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Yuanqi forest cooperates strategically with Huangshan City. Hillhouse responds to the rumor that the consumer group has made a full decision. Biden meets with the milk powder merchant, and the food and catering enterprise returns to work in Shanghai. Zhong Xuegao’s registered capital has greatly increased. Pfizer plans to withdraw from the GSK joint venture

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Yuanqi forest has reached strategic cooperation with Huangshan City

Today, Yuanqi forest and Huangshan City, Anhui Province held a strategic cooperation “cloud signing” ceremony. Tangbinsen, the founder of Yuanqi forest, said that Huangshan is rich in resources and has high ecological quality, which is very consistent with the development concept and layout of Yuanqi forest. He will further strengthen the promotion of work, jointly promote the early implementation and production of cooperative projects, and work together to build a domestic brand with Huangshan characteristics. It is reported that the two sides have deepened practical cooperation in water resources utilization cooperation, building cultural and tourism demonstration projects, and promoting the integrated development of tea and water. (issued by the company)

passed at Yum China annual general meeting

Today, yum China announced that the shareholders of the company will elect ten nominated directors at the annual general meeting of shareholders, and the term of office will be until the 2023 annual general meeting of shareholders of the company; In addition, the remuneration of the company’s listed senior managers is also approved in a recommended manner. (company announcement)

Prices of some products of Liziyuan have been raised since July

Liziyuan announced today that based on the continuous rise in the costs of main raw materials, packaging materials, transportation and energy, the company decided to adjust the ex factory prices of some sweet milk beverage and flavor milk beverage series by 6%-9%. The new prices will be implemented from July 1. (company announcement)

85% of employees of Shanghai Unilever Jinshan factory return to work

At present, as one of the earliest enterprises to return to work in Jinshan District, Unilever Jinshan factory has gradually returned to work in strict compliance with the epidemic prevention policy. 85% of its employees have returned to Jinshan factory for closed-loop production, and logistics transportation such as raw material and finished product transportation has also begun to recover gradually. (surging News)


Naixue’s tea stores in Shanghai have resumed work one after another


As of today, Naixue has more than 20 reopened stores in Shanghai. All reopened stores only accept takeout business and cannot eat in the classroom. Some stores can pick up their own food. All return to work stores receive orders on the normal take out platform and deliver them on the same day. A number of stores will resume business each week, and it is expected that more than 10 stores will resume work on June 6. (issued by the company)


Starbucks Shanghai workshop is about to reopen

Starbucks Zhenxuan Shanghai baking workshop microblog reported today that the store will reopen at 9:00 on June 3. (issued by the company)


Burger King has reopened 30 stores in Shanghai


As of June 1, 30 restaurants of Shanghai Burger King have resumed business. It is expected that more than 40 restaurants will resume work from June 2 to June 6. It is reported that more than 350 employees have returned to their posts. Except for those living in the sealed and controlled areas, the rest will return to their jobs in succession. At present, Burger King stores still focus on community group buying and online takeout business, and some restaurants also carry out offline takeout business under the guidance of the government. The SKU of the restaurant plans to gradually promote the full menu before the outbreak after June 6. (snack generation)

Three Lele tea stores in Shanghai have resumed offline business


As of May 31, three Lele tea stores in Shanghai have resumed offline and take away business, and a total of 22 stores have been opened in Shanghai community group purchase. At present, it is clear that more than 37 stores will resume the normal business of offline and take out before June 3. Since the first store on Daxue road in Yangpu District resumed operation on April 17, as of May 31, the turnover of the opened stores has reached more than 80% during the non epidemic period, and more than half of the stores have reached more than 100% during the non epidemic period. (snack generation)

Zhong Xuegao’s registered capital increased to 1.203 billion yuan

Recently, zhongxuegao food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. underwent industrial and commercial changes, and its registered capital increased from about 603million yuan to 1.203 billion yuan, an increase of about 99.52%. Zhong Xuegao food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in march2018. Its legal representative is Lin Sheng and is wholly owned by glorifeed HK Limited. (snack generation)


Jinzai food plans to raise additional funds for intelligent production of Hunan halogen flavor food and other projects

Recently, jinzai food announced that it plans to increase the total amount of funds raised by no more than 285million yuan. After deducting the issuance expenses, it plans to be used in the intelligent production project of Hunan halogen flavor food, the marketing network and brand construction and promotion project, and the new generation flavor snack food R & D center project. (Sina Finance)

“Oncha starts drinking tea” completed the pre-A round of financing of more than ten million yuan

