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When camping, how can we lack delicious instant rice| Daily new product stew Vol.3

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产品名称 :

YONGGU garden free dry

It is fast and convenient and can be eaten directly
This instant rice fried rice is made by using the freeze-drying technology studied by yongguyuan for many years, including chicken assorted flavor, curry flavor and garlic flavor fried rice. It can be eaten directly, soaked in hot water for 3 minutes or boiled with water in the pot for 5 minutes. The water injection mark is printed in the packaging bag, which can easily add water without measuring cup; Consumers can also adjust the amount of hot water to make fried rice or flavor porridge to meet a variety of dietary needs.
Portable and easy to store with long shelf life
Different from the common self heating rice and self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot on the market, this product’s unique compact vertical packaging makes it easy to carry, store and handle. The low moisture content also enables it to be stored for a long time under tight sealing. The shelf life is about 5 years. It is actually a necessary product for disaster prevention and emergency at home.
Camping is at the right time, and convenient fast food ushers in new opportunities
At present, while testing the local management level and people’s literacy, the epidemic also makes the urban people who have been living at home for a long time extremely eager to return to nature and embrace the countryside. As a result, the local tour became popular, and the camping of “high quality and low price” has become a new clock in theme. AI media data show that the number of campers in China has reached 360 million times, of which exquisite camping accounts for 20% of the total number of campers. The crowd is concentrated between the ages of 21-45, dominated by the younger generation and young families.
The tide of camping surged, and food suitable for camping scenes began to sell well. Because of the particularity and limitation of outdoor scenes, camping food generally needs to have the characteristics of light weight, high heat and stable shelf, and needs to be cooked in a short time. As a result, self-made Bento and convenient fast food have become the primary choice for people to camp, and yongguyuan’s freeze-dried rice is the representative of this kind of products.
With the continuous progress of raw materials and processing technology, domestic instant rice noodle food has been upgraded and new products have emerged one after another in the past year. For example, the self heating porridge for breakfast launched from hi pot last August uses 15 minutes of self heating to solve breakfast pain points; Loveme launched instant spaghetti in April this year, focusing on the concept of “no cooking for 5 minutes and instant cooking with hot water”, which has become another category upgrade after instant spaghetti. Considering the self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, self heating covered rice and other products that have been popular all over the country in the past two years, it seems that there are also many alternative foods in the camping scene.
Compared with the above products, yongguyuan’s freeze-dried instant rice uses the freeze-drying technology popularized for many years to create three eating methods of “instant”, “hot water soaking” and “boiling with water”, which has become a model of outdoor food development.
Pay attention to the synchronous upgrading of dietary efficiency and quality, and technology enables convenient fast food to accelerate the breaking of the circle
Cbndate and tmall jointly released the 2021 consumption trend report on dried fruit of jujube candied fruit, which shows that the freeze-drying technology has expanded from traditional fruit and vegetable products to beverages, dairy products, catering and other fields, helping coffee, milk-based snacks, instant foods and other categories to continuously launch innovative products. With the continuous excavation of consumption scenarios, the market scale of freeze-dried food industry is expected to reach 100 billion yuan in the future.
In the past, there were some defects brought by processing technology in the convenient fast food products. Based on the preconditions of fast eating, brands often use vacuum extraction, thermal sterilization, direct freezing and other methods to treat raw materials, which will affect the flavor and shorten the shelf life. The application of freeze-drying technology not only keeps the flavor and nutrition of food completely, but also has the characteristics of palatability and high rehydration. It can also keep fresh for a long time and be easy to use.
Yongguyuan’s freeze-dried instant rice inspires us: making good use of freeze-drying technology will further improve the quality of instant products and broaden the market space.


Country of origin: Japan
Company & Brand: YONGGU Garden
Category: Catering and catering + / convenience food
Applicable population: the public
Ingredient list: [curry flavor] Rice (japonica rice, vegetable oil), pork, corn, soybean protein, ketchup, carrot, green bean, curry powder, fried onion, sugar, salt, pork extract, soy sauce, Worcester soy sauce, beef extract, Indian curry, garlic, cumin, plant protein hydrolysate / seasoning (amino acid, etc.), trehalose, caramel pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E)
Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place
Specification & selling price: 1, 598 yen (tax included) / (1 copy) × 3 meals)
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