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In the “rhythm” of the meta universe, pixel flavored Coca Cola | daily new product soup Vol.4

Focus on the flash products of the new platform “daily new products”, present them in a special deconstruction from the professional perspective of foodaily, and use one in ten thousand inspiration to accelerate the innovation of the industry!

产品名称 :

[Coca Cola] “rhythm square”


Taste the inspiration of Yuan universe
Image source: Coca Cola


Rich taste and cool packaging design
The product not only innovates in flavor, but also draws the logo of its classic “Coca Cola” by using the shape of pixel squares. It is reported that its appearance prototype was first born in Pixie Island, a brand-new Island jointly created by Coca Cola and the e-sports organization PWR in the game fortress night. It aims to present a retro and nostalgic game style and render the fantasy and beauty of the “meta universe world”.
Games help the coexistence of joy and delicacy
Not only in taste and shape, Coca Cola also launched AR (augmented reality) game for this “rhythm box” synchronously. Just aim at the can body of the “rhythm box” to scan the code, and consumers can immediately start the game experience of meta universe ar while enjoying the rich taste.
Image source: Coca Cola


Take advantage of the concept of Yuan universe to add drinks and lead the new generation of consumers to enjoy the virtual world
The popularity of the current meta universe concept not only makes major Internet companies compete for a place, but also makes physical consumption follow the trend. Domestic food enterprises have begun to explore the mysteries of the virtual world. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of its brand, Wangwang launched a set of 12 universe dolls of different styles, putting a layer of mysterious and fantastic meta universe coat on the classic Wangzai shape, bringing far more attention to the brand.
This time, Coca Cola launched the “rhythm block”, which is the second metauniverse concept product after the “Star River Walk”. With the strong appeal and demonstration effect of the brand, it will set off a new storm of metauniverse in China.
It is reported that “rhythm square” will launch two specifications: Modern cans and bottles. Modern cans have been sold in JD. Bottles will be launched in the national chain convenience store channel in early June.
Image source: Coca Cola
In recent years, Coca Cola has continuously promoted the fashion and youth of its brand through various innovative measures. The strategic intention of leading the trend of young culture is becoming more and more clear by increasing the product layout in the meta universe field this time. Foodaily is also looking forward to seeing more creative products that highlight future elements go to the market.


Country of origin: China

Company & Brand: Coca Cola

Category: beverage / carbonated beverage

Applicable to: all people / the general public

Ingredient list: water, food additives [carbon dioxide, caramel color, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate, aspartame (including sodium phenylpropionate), acesulfame, sodium citrate, caffeine, sucralose), edible essence]

Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place

Specification & Price: 59.9 yuan / box (12 cans)

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