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Even without Maotai ice cream, we are gradually unable to afford ice cream


In the past, I couldn’t afford to drink, but now I can’t afford to eat.



Source: Youth windfall Development Association (id:xrich666)

On May 29, Maotai ice cream sold out on the online sale day.


More than 40000 pieces of goods were robbed in just 51 minutes, with a total sales volume of more than 2.5 million yuan.


△ Maotai element in packaging design is very prominent


In addition to online channels, Maotai ice cream shop 002 also opened in Guiyang on the same day. There was a long queue at the door, which was not inferior to the Shanghai coffee queue.


△ there was a long queue before the 002 store opened


After all, when store 001 opened in Maotai International Hotel, the onlookers just regarded it as a cross-border flash event with partial marketing. Unexpectedly, Maotai was really going to start the ice cream business.


This wave is an underestimate of Maotai. As the son of “National Liquor Maotai”, how can Maotai ice cream fall in price?


The three flavors of Maotai ice cream are classic original flavor, green plum boiled wine flavor and vanilla flavor, with the lowest price of 59 yuan and the highest price of 66 yuan. In terms of unit price, it can directly compete with Zhong Xuegao’s most expensive single “Ecuador pink diamond”, and also stably surpass Haagen Dazs of the same level.


△ the weight is also very big Haagen Dazs


Just like you don’t understand why Maotai is so expensive that it can still be sold in such a short supply. Although Maotai ice cream can not become a value preservation product like wine, it is enough to broaden the price and competitive edge of domestic “high-end ice cream”.


This time, Maotai launched the first shot of attention to 2022 summer ice cream, and the Maotai flavor Baijiu infiltrated into milk and ice crystals, making the increasingly high-end ice cream market more “top”.


Drunken man doesn’t mean “wine”

The cross-border marketing of traditional large distilleries is nothing new. Luzhou Laojiao alone has carried out two joint activities with chabaidao and Zhong Xuegao. When it comes to launching “Maotai flavor ice cream”, Luzhou Laojiao is nearly a year earlier than Maotai.



However, compared with the market popularity of ice cream, Luzhou Laojiao seems to be a big difference from Maotai, which is obviously due to the difference in brand operation mode.


Since Maotai ice cream came into the market, the word “Maotai” must be the “C” forever. Even though there is no ice cream production line in Maotai, Mengniu, the so-called “strategic partner”, is not in the limelight at all.


△ the signing ceremony is Mengniu’s last highlight


On the contrary, Luzhou Laojiao, to a greater extent, has made a lot of money for Zhong Xuegao, and has not achieved significant brand popularity.


In addition, Maotai ice cream has adopted the way of joint promotion online and offline. It has not only earned enough attention by relying on physical stores, but also vigorously promoted “I Maotai app” with online shopping.


Even, Maotai plans to continue to open branches in many places and continue to expand the scale of online sales, just like the next Zhong Xuegao.


△ this offering is exclusive to I Moutai app


After reading this, you may ask, Moutai is not worried about sales at all. It specializes in ice cream business. What are you looking for?


Let’s first look at the “China ice cream / ice cream industry trend report” just released in May. The report points out that the market size of China’s ice cream industry has reached 164.3 billion yuan in 2021. In addition to the market size ranking first in the world, there are still plenty of growth opportunities for the future development of the industry.


△ the expansion of Maotai ice cream began


Compared with the milk tea beverage market that has become the Red Sea, it is also low threshold, high profit and high competition. At least the ice cream industry is not fully saturated, and the high-end ice cream has a huge market “money” power.


Thanks to Zhong Xuegao’s net red ice cream, taking advantage of the east wind of consumerism, it has constantly refreshed the “price tolerance” of the Chinese ice cream market and changed the “stereotype” of cheap popsicles.


Maotai, as the top luxury of Chinese Baijiu, can finally take this opportunity to “translate” into the high-end ice cream market. This time, it is not Maotai that has chosen to bow to ice cream, but the high-end ice cream is finally worthy of Maotai.



