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Starbucks only looks for a new CEO from the outside, Abbott milk powder factory in the United States is restarted, Ruixing Shanghai is fully reopened, the Yili health Valley liquid milk project will be put into operation, and Dongpeng plans to launch the “national sports energy drink”

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More than 500 Ruixing stores in Shanghai have fully resumed business

Today, Ruixing’s official wechat official account announced that Ruixing has exceeded 7000 stores nationwide, covering 28 provincial-level administrative regions such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong. Meanwhile, since this week, more than 500 stores in Shanghai have fully resumed business. (issued by the company)



Blue bottle coffee Shanghai Yutong store resumed work

According to the official wechat official account of bluebottle coffee, bluebottle coffee Shanghai Yutong store officially resumed work at 8 o’clock this morning. (issued by the company)

Most of Starbucks’ stores in Beijing have orderly restored Limited food

From today on, Starbucks stores in other parts of Beijing except Fengtai District and some areas of Changping District will orderly restore the limited flow Hall Food Service in accordance with the latest epidemic prevention and control requirements of relevant departments. (Beijing Youth Daily)


In Shanghai, it is expected that on June 13, more than 60 naixuemen stores will be fully reopened. Shanghai store (released by the company)

Hong Kong youzhiliangpin goes out of business

The Hong Kong snack chain “youzhiliangpin” (youzhiliangpin), which focuses on passenger business, was reported to have closed down. Some local citizens pointed out on the social platform that many youzhiliangpin stores were not open today. In addition, local citizens claimed to call one of youzhiliangpin stores, and the clerk claimed that today was the last business day.


Recently, equipment commissioning was carried out on the production line of Yili modern smart health Valley liquid milk global smart manufacturing benchmark base project. The project is located in the core area of Yili modern smart health Valley, with a total investment of 5billion yuan. It is planned to be put into operation in mid June. (Inner Mongolia Daily)

Yili and

Recently, the agricultural and rural Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Ningxia Agricultural Reclamation Group signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with Yili Group to jointly build a 100 billion level dairy industry cluster. According to the agreement, Yili will accelerate the construction of 250000 cow breeding project. (Ningxia daily)

The largest sheep milk powder processing and manufacturing project in China is put into operation in Qingdao

The goat milk powder processing and manufacturing project put into operation today is located in Guhe street, Laixi City, Qingdao. It is invested by Yipin dairy and covers a total area of nearly 120000 square meters. It introduces the internationally leading dry and wet mixed milk powder production process and adopts intelligent and automatic production facilities. It can produce 50000 tons of goat milk powder and 500 tons of fresh goat milk per day. (Qingdao radio and television)


Today, Dongpeng beverage said in its published record of investor relations activities that in the first quarter of this year, in the case of outbreaks in many places across the country, the cost inevitably increased and the profit growth slowed down due to the continuous rise in the prices of pet and white granulated sugar, the main raw materials; However, the company has been taking proactive measures to deal with it. In the first quarter, the revenue of Dongpeng beverage still maintained a high growth of 17%; The company also said that because there are more and more fitness people, baokuangli, screaming and pulsating are the general choices of domestic sports people. We are ready to “create a national sports drink energy drink for domestic sports people”. (company announcement)

Budweiser China increased investment in Jinzhou plant and comprehensively promoted the process of carbon neutralization

Recently, Jinzhou Municipal government and Budweiser Asia Pacific signed agreements on “carbon neutralization brewery” and “carbon source delivery of beer wastewater”, announcing that Jinzhou plant will achieve carbon neutralization by the end of the year, becoming the second carbon neutralization plant of Budweiser China and the first carbon neutralization plant in Liaoning Province. At the same time, the two sides also signed the “tinned production line” agreement. Budweiser China will build a tinned production line in Jinzhou factory to further optimize the product structure of Budweiser Jinzhou factory. (Jinzhou daily)

A Starbucks store in Hangzhou was fined

(business system)