Recently, the modern Chinese tea brand “oncha began to drink tea” announced that it had completed a round of pre-A financing of more than 10 million yuan, which was invested exclusively by jiawo venture capital, and Fengyi capital acted as the long-term exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing is mainly used for team building, product production, brand marketing, etc. (36 krypton)


Hungry? The first seasonal digital collection will be launched

On June 2, the first seasonal digital collection of “Tang Xiaomei’s Dragon Boat Festival” will be released online in Luoyang for the first time, and the first seasonal food digital collection of “hungry” will also be opened simultaneously. It is reported that the digital collection combines the classic image of Tang Xiaomei with the image of Dragon Boat Festival and zongzi. According to the person in charge of the digital collection of hungry Yao, hungry Yao will make digital collections in the Central Plains in combination with classic Henan cuisine such as Yellow River carp and spicy soup. (Dahe Daily)

Cross border cooperation between heshengyuan and Peppa Pig

Today, heshengyuan, a subsidiary of Jianhe group, announced the joint branding with animation IP Peppa Pig, and the two sides cooperated to launch the Peppa Pig co branded gift box. It is reported that nearly 15 products including synbiotic Xingyao series milk powder, sheep milk powder, organic milk powder, children’s growth milk powder and synbiotic probiotics participated in the linkage. It will also launch special gift boxes on e-commerce platforms and more Peppa Pig joint roadshows across the country, especially in the offline market. (issued by the company)

“That street, that lane” Leshan potted chicken has become one of the top 100 trends of tmall small black box

Today, Leshan potted chicken under uni president central control has become one of the top 100 trend new products of tmall small black box, and will soon be sold in the “official flagship store of uni president” of tmall. It is reported that this product is an instant cold hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot. (issued by the company)


Xiaohe and Luxue donated 1million yuan to Yunnan Green Foundation


Today, xiaoheluxue, a brand-new ice cream brand specially designed for children by heluxue under Unilever, joined hands with ant forest and Yunnan green environment development foundation (hereinafter referred to as “Green Foundation”) to jointly carry out public welfare projects for biodiversity protection. In this cooperation, Xiaohe and Luxue donated 1million yuan to the green foundation for the restoration of biodiversity ecological corridor. (issued by the company)


AD calcium milk launched a joint brand of angry Bobo milk gas


On the eve of the June 1st Festival, Wahaha and kellyone officially announced the joint theme activity, launched the AD calcium milk co branded angry Bobo milk gas, customized gift boxes online and linked offline flash events. Kellyone is a personal brand created by zongfuli, vice chairman and general manager of Wahaha Group. (issued by the company)


The new product of vegetable shredded meat “spicy hissing” was launched on the zero day of the week, which was linked with the king of snails


Recently, the local plant protein brand “week zero” iterated over the popular product “one mouthful of plant shredded meat” and launched “week zero spicy hissing”. There are three new flavors: Western cumin barbecue flavor, secret Sichuan spicy bittern flavor, and sour spicy snail powder flavor, which are available in the official flagship store of tmall The flavor elements of spicy hiss (sour and spicy snail powder flavor) and snail powder (classic original flavor) are new flavors launched with the theme of “I’m really sour Q” and linked with snail overlord on Monday zero. (issued by the company)



Naixue’s tea push children’s Day package

Today, Naixue’s tea launched the children’s Day Limited “happy baby package”. The package price is 18.8 yuan, including a customized “baby milk bottle” packaging “happy baby milk tea” and a set of customized fashion building blocks “Naixue milk tea shop”, which was launched nationwide on June 1. At present, the “Naixue milk tea shop” building blocks in many Naixue stores have been sold out. (issued by the company)

Pfizer plans to sell its shares in the consumer health joint venture with GSK

GlaxoSmithKline said today that Pfizer plans to sell 32% of its joint-venture consumer health company haleon, which will be split into an independent listed company in July. GlaxoSmithKline also said that Pfizer would withdraw its investment in a “prudent manner”. (Reuters)

Moldova recalls two batches of infant formula products

Recently, due to the alleged detection of cronobacteria, Moldova’s food safety authority ordered the recall of two batches of numil infant formula products, which were produced in the Czech Republic and distributed by a Polish company. The batch numbers of affected 900g products are 02.05.2022 and 28.04.22, and the date is October 12, 2023. The authorities have not reported any cases of related diseases. Numil is a baby food company located in Greece, Spain and Turkey, which belongs to Danone. According to the information of the European food and feed rapid warning system, the Czech Republic had previously reported relevant problems. After receiving the analysis results on May 13, the Czech Republic conducted an investigation in the local factory and requested that the products be recalled immediately. (foodsafetynews)