What’s more, although the meaning of the drunken man in Maotai doesn’t lie in wine, it can also lie in wine.


Like milk tea, ice cream is mainly consumed by contemporary young people. Compared with simple joint marketing, Maotai’s direct entry into the ice cream market can further consolidate its brand image among young groups and lay a long-term foundation for the development of its main business in the future.


△ I Maotai app is also an attempt to adapt to the younger generation


At the same time, the ice cream stores and I Moutai app mentioned above have successfully earned a wave of traffic by relying on the ice cream business. If the ice cream is not easy to sell in the future, they can become a liquor distribution channel. From this perspective, this move is also adding chips to the wine business.


However, Maotai ice cream entrusted its production to Mengniu and provided its own liquor. If the business was to be divested in the future, Maotai would not have any worries about the disposal of heavy assets at all.


△ change the decoration and continue to sell wine


From the current point of view, just regarding Maotai ice cream as a marketing activity has made a steady profit, not to mention its subsequent potential in channel and market. Even if it fails, Maotai can “transfer” its resources to the liquor business. This wave has won in every way.


Like many high-end ice cream, Maotai ice cream with golden spoon origins is also squeezing the market living space of traditional ice cream.


Are the popsicles getting old?

How long have you not seen these kinds of popsicles in the supermarket or the snack bar?


△ if you see one in the freezer, you should be grateful to the boss


As a classic white ice stick, even if the words Mengniu or Yili are printed on the package, the old ice stick can not escape the fate of being marginalized by the boss in the supermarket.


Small pudding gradually grew into big pudding, and the price naturally rose.


△ small volume, meeting the requirements of large


As a luxury Tri Color cup in the past, the last time I saw it was near the frozen meat in the corner of the freezer in the supermarket. Now if I want to buy it in a convenience store, I can only say it depends on my personal luck.


△ it used to be popular to draw roses on three color cups


In the current supply system of supermarkets, the above categories are still surviving, and the next three can only be described as extinct.


“Snow Lotus” ice cubes, which can even replace sprite in taste, are sold for 50 cents a pack, which is much more cost-effective than freezing sprite.



Ice cream with frozen mouth and hands can really be used as an ice bag in summer. After all, it is more resistant to thawing than ordinary ice cream.


△ ice cream in ice bags: let your neck get a little breath after being burned by the sun


The ice “dragging fat” with sticky syrup attached to the package is the top grade in memory. Although it is not an ice cream in the strict sense, it has filled many demand gaps in the early ice cream market, and can even be used to make drinks.


△ Tuofei is really an open source framework. There are many manufacturers. Which one do you remember


At the same time, an endless stream of medium and high-end ice cream began to seize the freezers of various supermarkets. So before, some netizens were making fun of it. Don’t go to 7-11, the whole family and Rosen to choose ice cream randomly. If you don’t pay attention, you should “eat snow at a high price”.


△ don’t approach the freezer gently

In addition to supermarkets, thousands of scenic spots across the country are selling high priced cultural and creative ice cream. The appearance is very beautiful, but the price is not very good. On average, almost all of them are around 20 yuan. No wonder they are ridiculed as “businessmen made 19.5 yuan in tears”.



Of course, all this can not be blamed on the online red ice cream represented by Zhong Xuegao. After all, in 2021, the ranking of China’s total ice cream retail sales will still be occupied by traditional giants such as Yili, Mengniu, heluxue, Nestle, and they are also actively promoting the high-end of ice cream products.


The well-known qiaolezi, keaido and even the green mood have all significantly increased in price in the past few years. Menglong under heluxue took the lead in becoming a wallet killer in the freezer. In 2013, I bought Menglong at a low price of 8 yuan, and the bitterness left in my heart is still unforgettable.


△ Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang Mr. Mr. Mr. I wish I had eaten all the bags


In addition to increasing the unit price of traditional products, the giants are also launching their own high terminal brands. Yili’s recently launched “xujihuan” is directly benchmarked with Zhong Xuegao in terms of price and brand positioning. Mengniu’s “Tilan Shengxue” has also achieved price upgrading by relying on high-end stacking materials and sold at a good price.


