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A group of 100 food executives started a group chat. How did enterprises evolve in an uncertain era?

a pragmatic and efficient meeting, focusing only on dry goods and constructive suggestions, focusing on problem solving and industry empowerment.
As the current round of epidemic is drawing to a close, great changes have taken place in the external economic environment, enterprise status, capital environment, consumption environment and the industrial chain represented by food and beverage. Restoring normal enterprise operations and consumer confidence has become a top priority.
The epidemic situation is more than epidemic situation. How can enterprises face the crisis and grow tenaciously? What are the practical experiences from different aspects such as company operation, user operation and sustainable development? From the perspective of lengthening the time line, how should enterprises hold the basic market, make long-term layout and develop the second growth curve? How can new and cutting-edge brands not mess up in the face of crisis and cultivate their new ability to cross the cycle? How can capital re enable new consumption and help to walk out of the evergreen enterprise brand?
Focusing on these issues, on June 5, foodaily daily food and yaxinbuer Institute jointly launched a closed door Seminar on “through crisis, resilient growth”. 100 industry leaders and brand decision makers will be invited to attend this seminar. It aims to put forward timely, efficient and specific suggestions for China’s food and beverage industry on the basis of a comprehensive understanding of the environment. Therefore, the ceiling level product and brand experts in the industry, the chairman of a listed company with global vision and through multiple economic cycles, the helmsman of the high-level growth of the epidemic, the outstanding leader of China’s cutting-edge brands and the decision-makers focusing on investment in the consumer field are invited to be super dry goods at the bottom of the box. We just want to hold a pragmatic and efficient meeting, only make constructive suggestions, focus on solving problems, and focus on industry empowerment.
Join the group of 100 food executives who have their word and talk about the problems of enterprise growth in the uncertain era!
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