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Yangleduo makes another move to promote a new healthy “gut” state

May29,2022 is the 18th “world intestinal health day”. In this intestinal festival every year, Yakult will carry out a series of activities nationwide.

from May 23 to August 31 this year, with the theme of “benefiting from the balance of bacteria and enjoying the health of intestines”, Yakult organized its branches (subsidiaries) around the world to actively carry out the May 29 world intestinal health day, popularize the knowledge of intestines and probiotics, and enhance the public’s awareness of intestinal health protection.

Theme of yangleduo 5.29 activity in 2022

“Benefit” from bacteria balance, “intestines” enjoy health



Since 2005, the world gastroenterology Organization (wgo) has designated May 29 as the “world intestinal health day” every year to arouse public attention to gastrointestinal health. This year’s official theme is “preventing colorectal cancer: getting back on track”.

According to the latest Chinese cancer report “cancer incidence rate and mortality in China 2016” published by the National Cancer Center in the Journal of the National Cancer Center, colorectal cancer has become one of the top five malignant tumors in terms of mortality. At the same time, the incidence rate in both men and women shows an upward trend, and the incidence rate of colorectal cancer in cities and towns is higher than that in rural areas. Therefore, it is particularly important to have a balanced diet, work and rest regularly and maintain intestinal health.

As one of the daily dietary supplements, probiotics can increase the beneficial bacteria in the intestine to maintain the intestinal balance.

The scientific consensus on probiotics (2020 Edition) points out that at present, nearly 10000 published academic papers have studied various functions of different probiotic strains, and it has been confirmed that the core function of probiotics is to improve human gastrointestinal health, such as balancing intestinal flora, alleviating intestinal inflammation, alleviating irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

The unique probiotics of yangleduo, “Lactobacillus casei Daitian strain (LCS)” was successfully isolated and intensively cultivated by the founder, Dr. Minoru Daida. Its characteristics are that it can resist the strong acid and alkali bactericidal effect of gastric acid and bile, and reach the human intestines in an active state to exert health benefits.

As a multinational lactobacillus milk beverage manufacturing company, Yakult has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of “constantly exploring life science and making contributions to the health and better life of human beings in the world”, and has cooperated with domestic scientific research institutions for many times to carry out LCS research for Chinese people, Including a number of studies jointly carried out with China Agricultural University: 2015 “study on intestinal memory activity of Lactobacillus casei substituting strain (LCS) in Chinese healthy adults”, 2019 “different effects of LCs substituting strain on related symptoms of Chinese constipation population”, 2021 “effect of fermented milk containing LCS substituting strain on constipation in patients with depression: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial”;

In 2016, Yakult and Suzhou Municipal Hospital jointly carried out “observation on the efficacy and safety of probiotics combined with mesalazine in the treatment of ulcerative colitis”, and in 2018, it cooperated with the PLA General Hospital to carry out “oral Lactobacillus casei – effect of Daitian strain on upper respiratory tract infection and immune function of military training soldiers”.

These studies have been published and achieved certain research results, which provide a scientific demonstration for the effectiveness of probiotics.




In order to cooperate with this year’s “world intestinal health day” theme activities, the original popular science video “Adventures of the digestive tract of food” and interactive H5 “my bacteria balance intestinal health action” were launched on the official popular science wechat official account of YangLe more than “benefits”.

Through short videos and interactive H5, consumers can see all aspects of daily life, including healthy diet, reasonable exercise, good mood and scientific living habits, which play an important role in maintaining the balance of intestinal flora.

Yakult uses this easy to understand, lively and interesting way to appeal to the public to live seriously, work and rest regularly, exercise moderately, maintain a good mood, and care for their own intestinal health.

The interactive H5 of “my bacteria and intestines to enjoy health” is hot online

At present, social media has been widely infiltrated into people’s lives. In order to reach professionals in the industry and consumers who pay attention to health topics more accurately and quickly, yangleyue created an official wechat official account of “beneficial and beneficial” knowledge and popular science during May 29, 2021.

In the past year, by combining social hot spots, aiming at different time nodes and different people’s health needs, Yakult continuously output rich popular science content, irregularly push and share practical, interesting and professional intestinal health and probiotics knowledge every week, and at the same time, work with “nature portfolio” to create a “nature says” column to spread more scientific content.

Yangleduo hopes to build a reliable health knowledge popularization platform and further arouse the public’s awareness of intestinal health. It is also hoped that starting from the world intestinal health day on May 29, every day, the bacteria balance will be “beneficial” and the “intestines” will enjoy health.

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