Some ingredients such as Belgian chocolate, Turkish hazelnut, Ghana black gold cocoa and Dutch cheese are added to ice cream like the name of the dish. I’m afraid consumers don’t understand why they can sell it so expensive.


On the other hand, their packaging was so “non cannibal” that there were a group of people in front of the cashier who did not carefully read the price tag and regretted after paying.


△ those less than 5 yuan will be treated as ice cream at the bottom of the society – “ice cream folding”


So looking at the supermarkets now, it is almost difficult to find ice cream less than 5 yuan in the freezer. Staring at the price list posted on the door of the freezer, you thought you had strayed into a snack bar in a scenic spot.


△ is this settled in RMB


Under such circumstances, are the old popsicles really out of business?


Not necessarily, because the offline retail channel is squeezed by high-end ice cream, these old friends can only be sold online.


However, without the important channel of retail supermarket, their sales volume is also declining. After all, most consumers will not go to wholesale box by box, and the Street convenience store in the hot summer is the correct way to open popsicles.


What makes people laugh and cry is that when I plan to go online shopping wholesale, I always find many high-end ice cream in the results of searching these popsicles, which belongs to killing them all.



I can make a dream dragon by searching the old popsicle, and I can clip a Zhong Xue Gao by searching the three color cup. The online environment is also in dire straits.



On the one hand, consumers are complaining about why they can’t afford ice cream more and more. On the other hand, the old ice cream with good quality and low price can’t match the high-end ice cream in sales. It can be seen that the current ice cream market has a great dislocation in the supply and demand at different levels.


For example, if you want to buy mineral water in a high-end supermarket, even if you think Evian, Fiji water and Voss are too expensive, you can still buy ice cream for one yuan on the shelf.


But now when I go to the convenience store to buy an ice cream to relieve the summer heat, I see some unknown or fancy ice cream. Even if you are not interested in “high-end stacking” and “ice cream sauce technology”, you have no choice but to choose a slightly cheaper one to leave.


△ but I just want to show off an ice stick


In the past, I was worried about the freedom of ice cream. I could still buy it cheaply, but now I even have no right to choose. Isn’t this bullying an honest man?


To figure out the way behind, we have to follow the logic of follow the money.


Song of ice and money

Although it is the largest ice cream market in the world, the seasonal characteristics of ice cream consumption are still difficult for manufacturers to overcome, which makes ice cream still a “low-frequency consumer product”. Even though the overall market size ranks first in the world, if we only look at the per capita ice cream consumption, the average ice cream consumption of the Chinese people is less than 3kg, which is far lower than the global average consumption.


△ picture source: Beijing news data source: GlobalData


At the same time, the production process of ordinary ice cream is not complicated, the industry threshold is not high, and the material cost is even lower. Most of the single cost will not exceed one yuan, so the natural unit price is not high.


The ice cream market needs to be developed, but the consumption frequency has not been significantly increased, which can only increase the unit price of ice cream. How to make the unit price more expensive is almost a traditional skill of the manufacturers. At the same time, there is a great opportunity to upgrade food consumption. Naturally, it is all in high-end ice cream.


At that time, Haagen Dazs could earn 70% of the profits of the global ice cream industry by selling expensive in the Chinese market. In the case of low consumption frequency per capita, Haagen Dazs simply contributed more than half of the profits.


△ sell Haagen Dazs to ta when he makes money


In 2016, the “Kali kalijun” popsicle under Akagi dairy, Japan, announced a price increase of 60 cents, which was the first price increase in the 25 years since the product was put on sale. Even the chairman took all the staff to make a video apology.


Other people have been able to operate with a little price increase for so many years. If the combination of “high-end and sharp price increase” comes down, will they still worry about the low profit margin?


△ red bean paste private Marseille avi


At present, the magic weapon of ice cream manufacturers to raise prices is mainly the stacking of raw materials and shape design. With the intensification of competition, they are still exploring new high-end selling points.


