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Starbucks’ 22 most worthy stores in the world in 2022! There is also one in Shanghai


The original article was translated from “22 Starbucks stores to visit in 2022” released by Starbucks headquarters on May 31, compiled by snack generation.

Do you want to take risks? Maybe you want to savor a cappuccino on the terrace in Milan, or watch surfers seize the next wave in South Africa.

Let’s pack up (virtual) bags, travel around the world and visit some of the most unique Starbucks restaurants, which will be the perfect choice for your next vacation.

1. Antigua City, Guatemala

Antigua means “ancient” in Spanish. The elegant historical buildings on both sides of its cobblestone streets tell people stories.

This Starbucks experience restaurant is the 1500th restaurant opened by Starbucks in Latin America and the Caribbean. It was once a private house dating back to the 1930s, just a few steps away from the landmark Santa Catalina arch.

Starbucks experience restaurant in Antigua city (picture materials)

The Starbucks design team restored many of the original architectural features of the house. At the same time, it also cooperated with local artists and designers to show Guatemala’s coffee heritage and capture the artistic, warm and colorful spirit of the region.

Antigua is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. After exploring the beautiful ruins and historic sites of Antigua city for a whole day, you can sit in the quiet inner courtyard of Starbucks and enjoy a cup of locally grown Antigua coffee in Guatemala to relax.

2. Lima, Peru

Walk 3000 miles south along the Pan American highway and you will reach your next destination – the Starbucks panamericana sur restaurant near Lima, Peru. On the way to the beach, you can add some food at the drive thru of Starbucks, or visit the walking window and relax under the green umbrella on the terrace.

Panamericana sur restaurant of Starbucks in Lima (picture materials)

This is the first Starbucks restaurant in Latin America to be built with recycled shipping containers. It is part of Starbucks’ green building initiative, which advocates saving water, energy and improving air quality.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Around the world, we came to the Asia Pacific Coffee growing area. In the Starbucks Dewata coffee experience shop in Bali, Indonesia, you can explore the world of Indonesian coffee.

The journey begins from the moment you step into the Starbucks Dewata coffee experience. The terrace full of Arabica coffee trees is the first space for Starbucks’ restaurant to interact with customers – Starbucks invites customers to rake coffee beans or try the process of removing and cleaning coffee beans during the harvest season.

Bali Starbucks Dewata Coffee Experience Center (picture materials)

This immersive coffee Mecca has a new coffee experience center, which opened for business for the first time in 2019. Customers can learn about the art and science behind purchasing, baking and brewing coffee here – to experience the whole process of coffee journey from a coffee bean to a cup of coffee.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

Sail north from Bali, cross the Java Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, and reach Bangkok. You will find the best Starbucks ® Meinan riverside bakery shop.

The store is the largest Starbucks store in Thailand, providing Starbucks’ rare coffee and Thailand’s local Muan Jai blended coffee. There are exquisite lanterns on the mezzanine ceiling of this restaurant to pay tribute to the loy Krathong festival in Bangkok to celebrate Thai culture.

Starbucks in Bangkok ® Meinan riverside bakery workshop (picture materials)

The highlight of this Starbucks restaurant is the outdoor terrace, where you can see the skyline of Bangkok and the bustling Mekong River, Thailand’s “King’s River”.

5. Dubai, UAE

Continue to fly to the west, we came to the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates, where you will find Starbucks reserve bluewaters island near the coast of Dubai.

Dubai Starbucks blue water island Zhenxuan store (picture materials)

This is the 1000th Starbucks restaurant in the Middle East and North Africa. This restaurant is unique in its eye-catching interior decoration and spectacular outdoor seats, which seem to welcome tourists to the nearby ain Dubai, the world’s highest viewing Ferris wheel.

6. Cairo, Egypt

Now it crosses the Arabian Peninsula to the northwest and reaches the Nile in North Africa. The Starbucks Nile City Boat Restaurant on the Bank of the Nile River in Cairo, Egypt, shows the magnificent scenery of this legendary River, and its open courtyard is the best place to watch the boat.

