to production and finally sent to the consumer bowl, which is inseparable from the brand’s attention and persistence in R & D and supply chain.
It took 10 months and flew more than 70000 kilometers. The birth of big Yuba is just for a better experience
Foodaily [new Xiu] learned through the smelly treasure brand that compared with the common small Yuba in the market, the super large Yuba is more difficult to make, the yield is lower, and the production cost is greatly increased. Nevertheless, in order to bring consumers a better wordy powder experience, the smelly treasure team still “stubbornly” with this ingredient.
At first, due to the high difficulty of making, no factory was willing to produce this ingredient of Yuba in super large form. Therefore, the R & D personnel of smelly treasure went to Liuzhou, Yunnan, Shenzhen and other places to visit more than a dozen well-known Yuba factories in the industry. Finally, they found a Yuba manufacturer with strong production and R & D strength, and were willing to overcome many difficulties with smelly treasure brand to jointly develop super large Yuba.
After the problem of production is solved, the problem of process is put in front of the factory. Due to the large area and crisp texture of ultra-large Yuba, it is very easy to have the problem of uneven frying in production, and it is more fragile and difficult to preserve than small Yuba. In order to solve these problems, smelly treasure has customized equipment for the super large form of Yuba, and has experienced temperature and time tests again and again to ensure that the Yuba can be fully stretched and evenly heated during the frying process; At the same time, the scheme of special thickened plastic support packaging + three layers of Yuba was adopted, which finally reduced the crushing rate of super large Yuba by 5 times.
Thickened plastic tray packaging + three stacks of beancurd, picture source: station B is full
Although the triple stacking method significantly reduces the crushing rate of Yuba, it also leads to the fact that the oil in the fried Yuba is not easy to drain out, resulting in the taste of Yuba being greasy and easy to deteriorate. After repeated tests by R & D personnel, the oil content of Yuba was reduced through three measures: high temperature time control, natural oil drainage and vibration deoiling, and another production process difficulty of super large Yuba was solved.
Finally, it took 10 months, from 0 to 1, from technology to equipment, after more than 50 evaluations by more than 1000 people. After repeated deliberation and polishing, Liuzhou snail powder with super large form of Yuzhu was finally born. Twists and turns, many difficulties, but the smelly treasure team does not give up. The pursuit of product quality and the ultimate wordy powder experience is also smelly treasure’s adherence to the happiness of wordy powder for every consumer.
Self built factories dig deep into the industrial chain and school enterprise cooperation promotes industrial development
Besides carefully polishing high-quality products, building a strong supply chain system is the guarantee for the long-term development of the brand.
Smelly treasure has its own factory and is committed to building a fully intelligent snail powder production line. The testing center of the factory is equipped with more than 100 testing instruments and equipment of 48 categories, which can realize the testing of routine and risk items in the whole process of snail powder from raw material acceptance, packaging material entering the factory, semi-finished product production to finished product leaving the factory, so as to provide guarantee for the quality of each package of snail powder.
In addition to finished product testing, in order to explore the new direction of snail powder, the smelly treasure team cooperates with the food College of Jiangnan University, a top university in China, and the two sides jointly set up a “snail powder joint innovation center” to carry out in-depth research around Liuzhou snail powder sour bamboo shoots, beancurd and other traditional characteristic food projects. The scope of cooperation covers the determination of sour bamboo shoots flora and mature key indicators, the establishment of production process standardization scheme and the exploration of modern production line. The research results will further improve the production quality and standards of sour bamboo shoots, which can not only promote the establishment of professional and standardized production of snail powder sour bamboo shoots, but also enable consumers to eat snail powder with higher standards and more guaranteed quality in the future.
Photo source: screenshot
of the actual video of the smelly treasure snail powder factory on the official microblog
Looking back on the development experience of snail powder industry in recent two years, snail powder has grown from curiosity hunting to becoming an increasingly common consumption, which is the result of the multiplication and amplification of product power and marketing power. It is inseparable from the traffic boost of the Internet, the policy support of Liuzhou government and the strong investment and innovation of snail powder enterprises. The advantages of the smelly treasure brand team lie not only in the perfect investment and construction of the whole industry chain, the strong R & D strength of the supply chain and the marketing ability of brain opening, but also in the ultimate pursuit of product quality and wordy powder experience, as well as the persistence in overcoming the problems of production technology. These make the smelly treasure brand have the ability to continuously create happiness for consumers and the confidence to open up online and offline channels.
The offline and offline channels work together,
Bring consumers closer to happy spiritual food
As a popular category, most consumers are still used to buying snail powder online. However, with the popularity of snail powder, the industry is also gradually infiltrating offline channels. Snail powder products can be seen on shelves in many supermarkets and other channels.