Gatorade will give up sponsoring the National Hockey League

Today, Gatorade, a sports drink brand under Pepsi, will abandon its sponsorship of the National Hockey League (NHL) and focus on sponsoring women’s sports and college athletes. It is reported that Gatorade signed a five-year agreement with NHL in 2018. (Bloomberg)

Quick reading of food industry information



Gongbei Customs seized the case of smuggling brand liquor into the country, with a case value of about 135million yuan

Recently, Gongbei Customs, together with Zhuhai Public Security Bureau, cracked a case of smuggling branded liquor into the country by “water merchants” gangs, and seized goods suspected of smuggling into the country, such as export loaded Maotai liquor, Australian Benfu wine, Japanese whisky, etc. after preliminary verification, the case was worth about 135million yuan. (issued by customs)

Biden to discuss with milk powder manufacturers

Given the nationwide shortage of infant formula in the United States, Biden will hold a meeting with infant formula manufacturers on Wednesday local time to discuss “accelerating the progress in the production and import of infant formula”. Previously, the United States relaxed its import policy and invoked the defense production act to help increase the available supply in the United States, but it is expected that this will take several weeks. (Reuters)


ANZ and us discuss milk powder supply

The Australian authorities said today that they are discussing the supply of infant food with the United States and “will continue to cooperate with the United States authorities to confirm regulatory arrangements and promote the export of infant formula”. In addition, a spokesman for the Ministry of primary industry of New Zealand also said that the country was “in a favorable position” in supplying to the US market and helping to solve the shortage. It added that the decision to ship baby food to the United States was entirely in the hands of the manufacturers. (Reuters)


India to restrict sugar exports

The Indian government announced that from today on, in order to ensure the domestic sugar supply and price stability in the country, the total export volume of the country’s sugar (including raw sugar, refined sugar and white sugar) will be limited to 10million tons in the 2021-2022 pressing season (October 2021 to September 2022). It is reported that India is a major sugar producer and exporter in the world. Some analysts say that India’s implementation of total sugar export restrictions is largely a preventive measure taken to deal with the rise in international sugar prices. (Xinhua News Agency)

Jingdong has invested 2billion yuan in anti epidemic insurance

Today, JD claimed in its wechat public that during the past 80 days of the epidemic, it had invested 2billion yuan in many places for anti epidemic protection, and delivered more than 150000 tons of materials in Shanghai JD logistics. In addition, 420000 Jingdong people are making every effort to prepare for Jingdong 618, getting through more than 1400 warehouses and more than 1700 cloud warehouse resources across the country, ensuring that merchants deliver goods in time, greatly reducing merchant fees, and fully supporting small and medium-sized businesses to resume work, production and market. (issued by the company)

Hillhouse was exposed to indiscriminate layoffs, and the consumer group was completely laid off? Here comes the response

In response to the news that Hillhouse is carrying out indiscriminate layoffs, Hillhouse replied today that this rumor is a rumor. Earlier, a chat record of several Hillhouse insiders was posted on the Internet. Hillhouse is carrying out indiscriminate layoffs. This layoff mainly involves the primary market group, and there are indiscriminate layoffs at different job levels. A VC partner said that the layoff was basically true. The current layoff plan of Hillhouse is “to cut all the consumption groups, optimize the TMT group and turn to technology”. The above partners also said that last year, individual head funds also cut off the entire consumption group and education group. (Caijing Tianxia weekly)

Tencent salary adjustment big change

Yesterday, Tencent’s internal e-mail adjusted the salary rules for employee promotion, and no longer made instant salary adjustment for rank promotion alone. The social platform in the workplace attracted attention. Some netizens said in a statement that this means that the salary can not be adjusted for promotion. On June 1, a person from Tencent told the economic observer that it was a misunderstanding to cancel the promotion and salary adjustment. This year, Tencent adjusted the form of promotion and salary adjustment. Instead of making immediate salary adjustment for rank promotion alone, it concentrated on integrating it into the incentive resource package of annual review. (Economic Observer network)

The proportion of independent directors in the board of directors of ant group rose to 50%

According to the financial associated press today, ant group has updated its official website and newly hired yangxiaolei and shimeilun as independent directors. The proportion of independent directors on the board of directors has risen to 50%, and the proportion of female directors has exceeded 1/3. In addition, the number of shareholder representative directors was reduced from 3 to 2, and Jiang Fang no longer served on the board of directors of ant group. This change shows that ant group is continuously improving its corporate governance and enhancing the independence and professionalism of the board of directors. (Financial Associated Press)


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