Cairo Starbucks Nile City Boat Restaurant (picture materials)

7. ayvalik, Turkey

Crossing the Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea to the north is evalek, a coastal city on the west coast of Turkey. It has a long beach and the surrounding hills are covered with pine and olive trees. Evalek


8. Istanbul, Turkey

After a half day’s drive, we came to the international metropolis Istanbul. Nearly 20 years after Starbucks came to this city, it opened narmanli Han restaurant, the 500th Starbucks store in Istanbul.

This historic site is located on the famous Istiklal Avenue in Turkey. From the balcony of the restaurant, you can see the charming scenery of the surrounding hills, feel the local atmosphere and relax your senses in the open-air courtyard beside the bubbling fountain.

9. Milan, Italy

Once again, we come to Milan, one of the world’s fashion and design capitals. After visiting the Duomo di Milano Cathedral, stroll through the square to the Starbucks in Milan ® Starbucks reserve Roastery.

Best selection of Starbucks in Milan ® Milan baking workshop (picture materials)

Here, you can immerse yourself in the world of coffee, watch master roasters bake the famous Starbucks small batch coffee, or pick some coffee beans from the scoop bar and take them home. Coffee tables are set in several bronze bird cages on the terrace, where you can sit and drink a cup of nitro chocolate cream, or drink a cup of April spritz in the arriviamo bar on the marble roof, ending this trip to Milan.

what? You can’t go to Italy? There are also five Starbucks around the world ® Bakeries in Seattle, Chicago, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo.

10. London, UK

Now we will travel to London and arrive at the O2 restaurant in Starbucks Greenwich. This restaurant is located in O2 Arena, one of the most popular entertainment places in the British capital. Here, you will find a space full of temptations and bold designs. This Starbucks restaurant is colorful, strange and fun. Its customized artworks create a vibrant atmosphere, which is very suitable for meeting with friends before the exhibition.

The O2 restaurant, Starbucks Greenwich, London (picture materials)

11. Fort Mason, South Africa

Flying south from London for 12 hours to Cape Town, we came to the small coastal city of Mason castle in South Africa, which is famous for its surfing community and colorful beach huts. Enjoy the leisurely atmosphere of the town in Starbucks’ Fort Mason restaurant. Customers can enjoy the sunset on the beach through the glass curtain wall in the store, and also enjoy the sea demon art and bar inspired by the sea.

Starbucks Fort Mason restaurant (picture materials)

12. Tokyo, Japan

Let’s return to the East for our adventure and come to Tokyo’s imperial palace. In the outer gardens, you will find Starbucks and tiancang fountain Park restaurant, which is a center for testing and promoting new sustainable development strategies. Here, the old is the new – from art created from recycled canvas and fishing nets to floor tiles made from coffee grounds, these recycled materials reflect the concept of recycling.

Tokyo Starbucks hotechang fountain Park Restaurant (picture materials)

13. Shanghai, China

In Shanghai, China, you can also find another exciting restaurant dedicated to sustainable innovation – Shanghai Starbucks “green workshop”.

Shanghai Starbucks “XIANGLV workshop” (picture materials)

This restaurant is characterized by the use of recyclable and low impact building materials, such as wood recycled from the decoration of other Starbucks stores, while the interior decoration of the store is made of recyclable, renewable or biodegradable materials.

Even the apron is greener – the restaurant’s apron is made of recycled Starbucks cold drink cups using advanced plastic textile technology.

14. Mumbai, India

If you like to drink coffee outdoors, set off for the Starbucks Carter Road restaurant in Mumbai, India, where all seats are located outdoors. This cafe is located in the coastal suburb of Bandra, surrounded by lush plants and palm trees. It is a great place to watch the mountaineering steps near the seaside promenade known as the “zipper of the world” with the sea breeze from the Arabian Sea.

