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Dairy products, beverages, pastries 19 categories of tmall 618 pre-sale data freshly released


has a pre-sale amount of more than 100 million, and a new race track species is emerging How many secrets are there in the top list.
At 20:00 on May 26, 2022, tmall 618 officially opened the pre-sale. The final payment at 20:00 on May 31 means that the pre-sale payment deposit stage of 618 promotion is over. Although the deposit period is only a few days, we can still see some popular consumption trends of food categories in the list.
According to the pre-sale data of tmall 618 provided by the digital retail data service provider magic mirror market intelligence, during the period from 20:00 on May 26 to 23:59 on May 31, the pre-sale value of the top 10 brands of instant coffee, coffee bean powder and traditional nutritional products exceeded 100 million. It is not difficult to understand that these two categories exceed 100 million yuan: the former aims at the refreshing and decompressing points of consumers, and the latter aims at the pain points of users’ worries about their health.
The categories with pre-sale amount of top 10 brands exceeding 10 million include liquid milk, normal temperature dairy products, beverages, tea, instant frozen food and health food & dietary nutrition supplement food.
What are the top10 brands in each category in the pre-sale stage?
Milk and dairy products
Xinjiang brands began to appear in the top10 list of pre-sale value of milk and dairy products. In addition to liquid milk, maizeer in the normal temperature dairy products category appeared at the top of the list, and Tianrun also appeared in the top 3 in the low temperature dairy products. Xinjiang good milk, which has been passed on by netizens by word of mouth, is being voted by consumers with the pre-sale amount, and Xinjiang dairy enterprises are also breaking away from the influence of region and distance and getting closer to more consumers.
Beverage type
At the coffee track, yongpu ranked first and second among the three and a half tons. In addition to instant coffee, Nestle’s sub brand Nespresso, which mainly operates capsule coffee machines and coffee capsules, ranks third in the list.
In the cereal category, Wang Satin took the lead, followed by Quaker, Ozark, kalobi and other brands. Jiangzhong dietotherapy, which focuses on monkey mushroom and rice thin dietotherapy, ranks fourth.
Tea products have different preferences in different ages and genders. In the top10 list, we can see that Chinese tea, focusing on the whole category of tea, ranks first, focusing on tea varieties, such as Dayi, lancanggu, ruipin, Gumo, Gong Ming of Pu’er tea, and fuyitang of white tea. Of course, among the traditional brands, we have also seen Chali, a cutting-edge brand, ascend the top2.
Among the beverages, the category of vegetable protein beverages has attracted much attention, of which oatly milk brand oatly ranks first, and the coconut milk brand FeNO, which is also developing by BC, ranks eighth. In addition, Nongfu mountain spring, Yuanqi forest, Yibao, Suntory and other brands have taken the lead in opening the new habit of online water consumption, ranking among the top five drinks. Like tea, which has crossed the border from the new tea, also entered the top10 list.
Infant food
At the baby snack track, Dr. cheese, the main cheese product, ranked first. According to the list, it can be found that local brands have occupied the main advantage in the track of baby snacks. For baby complementary food and infant condiments, overseas brands rank higher, such as British, Garbo and grandpa’s farm.
From the perspective of the pre-sale amount of TOP10 brands, western style cakes are about twice that of Chinese style cakes. In the Chinese pastry category, Xuan Ma, who is deeply involved in the egg yolk pastry category, is still deeply loved by consumers and ranks first. The time-honored Chinese dim sum brand Xianghe Bobo shop, which just won billions of financing last year, ranked second. In the Western pastry track, the durian mango sub track leads the list. In the list, light food brands such as orange express, food waiter and seven years and five seasons are also outstanding. The substitute baking category represented by whole wheat bread is becoming an online stock up trend.
Instant frozen food
Snail powder, as a highly anticipated food during the epidemic, has been listed in 3 brands represented by it. The empty cut of the main pasta ranked second.
Nutrition & health products
Traditional nutritious products are the collision between new brands and old brands, while health food is the battle between domestic and foreign brands.
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