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Shanghai Starbucks has accelerated its reopening, Mead Johnson’s parent company has made new progress in selling milk powder, Fonterra and A2 have recently applied for milk powder supply to the United States, Sinopec Yijie has launched its own functional beverage, and JD FA 618 food pre-sale

Hot company information and announcement


Wangcuijun is appointed general manager of China Resources Group

Today, China Resources wechat official account announced that wangcuijun was appointed general manager of China Resources (Group) Co., Ltd. (issued by the company)

Shanghai resumes business and the city, and Starbucks speeds up its reopening

Surging news today, Shanghai Starbucks’ stores continue to accelerate the reopening speed. In the reopened stores, coffee beans with rich categories are put on the table again. Caidelin, CEO of Starbucks China, said that Starbucks has always adhered to the value oriented China growth plan. During the epidemic period, Starbucks continued to open new stores throughout the country, built Starbucks China Coffee Innovation Industrial Park, and continuously increased its investment in the Chinese market. (surging News)

Manner coffee takeout recovery

Recently, 29 outlets of man coffee have been reopened to provide takeout services, which are distributed in Jing’an District, Pudong New Area, Huangpu District, etc. It is reported that other stores of man in Shanghai will also be restored in succession. (issued by the company)

Guangyao Wanglaoji’s largest litchi beverage production base was officially put into operation

Recently, the launching activity of Guangyao Wanglaoji Guangdong litchi (Maoming) Industrial Park was held in Maoming City, Guangdong Province. It is reported that the base is mainly engaged in the production and processing of litchi puree and litchi filling beverage. The whole production base has an annual planned capacity of 9million boxes and can handle 200 tons of fresh litchi fruit per day. (issued by the company)


Aoyou initiated the establishment of Hunan special food association

Recently, the 2022 Hunan Seminar on the operation and use of formula foods for special medical purposes was held in the Aoyou global headquarters building. Liuxuecong, vice president of Aoyou China, said that Aoyou initiated the establishment of “Hunan special food association”, which will be composed of three members: Hunan special food production enterprises, drug retail enterprises and medical institutions. (issued by the company)

Wuliangye board of directors completes a new round of appointment

Recently, Wuliangye announced that its sixth board of directors elected Zeng Congqin as chairman and Jiang Wenge and Zhang Yu as vice chairmen. The term of office is the same as that of other directors. The 6th board of directors of the company appointed Jiang Wenge as the general manager, Luo Wei, Jiang Lin, Yue Song, Liu Yang and Li Jian as the deputy general managers, Luo Wei as the chief financial officer, Yang Yunxia as the chief engineer and Jiang Jia as the chief economist. The term of office is three years. (company announcement)

Changyu grape wine announced the list of new directors

Recently, the 2021 annual general meeting of shareholders of Yantai Changyu Grape Wine Co., Ltd. passed the deliberation. Chen Dianxin, ardino mazoladi, Stefano battioni, Enrico sivili, Zhang Yun, zhouhongjiang, Sun Jian, Li Jiming, Jiang Jianxun, Liu Qinglin, duanchangqing, Liu Huirong, Yu Renzhu and Wang Zhuquan were elected as directors of the ninth board of directors of the company. The last five of the above-mentioned persons are independent directors. Lengbin and liuzhijun were elected as shareholder representative supervisors of the 8th board of supervisors of the company. Zhengwenping was elected as the employee representative supervisor of the 8th board of supervisors of the company. (company announcement)

Org invested 270Million yuan to set up investment fund

Recently, org announced to jointly invest with Xiamen Aobin private equity investment fund management Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Ruibin consumer industry investment fund partnership (limited partnership) to set up Xiamen Aosheng industry investment fund partnership (limited partnership), mainly in food and beverage production, metal packaging, fast-moving consumer goods, great health and other fields. The total subscribed capital contribution of the partnership is RMB 300million. The company contributed RMB 269.7 million with its own funds, accounting for 89.9% of the subscribed capital contribution of the partnership. (company announcement)

Supply chain brand IVC becomes the exclusive agent of Lab4 patented probiotics in the Chinese market


