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Cute children’s fast food: it’s not difficult for children to love vegetables | daily new product stew Vol.5

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产品名称 :

Dr. Praeger’s Kids Purely Sensible Foods Frozen Little

Source: Dr. praeger’s official website

Product features:

Natural ingredients without adding, “full of green” high nutrition
This group of children’s frozen fast food has 12 flavors, each containing more than 3 kinds of non GMO green vegetables (kale, broccoli, spinach, carrot, etc.) and rich protein. It contains no artificial additives, gluten, dairy products or soybean ingredients. It is suitable for children who supplement dietary fiber and protein every day. It is also a good choice for vegetarians.
Cute shape makes you appetizing, and you know nature in delicious food
Dr. praeger’s products are made into dinosaurs, flying fish, starfish and other animal shapes, so that children can feel the wonderful animal world while eating, and understand nature in delicious food.
Cooking is convenient and fast, and delicious is enjoyed immediately
Use the oven, frying pan or microwave oven to heat briefly before serving.
Source: Dr. praeger’s official website


Leveraging the children’s convenience food market with vegetable elements
Dr. praeger’s children’s frozen fast food series not only makes the appearance into various cartoon patterns loved by children, but also completely covers up the taste of vegetables. The taste is almost the same as that of ordinary snacks, allowing children to unknowingly ingest sufficient dietary fiber and various nutrients.
When we were young, although we were told that eating vegetables was good for our health, its strong taste was disgusting. According to the data of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, only 1/10 adults can consume the recommended amount of fruits or vegetables every day, and so can adults, not to mention children who are difficult to choose their own food. In fact, how to make children eat vegetables happily is one of the core concerns of parents. The ingenious design of “making vegetables invisible” also tests the product design ability of children’s food brands.
Source: Dr. praeger’s official website
At present, fruit and vegetable yogurt, mixed fruit and vegetable juice, snack chips, snack bars, breakfast cereals, etc. are common in various types of children’s foods that highlight fruit and vegetable elements in the market. The proportion of children’s food products that need to be cooked is relatively small. European and American brands often add a large amount of vegetable granules or vegetable powder to the convenient fast food meals designed for children. For example, the American brand yummy spoonfuls launched children’s organic cheese macaroni in 2019. Each 57g contains 1/3 cup of vegetables, 2G of dietary fiber, 9g of protein, 120mg of calcium and 1.1mg of iron, which can basically meet the intake needs of children for major nutrients in a meal. In addition, Annabel Karmel launched the children’s low salt quick-frozen nutritional meal in 2020, which is composed of vegetable sauce, rice and chicken pieces, and can supplement 1/5 of the fruits and vegetables children need every day. Compared with the fragmented intake of beverages and snacks, three meals and snacks are the main ways to supplement vegetables. Making good use of vegetable elements has become an important lever to promote the innovation of children’s staple food.
In China, in recent years, many children’s convenience food products focusing on the concept of vegetables have emerged. For example, colorful vegetable dumplings, vegetable noodles, etc., but in general, the category is still very limited. Associating with the current market of prefabricated vegetables in full swing, there is still a wide space for innovation and development of children’s staple food.
Source: Dr. praeger’s official website


Country of origin: United States

Company & Brand: Dr. praeger’s

Category: Catering and catering + / convenience food

Applicable population: Children

Ingredients: [broccoli flavor] broccoli, potato, onion, pressed rapeseed oil, potato chips, protein, pueraria powder, sea salt, garlic

Nutrient composition table:

Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place

Specification & Price: $3.98/10 oz (broccoli littles)
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Cover source: Dr. praeger’s official website
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