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Danone shipped 500000 cans of milk powder to the United States. McDonald’s won the battle for the board of directors. It sold mountain spring water for three and a half meals, Haagen Dazs pushed Wenchuang ice cream, and 3G capital “split” Kraft Heinz. Pinduoduo’s performance exceeded expectations

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Board Secretary of Haitian: if the raw materials do not rise sharply, the price increase will not be started


Today, in an exclusive interview with CCTV finance and economics, Zhang Xin, the Secretary of Haitian flavor industry, said that although the latest performance “report card” is slightly better than that of other peer enterprises, he is not satisfied because it does not meet the expected indicators of the company. She pointed out that Haitian has experienced two pressures in the past two years, including the impact of the epidemic on the demand for condiments in the catering industry, and the rare increase in raw material prices for many years. “Haitian is making various efforts to live up to the expectations of investors.” When asked whether the price will be raised this year, she said that Haitian is still trying to absorb the cost pressure through internal tapping. If the price of raw materials does not rise significantly, it will not start the price increase. (snack generation)

I Moutai will launch three ice cream products soon

It is reported that on May 29, Maotai and Mengniu jointly produced three types of Maotai ice cream produced by Mengniu’s Ma’anshan factory. They will be first listed in Guiyang. At the same time, they will be launched in I Maotai and will continue to land in other cities. It is known that the three Maotai ice creams to be launched soon have the flavor of green plum boiled wine, vanilla and classic original flavor. Maotai ice cream has a certain alcohol content. It should not be eaten by minors, pregnant women and people with alcohol allergy. Drivers should also use it carefully. (Xinhuanet)

Dali plant yoghurt exported to Europe
for the first time

Recently, the first batch of 6080 boxes of plant yoghurt produced by Dali Food Group Co., Ltd. were exported to European countries after quick inspection and release by Quanzhou customs. This is also the first time that Fujian plant yoghurt has gone abroad. (new Fujian)

Yili and Argentine national football team reach cooperation

Today, Yili announced that it has officially become a sponsor of the Argentine national football team in China. In the future, it will work with the Argentine national football team to lay out the football business and open a new era. (issued by the company)

COFCO international has become one of the top ten coffee trading companies


According to the wechat official account of COFCO group yesterday, COFCO international currently has about 500 farmer suppliers in Brazil and more than 50 buyers abroad, mainly bakers and local traders. It has become one of the top 10 coffee trading companies, with an annual coffee bean trading volume of 120million kg. (issued by the company)

Mengniu passively increased its shareholding in miaokelan to more than 30%

Miaokerando announced yesterday that as of May 25, 2022, the company had completed the procedures for repurchase and cancellation of 30000 restricted shares, resulting in the passive increase of the proportion of shares held by Inner Mongolia Mengniu in miaokerando to 30.001726%, but the number of shares held remained unchanged. Before this change, the shareholding ratio of Mengniu was 29.999983%. (company announcement)


Wuliangye Brewery will be put into operation by the end of 2023

Today, jiangwenge, vice chairman and general manager of Wuliangye, said at the 2021 annual general meeting that in terms of the construction of the brewery, the first phase of the 100000 ton construction was started in April this year and put into operation at the end of 2023; After the completion of the liquor making capacity expansion project, 20000 tons of raw liquor capacity will be added. At the same time, 100000 tons of ecological phase II project is planned to be constructed. It is planned to start construction at the end of 2023 and put into operation in 2024, which will add 60000 tons of liquor making capacity. (Financial Associated Press)

Shede liquor plans to invest more than 7billion to expand production

Yesterday, the shareholders’ meeting of shede liquor deliberated and approved the project of increasing investment and capacity expansion. It is reported that the company plans to invest in the construction of the project of increasing production and capacity expansion, and the total investment of the project is expected to be 7.054 billion yuan. Upon completion, the company is expected to increase the annual output of raw wine by about 60000 tons, the storage capacity of raw wine by about 342500 tons, and the annual production capacity of koji making by about 50000 tons. (China Securities Journal)

Guizhou Moutai invested nearly RMB 1.6 billion to build 30 liquor warehouses

Yesterday, Guizhou Moutai announced that it planned to invest 1.587 billion yuan in the construction of 30 wine depots in the Zhonghua area, and the funds needed would be raised by the company itself. It is reported that the project plans to build 30 wine warehouses, with a total designed wine storage capacity of about 36800 tons. (company announcement)

Tianjia Baijiu “Tinghua” was sued by Maotai and Luzhou Laojiao

Tinghua liquor industry, which had previously made a lot of attention because of the “sky high price Baijiu” of 60000 yuan, recently rushed to the microblog hot search, because it was sued by both Maotai and Luzhou Laojiao. Recently, Yibin Tinghua liquor Development Co., Ltd. was sued by Guizhou Maotai and Luzhou Laojiao, and both cases were filed on May 9. The two companies believe that Tinghua liquor industry is suspected of infringing the trademark rights and unfair competition of “Maotai” and “Guojiao 1573”, Claim 500000 yuan and 300000 yuan respectively. Flower wine industry responded that it was learning about the details and preparing to respond to the lawsuit. (Securities Times)