Recently, IVC, a supply chain brand under Aland health holdings, and cultech Ltd, a British Nutrition Research developer, reached an agreement to exclusively represent the product development and sales of Lab4 patented probiotics in the Chinese market. Taking Lab4 as the starting point, Aland’s “cross sea plan” was officially launched. With the advantages of global layout and experience accumulation, Aland will empower customers in the field of nutrition and health from multiple dimensions, such as unique raw materials, patented technology, R & D innovation and business model exploration. (issued by the company)

Wonderlab releases wonderforme ready to eat probiotics standard

Yesterday, the fourth Chinese intestinal Industry Conference of gut2022, jointly sponsored by heartwarming Research Institute, Jiangnan University and China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, was held online. At the meeting, liuyanchen, the brand leader of wonderlab, introduced in detail the wonderforme standard for ready to eat probiotics, which includes six dimensions: safe source, pure formula, clinical verification, stable survival, reasonable compatibility and whole chain quality control. (issued by the company)

Bama tea industry turns to the main board to impact the IPO again

Recently, the public information of the public offering guidance of the CSRC showed that Bama Tea Co., Ltd., which had previously withdrawn its application for listing on the gem, moved to the main board to impact the IPO again. (Southern Weekend)

Youbao, an unmanned retail operator, delivers online statements to HKEx

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange recently disclosed that Youbao submitted forms online and applied for listing on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange. Youbao online is the largest unmanned retail operator in China. According to frost Sullivan, the company has the largest vending machine network in China. As of December 31, 2021, the company’s point network consists of more than 100000 Youbao points and affiliated points of vending machines. (wind)

Zhu Jun, chairman of central shopping mall, plans to increase investment and expand Rosen stores

Recently, Zhujun, chairman of central shopping mall, said at the 2021 annual general meeting that in order to further increase the expansion speed of Rosen stores and provide better scale effect for Anhui Rosen fresh food factory which is expected to be put into operation in the first half of 2023, the company has invested more profits in store expansion and store development. Zhu Jun said, “when the factory is put into operation next year, there will need to be about 200 stores in Rosen, Anhui, in order to achieve basic profit and loss balance.” (Daily Economic News)

Naixue’s tea responded that the takeout bread was not cooked

Today, Naixue’s tea was hot because the bread was not cooked. According to the exposed video, a consumer said that the bread eaten in Naixue’s tea takeout was suspected to be raw bread, and the merchant explained that “it may be on the other side of the oven, which is relatively tender”. At the same time, the consumer was rejected when applying for a refund, and has been reported to the relevant departments. The staff of the store said that they had settled with the parties concerned, and it was inconvenient to inform them of the specific reasons. (Beijing business daily, jiupai News)


The western restaurant promoted by Lei Jiayin and Jia Nailiang was fined 100000 yuan for illegal addition

According to the Beijing Youth Daily yesterday, the company behind Nanjing “ll Western food” – Nanjing food outside catering culture Management Co., Ltd. used “gold foil” as raw materials in dishes. Because it produced and operated food, food additives and food related products prohibited by the state, it was fined 100000 yuan by Nanjing Qinhuai District market supervision and Administration Bureau. Nanjing caiwai Catering Culture Management Co., Ltd. is jointly owned by the company of actor leijiayin and sister Jia Nailiang. Both leijiayin and Jia Nailiang have promoted the store. (Beijing Youth Daily)

Liangpin store’s first children’s food and Education Park appears in Wuhan

Recently, the first children’s food and Education Park of liangpin store was unveiled in Wuhan. The children’s food and Education Park adopts the mode of “xiaoshixian x liangpin shop” to serve children aged 3-12. The SKU, design and interactive experience in the store focus on the perspective and needs of children, and have both food and education themes and offline transaction scenes. (

Sinopec Yijie launches the first self owned brand functional beverage

Recently, Sinopec Yijie and tianmeng beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. have made strategic cooperation and officially announced the launch of its own brand new product – “Jinchun” small bottle energy drink. This is the first functional beverage product created by Sinopec Yijie. It is a “Jian brand” functional beverage product approved by the State Administration of market supervision, focusing on anti fatigue. (

Jiabao tangerine peel and Zhujiang Beer unlock the new drinking method of “beer + tangerine peel”

Recently, Jiabao tangerine peel and Zhujiang Beer launched the “Ru Zhu Ru Bao” co branded gift box. The gift box contains a can of new Jiabao canned nine system orange peel and two cans of classic 12 degree old Pearl River beer, unlocking the new flavor brought by orange peel + beer. At the same time, Jiabao and Zhujiang Beer have also created a joint IP. (South plus client)

