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Official stack × Shake in life style: how to make nourishing health care really enter the user’s life?

The core of brand
is people-oriented, especially in the health industry. Based on products, users and content, we can find the right platform and improve the communication efficiency with consumers.

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Carbonated drinks should be sugar free, snacks should be low in sugar and sodium, and milk tea should be pure tea, ginseng water, fruit tea Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to health. Health preservation seems to have become a new way of life.
According to the great survey on a better life in China released by CCTV finance in 2021, health care ranked second in the consumption list of young people aged 18-25 in 2021. The younger trend of the health care market is obvious, which undoubtedly further promotes the development of the health care market.
The new generation of young consumers pay more attention to scientific health care and the actual efficacy of products. They are not satisfied with simple product use, but need more valuable professional health content and pursue more brands that fit their own values.
This means that health consumption is not the only demand of contemporary consumers, but more about life attitude. In other words, if a health brand wants to enter the hearts of consumers, it should find the right platform, find the right people and use the right communication methods, cut in from new consumer groups and new channels, and establish emotional links with users through value propositions.
However, in the era of national health preservation, not all brands can grasp the huge changes in consumption trends. Foodaily has observed that recently, the official stack of scientific and healthy tonic technology brands has jointly created a “28 day freshman plan” with the “shake in life style”. Through scientific grass planting, stars and many KOLs, it not only drives brand sales, but also virtually enhances consumers’ recognition of the brand. This is undoubtedly a valuable innovative attempt to communicate with users in the health tonic industry.
Photo source: Official brand of official stack
Take advantage of the situation to shake in life style
Create a communication explosion point and expand the brand voice
As stated at the beginning, the consumer body of the health tonic industry is changing, the consumer demand is growing, and the communication mode between brands and consumers is upgrading.
Relevant data show that with the improvement of income level and education level, the new generation of women pay more attention to health management, which is not only reflected in their active exploration of more healthy and scientific nourishing methods; They also pay attention to the appearance, quality and practical value of the products. For example, in the fast-paced life state, they are more inclined to “open the bag and eat” all kinds of health care and tonic products.
After paying attention to the nourishing needs of modern women, the official stack of nourishing technology brands committed to providing natural nutrition, science and health for the new generation of women took the lead in action. In May this year, it joined hands with “shake in the life style”, launched the challenge of the 28 day freshman plan, which is in line with the activity theme of “fresh and fresh in nature”, called on women to care for themselves, and hoped to encourage women to be brave in exploring without fear of age, Witness and accompany every woman to be fresh from the inside out.
During the event, the official stack, together with stars sheshiman, Ying’er and other stars, launched a call to invite users to join the “28 day freshman program”, insisted on punching out the clock for 4 weeks, showed their fresh moments of enjoying fresh stewed flower glue on Tiktok, and recorded every day when they were fresh.
Photo source: Official brand of official stack
At the same time, the official stack hopes to have in-depth communication with users through professional content popularization, so it invited LAN Bingying, a senior nutritionist, to open a popular science column on flower glue nutrition, share the nutritional value and selection methods of flower glue, deepen users’ understanding of flower glue, and let users learn to raise their children scientifically.
In addition, the official stack has joined forces with KOL, which has attracted the attention of many women, to further truly share their own use experience and beautiful life moments, causing more consumers to interact, and at the same time becoming a brand reputation atmosphere. At the same time, the official stack specially created a 28 day fresh stewed flower glue freshman package as the core product of the “28 day freshman plan”, which attracted many users to punch in.
Picture source: KOL grass planting content in various fields of the whole network
The star effect and the voice of many KOLs have laid the communication power for the brand attitude to come out of the circle, and also led more users to share their moments of enjoying fresh stewed flower glue. These high-quality contents are deposited in the 28 day freshman plan on the Tiktok topic page. At present, the topic page has been broadcast nearly 50 million times in Tiktok, creating a natural brand content co creation.
Focusing on the ready to eat nature of the product and the 28 day freshman plan, the official stack not only gathered KOLs in all areas of the network to comprehensively and continuously plant grass, built a complete social communication link, but also laid a number of LED screens and community access control advertisements in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places with the help of online and offline channel linkage, radiating more people and realizing the drainage and accumulation of traffic pool.
Photo source: Official brand of official stack
At this stage, guanzhan fresh stewed gelatine has been laid in a circle with a large amount of high-quality content. The content is precipitated in Tiktok, and the products are precipitated in the content. In addition, Tiktok e-commerce is interest oriented, which can help the brand match more potential users. Through short video and direct broadcast content, consumers can more intuitively understand the use methods and scenes of guanzhan fresh stewed gelatine, and stimulate users to stay and watch for a long time, Then discover your potential needs.
After the content stimulated the interest in consumption and purchase, during the official Stack & douin lifestyle activities, the official stack made deep use of Tiktok ecological talent live broadcast, invited stars and high-quality talent to conduct special live broadcast and official stack douin store daily live broadcast, and launched relevant welfare mechanisms to distribute various gifts to users, further improve the conversion rate and improve brand sales.