With the spread of the concept of low sugar and low calorie diet from the beverage industry, ice cream manufacturers have also begun to make an issue of sugar control, low calorie and no trans fatty acids to further grasp the consumption weaknesses of contemporary young people.


△ too green, too green


For example, the well-known mung bean popsicle is trying to change from a single bean ice cream product in the past to a plant herbal ice cream. It ranks health and low sugar in the first place in the publicity. At the same time, it is blessed with the words of nature and lightness. The unit price is directly sold at 10 yuan.


Therefore, the gross profit margin of cold drink products is often the highest among the giant product categories. However, for manufacturers, the sales profit of ice cream seems to be considerable, but if other expenses on storage and cold chain transportation are included, the final profit will be greatly reduced.


△ figure source: Yili’s financial report in 2021


But for dealers, it is very different. When manufacturers try to raise prices to make money, they earn more easily and have higher net profits.


For this reason, I also interviewed the ice cream wholesaler in my hometown. He has been doing ice cream business for more than 20 years. Although he is located in the n-line Township, his business has been very good.


In the past summer vacation, I wholesale a lot of ice cream. My uncle said he was willing to talk with me about the reason.


△ actual photo of uncle’s wholesale freezer


Uncle said that if you sell 20 pieces of Zhong Xuegao in a box, you can earn at least 70~80 yuan in retail or wholesale. If you sell a box of old popsicles, you can only earn 5~10 yuan in a box. Anyone can make the choice.


Although the consumption frequency of high-end ice cream in the township market is less than that in cities, they are moving closer to the price of 4~10 yuan.


I looked at the freezer. The ice cream with the same price as the pudding was obviously less than that at other prices. The uncle said that he would only take the big pudding in the future if there were no children coming.


△ the varieties of ice cream in towns and townships have been upgraded


Menglong was the most expensive one in the freezer. He also laughed and said that he could not decide whether Xuegao would come to have a try at o’clock. After all, his son was a distributor in the city and knew that high priced ice cream was the sweet cake in the freezer of supermarkets.


The consumption frequency and price tolerance of high-end ice cream in the city are higher. Even if the profit margin is the same, the difference between a 15 yuan ice cream and a 1 yuan ice cream comes out at once. Why not sell more expensive ice cream?


△ the three cheapest models in Uncle


After chatting with my uncle, I found that most Township distributors are like this. No wonder the chain convenience stores with more bargaining power in the city will turn away the cheap ice cream, and the cheap standard is almost “less than five yuan”.


Uncle is a wholesaler, while the retail convenience store is the nearest place to consumers. Large chains such as 7-11, family and Rosen occupy every corner of the big city and have more unified pricing and purchasing rights. Mom and pop supermarkets that want to compete for business at low prices can hardly pose a threat to them.


△ mom and pop supermarket killer


Therefore, they can put all the high-end ice cream in the freezer. Even if you are shocked by the price and want to buy it in another store, once you go in, you will still be familiar with the formula.


Convenience stores are more willing to buy high priced and profitable ice cream because they make a lot of money this summer. Those cheap ice cream brands are more difficult to distribute offline. Even Yili’s cheap product line can’t get through these channels and can only be rushed online.


Such a market cycle continues to intensify, and retail consumers eventually lose the right to choose ice cream.


△ Maogen Dazs


So in such a market environment, Maotai ice cream will never be the last ice cream you can’t afford.


Whether it’s the new Maotai ice cream or the high-end ice cream that has already occupied various channels, it’s understandable to expand the market and make a lot of money, but we should not take the initiative to eliminate low-cost ice cream.


Like the beverage market, ice cream belongs to mass consumption. Even though the consumption frequency is less than that of beverages, it will not force consumers to buy it.


When the capital cheers for the success of the high-end ice cream market again and again, please do not take it away

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Foodaily daily food observes the food industry chain and its new commercial value through innovative products. Official account the official account has been blocked
Foodaily daily food observes the food industry chain and its new commercial value through innovative products. Official account the official account has been blocked



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