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How can the epidemic continue to grow under the new normal? Latest ideas on decoding by the president of fislan China

In recent years, under the influence of factors such as the decline in the number of newborn babies and the impact of the COVID-19, Chinese consumers’ purchase scenarios and purchase methods have changed, and the competition in the milk powder industry has become increasingly fierce, putting forward higher requirements for the brand marketing, channel access and category layout of dairy enterprises. Faced with numerous challenges, how should dairy enterprises break through and achieve sustainable growth? The old brand dairy company Royal Netherlands fisland has given its latest ideas.

Yesterday afternoon, when attending the CBME innovation and growth conference, Chen Ge, President of Royal Netherlands fisland China, shared the theme of how to innovate and grow the brand, and introduced the changes and ideas of fisland in organizational management and business strategy, as well as the company’s unique “PPV” model.

Video conference site of CBME innovation and growth Conference

According to the data, in the past three years, the compound annual growth rate of fislan China in each business unit has maintained double-digit growth, of which the special nutrition business has exceeded 10%, and the cross-border e-commerce and professional dairy products have exceeded 20%.

Now, let’s have a look.


Unique internal drive


Chen Ge said at the meeting that the core of the steady growth of fislan over the past three years lies in its continuous focus on the “PPV” model, namely, people, process and visibility.

“PPV is the core for fislan to obtain certain opportunities in various uncertainties. Its continuous iteration continuously injects cultural updates, concept updates, talent upgrading and even promotes the cultural iteration of our entire organization. It is the internal driving force for development and growth.” Chen Ge specifically explained that in terms of talent and culture, fisland is committed to polishing its internal diamond talents. By creating a pragmatic, efficient, equal and inclusive culture, it injects agile genes into the company, strengthens the brand building of employers, and increases the care of employees, thus enhancing the sense of belonging and honor of fisland employees.

Fislan family day activities

In addition, through the continuously improved “business planning and evaluation process”, “channel marketing process”, “strategic landing process”, “business partner evaluation and cooperation process” and “flexible supply chain process”, fislan has opened up the upstream and downstream key links, continued to simplify and fill gaps, so as to find more opportunities for efficiency improvement and support the business departments to “do the right thing”.

At the same time, she also believes that creating “full link visibility” is also one of the key factors to promote sustainable growth. “Many companies have visibility, but we especially emphasize the full link, requiring that the data be linked and the business logic be careful.” Chen Ge said.

Explosive idea mining increment

When talking about how to expand the increment, Chen Ge said: “we have always been thinking about explosive products and pay more attention to the market share of existing products. In the future, we will gradually increase the brand expansion and expand the future product line. We will promote it around the three dimensions of healthy functionality, age and diversification of dairy products.”

Xiaoshidai learned that on the basis of the iteration of infant formula milk powder, fislan also considered introducing the organic milk powder or sheep milk powder from cross-border e-commerce channels into the big trade channel. At the same time, it also focused on the development of new family products including adult nutrition. In the future, it will continue to promote the strategy of category diversification.

Children’s milk powder of children’s mother is newly launched

It is worth noting that this year, fisiland launched a new product of children’s milk powder, entered the children’s nutrition track, and will launch master cheese for end consumers in the near future.

In fact, as a century old dairy enterprise with a history of more than 150 years, fisland has always paid attention to both inheritance and innovation, and continued to iterate and upgrade the formula on the basis of the process of manufacturing milk powder with fresh milk.

At the same time, fisland has also started digital transformation early. On the one hand, it drives the rapid development of business through the minimalist digital business model and continuously improves efficiency; On the other hand, it adapts to and meets the changes and demands of the mobile network of mothers in the new era, so as to make the brand closer to consumers and improve the product and service experience.

Integrate channels to promote win-win

In Chen GE’s view, channel sinking is still one of the important strategies and important work of fisland China in 2022. Taking the Philippine frequent purchase project launched by fislan China last year as an example, Chen Ge pointed out that the core of the Philippine frequent purchase project is actually the integration of the entire channel. He hoped that the entire offline market would be more orderly, organized, efficient and covered with better quality on the basis of the company’s current situation.

She also added that the layout of project channels includes online and offline, which means that multi platform sorting and co construction will be carried out at the same time.

Fisiland brings the natural nutrition of milk to the family

Xiaoshidai noticed that since last year, fislan meisujia has used digital means to establish the awareness of channel integration mode and attract channel partners to join the array. The next challenge for the company is how to effectively and efficiently conduct professional consumer education in such a large market as China.

“How to reach the offline consumers and how to effectively communicate with them will be our main focus next,” said Chen Ge.

In the face of different needs and preferences of consumers for purchase scenarios and methods, fislan said that it would strive to open up online and offline channels and give full play to their respective advantages, rely on offline channels to recruit new customers and build trust with consumers, and realize in-depth communication through online channels to promote re purchase. At the same time, we will promote maximum consensus and efficient collaboration with channel partners and key customers to better build a healthier channel development and win-win situation.

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