Yesterday, Coca Cola China, together with the China International Economic and technological exchange center of the Ministry of Commerce, the United Nations Development Programme, the international economic and technological cooperation and exchange center of the Ministry of water resources and the World Wide Fund for nature, jointly released a more focused, systematic and scientific cooperation direction for water resources protection, linking freshwater, forest, climate and environmental education modules from the perspective of integrated watershed management, Enable the industrial value chain partners of the river basin to jointly promote green development. (issued by the company)


Yesterday, Unilever, together with vision technology group, China Energy Conservation Association, China Quality Certification Center, Shanghai Energy Efficiency Center and more than 20 other global authorities and leading enterprises, jointly issued the group standard of “zero carbon factory evaluation method”, becoming the world’s first complete and quantifiable “zero carbon factory” construction standard and evaluation rules. (issued by the company)

Dongpeng special drink launches the first electronic label functional drink in China

Yesterday, Dongpeng special drink announced the launch of China’s first electronic label energy drink. It is reported that the electronic label can be viewed by scanning the bottle cap code, and the production information can be traced by one cap code. (issued by the company)

Nongyu launches the latest commercial coffee machine

Today, Nespresso momento, the latest commercial coffee machine series of Nespresso espresso.

It is reported that this coffee machine is applicable to a full range of 14 commercial coffee capsules with different aroma and intensity.

(issued by the company)

Yongpu and liangpin store launch coffee crackers

Today, yongpu’s official wechat official account announced that it and liangpin store jointly launched a new product – Coffee biscuits, making freeze-dried coffee powder into biscuits. It is reported that yongpu Columbia freeze-dried powder is added to the product. (issued by the company)

Founder Schultz says Starbucks needs to inject new blood

“For the future development of the company, we need to have rich experience and professional skills in some fields, which we don’t have yet,” Schultz said in an interview at Starbucks headquarters. “This means that Starbucks needs to welcome a different type of leader.” Starbucks said that at present, it has several feasible candidates for CEO, and the company is considering them. (Wall Street Journal)


Today, Starbucks announced that the board of directors has cooperated with Schultz. Before the announcement of CEO appointment is released this fall, the formal handover will take place in the first quarter of fiscal 2023, and Schultz will continue to stay on the board of Starbucks. (company announcement)

Abbott previously shut down and the plant has been restarted

Abbott said recently that its Sturgis infant formula factory in Michigan has been restarted, which may help alleviate the shortage problem across the United States. The company also said that it will produce EleCare and other special formulas and metabolized milk powder. The first batch of EleCare will be put on the U.S. market around June 20. (Reuters)

Jianhe group will cooperate with FDA to increase milk powder supply

Recently, Jianhe (h&h) group will cooperate with FDA to obtain approval to ship more infant formula to the United States. Senior executives of the company said that its brand heshengyuan was “stepping up its assistance to deliver milk powder from France and Australia to the United States”, adding that the company did not see any impact of the shortage in the United States on the Chinese market. (Reuters)

Wal Mart said it would cooperate with suppliers to reduce commodity prices

Recently, Wal Mart executives said that some suppliers are actively responding to Wal Mart’s price reduction measures, although suppliers are also coping with high inflation and rising raw material and labor costs, which has attracted investors’ questions. Doug mcmillon, chief executive of Wal Mart, said that the company is taking more extensive orders or changing the packaging size to help suppliers control costs. (Reuters)

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Beijing’s consumer market regained its business sales of 4.33 billion yuan during the Dragon Boat Festival yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce released statistics on the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. During the holiday, department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, restaurants, e-commerce and other enterprises under key monitoring achieved sales of 4.33 billion yuan, an increase of 6.3% year-on-year (last year’s Dragon Boat Festival holiday). The passenger flow of 52 key business districts in the city reached 8.877 million person times, an increase of 19.4% month on month (the week before the festival). (Beijing Youth Daily)

Food prices fell in May, thanks to the decline in vegetable oil prices

According to the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, food prices fell for the second consecutive month in May, thanks to the decline in vegetable oil prices. The index fell 0.9 points to 157.4 points in May, the second consecutive month since it hit a record high of 159.7 points in March.)

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