In terms of channel and exposure, through the strategy of online diffusion and offline development, smelly treasure has carried out multi-channel market expansion to achieve a win-win situation in volume and sales.
Multi channel linkage planting grass to realize large-scale strong exposure of new brands
On the Internet, many stars and thousands of KOLs from Weibo, Tiktok, station B, xiaohongshu, Zhihu, Kwai and other platforms have spread brands and products through original content topics, open box evaluation, eating and broadcasting, grass planting display and other forms, forming cases to brush the screen, detonating the strong communication of brand power, and attracting a large number of users to buy and share.
Smelly treasure x mizijun is exposed through the whole network. Photo source: @ mizijun (Tiktok, station B, Kwai, Weibo, xiaohongshu)
Offline, smelly treasure’s magic TVC dominates the screen in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and strongly exposes the brand; At the same time, the advertising also covers the indoor advertising of many offline hypermarkets, realizing the double increase of volume and sales.
The magic TVC of smelly treasure between buildings, picture source: smelly treasure
Both online and offline channels work together to seize market share
Diversified channel composition can improve the strength of an emerging brand. It has built five self-supporting platforms on tmall,, Tiktok, pinduoduo and online. It has unveiled 124 supermarket systems such as Wumart, Yonghui, Wal Mart and dingdong shopping. It has settled in 20 provinces and regions across the country, covering nearly 10000 stores in five regions across the country, and is continuing to expand.
The market scale has expanded year by year,
Where are the new opportunities for snail powder?
Since its popularity in 2020, snail powder has become a typical representative of local snacks to the whole country, and has produced a large number of snail powder brands recognized by consumers. However, foodaily Research Institute believes that there are still some opportunities for snail powder categories and new snail powder brands.
The local snail powder industry is supported, and the product brand power and marketing power need to be strengthened
From the perspective of snail powder industry, Liuzhou snail powder industry has been selected as a typical case of consolidating the achievements of poverty eradication and promoting rural revitalization. Due to the rich ingredients of snail powder and the industrial chain involving a variety of raw materials of agricultural products, the whole industrial chain has driven more than 300000 people to obtain employment and helped more than 200000 rural people increase their per capita annual income by nearly 10000 yuan. It can be seen from the news released on the portal website of the people’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region that the local government has been launching various policies to support the snail flour industry, promote the upgrading of rice flour industry and the building and export of snail flour brand. The snail flour industry will still be paid top-down attention in the future.
Photo source: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People’s Government Portal
However, although Liuzhou snail powder industry has formed a strong supply chain strength, there is still room for brand building ability and product marketing ability. At present, snail powder brands on the market also tend to be homogeneous. If there are mature brand operators who are good at building brands with content marketing and forming unique differentiation ability to cooperate with local enterprises with mature supply chain to complement each other, it is expected to help improve the influence and sales volume of snail powder.
Offline channels need to be developed, and consumers pursue the innovation and upgrading of snail powder taste and eating method
On this basis, the brand of snail powder, which tends to be homogeneous, is bound to face the situation of brand upgrading, including supply chain layout, content upgrading, scientific research and innovation.
In terms of channel layout, as a fast food category that has been widely accepted by the market and has high user stickiness, now many consumers will go offline to look for snail powder products, and gradually penetrate offline channels, which is also an inevitable trend in the process of continuous expansion of category scale in the future.
From the perspective of snail powder product innovation, user feedback from xiaohongshu and other platforms and the 2021 snail powder industry development white paper, different consumers have different taste preferences for snail powder, and will also try more on the food matched with snail powder. The rich ingredients of snail powder provide a huge space for continuous product innovation, and it is also an important starting point for building brand barriers and differentiation. At the same time, the layout of the supply chain tests the foresight of the brand, promotes the front layout of the brand and continues to carry out product innovation.
Some people say that after two years of development, will consumers be tired of snail powder? But in fact, up to now, every time snail powder appears on social media in a high profile, it can still become a topic of heated discussion. With the dual characteristics of “delicious” and “strong social attributes”, it has a good harvest of traffic and reputation, and has become one of the local snacks most concerned by Chinese people.
As a new favorite of the snail powder brand, smelly treasure has fully grasped the triple core of snail powder as food, spiritual sustenance and contemporary social currency, carried out product development and content dissemination, and formed a unique brand tone. The layout of the whole industrial chain, opening up online and offline channels, and the integration and innovation layout of industry, University and research in front also make people look forward to what new ways snail powder can play in the future and provide a new direction for the promotion of local cuisine.
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