Mumbai Starbucks Carter Road Restaurant (picture materials)

15. St. Anne, Jamaica

In America, you can feel the cold in the San’an district on the north coast of Jamaica. Starbucks Drax Hall Plaza restaurant is not only a shopping mall, but also a perfect place to relax and recharge on the way to nearby shopping or the beach. If you go there, you must take a self portrait in front of the pink Island inspired murals created by local artists.

Starbucks Drax Hall Plaza restaurant in San’an district (picture materials)

16. West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Now, let’s follow the waves from the beach in the Caribbean to the beach in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here, you will find the Starbucks rosemary Square restaurant.

Rosemary square, Starbucks, West Palm Beach (picture materials)

In this restaurant, whether it is the fixed strafing lamp on the head or the detailed coral details on the outdoor terrace column, its bright and transparent colors are reminiscent of the palm beach breeze. A mural of Starbucks siren image is placed in front of the restaurant, attracting customers to enjoy a moment of luxury and escape from the secular world.

17. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Walking north along the east coast, you will see the Starbucks general booth & Nimmo restaurant in Hickman place – a place that will definitely make you feel at home. Located in one of the 50 most historic residences in Virginia, this restaurant was owned by the Hickman family as early as 1832.

Starbucks general booth & Nimmo restaurant, Virginia Beach (picture materials)

In order to protect and commemorate the history of this house, the design of the coffee area of this restaurant combines the modern and historical stories into one space, and its design effect is magnified by the lighting and vertical screen. If you look closely, you may even find the original portrait of the Hickman family!

18. New York City, USA

Starting from Virginia, travel north along Interstate 95 (I-95) to New York City to explore some of the city’s most prosperous places.

We will start with Starbucks Spring & Crosby, one of the first Starbucks stores in New York. In 1995, the restaurant opened in the SOHO district business center of New York.

You may only see this restaurant in some movies and TV programs, such as the restaurant where Carrie Bradshaw and her friends meet in “like this” (the sequel of the American drama “sex and the city”).

The restaurant’s rather emotional colors provide a cool background for the bright coffee bar, which is characterized by its brass design details and layered light, guiding customers through the restaurant.

19. New York City, USA

Depart north to Midtown, New York, and you will arrive at Pennsylvania Station(

New York Starbucks 31st & 7th restaurant (picture materials)

The bright and warm colors of this restaurant welcome tired travelers. The brave sea demon murals personally arouse the brave spirit of the statue of liberty.

20. New York City, USA

If you are a technophile, you will want to see the new Starbucks pickup with Amazon go restaurant on 59th Street between Park & Lexington Avenue.

This restaurant applies Amazon go to the Starbucks pickup application, and uses the early order function in the Starbucks app and Amazon go’s just walk out technology to bring customers a simple checkout experience.

Starbucks pickup with Amazon go, New York (picture materials)

At the same time, the Starbucks restaurant also has a modern lounge, which has a separate work space and an extended table with a power socket and USB port.

21. Seattle, USA

For those who like iced coffee, please take a look at this Starbucks x restaurant in Seattle.

It overlooks the National Hockey League (NHL) Seattle Kraken driving range, and welcomes junior skaters and hockey fans. If you are lucky, you may see the face of the sea demon floating on the ice on the Zamboni machine in the ice rink!

Seattle Starbucks community iceplex restaurant (picture materials)

This site is also one of the Starbucks community stores. It helps promote the economic development and opportunities of underserved communities by recruiting from the community, cooperating with non-profit organizations and cooperating with local artists. It also serves as a space for local community activities and projects.

22. Blaine, Washington, USA

Let’s end our trip by visiting the Starbucks peace portal drive restaurant, a restaurant in Brian, Washington, near the border between the United States and Canada.

Brian Starbucks peace portal drive restaurant (picture materials)

In the restaurant, you will find the tentacles of modernism in the Pacific Northwest – high beams and bare wooden ceilings. The exterior design of this Starbucks store is inspired by the lighthouse once located on the nearby Wharf – a shining symbol of peace and harmony.

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