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Nestle pet food business has ushered in the latest wave of development in China! Target “excrement shoveling officer” allergy

The pet food track is getting more and more rolling. In addition to trying to make the “hairy children” eat more nutritious and healthy, some pet food manufacturers also set their eyes on pet owners. The latest “sharp weapon” in the Chinese market is Purina, a subsidiary of Nestle, a world-famous food company.

Recently, Nestle Purina officially announced that the world’s first cat food that can solve cat allergy was officially launched in tmall’s “Guanneng’s official overseas flagship store”. This series, called Pro plan liveclear, reduces human allergic reactions to cats by adding natural antibodies to the allergic ingredients in cat saliva.

“Since its launch in the United States in 2020, Guanneng Changfu series of adult cat food has helped many cat lovers troubled by allergies realize the freedom of ‘smoking cats’.” Nestle Purina said.

It is worth noting that the launch of this series of new products is just a new wave of strength of Nestle’s pet food business in China this year. Next, a series of layouts will be closely rolled out.

Seize a new field

A survey shows that about one in five adults in the world are allergic to cats.

“Nestle Purina also confirmed in a report that about 10% of cat owners suffer from allergies every day. They may have itchy eyes and sneezing constantly, or they may induce asthma and other diseases that are life-threatening. In addition to the physical and mental fatigue caused by excessive cleaning every day, the greatest pain is not being close to cats.” Nestle Purina told the snack generation.

It is understood that the birth of Guanneng Changfu formula benefited from the research results of Nestle Purina immunologist Dr. Ebenezer satyaraj, who successfully found a way to fight against cat allergens in his research. According to statistics, 95% of people’s allergic problems to cats are caused by Fel d 1. All cats produce Fel d 1 regardless of breed, age, hair length, sex or weight. As long as you are close to the cat, it will be touched and cause allergic reactions.

After more than ten years of research, Nestle Purina R & D team finally made a breakthrough in extracting natural anti Fel d 1 IgY antibody from eggs and adding it to pet food.

“When the cat chews the Guanneng Changfu series of adult cat food, the amount of active Fel d 1 in the cat’s saliva will be reduced. After three weeks of feeding, Fel d 1 will be reduced by an average of 47%, thus slowing down the allergic reaction of people to the cat. Moreover, the antibody is derived from eggs. It is a natural protein component, which will be normally digested and absorbed by the cat after eating, and will not have any negative impact on the cat.” The company said.

According to the data, it is a brand-new field of pet food research and development in recent years to hope to solve the problem of “excrement shoveling officer” allergic to cats through cat food. Nestle Purina is not only the first manufacturer to try, but now it is a leader in this field after two years of market test. Xiaoshidai noticed that since Guanneng Changfu was listed abroad in february2020, it has been expanding its product line, introducing a variety of flavors and formulas for different ages. At present, there are a total of 7 formulas in the global market.

Earlier this year, Guanneng Changfu series won the 2021 product award sponsored by global consumer research company Kaidu, which was voted by consumers. This time, Nestle Purina introduced this new heavyweight cat food in the Chinese market, and undoubtedly hopes to replicate the successful experience in foreign markets.

“Guanneng Changfu series cat food is a typical product that changes people’s and pets’ lives with nutrition. Introducing this product to China is our advance layout with insight into the local market demand.” Nestle Purina said.

Sustained high growth in China

In the past 20 years since entering the Chinese market, Nestle Purina has been committed to gaining more market share in the high-end pet food market. Pet care has also become one of Nestle’s businesses that continue to maintain rapid growth in China.

Chenxiaodong, senior vice president of Purina pet food business in Nestle Greater China, said: “the driving force for the sustained high growth of the Chinese market first comes from our growth in e-commerce channels and offline professional channels. At the same time, through our forward-looking insight into market demand, our development ability in high-end and ultra-high-end markets has been continuously improved.” In Purina’s view, the core that really determines its sustainable viability is the scientization of products.

Nestle Greater China Purina pet food business

Senior vice president chenxiaodong

Xiaoshidai learned that even during the two years of the epidemic, the Chinese market still provided greater support for the growth of Nestle’s global pet care business.

Nestle Purina said that the long-term home life brought about by the epidemic has greatly improved the relationship between people and pets on the one hand, and strengthened the pet owners’ habit of hoarding food, which directly contributed to the overall growth of the pet food industry during the epidemic period, especially in the staple food and snack categories. But at the same time, the epidemic prevention and control measures such as static management have a great impact on the sales channel, and the convenience of purchase has become the most important factor in the consumption decision-making.

“During the epidemic period, we made great efforts to lay out the o2o local living platform, reached a special cooperation relationship with the head platform, and tried to cover more cities affected by the epidemic. We also strengthened cooperation with adoption and public welfare institutions to help vagrants and abandoned pets. We hope to help more people acquire pets through adoption after the epidemic is stable, and promote a more harmonious social relationship between people and pets.” Chenxiaodong tells xiaoshidai.

During the epidemic period, Nestle Purina also saw a new trend: young people and the elderly are more willing to keep pets, and the penetration rate of pets has further increased in these two groups. However, the further expansion of pet rearing population may also mean that the number of people who are allergic to pets has also increased, which is also an important reason why the company decided to introduce Guanneng Changfu series. The

On January 1 this year, Nestle Greater China officially landed. “This is very helpful for us to make faster, more sensitive and more accurate decisions that are more suitable for the local market environment. We can serve Chinese pet owners more pertinently and will also make a long-term development layout in product research and development that is more in line with the needs of Chinese pet owners.” Chenxiaodong said.

Fully loaded air outlet

In recent years, pet food has become a “sweet cake” in the eyes of many enterprises, attracting attention from neighboring industries including feed and food. Since 2017, new hope group, Jianhe group, three squirrels and other companies have successively deployed pet food. Recently, dairy giant Yili has taken a fancy to this trend.

According to the forecast of inminster at the beginning of this year, the average annual compound growth rate of the retail market of dog food and cat food in China from 2021 to 2026 is 13.9%. Nestle will not miss such an opportunity.

The snack generation previously introduced that nestle announced to increase its investment in Tianjin by more than 1billion yuan in 2020, further enriching the business layout of Nestle in China’s food categories, especially in the production of high-end and ultra-high-end pet food.

“In the first phase of the project, we will build a brand-new pet dry food production line, and in the second phase of the project, we will build a high-end pet can production line. The new production line will use high-quality meat as raw materials to create delicious pet health food through Nestle’s patented technology.” Chenxiaodong also disclosed to xiaoshidai that the upgrading of Tianjin plant is being vigorously promoted, and it is expected that the whole plant will be completed and put into operation in 2023.

It is reported that the dry food production line in the above Tianjin plant phase I project has been basically deployed, is undergoing inspection and commissioning, and is expected to be put into production within this year. Nestle Purina plans to use this production line to produce a series of new dry food products. As for the arrangement of production capacity, the company said that it has always adhered to local production in its supply chain layout, and will continue to expand local production capacity. At the same time, it also actively imports products to “cover the unique needs of more consumers”.

In fact, the pet sector is also an industry outlet that Nestle is determined to increase its market share in the world.

Chief financial officer of Nestle group

Mark, CEO of Nestle group

At present, Purina’s global business involves various sub categories of pet food, including staple food, snacks, prescription food, functional food and functional snacks, cat litter products, intelligent health monitoring products such as smart cat litter pots, smart bowls and smart toys, as well as customized products for individual differences of pets.

Nestle Purina told the snack generation that in China, the company will also keep a high focus on the above fields in the future relying on its global scientific research advantages.

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