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Beinmei 1billion large single products are overweight and high-end! Organic +a2 “combined fist” attack milk powder track

Aiming at the opportunity of fine differentiation and high-end of infant milk powder, beinmei offered the latest “secret weapon”.

On the occasion of children’s day yesterday, beinmei held the new product launch meeting of Aijia organic A2 and announced the launch of the company’s first organic A2 infant milk powder. Xiehong, the founder, chairman and general manager of beinmei, also attended the event in person and called “Aijia”, the largest single product of its 1billion level.

In addition, beinmei also launched the public welfare initiative of “sharing nature with children” at the event, and helped itself achieve higher development with cutting-edge parenting concepts.

Both “A2 + organic” advantages

As the growth rate of China’s infant milk powder market slows down, the new generation of parents pay more attention to scientific feeding, and brands have chosen to increase the size of categories and promote high-end products to achieve growth.

Under this trend, the proportion of high-end and ultra high-end products continues to increase. According to frost Sullivan data quoted in the 2021 Research Report of Guosen Securities (Hong Kong), in 2018, China’s high-end and ultra-high-end infant formula accounted for 37.9% of the overall market, which is expected to increase to 58.3% by 2023.

On the other hand, the organic, A2 protein, sheep milk powder and other circuits have welcomed more players, which to some extent makes the segment market more “crowded”. To this end, some major brands of milk powder also began to seek breakthroughs, launching new products with multiple selling points, such as organic sheep milk powder and organic A2.

“With the continuous iteration of new consumption and new scenes, natural and organic feeding has become a child rearing method widely advocated by young parents, and we hope that more high-quality and high standard organic milk powder products will appear in the market.” Beinmei said that after gaining insight into the needs of young parents for high-end organic milk powder products, it launched the new Aijia organic A2 product with the dual advantages of “A2 + organic”.

At the press conference, chuxiaojun, President of beinmei Research Institute, said that organic milk sources have extremely strict requirements for natural, pure and pollution-free production areas and raw materials. However, A2 milk source is even rarer. Enterprises need to rely on professional technology and detection system to select A2 cows that “account for only 30% of the total” to ensure the purity of milk source.

“The organic plus A2 milk source adopted by beinmei accounts for less than 10%. With the support of strong scientific research strength, Aijia organic A2 also specially adds lf lactoferrin α- Milk white protein, FOS + gos double prebiotics and other scientific formula nutrition help the baby grow up healthily. ” Chuxiaojun said.

It is worth mentioning that the listing of Aijia organic A2 also marks the further implementation of beinmei’s product strategy. In the annual report of 2021, the company once said that it would “strengthen its main categories and explore market segments” in the future. For the segment market, beinmei will seize the opportunity of rapid growth of sheep milk powder, organic milk powder and nutrition products, and accelerate the implementation of ultra-high-end products.

Younger “offensive”

At the time of “anti super” foreign brands of domestic milk powder, beinmei, once the “leader of domestic milk powder”, also targeted young parents and continued to strengthen the brand offensive.

Beinmei once pointed out in its annual report in 2021 that under the background of the impact of the peripheral epidemic and the rising sense of national pride, the company further spread and strengthened the consumer’s awareness of the company’s brand to build a big country brand.  

For this reason, after 90/95, the company launched a series of activities of big country brands, focusing on the brand theme of “big country brand · beinmei”, combined with social media, Q & a media, maternal and infant vertical platforms, etc., to enhance the brand tone.

At yesterday’s press conference, beinmei launched a public welfare initiative of “sharing nature with children”. “Nowadays, organic feeding has gradually become a way of life, which has also affected the innovation of more new generation family parenting concepts. We focus on the main force of mother and child consumption, which is mainly the post-90s and post-95s. They also hope that children can adapt to their nature, freely explore and understand the larger world.” The company said.

In order to provide more ideas for natural childcare, Xie Hong also had an on-site dialogue with the famous mother and baby blogger, New Year cake mothers, interpreted the top ten child care hotspots, encouraged more Chinese mothers to work with beinmei to guide their children to grow up positively, healthily and happily.

“Parent child culture is the most warm, precious and fundamental part of human culture, and every family is a school of parent-child relations.” Xie Hong believes that the healthy and harmonious parent-child relationship is closely related to the beautiful today and tomorrow of mankind.

It is reported that beinmei has held several parent-child culture forums, actively advocated to reshape the Chinese nation’s parent-child culture, and practiced the new concept of parent-child culture with “unconditional and principled love” as the core. Recently, we are also recruiting parent-child relationship consultants and lecturers, collecting parent-child relationship cases, and jointly preparing to build a “mother school parent-child relationship school” and a new platform for raising children.

Xiehong had previously predicted that in 2022, the infant powder industry will still be in the state of stock game. The repeated epidemic situation will superimpose the impact of the implementation of the new national standard and the secondary registration, and the terminal competition will intensify. Small and medium-sized brands will accelerate their exit, and the industry concentration will further improve. The substitution of domestic excellent brands for overseas products will accelerate.

“For excellent domestic brands, there are still good opportunities for structural growth this year. We should have better opportunities.” He said at the time.

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