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27 food and beverage projects, 4 hundred million yuan investment projects, new consumption investment and financing inventory in May

collates a new consumption investment and financing data every month to understand the current popular categories and the future investment and financing direction.
Investment and financing summary
1. Overall overview of the industry
according to incomplete statistics, 73 investment and financing events occurred in this month, an increase of 25.86% year-on-year compared with 58 in the previous month. The total amount of transactions in RMB (including Hong Kong dollars) in this month exceeded RMB 4.28 billion; The total amount of US dollars traded this month exceeded US $20million (this data only counts the amount of RMB and US dollar investment in China, and the exchange rate ratio is 1:6.684).
2. In terms of financing rounds, the financing of new consumer brands this month is mainly concentrated in Angel round and round a, including 25 financing events in Angel round and seed round, and 17 financing events in round a (including pre-A and a+), accounting for 57.53%, which are mainly concentrated in catering brands, beauty personal care, e-commerce retail and other sub fields. Among them, the number of angel round (including seed round) and round a financing is relatively stable. In the general environment of cold consumption, investors need to be bold and meticulous, and work hard to capture the “national good brand” in the eyes of the next Chinese. In addition, as the only brand that won the d+ round of financing this month, pet food manufacturer Shuaike pet announced yesterday (May 30) that it had completed the 500million yuan pre IPO round of financing, and would further promote the construction of factories and supporting R & D and testing centers in the future, consolidating its leading edge in the field of high-end pet food processing.

3. From the distribution of financing fields, the mainstream racing tracks of
this month were food and beverage, beauty personal care and e-commerce retail, accounting for 36.98% (27 cases), 19.17% (14 cases) and 10.96% (8 cases) respectively.
as the temperature gradually rises, the colorful summer declares its return, and people’s eagerness and pursuit for “beauty” is staged again. The amount of investment and financing in the field of beauty and personal care has increased significantly compared with last month, and the brands and manufacturers of eyelashes, skin and body care have attracted attention. “Yanzhi”, which is targeting the cost-effective skin care and make-up scheme for men, has obtained Angel round financing. Young men’s high attention to their own appearance has continuously added fuel to the market. The national style Meitong brand “norvey” also aims at the personality characteristics of the new generation of “love yourself, love expression and love communication”, and hopes to resonate with consumers through Oriental elements such as Tang and song styles.
4. From the perspective of single financing amount, there were four investment and financing (including IPO) of more than 100 million yuan in
this month, all of which were concentrated in the field of food and beverage, including cellx, a leading domestic cell agricultural technology company, as well as the community cold halogen brand claw, which started in 1992.