Mengniu and Maotai cooperate to launch three ice creams

Yesterday, Mengniu and Moutai held the first promotion conference of Moutai ice cream in Guiyang, officially launching the first pre packaged product of three flavors jointly created by the two sides, including original flavor, vanilla and green plum boiled wine, with the price starting from 59 yuan. About 2% of the 53 degree flying Moutai is added to the product. (issued by the company)

Mengniu will achieve emission reduction targets by increasing the proportion of vegetable milk

Mengniu’s 2021 sustainable development report released today shows that it will launch more than 80 new products in 2021, and continue to create a variety of organic, sugar reducing, low-fat, high nutrition, function enhancing and zero artificial additives products. In addition, Mengniu has set the strategic goal of achieving carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050. The key path includes increasing the proportion of vegetable milk. (company announcement)

Nestle further promotes the process of zero deforestation cocoa supply chain

Recently, Nestle announced that it has taken another big step towards the goal of “achieving zero deforestation in the cocoa supply chain by 2025”.

So far, Nestle’s achievements include helping to restore more than 400 hectares of forest land in Cavally forest reserve, beki forest and toa Z è o forest, one of the largest classified forests in C ô te d’Ivoire; We surveyed 104000 farms in C ô te d’Ivoire and Ghana, and expanded the number of farmers benefiting from the Nestle cocoa program from 110000 to 127000, etc. (issued by the company)


Fonterra plans to invest RMB 1.3 billion to boost share price

According to the New Zealand Herald today, Fonterra admitted that it was “worried about the decline of share prices in recent weeks” and said that it would provide an additional NZ $300million (about RMB 1.31 billion) on the basis of temporary measures to support the improvement of liquidity through repurchase plans and other means. So far this year, the stock has fallen 23%, most of which occurred after the approval of its capital restructuring. (New Zealand Herald)


Li Jie Shi has temporarily become the largest infant milk powder supplier in the United States

Reuters reported today that the “shortage of milk powder” in the United States has boosted the profit expectation of Li Jieshi and made the latter the largest infant milk powder supplier in the market. At present, the supply of infant milk powder accounts for more than 50% of the total amount of infant milk powder in the United States. According to the data of refinitiv, in the past 30 days, analysts on average increased the full year profit forecast of L & G by 4.35%. However, some analysts believe that “(share) increase may be temporary, and Li Jie may not be able to retain new customers”. (Reuters)

Lijieshi continues to promote the sale of infant milk powder

Recently, Bloomberg quoted a person familiar with the situation as saying that Li Jie was trying to sell its infant nutrition department, but only a few private equity funds followed up the bidding. Among them, Clayton Dubilier & rice is one of the few acquisition companies to submit non binding bids for this purpose. Li Jie requested to make a quotation for the business before the end of May. People familiar with the matter said that the United States is the largest market of Lijie, and the continued infant formula crisis has “scared” potential “suitors. In addition, some private equity companies are waiting to see how the U.S. situation develops before deciding whether to continue to acquire the business. (Bloomberg)

After the change of ownership of McDonald’s restaurant in Russia, Pepsi and Coca Cola products will not be provided

Global network today quoted Russia’s viewpoint newspaper as saying that the new McDonald’s menu will no longer contain Pepsi and coca cola drinks, but will use Russian made drinks. However, employees will continue to wear their previous uniforms to work in the past. Earlier, McDonald’s announced that it would sell its business in Russia to local franchisee gowal, and other franchisees could choose to continue operating under the new brand. (World Wide Web)

ANZ dairy focuses on baby food supply in the United States

Reuters reported today that other Australian dairy companies are also concerned about the supply of infant food to the United States after bubs from Australia transported infant formula to the United States. Fonterra and A2 milk said today that they had submitted an application to the US FDA for the supply of baby food. (Reuters)

Bubs will deliver at least 1.25 million cans of infant formula to the United States

Recently, the U.S. FDA said that bubs Australia plans to deliver at least 1.25 million cans of infant formula to the United States to help alleviate the shortage of milk powder in the United States. At present, bubs has some inventory for transportation and will produce more products in the coming weeks and months. In addition, the U.S. Department of health and human services (HHS) allows Cargill, a global agricultural trader, to maximize the supply of raw materials required for the production of infant formula. (Reuters)