“Tea loving coffee” trademark was partially rejected

According to the Beijing news today, the administrative ruling of Shenzhen meixixi Catering Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “meixixi company”) and the State Intellectual Property Office has been made public. Previously, the application for the registration of the trademark “Xicha coffee” applied for registration by Maxus was rejected. Maxus requested the court to rule that the State Intellectual Property Office should revoke and make a new decision, but the request was rejected by the court. (Beijing News)


The people’s Cafe was suspected of failing to clean up expired raw materials in time and was put on file for investigation by the Shanghai Municipal Supervision Department

Recently, the law enforcement officers of Shanghai Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau found that yaochao (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (store poster: People’s Cafe) was suspected of failing to clean up the food beyond the shelf life as required. At present, Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau has filed a case for investigation according to law. (surging News)

Three and a half tons of mountain spring water

Today, Santon and a half announced the launch of mountain spring water, which is said to be “specially designed in terms of opening and volume”, making it more convenient to mix American style. (issued by the company)


Haagen Dazs push cultural innovation ice cream

Yesterday, Haagen Dazs announced on its microblog that it would launch “Tuan fan ice cream” and “Xu Xianbai Niangzi” ice cream together with West Lake Cultural Innovation, with three flavors: strawberry, Matcha and vanilla. (issued by the company)

Danone shipped 500000 more cans of milk powder to the United States

Yesterday, the US FDA said that it had expanded its cooperation with Danone Nutricia to increase the supply of special medical purpose formula milk powder and solve the problem of milk powder shortage for some infants with allergies or serious diseases. It is reported that Danone will deliver an additional 500000 cans of milk powder to the United States. (Reuters)

Costco said it would raise the price of some foods to cope with inflation

Yesterday, Costco said that its gross profit margin fell due to the increase in freight and labor costs in the United States, while its quarterly profit and revenue exceeded expectations. In addition, Costco said it would raise some food prices to cope with inflation. (Reuters)


McDonald’s board battle radical investors lose

McDonald’s said yesterday that its shareholders had re elected all its directors. This ended its battle with Carl Icahn, a radical investor, for a seat on the board of directors. The company said that preliminary statistics showed that shareholders supported all 12 McDonald’s directors, and the two candidates nominated by Icahn won about 1% of the votes. (Reuters)


McDonald’s Russian Restaurant will reopen with a new brand

McDonald’s Russia said yesterday that its restaurants would reopen to the public with a separate new brand from June 12. According to the patent application on Friday, McDonald’s in Russia has registered possible brand names for local franchisees to take over its fast-food restaurants in the country, including “fun and taste” and “the same one” (as one). Earlier, McDonald’s sold Russian restaurants to local franchisees. (Reuters)

3G capital will distribute part of kraft Heinz shares to investors


3G capital said yesterday that it would distribute some of its shares in kafheinz to its fund investors to better start new acquisitions. 3G capital investors including Columbia’s Santo Domingo family and Swiss tennis star Roger Federer will receive 88million shares, accounting for about 7% of kraft Heinz’s shares. This will enable investors in 3G capital to sell Kraft Heinz shares, and the co founders and partners of 3G capital will still retain 8% of kraft Heinz shares. (Financial Times)

Starbucks stores that have joined the labor union will face difficult negotiations

According to ABC News yesterday, although several Starbucks in the United States have successfully joined the labor union, in order to seek changes such as higher salary and more reasonable schedule, these stores must have difficult negotiations with Starbucks. It is reported that in early May, Howard Schultz, the temporary CEO of Starbucks, said that employees could get the first-class wages and benefits provided by Starbucks without the need of a labor union. (ABC News)


Quick reading of food industry information



The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of commerce support to further promote the development of cold chain logistics

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce today issued the notice on supporting the acceleration of the construction of agricultural products supply chain system and further promoting the development of cold chain logistics (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”), and decided to focus on promoting the development of agricultural products cold chain logistics and support the acceleration of the construction of agricultural products supply chain system. According to the notice, in accordance with the working idea of “strengthening nodes, building chains and optimizing networks”, on the basis of the construction of the agricultural product supply chain system that has been implemented, we will further focus on supplementing the shortcomings of cold chain facilities, improve the quality and efficiency of cold chain logistics, and establish and improve a smooth, efficient, urban and rural, safe and standardized modern circulation system of agricultural products. (CCTV news client)

Pinduoduo’s net profit in the first quarter was 2.6 billion yuan

Today, pinduoduo released its first quarter financial report, showing that its total revenue was 23.794 billion yuan, and the market expected 20.606 billion yuan, compared with 22.167 billion yuan in the same period last year, a year-on-year increase of 7%; The net profit was 2.6 billion yuan, with a net loss of 2.905 billion yuan in the same period last year. Liujun, vice president of finance, pointed out that pinduoduo’s growth will inevitably slow down under the current scale, but the company will continue to invest in R & D and provide better services to users. (surging news, Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Ernst & Young considers splitting audit and consulting business


The Wall Street Journal today quoted a source as saying that Ernst & young, one of the four largest accounting firms, is considering splitting its audit and consulting businesses globally because regulators are reviewing the potential conflicts of interest in the industry. This potential move will create two giant professional companies. Ernst & Young’s global revenue last year was $40billion, of which $13.6 billion came from audit services. (Wall Street Journal)



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