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Have fun without alcohol. Why is your next beer beer| Daily new product soup Vol.7

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With hops as the protagonist, it is the best choice for ice drinking in summer

Hopark water is a non-alcoholic soda specially made for the lovers of fine brewed beer. The protagonist in each pot, hops, is carefully selected by hand. Through the accurately controlled fermentation process, it releases unspeakable floral, fruity and tropical citrus flavors. Corresponding to different seasons such as spring and summer, it brings a brand-new and extreme tongue experience to people who love hops taste and pursue health.


Source: gentlestar shop


The brand concept of hopark water is to “use a unique plant – hops to turn the simplest water into a complex, dynamic and refreshing product”. While ensuring “zero calorie, vegetarian, sugar free, no artificial or natural flavor”, hopark water also does not contain caffeine and gluten, and even obtains the “whole30” certification, which truly makes it natural and affordable.


This unique refreshing soda water injected with hops breaks through the boundary of fine brewing taste and enjoys the fun of fine brewing beer in the way of soda water.


Use the “bird” to create momentum and show the “color”

In order to show how hops can turn water into a dynamic drink with different tastes, the brand chose Skylark as its logo image. The outer packaging of each flavor depicts larks in different forms, such as listening to songs, playing skateboards, backpacking, taking off, overlooking, etc. combined with different packaging backgrounds, the products are more playful, flexible and personalized.


Image source: www.bevnet com



How can we have both health and flavor?

At the beginning of June, summer is coming, and the refreshing ice drink is back in the Jianghu. Among all kinds of drinks, beer is especially popular. Friends get together to drink and clink glasses in business talks. Beer is not only a companion to delicious dishes, but also a magic tool to cheer up. However, in real life, even if you drink low alcohol, there will always be many restrictions, such as driving, important meetings and other occasions, and the atmosphere will inevitably be reduced. Therefore, all kinds of alcohol free alternative drinks are popular.


According to businesswire, the global market share of alcohol free beer will be about US $16billion in 2021, and will reach US $23.27 billion in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.7%. The domestic demand for alcohol free beer is more urgent. According to the statistics of industrial information network, from 2017 to 2020, the import volume of alcohol free beer increased from 584.4 kiloliters in 2017 to 2475.7 kiloliters in 2020, with an average annual growth of 62%. According to the annual beer report of Jingdong liquor, the online turnover of domestic alcohol free beer in 2021 increased by 8 times year-on-year!


Source: Sarah Lawrence for VOX


At present, many “alcohol free” drinks struggle with “alcohol removal”. The most common way is to remove alcohol by heat treatment, membrane separation and extraction after fermentation, and then add fermentation broth, draft beer or mature beer to make up for the lack of alcohol taste. For example, “Heineken 0.0” launched by Heineken in the European market, and alcohol free beer from Kirin and Suntory in Japan; The other is the fully blended “alternative drink”, which mainly consists of fruit juice and functional herbs, highlighting special demands such as anti alcoholism and enhancing immunity. For example, so Beer。 In China, snow beer launched the zero alcohol “small beer steam” in March last year, which not only retains the beer foam, but also adds the fruity carbonation taste; Wusu Beer launched “Wusu small orange fruit” in the second half of last year; As well as the alcohol free beer, such as the alcohol free Pearson beer launched by the cutting-edge new zero, all belong to this type.


Hopark water is aimed at people who like the flavor of beer but want to reduce the consumption of ethanol, so they use hops, the soul substance in beer, to create a mellow, bitter and compatible unique taste, and control the fermentation process to perfectly solve the pain points of alcohol intake.


Image source: www.ubuy


The uniform “0” on the nutrient composition table and the only three ingredients tell people that hopark water truly carries out “natural, healthy and pure” to the end. Compared with the blended products added with various fruit juices and flavor components, it is undoubtedly challenging and more unique to achieve the final aroma presentation through the flavor release of different hops in fermentation.



Country of origin: United States

Company & Brand: hopark

Category: beverage / alcoholic beverage

Applicable to: the public

Ingredient list: [citronella taste] carbonated water, citronella hops, citric acid

Nutrient composition table:

Source: gentlestar shop

Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place

Specification & Price: 16oz *12 cans / $35

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