Quick reading of food industry information



JD released 618 pre-sale, involving some food enterprises

Today, JD wechat official account released 618 pre-sale data as of yesterday. The data shows that the new brand continues to make efforts. The pre-sale order amount of olivieran increased by 208% year-on-year, the pre-sale order amount of three and a half meals increased by 396%, the pre-sale order amount of yutianchuan coffee flagship store increased by 200%, the pre-sale order amount of Gutian edible fungi increased by 50 times year-on-year, the pre-sale order amount of Xinjiang milk increased by 12 times year-on-year, and the pre-sale order amount of new Guochao wine increased by 10 times year-on-year. In addition, big brands also performed well. Mengniu’s pre-sale orders increased 19 times year-on-year, Changyu’s pre-sale orders increased more than 13 times year-on-year, and Yanghe’s more than 8 times year-on-year. (issued by the company)

A new group standard has been issued for probiotic food, and the live rate of probiotics in level 1 standard must reach 50%

Recently, China Nutrition and Health Food Association issued the group standard t/cnhfa 006-2022 specification for classification of probiotic food viable rate, which classifies the probiotic viable rate. Among them, only when the probiotic viable rate in probiotic food is greater than or equal to 50%, can it meet the level 1 standard. (Jimu News)


The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that one of the factors causing the shortage of infant formula in the United States is the decline in breastfeeding since 2020. According to a survey conducted by digital intelligence, since 2020, the proportion of breast-feeding of one-year-old children in the United States is expected to have plummeted from 34% to 14% this year. (Wall Street Journal)

US infant formula shortage rate soars to 70%

Bloomberg recently reported that, according to the data of datasembly, the shortage rate of infant formula in the United States soared to 70% in the week ending May 21, up from 45% in the previous week. It is reported that in some cities and states, the situation is much more serious, up to 90%. (Bloomberg)

Limited availability of sunflower oil, a key ingredient in infant formula

Recently, some infant formula manufacturers are eager to solve the problem of supply shortage in the U.S. market, and they are facing another major obstacle. The supply of sunflower seed oil, one of the key ingredients, is limited. It is reported that Ukraine has always been the largest exporter of this kind of oil. However, since the escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, sunflower oil shipments have been very small. It is understood that many formula manufacturers use sunflower seed oil to add key fats to their products. (Wall Street Journal)

Jingtian was fined 7221200 yuan for illegal advertising endorsement

CCTV news microblog recently reported that at the end of 2021, the advertising monitoring of the State Administration of market supervision found that actor Jing Tian was suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the advertising law by endorsing the relevant commodities of Guangzhou Infinite Health Technology Co., Ltd. After investigation, Guangzhou Infinite Health Technology Co., Ltd. selected Jingtian as the advertising agent for the “fruit and vegetable” food it produced and operated, and the relevant “fruit and vegetable” food is ordinary food. The company has no effective evidence to prove that it has the effect of “preventing the absorption of oil and sugar”. Jingtian still claimed in her own name and image that the endorsed products had the effect of “preventing the absorption of oil and sugar” in the advertisement, and her behavior has violated the relevant provisions of the advertising law, even though she should know that the laws and regulations stipulate that ordinary food shall not be publicized for treatment, health care and other effects according to law, and has not verified the relevant effects of the endorsed products through effective means. The Tianhe District Market Supervision Bureau of Guangzhou made an administrative penalty decision on Jingtian by confiscating her illegal income and imposing a fine of 4.6422 million yuan (7.2212 million yuan in total). (CCTV news microblog)

Shanghai printed and distributed the Shanghai action plan for accelerating economic recovery and revitalization

Yesterday, the Shanghai Municipal People’s government issued the Shanghai action plan for accelerating economic recovery and revitalization. The measures of the plan include: for the five industries with special difficulties, such as catering, retail, tourism, civil aviation, highway, waterway and railway transportation, the payment of social insurance premiums will be postponed from April; Those catering chain enterprises, branches or stores that are seriously affected by the epidemic and registered in Shanghai that meet the requirements of small and micro enterprises and bear the rent expenses can be regarded as small and micro enterprises to enjoy the reduction of house rent, etc. (interface News)


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