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Meituan said that the epidemic had a great impact on the take out business. Starbucks’ reopened stores in Shanghai have been spread all over the districts. Coca Cola and Danone have added green packaging in China. Li Jie plans to use Singapore factories to produce milk powder for the United States

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Meituan said the epidemic had a great impact on the takeout business

Meituan released its first quarter financial report today, showing that its revenue during the period was 46.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25%. The operating loss in the first quarter was 5.58 billion yuan, compared with 4.77 billion yuan in the same period last year, with a year-on-year increase of 17.1%. The adjusted loss was 3.59 billion yuan, down 7.8% from 3.89 billion yuan in the same period last year. Among them, the first quarter revenue of catering takeout business increased by 17.4% year-on-year to 24.2 billion yuan. The increase in revenue was mainly due to the increase in order volume and customer unit price. At the teleconference, Wangxing, CEO of meituan, said that since April, the prevention and control measures have been more stringent in various regions, and the first tier cities with greater order contribution have also been more affected. (First Finance)

MUJI enters meituan

Recently, MUJI meituan service was launched. Meituan flash purchase confirmed that the two sides have carried out cooperation, and more than 80% of Muji’s 240 stores nationwide have been settled. It is understood that Muji Muji has announced this cooperation on official platforms such as small programs and small red books. (interface News)

Shanghai Metro, Sam, Wal Mart, etc. successively resumed business

Yesterday, Shanghai Metro, Sam, Yonghui, Wal Mart and other supermarkets and member stores successively resumed normal business. It is reported that all eight Metro stores in Shanghai have resumed online and offline business, 95% of Yonghui supermarket’s stores have resumed offline business, and Wal Mart Shanghai Tianlin store has restarted the special session of “caring for the elderly”. (Beijing News)


Starbucks Shanghai reopened stores covering all administrative regions

As of June 1, Starbucks’ reopened stores in Shanghai have covered all administrative regions. In addition, Starbucks has optimized its menu, expanded its transportation capacity, adjusted its supply chain, and delivered coffee to as many customers as possible by ordering online. (issued by the company)

YIHAI KERRY has newly registered a chocolate company


Yesterday, YIHAI KERRY golden dragon fish grain, oil and Food Co., Ltd. added an investment enterprise YIHAI KERRY (Shanghai) chocolate Co., Ltd., with an investment ratio of 100%. Its business scope: production and processing of chocolate and chocolate products, and sales of self-produced products, wholesale, import and export of raw materials and food, and related supporting services. (business system)

Chenxianzhen resigns as deputy general manager

Today, I really want you to announce that chenxianzhen resigned as a director and deputy general manager of the company for personal reasons, and also resigned as a member of the strategy committee of the Fifth Board of directors. After chenxianzhen resigned from the above position, she still served as the person in charge of the marketing center of the company. (company announcement)

Wal Mart’s pet food agency plans to IPO

Recently, Guaibao Pet Food Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Guaibao pet”) which is mainly engaged in dog and cat pet food, submitted a prospectus to Shenzhen Stock Exchange to apply for landing on the gem. The company plans to raise 600million yuan in this IPO. About half of the company’s revenue comes from “going to sea”, that is, the OEM export of pet food. Among them, Wal Mart is the largest customer of Guaibao pets, contributing about 20% of its revenue. (in the network)


Chairman laoxiangji responded to the social security issue of employees

Recently, it was revealed that 16000 employees had not paid social security for three years. Yesterday, shucongxuan, chairman of Laoxiang chicken, released a microblog explanation. Shucongxuan said that by the end of 2021, the actual insurance coverage rate of rural chicken employees had reached 93.75% and the actual compliance rate of social security had reached 94.2%. (interface News)

Fonterra launches theme activities


Yesterday, the consumer brand team of Fonterra, a New Zealand dairy company, launched the theme activity of “anjazhen forage is daring to be authentic”. It is reported that the event was launched on many social platforms, including Tiktok and xiaohongshu, on June 1, covering the three categories of Anka brand milk powder, table dairy products and normal temperature milk. (issued by the company)

Like tea to promote the public welfare of stray cats around

Recently, Xicha, together with pidan and its fund, jointly launched the “June 1 special plan” to launch a public welfare outdoor supply station designed for stray cats and co branded peripheral products. (pinecone economy)

Coca Cola launches recycled bottle packaging

Recently, Coca Cola China launched the beverage bottle packaging with recycled material bottle label, which is applied to more than ten products of the company’s important brands. It is reported that consumers will get green energy from ant forest after purchasing corresponding products, which will help reduce carbon and protect the environment. (issued by the company)

Danone China announces investment in PET packaging


Today, Danone’s brand pulse announced that it would cooperate with lanzatech, an innovative company that has long focused on carbon capture and transformation, to invest in the production technology of new PET packaging materials. (issued by the company)

