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Milk companion, children’s drinks, probiotics… Children’s food has so many sub categories| Daily new product soup Vol.6

Focus on the flash products of the new platform “daily new products”, present them in a special deconstruction from the professional perspective of foodaily, and use one in ten thousand inspiration to accelerate the innovation of the industry!


Simple mixing and easy mixing to help baby grow healthily

“Choose your favorite flavor, add a bottle of cold milk or 120ml hot milk, turn left right left for 10 circles, and make a cup of delicious and nutritious children’s milk coffee” – this is the “blendy” jointly developed by AGF group and parenting mothers ® Toketa! Milk companion stick.
Image source: AGF official website
AGF group found their troubles in the communication with the mothers, “although the milk is good, the children don’t like it”, “they are worried about the insufficient intake of nutrients, but it is very hard to prepare a variety of meals every day”. After three rounds of opinion exchange meetings, AGF group and mothers worked together from demand mining to product design, from taste adjustment to packaging improvement, and finally produced this milk companion bar that meets the needs of mothers and babies at the same time.
As a nutritional functional food for children, each stick / stick contains 300mg calcium, 4.0mg iron and 3.5 μ G vitamin D and 70mg polyphenols can easily consume 55-70% of calcium, iron and vitamin D required for a day by simply mixing them with milk to help baby grow healthily.
Image source: AGF official website
On a busy morning, have a glass of blendy ® Toketa! Milk can easily reach the nutritional intake of complex foods such as bread, sausage, vegetables and oranges, making the monotonous and unbalanced breakfast rich; During snack time such as recess, after school and outdoor activities, use blendy ® Toketa! Making a cup of milk can offset the health anxiety caused by eating too many snacks.
This series of products has three flavors and five combined specifications, including cocoa flavor, strawberry flavor and decaffeinated coffee flavor. The interactive section of the product’s official website also provides a variety of food recipes to help parents cope with various food matching scenarios.
Image source: AGF official website

Sharing delicious food, combining teaching with eating, and building a parent-child communication bridge

Blendy ® Toketa! What’s more interesting is that it satisfies children’s desire to explore adult food. The coffee smells delicious, but parents will have concerns about caffeine. At this time, they can encourage their children to use a coffee flavored blendy ® Toketa! (caffeine content reduced by 93%), try to make a cup of coffee milk by yourself and taste it with mom and dad.
Image source: AGF official website
Not only does it exercise your hands-on ability, the little knowledge on each package can also create a meaningful parent-child interaction time. Busy work and lack of parenting experience make many parents “don’t know how to communicate with their children”, or directly say “too busy with work and too little communication”. Then give it to blendy ® Toketa!, Let’s start the happy time between parents and children with a funny Q & A.
Image source: AGF official website
Foodaily learned that AGF group is an enterprise with social contribution value and is committed to considering the environmental protection design of containers and packaging. This children’s nutrition stick is printed with the unique environmental logo of AGF. The representative packaging is made of environmental friendly plant plastic. It is not only responsible for the children’s future living environment, but also a good environmental education in the process of eating.


Focusing on nutrition supplement, another starting point for children’s food innovation

Source: Sachiko_ ogiwara@ins
Foodaily once put forward the trend judgment of “millennial parents enter the market, and children’s food is innovated from inside to outside” in the top ten business hotspots in 2021, and believed that the change of the millennial generation’s concept of parenting after becoming parents has become the biggest driving force of the children’s food market. “Mother’s fine feeding” and “father’s eating and playing mode” pose a new challenge to the development of children’s food. This milk companion bar meets the parenting needs of both mothers and fathers. It not only makes it easier for children to supplement their diet and nutrition, but also becomes a small “magic weapon” to promote harmonious parent-child relations.
At present, children’s diet in China has entered a new stage. After basically solving the demands of food safety, natural, no additives, low sugar and low salt, the imbalance of nutritional intake has become the main consumption pain point.
The 2021 nutrition knowledge and practice report for school-age and pre-school children jointly released by Danone open research center and the education and training center of the Chinese Nutrition Society points out that the proportion of Chinese children’s dietary structure imbalance is high, and more than 50% of children aged 3-12 fail in the score of dietary balance.
Source: nutrition knowledge and practice report of Chinese school-age and preschool children
How to skillfully supplement nutrition for children, and how to prevent nutrition supplement from becoming an assignment that puzzles parents? Blendy ® Toketa! It is an excellent reference answer.


Country of origin: Japan
Company & Brand: AGF ® & Blendy ®
Category: functional food / dietary supplement
Applicable population: Children
Ingredient list:
Cocoa flavor: sugar, cocoa powder (10-12% cocoa butter), cream powder (containing calcium carbonate), flavor (from milk), emulsifier, pH regulator, milk protein, iron pyrophosphate, vitamin D, seasoning (amino acid)
Strawberry flavor: sugar, fructose, dextrin, strawberry juice powder, cream powder (including calcium carbonate), flavor (from milk), laver pigment, iron pyrophosphate, pH regulator, milk protein, emulsifier, vitamin D, seasoning (amino acid)
Coffee flavor (without caffeine): sugar, cream powder, instant coffee, caramel powder (sweetened condensed milk, skimmed milk powder, sugar, whole milk powder, cream cheese) (including calcium carbonate), flavor (from milk), pH regulator, milk protein, iron pyrophosphate, emulsifier, vitamin D, seasoning (amino acid)
Nutrient composition table:
Storage condition: normal temperature storage
Specification & Price: 30 mixed flavors / jpy1382
From a global perspective to a local focus. After reading overseas product cases, we will return to China. Foodaily Research Institute selected 12 distinctive children’s foods from the domestic new products listed this year, involving beverages, dairy products, snacks, catering, functional foods and other categories. It has good performance in the aspects of raw material selection, processing technology, nutrition matching, eating scene, product form, packaging design and so on. It has a deep understanding of children’s consumption demands and has become a microcosm of current children’s food innovation.
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