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“Sunday zero” channel layout is upgraded again! Join hands with global retail giant Sam to promote the first light vegetable meat roll

With the upgrading of people’s pursuit of nutrition and health, plant meat known as “0 trans fatty acid” and “low fat” has also attracted more and more attention.

Recently, the leading domestic vegetable protein food brand “week zero” has also cooperated with Sam’s Club under Wal Mart and launched two light food control card products, which is also the first vegetable meat meal launched by Sam’s club, following the cooperation with well-known fast-food brands such as KFC and DEX, new coffee beverage brands such as Ruixing, and head convenience store brands such as Quanjia and 711. It is reported that two new products have been launched in Sam’s national stores recently.


As soon as the product was launched, it received a lot of praise on social media. The snack generation observed that “delicious”, “healthy” and “fat reduction” are the key words most mentioned by consumers, and more netizens called “today’s delicious and healthy are given on Sunday”.

Next, let’s explore the competition.

Healthier, better taste, sustainable

Meet consumer needs


When you go to the dining area of Sam’s club, you can see that the “plant meat roll” made with weekly products contains two kinds of plant meat meals: “plant Tuna Roll” and “plant beef roll”. The price is 49.8 yuan / box /4 PCs. The two light food control card products have the advantages of 0 trans fatty acid, rich dietary fiber, low fat and low cholesterol.

The snack generation noticed that these two new products meet the three main demands of consumers for vegetable meat: health, taste and environmental protection.

The “plant Tuna Roll” contains ZhouLing plant tuna surimi. It tastes delicate, sweet, spicy, fresh and fragrant. It has rich taste levels, and contains DHA and a variety of amino acids. In addition, the product also contains weekly zero protein bars with low fat and rich dietary fiber, which further enhance the taste and health attributes.


In the “vegetable beef roll”, master ZhouLing’s vegetable beef slices with black pepper are used. Compared with the ham and bacon cured meat products such as beef pastrami commonly used in Western-style simple meals, master ZhouLing’s vegetable beef slices do not add sodium nitrite, preservatives, etc., so they have no burden on health. Both adults and children have no worries about eating them.


The power of ZhouLing master vegetable beef slices is that they are chewy in taste, and are basically no different from real meat. It is reported that this is due to the innovative cutting-edge technology “whole meat shaping” of “Sunday zero”. The key of this technology is to adopt “intermittent knitting flavor method” and “refined molecular enzyme crosslinking method” to better simulate the texture of beef.

It is worth noting that the retail version of master Zhou zero’s black pepper beef slices is the first carbon footprint label product of “Zhou zero”. This product has passed the carbon footprint certification, which reduces the carbon emission by about 84% compared with similar animal meat products. It is not only physically relaxed, but also a light burden on the earth.

Multi channel linkage of products to lower the threshold of consumer experience

The snack generation learned that this is the first time that international retail giant Sam has cooperated with domestic vegetable meat enterprises to launch vegetable meat meals. This cooperation can be seen as another breakthrough of the local plant protein giant “zero” in channel expansion, and also enable more consumers to easily experience the “zero” food through the complete menu matching in Sam’s national stores.


At the same time, for “Sunday zero”, landing Sam also has the significance of continuing to lead the industry in expanding the layout of retail channels, and further linking the b-end and C-end.

It is reported that the two products used by Sam’s two products have been logged into the online “Sunday zero flagship store” and the cooperative offline stores at the same time, and consumers can buy them online and offline. For example, the weekly zero protein bar used in the “plant Tuna Roll” has been launched in the official flagship store of tmall, and has been launched in thousands of well-known convenience stores nationwide (family, xishiduo, Youjia, convenience bee, Nanchang ledoujia, orange, etc.). In addition, it has been sold in nearly 30 well-known gym channels (Aile yoga, feizong fitness, rimeijian, mega base, AM9 avocado fitness, etc.).

As the flagship product of the brand after technological innovation, master Zhou zero’s black pepper vegetable beef slice used in the “vegetable beef roll” has been launched on tmall and the supermarket channels of well-known convenience stores in China. For example, there are convenience stores (South China), convenience bee (South China) and 711 convenience stores (Tianjin), which will be launched in more high-end supermarket channels.

Therefore, consumers can not only choose to go to Sam and directly buy the vegetable meat meals carefully matched by the chef, but also buy the products with the same raw materials to do more creative cooking.


Recognized strength, high building enterprise moat


Under the trend of consumption upgrading and the background of double carbon environment, the development prospect of vegetable meat market is promising. It seems that it is a general trend for Sam to launch the first vegetable meat meal. But why does “Sunday zero” stand out among the players?