Danone disclosed the quarterly performance of China’s region last year

Today, according to its latest regional market division, Danone released the rewritten performance indicators for 2021. Among them, the net sales of China’s regions in the first quarter of 2021 were 598million euros, a year-on-year decrease of 10.9%; Net sales in the second quarter amounted to 832million euros, an increase of 1.3% year-on-year; Net sales in the third quarter amounted to 801million euros, an increase of 10.0% year on year; Net sales in the fourth quarter amounted to 777million euros, a year-on-year increase of 19.3%. (company announcement)

Danone claims that it does not produce and sell numil brand products

Due to the detection of cronobacteria, Moldova’s National Food Safety Administration (ANSA) recently ordered the recall of two batches of numil brand infant formula. The product in question was produced in the Czech Republic by corinos house, distributed to Moldova by proszki mleczne, an exporter from Poland, and the importer from Moldova was P ș eneac。 Previously, some media reported that numil belongs to Danone. Danone said that Danone has no infant formula factory in the Czech Republic, and the involved numil infant formula is not a product or brand of Danone. (snack generation)


Li Jie Shi plans to use Singapore factory to produce milk powder for the United States

Yesterday, an executive of Li Jieshi said that if the US FDA gave him the green light, Li Jieshi would be able to produce at least 21million bottles (8 ounces per bottle) of infant formula for the US market at its factories in Asia and Latin America. According to reports, Li Jieshi is also preparing to start producing infant formula for the US market at its Singapore factory on June 5. (CNBC)

Bubs expects to deliver about 250000 cans of milk powder to the United States next week

Yesterday, Kristy Carr, chief executive officer and founder of bubs, said that it was expected to ship about 250000 cans of milk powder to the United States in two batches next week. US authorities said yesterday that the flight of infant formula milk powder will take off from Australia on June 9 and June 11, and will arrive in Pennsylvania and California respectively. These flights will include the equivalent of about 4.6 million bottles (8 ounces each) of infant formula. (CNN)


Tim Hortons is accused of violating privacy laws in Canada

Yesterday, the Canadian privacy regulator said in a report that the mobile app of Tim Hortons, a coffee chain in the country, regularly tracks and records the location of its users, even if their app is not opened. And alleged that the act violated Canadian privacy law. In response, Tim Hortons said that it had removed geolocation technology from the tims application. (Reuters)

French bottled water giant raises prices

Yesterday, Alma group, the parent company of cristaline, a French bottled water market giant, decided to raise prices for retailers. According to Olivier dauvers, a French retail expert, this will rise by about 10%. It is reported that this is the first price increase of the brand since 2002. (Chinese in France)


Yakult plans to double the output of popular products

A few days ago, the Nikkei News reported that Yakult plans to double the output of its popular probiotic beverage y1000, and build another production line in Japan’s domestic factory as early as July, doubling its daily output from 200000 pieces to 400000 pieces. (Bloomberg)

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The United States needs more milk powder companies to enter its market

Yesterday, Biden met with major infant formula manufacturers. At a virtual meeting with senior executives of byheart (American infant nutrition company), bubs Australia, Li Jie Shi, Briggs & Stratton and Nestle Garbo, he said that more companies need to enter the infant formula market in the country. Abbott did not attend the meeting. (Reuters

Regulations on clearly marked prices and prohibition of price fraud

Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision announced the provisions on clearly marked prices and prohibition of price fraud (hereinafter referred to as the provisions). In the identification of price fraud, it clarifies the specific requirements of operators in price comparison, discount, price reduction and other activities, lists the typical price fraud behaviors to be prohibited, emphasizes that the subjective malice of the parties should be taken as an important consideration in the identification of price fraud, and puts forward clear requirements for the pricing behavior of online transaction operators. (General Administration of market supervision)

The State Administration of market supervision launched the national contract demonstration text library

Recently, the national contract model text library developed and constructed by the State Administration of market supervision was officially launched. The text library contains a large number of contract model texts formulated and released by the General Administration of market supervision and various provincial market supervision departments, covering online transactions, real estate sales, agricultural production, transportation, elderly care services, education and training, and provides a unified channel for the public to query and use. State Administration of market supervision)

Hangzhou issued incentives to promote new e-commerce enterprises to become bigger and stronger

Today, several opinions on promoting the high-quality development of new e-commerce in Hangzhou were released. It is proposed to further expand the main body of Hangzhou e-commerce market, strengthen the echelon construction of e-commerce enterprises, and promote new e-commerce enterprises to become bigger and stronger. For local e-commerce platforms with an annual actual transaction volume of more than 10billion yuan, a one-time reward of no more than 1million yuan will be given; Enterprises with an annual operating income of more than 20million yuan and an average growth rate of more than 20% in recent three years will be given a one-time reward of no more than 1million yuan. (Sina Finance)

Amazon closes its e-book business in China

With regard to Amazon’s announcement to close its e-book business in China, Gaofeng 2, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said that it is a normal phenomenon in the market economy for various market entities, including foreign-funded enterprises, to adjust their products and services according to market development. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

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