Industry rookie observation
1. Nursing digital service provider: moego/ seed wheel / nearly ten million dollars
“moego” completed the seed round financing of nearly ten million US dollars in December 2021, led by conductive ventures and followed by angel investor uphonest capital. The financing amount is mainly used for the expansion of the production research team and the construction of the U.S. growth operation team.
pet care digital service provider “moego”, founded in 2019, is committed to starting from SaaS, providing pet care businesses with one-stop solutions including business management, customer communication, digital payment and other functions, so as to promote the digitalization of the global pet economy. (source: 36kr)
2. Manufacturer and distributor of frozen meatballs: Xiwan / Angel wheel / millions of RMB
Recently, the new nutritional pill brand “Xiwan hekwan” announced that it had obtained millions of yuan of angel round financing. It is understood that heekwan, based on the sub category of quick-frozen meatballs, takes functional nutrition as the product differentiation feature to provide targeted meatballs for different types of consumers. (source: 36kr)
On May 7, Hainan xiaoyangqiao Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “xiaoyangqiao”), a local coffee enterprise in Hainan, announced that it had received an angel round investment of 10 million yuan. This round of financing is led by Baoxu capital, followed by professional investors, and Hainan free trade port financial development center serves as the exclusive consultant. It is reported that this round of funds will be used for the expansion of small overseas Chinese stores, team building and the expansion of outdoor portable coffee business.
small overseas Chinese was founded in November, 2019 and was born in Xinglong, Hainan. “Small” refers to seeing the big from the small, “foreign” represents Nanyang culture, “overseas Chinese” refers to returned overseas Chinese from 21 countries and regions from the 1950s. They brought cocoa, coffee, Nanyang culture and lifestyle, and formed a unique “overseas Chinese culture” in Xinglong. As the transmitter and integrator of culture, the small overseas Chinese adhere to the historical inheritance of the construction of Xinglong farm by overseas Chinese. (source: Entrepreneurial state)
hot events review
*Star founder / popular industry
On May 6, the whole wheat bread brand “seven years and five seasons” recently announced that it had completed a round of a+ financing with a total amount of tens of millions of yuan. However, the official did not release the investor information of this round of financing, nor did it disclose the future capital trends.
according to the information on the official website for seven years and five quarters, the brand was established in april2017 and is headquartered in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The brand is positioned as a healthy low-fat diet. It mainly provides a series of foods with low fat, low GI, high protein and high satiety, covering coarse grain bread, oil vinegar juice, rye bread, salad juice, low-fat salad dressing, low-fat snacks, low-fat ham, cold extracted coffee and other products. Since its listing, it has won the love of consumers with excellent quality and good service in seven years and five quarters. (source: Sina Finance)
Recently, the traditional dessert giant “Manji dessert” and the new tea brand “Xiaoman tea field” have completed the merger. Liuzizheng, the founder of Xiaoman tea field, will serve as the president of Zhigang group (the parent company of Manji dessert) and the co CEO of Manji dessert. At the same time of the merger, Zhigang group also announced that it had completed a new round of strategic financing, which was jointly invested by the well-known catering group and the new consumption Unicorn company.
at present, Manji dessert has nearly 300 all direct stores in the mainland, Hong Kong and Singapore, with an annual revenue of nearly 1billion yuan and stable profits. With the birth of “xinmanji”, the company’s management team has also been further strengthened: hufengchun, the former head of Starbucks’ China supply chain and COO of Piye coffee, the former COO of Xiaoman tea field and songxiaoli, the former head of Starbucks’ East China operations, will join us. (source: 36kr)
Cellx, a leading domestic cell agricultural technology company, recently completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing was continuously supported by old shareholders such as lever VC, agromics and better bite ventures, the world’s leading new protein funds, and strategic investors such as jiawo venture capital were also introduced.
it is reported that after a year and a half of research and development by a professional team, cellx has obtained a “cell seed” that can grow stably and a supporting low-cost culture medium, and the breakthrough of the two technologies is very important for cost reduction and large-scale production. Next, the brand will focus on promoting the process amplification and cost reduction based on this “cell seed”. (source: chuangyebang)
Future investment trends
* star capital / industry benchmark fund
The low-temperature meat product brand “benweixianwu” has recently completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round is led by Baorui capital, a venture capital fund under baozun e-commerce, and xiaohongshu, an old shareholder, continues to follow. It is reported that this round of financing will continue to be used for R & D and supply chain construction.
benweixianwu is a newly rising brand of meat products. It mainly focuses on the roast sausage without adding pure meat, and introduces the original cut American bacon and low-temperature prefabricated dishes. In March, 2021, the first product of this delicious food, black pork sausage, was officially launched on tmall. So far, the monthly sales of this single product has exceeded 5W boxes.
up to now, this delicious food has opened up all channels such as xiaohongshu,, Tiktok, offline kitchen and offline community group purchase. In 2021, the company’s sales volume will exceed 100million yuan; In 2022, the sales volume of this delicious food is planned to triple. (source: investment community)
Beu Ltd, a Chinese sea going enterprise focusing on the African takeout market, recently completed the seed round financing of millions of dollars, which was led by Y combinator, CO invested by goodwater capital and Addis alemayehou, an Ethiopian angel investor, and 42 Zhang Jing served as the financial adviser. The newly raised funds in this round will be used for market expansion and technology development – according to the founder, the company plans to expand its business to Tanzania and Uganda this year, and will further improve the existing order placing and distribution system and optimize the management system.
Xiaomo technology is actually a localized life service platform beu with the African market as the core. Since june2021, the company has carried out takeout business in Ethiopia. Founder Zhenghao said that by December 31, 2021, beu’s market share had reached 56.2%, ranking first in local market share. By february2022, after 8 months of business development, beu’s market share has exceeded the second (once the first) delivery Addis by 20%. (source: investment community)
The instant chicken breast brand “muscle Little Prince” recently announced that it had completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, which was exclusively invested by a well-known US dollar fund. This round of financing will be used for core links such as product innovation and iteration, and deep cultivation of supply chain construction, aiming to become a healthy food brand that understands the tastes of the Chinese people best. Founded at the end of 2017,
muscle little prince is a private supply chain brand focusing on ready to eat chicken breast. In 2018, the annual sales volume of instant chicken breast meat in tmall channel was the first; In 2019, the double 11 shopping festival became the king of single product sales of instant chicken breast; At the “double 11” Shopping Festival in 2021, the muscle little prince achieved the top 1 in the sales of tmall channel and JD channel industries. In the whole year, 260million bags were placed on various online categories and platforms. So far, the little muscle Prince has become an important pioneer and head brand of the health food track. At present, the muscle Prince has formed a mature online Omni channel laying, and the offline channel construction will be started in 2022. (source: SSE China Securities Network)
Investment and financing situation
Source: 27 food and beverage projects, 4 billion yuan investment. What track is worth watching in June Monthly report on investment and financing of new consumer brands
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