From star talents sharing their own flower glue experience to multi-channel communication, guanstack has indeed hit the real needs of consumers through the cooperation with “shake in life style”, and has also played “together” with users with enough “quantity” atmosphere, recognition and contact. It can be said that it has hit the “heart” of users, conveyed to users the brand concept of guanstack that “the body is younger than you”, and improved brand awareness.
Detonate user growth
Find the “maximum increment field” of health brand in Tiktok
Taking the “28 day new challenge” activity created by “shake in life style” as the official stack as a reference case, it can be seen that, different from the previous bombing type rough communication or wide spreading of nets and grass floating on the surface, today’s communication must form an integrated link to achieve the goal of both quality and efficiency, that is, to cover a wide enough range of consumer groups, reach interested users, strengthen users’ minds, and finally achieve strong transformation and high re purchase, It can also realize the precipitation and accumulation of long-term brand assets.
Specifically, how does Tiktok e-commerce help the health brand break out of the circle? How can we help the brand to continue its benign growth and obtain sustained vitality?
1. Rich star talent matrix and natural user pool are the necessary conditions for the brand to go out of the circle.
On the one hand, the content is mostly planted in a pyramid matrix, that is, the endorsement of the top star effect, which paves the way for the next expansion of the brand’s voice; Then find KOL that is consistent with the brand and product attributes to endorse the traffic and attract viscous users. On Tiktok, there are not only stars with a large number of fans, but also KOL and Koc with different levels of fans who specialize in technology.
On the other hand, the output of high-quality content is to promote brands and products to more people. The Tiktok platform not only has a rich and appealing KOL, but also has a user base of more than 600million live days, covering people of multiple ages and portraits. It has a natural traffic advantage and can help different brands quickly reach core users.
Taking the official stack as an example, in the “28 day new challenge” activity, the official stack created a number of popular short videos with Tiktok, stars and talents, attracting the public traffic of Tiktok to the brand. With the joint efforts of stars, talents planting grass, UGC tap water and various forms of communication, the activity finally received 53.03 million attention throughout the network, with an overall exposure of more than 200million.
Picture source: 28 day freshman program Tiktok topic star and talent short video
2. Strong IP binds stronger scene attributes and accumulates stronger potential energy.
Taking node IP as an example, the Spring Festival, the 38 promotion, the May promotion and the 818 promotion are all “Dongfeng” for the brand to seek increment. This kind of IP is more likely to bear the value of promotion at different time nodes, such as the women’s day in March, the singles’ day on the double 11, the graduation season, summer vacation and the Chinese Valentine’s day of the 818. It is more a node marketing scenario for the whole station and category.
Unlike the time node IP, the “shake in life style” is an industry marketing IP with stronger scene attributes. It focuses on a certain kind of lifestyle, can customize theme activities for brands, provide more new opportunities for communication between brands and consumers, deeply integrate brands and lifestyles, and build a content engine for sustainable growth for brands.
Picture source: douin life style Tiktok topic page
This “shake in life style” is just creating a brand event in the tonic industry in Tiktok, and arousing more users’ attention to themselves and health. It is under this IP that the official stack can focus more on the “nourishing” lifestyle of new consumer groups, combine the brand value concept with it, realize the natural implantation of the brand mind in the co creation of users, and strengthen users’ brand mind cognition.
3. The full link data drive enables the integration of product, efficiency and sales.
In short, the brand pays for the visible effect in communication, from brand exposure and ROI to user traffic pool accumulation, and the demands are progressive layer by layer. The brand should not only spread the sound volume in Tiktok, but also realize the effect transformation and user asset precipitation.
During the official stack activities, “trembling in life style” is equivalent to establishing a “nourishing and healthy” lifestyle community to attract users to gather, and then through the capture of users’ interest topics and preferences in Tiktok interest e-commerce, as well as the topic and interaction of stars and experts sharing the feeling of eating flower glue, the target users with a wide range of attention and potential needs will be gathered in the community; Finally, let the official stack generate high-frequency and strong interaction with users in the live broadcast room to enhance user recognition and trust.
From the content experience, resource matrix, user precipitation and other methods, the brand will attract the attention of many users. When users deposit enough scale, a snowball growth cycle can be formed. This time, the official stack received more than 50000 users and sent more than 130000 packages to the whole country during the whole activity.
To sum up, a good brand is to meet the needs of users through product value, and then establish a broader emotional connection and value recognition with users. The exploration of guanzhan and douin life style has undoubtedly made a high-quality demonstration for other brands in the industry: focusing on health care, returning to the most essential consumer pain points, allowing users to truly see the product value, at the same time, it also shows the multiple values of the brand itself, and planted a “brand tree” belonging to guanzhan in the high-frequency exposure of Douyin.
In foodaily’s view, the brand should continuously communicate with consumers, let users feel the long-term companionship of the brand, and develop a “reservoir” of users’ minds, so as to reap long-term value. It is true that consumption for health may be gradually becoming the “just need” of consumers, but professional products themselves are only a cut, and ultimately they should return to the service and brand, and consumers will ultimately buy the brand.
The inspiration for the health care and tonic industry, and even the whole health industry, lies in: what is the value of health brands to users? This is the most fundamental underlying logic that the industry should consider. Obviously, the official stack has found a new answer in Tiktok e-commerce and provided a new paradigm for the industry.
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