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KFC and the left behind and migrant children meet on June 1. The destination this time is nature!

The annual International Children’s Day is often the most anticipated festival for children. However, there are such a group of special children who cannot enjoy the happiness of June 1 because their parents work away from home, and even lack their parents’ company and love all the year round.

Fortunately, there is a brand that began to pay attention to these children six years ago, bringing light and love to their imperfect childhood through various childlike ways. This year, KFC small migratory bird fund, which has always been committed to bringing emotional companionship to the left behind and migrant children in the form of reading, literature and sports, once again arrived as scheduled, bringing them fun and loving activities.

Xiaoshidai observed that in this event, KFC joined forces with Alibaba commonweal and linked the three major user level platforms of Alipay, Taobao and KFC app to reach a wider audience and form phenomenon level communication. Since its launch, the event has attracted the attention and participation of millions of people. The change of consumption leads to qualitative change, and KFC once again triggers the attention of the caring public to the small migratory birds.

Now, let’s take a look.

Online “starting from nature”

From May 20 to June 3, KFC small migratory bird fund, together with Alibaba commonweal, launched an online activity of “crazy 3 hours, small migratory birds start from nature”, calling on the public to be a “guide” for “small migratory birds” to understand nature by reading natural stories, answering natural puzzles, and participating in interesting Q & A.


The public can open Alipay and enter “3-hour public welfare” to enter the activity page of “crazy 3-hour small migratory birds set out like nature”. They can participate in this activity by reading natural Stories (Yi Qi read), replying to nature related questions (Yi Qi write), or interesting Q & A (Yi Qi guess) and public welfare voting for “small migratory birds”. In addition to expressing their love for left behind and migrant children, consumers can also accumulate 3 public welfare hours and electronic commemorative medals, and have the opportunity to exchange coupons for KFC designated products.


This time, the “crazy three hours, little migratory birds set out to nature” activity, in the form of relaxed “reading”, “writing” and “Guessing”, led more people to pay attention to this huge group in need of help, participated in the public welfare action for left behind and migrant children with a light hand, and further understood the plight and needs of the “little migratory birds” crowd.

According to the investigation report on rural left behind children in 2021, due to long-term separation from their parents, lack of family affection and weakening of family education, their quality of life, physical and mental health and growth environment are inferior to those children under their parents’ supervision.

In the event, strangers from all over the country who had never met the “little migratory birds” used simple but sincere ways to let the “little migratory birds” learn some knowledge by playing. More importantly, they harvested the gentle kindness from all sides, made up for the lack of their native families, and lit up their lives.

Wonderful offline activities in many places

In addition to online activities, from May 28 to 29, KFC small migratory birds fund also carried out many activities with natural themes in 20 cities across the country, starting a wonderful journey integrating knowledge, exploration, sports and other elements with “small migratory birds” of different ages, opening a door for “small migratory birds” to better understand themselves, nature and the world, It also helps them to embrace life with a better attitude, enhance self-confidence and create their own future in a subtle way.

In Changsha, KFC small migratory bird fund invited 15 groups of “small migratory bird” families to the restaurant to participate in theme reading activities. Tang Sulan, a writer of children’s literature and a national first-class writer, shared the picture book story “a house that can’t be broken”, which inspired children to have a warm heart, love the world, and “home” is actually everywhere.

As Tang Sulan mentioned at the sharing meeting, “there may be some ‘little migratory birds’ who may not have their parents reading to them, but more uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters are willing to read to them. I am also willing to read to them, and I will bring them into the book world together with KFC little migratory bird fund.” Lead children to start their reading journey and explore the mysteries and knowledge of nature. KFC small migratory bird fund wants to tell them: love is around.

In Guiyang, the famous local self driving tour Gold Award winner and musician “walking cancer” came to the restaurant. A classical guitar under his hand played a melodious and happy melody. He told the children sitting beside him about the province without plains and the butterfly with short but gorgeous life.

at first, the “little migratory birds” from remote rural areas were a little shy, but the loose and warm atmosphere of the scene and their strong curiosity about nature made them start to speak, sing, express themselves bravely and explore those unknown problems. KFC small migratory bird fund accompanies the “small migratory birds” to start from nature and the infinite possibility of life!

In Xi’an, more than a dozen “little migratory birds” boarded the “most beautiful train” in the Qinling Mountains. This activity gradually restores the natural science class in nature, and enables children to further understand the relationship between man and nature through stories and manual methods, so as to stimulate their inner awareness of the protection of the ecological environment.

Feelings and scenes blend, feeling deeper. Songxiaoming (a pseudonym), a little migratory bird, wrote in his diary that day: “today, I and other KFC little migratory bird partners took a small slow train into the mountains of the Qinling Mountains, met many new plants, and saw many beautiful birds that can not be seen in the city. The air here is particularly fresh, and nature is really beautiful. In the future, I will protect nature through my own efforts.”

It is worth mentioning that many staff wearing the “K Jiayi station” logo have appeared in offline activities in many places. They are all KFC employee volunteers. In May this year, a volunteer platform for various public welfare activities of KFC brand – “K Jiayi station” was launched in the company to invite more employees to participate in public welfare activities.

The affirmation of love, six years as one

In fact, this is not the first time that KFC small migratory bird fund has launched the “small migratory bird” care action for the public. In the past six years, relying on KFC’s more than 300million online members and the scale of more than 8100 stores across the country, KFC small migratory bird fund has driven more than 10 million people to send “love affirmation” to the “small migratory birds” of left behind and migrant children in different forms online and offline.

In 2016, KFC China and the China children’s foundation established the KFC small migratory bird fund. Since its establishment, KFC has known the real life of left behind and migrant children, understood their inner needs and provided them with help within its capacity through this public welfare project.

In the past six years, KFC small migratory birds fund donated 700000 high-quality children’s books to “small migratory birds” and created nearly 2000 book corners to open the door for them to read.

KFC small migratory bird fund also pays special attention to children’s mental health and parent-child relationship, and has piloted in many places in Jilin Province, inviting professional psychological counseling personnel to provide psychological counseling for families of left behind and migrant children to help them improve parent-child relationship.

At the same time, KFC small migratory bird fund also tried to open up KFC restaurants around the country to help the mothers of “small migratory birds” go home. At present, KFC has opened more than 760 restaurants in Hubei, Hunan, Chongqing, Henan and other provinces, giving priority to providing nearby work opportunities for “little migrant” mothers, and providing effective help to improve the parent-child relationship of left behind and migrant children.

In KFC, public welfare has never been a hard journey, but to make more ordinary people’s “ability” become a positive help for vulnerable groups. KFC is also actively taking advantage of the industry characteristics of the catering industry, which covers a wide range of people, as well as the brand’s strong and stable brand advantages and exposure in daily consumption demand, so as to make the activities focusing on vulnerable groups out of the circle, so that more people can participate in it with a relaxed attitude of raising their hands, and become a benchmark case for the industry to continue to undertake corporate social responsibility.


Over the past six years, KFC small migratory bird fund has left a mark of love in the childhood of more than 4 million “small migratory birds”, led them to see a larger world, encouraged them to express their feelings and wishes, and helped them gain “affirmation of love” from their parents and the world. At the same time, KFC is also actively using its own resources to build a broader platform and appeal to more social forces to join in, so as to see and care for left behind and migrant children.

KFC said that in the future, it will stick to the original intention of public welfare, continue to give full play to its own advantages, join hands with more like-minded public welfare partners, and constantly try to help more “little migratory birds” grow confidently from multiple dimensions.

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