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With the combination of consumption scenarios, these stores have “won”!

tap brand increment to activate potential consumption!

Jokingly, a tailor who can’t cook is not a good driver.

In today’s commercial market, it is worth pondering. The impact of the normalization of the epidemic has made the real business experience ups and downs for nearly three years. Under the impact of one wave after another, many brands pay more attention to diversified consumption scenarios in order to “open source” from more channels and activate potential consumption demand by mining brand increments.

In the stores that have been out of circulation or the topic heat has risen recently, we can see more and more innovative layouts of brands based on combined consumption scenarios. When consumers are in it, they either buy food and drink for the sake of the punch in value of “beautiful scenery on a beautiful day”, or buy something that pleases their body and mind after they are full of wine and food, or sit down and pay for the “lifestyle” after service-oriented consumption.

These are all attempts to make consumers forget the single consumption purpose in the combined consumption scenario, but undoubtedly succeeded in prolonging the residence time, thus increasing the business vitality.

For commercial space, a clear theme can often quickly attract circle consumers and drive the flow of different formats and brands under the same theme. In addition to the theme shopping centers and theme marketing activities with high popularity at present, brand stores can also extend their own brand resources under this theme through theme combination consumption scenarios to achieve unexpected drainage effects.
Take M stand, the first nationwide campsite around the lake themed coffee shop, which opened on May 20, as an example. The store is composed of two parts: the cylinder around the lake and the cuboid in the road. The part around the lake is installed with full floor glass, which has a wide view. It is worth mentioning that, in line with the popularity of the camping style and the advantage of being close to the lake, the store has replaced the traditional seats with folding tables and chairs, and the roof terrace has also installed a camping canopy, creating a theme store with a full sense of atmosphere.
As a member of Luhu Tianfu food Island, the opening period of the store coincided with the “Daoji Vol.14 jumping into the sea dry waves · City camping wine Cafe party” held on the island. Daoji and the wild spirit brand jumping into the sea pub jointly created it, and joined hands with the four major brands of travel Hawaii, AGL tattooo, Jincheng tea, and diverse art · architecture, introducing more than 50 Japanese coffee night wine, camping, lifestyle and other brands.
Under this situation, the store also welcomed the opening heat beyond expectation. In addition to catering to the current public’s enthusiasm for camping, it, together with the scenes and brand resources of Luhu Tianfu food Island, has jointly strengthened the combined consumption scene of “early C and late a” camping theme, thus achieving the goal of immersive and one-stop experience for consumers.
Collection space combined consumption scenario

in recent years, there have been more and more collection stores. On the one hand, they focus on the collection stores that collect multiple SKUs with a specific retail category, and on the other hand, they gather different experience formats in the same space, serve the main business of the brand, and bring consumers a collection space with hierarchical combined consumption experience.

Taking half of the local coffee brands in Xiamen as an example, the brand-new 1/2 Liuguang cafe is located in the core of the old campus of Xiamen Gulangyu Academy of Arts and crafts, and is transformed from a large sculpture studio in the 1980s. Many well-known contemporary sculpture artists have worked here, and countless art works have sprouted here.
The store retains the original style and features of the building. Relying on its unique historical, cultural and artistic heritage, it is transformed into a composite art space integrating coffee, exhibition and retail. Here, various theme design and art exhibitions will be held regularly, products of global independent designers will be selected, and the aesthetic core will be felt in the dense coffee steam, so that everyone who enters the caf é can become a member of the aesthetic life.
Lifestyle combination consumption scenario
With the increasing demand for people’s experience of a better life, brand stores focusing on lifestyle have gradually become the “new favorite” of shopping centers. However, from the perspective of the current common stores, most of the retail, catering and service supporting lifestyle stores are “individually operated”, and relatively few have out of circle combined consumption scenarios. Almost all of the stores that focus on cross-border lifestyle have received a lot of praise on the social media platform.
Lingo barbershop is a men’s space in Hangzhou that integrates men’s hairdressing, brewing beer and coffee. The store breaks the single scene of traditional coffee shop or barber shop, and creates a combined consumption scene in the form of “store in store”. The store design is full of cement and metal style. The barber shop hidden in the store is full of exquisite leisure atmosphere, and even the barber tools are very retro.
Men who come here for consumption can also drink a cup of coffee or fine brewed beer in the shop after cutting their hair, and feel comfortable and slow life. The camper like seating outside the door has also become a popular online scene for many consumers to punch in.
Obviously, by integrating different male lifestyle scenarios such as physiognomy, coffee, drinking and socializing, the brand guides or stimulates consumers’ inner desire for slow life and exquisite life. The brand provides a “private” space for target consumers through the creation of lifestyle combination consumption scenarios.
Additional combined consumption scenario

smart consumption era, because the public tend to be more cautious about purchasing goods with high customer unit price, and have greater interest in punching in the so-called “mini economy” category in the brand product line, the additional combined consumption scenario formed through small scenes and small products can often win the favor of consumers with small breadth.

on May 19, the flagship store of Maotai’s first ice cream shop was officially opened in the hall of Zunyi Maotai International Hotel, and more than 1000 copies were sold on the first day of opening.
it is reported that this is a product jointly launched by Maotai and Mengniu. At present, it is divided into three flavors: original flavor, vanilla and tiramisu. Maotai liquor is added to each ice cream. The alcohol concentration is 3%, and the tasting price is 39 yuan per serving. Officially, the ice cream introduced by the company is blended with Maotai liquor, which has both Maotai flavor and frankincense.
in fact, such a mode of additional combined consumption scenarios is also common in some luxury heavy and luxury light brands. By launching additional pieces with low customer unit price, additional combined consumption scenarios are formed to stimulate consumers’ desire to actively buy punch in and share social media platforms, thus helping brands and young consumer groups to narrow the gap.
mood adjustment combined consumption scenario

it is not difficult to find that some categories with mood adjustment play are increasingly appearing in shopping malls if we deeply study the combined consumption scenario. For example, “small scenes” such as sports lottery, doll clipping machine, blind box egg twisting machine and massage instrument are distributed near shopping malls, island counters, cold areas and catering areas. People can often be captured by these combined consumption scenes to adjust their mood during purposeful consumption.

take a store called the second half bar in Kunming, Yunnan Province as an example. The store combines the bar with the sports lottery. The bar is full of football atmosphere both in the internal space scene and in the open air. The limited edition jerseys have also become the embellishment of the store. The store has created an area to watch the world cup or football games, and has also introduced the flagship store of sports lottery, Through the combination of watching the game and adjusting the mood of sports color, create a combined consumption scene, and become the heart of circle consumers.
business observation

■ 楼层内业态品牌有效构成组合消费场景
■ 多业态多产品线集合大空间形成组合消费
■ 门店高效分割打造关联组合消费模式



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