As a high-end membership store under Wal Mart, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, Sam’s club has been committed to providing its members with all kinds of high-quality treasure hunting products, such as imported famous brands, green organic certification, local famous and high-quality features, and the latest technology trends. The “week zero”, the “leader” of local plant protein, which takes “make health and taste better” as the brand concept, has only been established for more than two years, but the brand has made great progress in product power, channel power, marketing power and brand influence, which is very consistent with Sam’s product selection logic.


Through the construction of moats such as the layout of technology R & D and supply chain (self built factories), nearly 30 technical patents have been created by “week zero” in just over two years, and more than 300 kinds of plant protein application solutions have been available. It is reported that the brand will use cutting-edge technology to further improve the product form, texture, flavor and taste, and launch more product forms such as “stewed beef, whole chicken chops and whole pork chops”.

At the same time, “Sunday zero” is also making steady progress in expanding production capacity and reducing costs, so as to enable more domestic consumers to experience plant protein products with moderate prices and good taste and health.


In terms of channels, the brand has cooperated with more than 100 brands, and has entered more than 37000 stores nationwide. Among them, the channels widely cover consumers’ diet scenes, including fast food (KFC, DEX, etc.), new tea (like tea, Naixue, etc.), coffee (Ruixing coffee, tims, etc.), convenience stores (family, 711, Rosen, Yike, etc.), and new retailers (OLE, HEMA, etc.). Compared with the official data of last year, the number of outlets stationed increased by 200%.

Different from the single channel mode adopted by most domestic vegetable protein food brands at present, “Sunday zero” has opened up the b-end and C-end channels, and adopted a two pronged mode to actively develop C-end retail products while continuously expanding the b-end business. The cooperation with Sam this time symbolizes the iterative upgrading of “weekday” channel expansion ability and product integrated marketing ability.

Snack generation believes that this is a clever combination of “continuously strengthening consumer communication”. The b-end and C-end are connected through product applications and channels, and the channel mode of connecting online and offline channels and multiple lines can help the brand reach the target audience more accurately, widely and in multiple ways.


In terms of marketing power, “Sunday zero” jumped out of product restrictions, actively advocated a healthy and sustainable diet lifestyle, and through a series of “brand building” activities and users’ own real stories, with food as a link, gathered young people with the same vision and pursuit, constantly deepened brand positioning and strengthened user stickiness.

In terms of brand influence, “Sunday zero” actively assumes its responsibility as a leading local vegetable meat brand, speaks for the industry, strengthens consumer awareness, and helps the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

At the beginning of this year, “Sunday zero”, together with Xinhuanet, the Institute of agricultural environment and sustainable development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Beijing Agricultural University, edited and released the 2022 China plant meat carbon reduction insight report (hereinafter referred to as the report, click “read the original” at the end of the text to get the full version of the report), telling consumers where the “carbon reduction and environmental protection” of plant meat is with solid research and clear data, At the same time, it gives professional insight into the development opportunities and carbon reduction potential of the plant meat industry.

According to the report, the carbon emissions of relevant conventional meat products are 4.7-44.4 times higher than those of “week zero” vegetable meat products according to the calculation of the authoritative carbon measurement organization “carbon footprint”.

The relevant contents in the report also attracted the attention of Chen Jian, chief scientist of the future food science center of Jiangnan University and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering. In an article entitled “food nutrition experts: to establish a” big food view “in the people’s daily, academician Chen Jian said that according to the report, the carbon reduction effect of relevant plant protein foods was as high as 98%, making the earth healthier. In addition, plant protein food helps to improve the dietary structure and is an effective supplement to animal food. A reasonable combination makes people healthier.

This time, Sam launched a vegetable meat meal in China for the first time, which also reflects Sam’s recognition and strong support for carbon reduction and environmental protection as a global high-end supermarket. He hopes to bring more healthy and environmental friendly diet choices to consumers on the premise of maintaining its high-quality products.


Under the background of consumption upgrading and double carbon, with the expansion of application scenarios of plant meat meals, the market potential and carbon reduction potential of plant meat will be vigorously released. According to the prediction of Euromonitor, a professional consulting organization, the scale of China’s vegetable meat market will reach US $14.2 billion in 2025, more than half of the global market.

Different brands have different performances on how to continue to enjoy the dividends of this blue ocean. For “week zero”, technological innovation and scientific research strength are the moat of the brand, and comprehensive strength is its advantage, thus laying a leading position in the brand industry.


This cooperation not only confirms the channel expansion strength of “Sunday zero” leading the industry, but also provides Sam’s consumers with a choice of high-quality healthy food. What products will Sam and “Sunday zero” jointly launch next to meet consumers’ healthy and delicious eating needs? It is expected.

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