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Can’t the Coca Cola bottle cap fall off? 2024 serial cover test is coming, and these creative designs deserve attention

can’t the Coca Cola bottle cap fall off?

Coca Cola has put on a chain cover!
According to Coca Cola europacific partners (CCEP), the bottler of Coca Cola, Coca Cola will replace the beverage packaging sold in Scotland, England, in May to improve the recycling of bottle caps after consumption and avoid the bottle caps being discarded at will.
Coca Cola put on the cover (picture from Coca Cola UK)
In 2024, Coca Cola in the UK will use the chain cover

It is understood that the brands using the chain cover include Coca Cola original flavor, Coca Cola Zero sugar, diet coke, Fanta, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and lite. The new packaging design means that after the bottle cap of these drinks is opened, it is still connected to the bottle body, and the whole bottle cap and bottle body can be recycled together. By 2024, all beverage packages sold by Coca Cola in the UK will adopt the chain cover.
Through cooperation with CCEP, Coca Cola became the first soft drink company in the UK to announce the use of the chain cover. “This is a small change, and we hope to have a huge impact to ensure that consumers do not discard any caps when recycling our bottles.” Stephen Moorhouse, general manager of CCEP UK, said.
It is reported that CCEP’s East Kilbridge plant in the UK will become the first plant in the UK to produce plastic chain covers. As early as 2017, the plant has invested 37million pounds to reserve technology and production lines.
EU directive 2019/904 accelerate the innovation of the serial cover

Although Coca Cola claims that this measure is a key step for the group to achieve carbon neutrality, in fact, the replacement of the cover packaging is also closely related to EU regulations. As early as may, 2018, the EU issued EU directive 2019/904, which specifies in detail the use of disposable plastic packaging products. One of the requirements is that by June, 2024, the caps of all plastic bottles must be connected to the bottle body before they can be produced and sold in the EU.
It sounds like a simple task to connect the bottle cap to the bottle body, but it is a major technical challenge for bottle cap manufacturers, plastic bottle manufacturers and related equipment suppliers. The requirements of the beverage industry for the chain cover are very clear – the chain cover shall not affect the production cost, bottle design, bottleneck design, filling line and capping machine while ensuring the convenience and freshness of consumers.
In addition, the ring cover shall also be applicable to the light gland (mainly used for the packaging of non bubble water such as purified water) and threaded cover to meet the higher requirements of sealing performance.
It can be said that the EU directive 2019/904 has accelerated the R & D and innovation of the cover to a certain extent.
Comply with the new bottleneck standard gme30.40

Bailigai recently launched a 7049 chain cover that meets the new international bottleneck standard GME 30.40. It is reported that the new bottleneck standard GME 30.40 is aimed at the packaging application of carbonated beverages. It requires that the diameter of the neck standard screw cap is only 26mm, reducing the weight of the bottleneck and bottle cap by 1.4g to 1.7g (the specific data depends on the actual diameter of the screw cap).
Bailigai launched 7049 serial cover (picture from bailigai)
Compared with other 26 mm diameter threaded cap bottleneck standards, GME 30.40 threaded caps can safely use bottles with a capacity of up to 3 liters in all climatic conditions.
Bailigai 7049 design drawing. (picture from Briggs & Stratton)
This 7049 chain cover of Baili cap can prevent tampering, and the bottle cap can be opened and locked to 180 °, so that consumers can drink freely and freely, improving the use experience of PET bottles.
It can open the bottle with one hand and accurately control the dosage
APTA has launched a chain cover Maestro for edible oil packaging. The bottle cap is completely made of pp/pe recyclable materials. It is equipped with a wide finger groove, so that consumers can easily open the bottle with one hand. The protruding nozzle in the bottle cap is carefully designed to provide consumers with two options to control the flow of liquid and accurately control the dosage.
APTA chain cover Maestro (picture from APTA)
APTA said that Maestro’s top cover fits closely with the raised nozzle to avoid product leakage. The design has passed ista-6 certification * and can withstand the severe test of e-commerce supply chain.
Unified industry solutions are expected to accelerate supply chain integration
“The chain cover plays a key role in changing the public’s habit of littering and using disposable plastic products. However, it is not a small challenge for the whole bottle cap industry, especially in terms of the cost of bottle caps and the integration with existing production procedures.” Benoit henckes, CEO of United caps, said in a media interview earlier.
Serial cap solution for combined caps. (picture from combined bottle cap)
He said that United bottle cap is leading the establishment of the Alliance for closure tethering to unite with leading enterprises in the packaging industry to evaluate the serial solutions of existing bottlenecks and determine the possible changes in the surface layer of bottlenecks. “We want to integrate into the supply chain with unified rather than independent solutions.”
The combined bottle cap has been produced with Purell GC 7260g and Hostalen 5231h resins from LyondellBasell. Among them, Purell GC 7260g brand is especially suitable for the application of purified water bottle cap, with good sensory characteristics; Hostalen 5231h is an innovative brand for lightweight bottle caps. It uses the proprietary catalyst technology of leanderbasel and has very high stress crack resistance. The
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