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There are ways to live in the house, parent-child mobilization, outdoor fashion New trends of Chinese consumer brands


Chinese brands are ushering in a new era. The Chinese soul of self-reliance, self-improvement and self-confidence is integrating into Chinese brands.


The opinions on further releasing consumption potential and promoting sustainable recovery of consumption issued by the general office of the State Council a few days ago pointed out that consumption is the final demand, the key link and important engine for unblocking the domestic cycle, has a lasting driving force for the economy, and is related to ensuring and improving people’s livelihood. In the past two years, despite the impact of the international situation and epidemic prevention and control, China’s economy has shown strong resilience and vitality. According to the latest data from the National Bureau of statistics, in 2022, on the basis of accurate and effective epidemic prevention and control, all regions actively introduced measures to promote stable growth of consumption, effectively implemented the strategy of expanding domestic demand, and overall maintained a recovery of consumption development. In the first quarter of 2022, the contribution rate of final consumption expenditure to economic growth was 69.4%, driving GDP growth by 3.3 percentage points, and the role of domestic demand was further enhanced.

Stabilizing consumption is of great significance to stabilizing the economy. Strengthening brand building and enhancing China’s brand influence and competitiveness are important measures to stimulate consumption, optimize supply and promote high-quality development. At present, China’s industrial structure is constantly being optimized. Advanced manufacturing, emerging service industries and the “four new economies” (new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models) have become important driving forces for China’s economic development. New consumption and new formats are showing a strong growth trend and have become an important force leading China’s consumer market.

Brand has always been the embodiment of national and national technology and cultural precipitation. China’s continuously enhanced economic strength and continuously improved national self-confidence have created the soil for the growth of Chinese brands. Batch after batch of domestic brands seize the demand changes of the new generation of consumers, rely on digital technology, innovate in sales channels, marketing channels, supply chain and products, and begin to occupy a place in the new consumption track. With an eye to the future and in the face of the complex market environment, whether we can maintain the momentum of innovation and practice our internal skills to cross the cycle has become a key issue in front of Chinese brands.

On May 10, 2022, in order to welcome the sixth “Chinese brand day”, the financial program center of China Central Radio and Television Corporation, based on the brand side and focusing on the consumer side, issued the “Chinese consumer brand trends (2022)” to guide the development of Chinese brands and Chinese enterprises.

Chinese consumer brand trends (2022)

Trend 1: National Fashion

In the face of the young generation with distinctive personality, strong willingness to consume, emphasis on ideas and identity, and pursuit of a better life, domestic brands are constantly following the trend of young consumption, deeply integrating traditional culture with modern fashion, performing cross-border classic retro and personality expression, and actively interacting with young consumers by using new marketing means such as social media promotion and cross-border cooperation, from different perspectives, Define the Chinese style and create the Chinese tide.

According to the survey data of Zhimeng consulting agency, in 2021, 42.5% of consumers said they had increased their consumption of domestic products compared with the previous year; According to the little red book data, in 2021, users searched nearly 1.2 billion times for domestic brands, generating more than 6billion discussions, an increase of more than 100% for two consecutive years. Domestic brands are changing the brand choice of more and more consumers through continuous product innovation and brand upgrading.

Domestic products are moving towards the era of trend and quality.

Data source: Zhimeng consulting 2022 China consumption trend report

Trend 2: green low carbon

More and more brands are promoting green growth by focusing on environmental, social, low-carbon and other indicators and elements. This is not only a sustainable strategy for the synergy of corporate business value and social value, but also a green and healthy lifestyle.

The brand’s practice of green development concept conforms to the trend of consumers’ practice of simplicity, moderation, green and low-carbon. Whether the product has green, organic, low-carbon, recyclable and other elements has also become a reference for many consumers’ decision-making.

At the same time, more and more enterprises are upgrading sustainable development to an enterprise mission vision or integrating it into development strategies. According to the Research Report on the practice of the sustainable development goals of Chinese enterprises released by the United Nations Development Programme, about 89% of Chinese enterprises understand the sustainable development goals (sdgs) and recognize that the sustainable development model can not only improve the brand value of the company, but also bring positive social, economic and environmental impacts to the enterprise.

Data source: Zhimeng consulting 2021 China consumption trend report

Trend 3: user co creation

In the digital era, the relationship between consumers and brands is being redefined. Two way interaction has become a new mode for enterprises to connect and talk to users. Whether it is through consumer feedback for product improvement, inviting consumers to participate in research and development, or customized products for personalized needs, it has opened a new imagination space for creating brands with users.

Reverse mass Entrepreneurship Based on user insight, big data mining, interactive perception and two-way feedback will bring about the reconstruction of production and consumption patterns, which will not only make the brand better match the consumption trend of users, but also improve consumers’ satisfaction and sense of value for products and services. Consumers will become co owners, co builders and sharers of brands.

Data source: Zhimeng consulting 2021 China consumption trend report

Trend 4: deficiency and reality coexist

The coming meta universe has opened a new digital space and time. Each brand needs to establish a new position and create a new digital identity in the meta universe era, create a new interactive space and immersive experience through virtual human, digital collection, AR, VR and other technologies, and integrate and collaborate with the offline physical world.

In the “top ten Internet terms in 2021” released by the national language resources monitoring and Research Center, “metauniverse” was selected. According to the Bloomberg Industry Research Report, yuancosmos will reach a market size of 800billion US dollars in 2024; At the same time, according to institutional statistics, from September to November 2021, there have been 63 yuan universe related investment and financing transactions at home and abroad, with a total amount of more than 10 billion yuan; VR devices, virtual human, and NFT digital collections have also become the hottest meta universe applications. In terms of the virtual human market alone, the report of CITIC Securities shows that the scale of China’s virtual human market will reach 270billion by 2030.

Metauniverse is not a substitute for real life, but a mapping and supplement to the real world. According to the survey data of Zhimeng consulting agency, 52.4% of consumers agree with the view that “virtual and reality are interconnected and interactive”. Today, with the vigorous development of mobile Internet, metauniverse may be the form of the next generation Internet, which will bring brand-new time and space and more immersive consumption experience.

Data source: Zhimeng consulting 2022 China consumption trend report

Trend 5: value return

“The flow is sometimes exhausted, but the brand has no absolute period”. When the flow bonus gradually ebbs, the brand base can be seen. After the boom, the market will eventually return to rationality. “Old brands” will one day learn new marketing methods, and “new brands” will eventually go to the long-term track of competing for product power. On the road from 1 to 100, no one can cross the test. Brand evergreen not only relies on the flow and the password of popular models, adheres to the original intention, returns to the product essence, focuses on the core competitiveness, and creates “heart flow” that resonates with consumers, so as to achieve stability and further development.

How does the brand win the long-term trust of consumers? The survey shows that three dimensions are very important: stick to the original intention and core values, pay attention to the emotional value connection with consumers, and pay attention to the investment in social welfare. Only by returning to products and users, continuously strengthening core competitiveness, and driving endogenous growth and innovation with value creation and value guidance can the brand be evergreen.

Data source: Zhimeng consulting 2022 China consumption trend report

Chinese consumer brand racetrack (2022)

Trend 1: there is also a way for home

From air frying pan to homemade coffee, from fitness at home to camping at home, from self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot to prefabricated vegetables… Since the house, it is necessary to create beauty, quality and atmosphere in the house. The house economy presents a new scene, and many “house artifacts” have been born.

On a social platform, in the past year alone, the search volume for “Homestead” has increased by 450%, homestead can work, cook, exercise, and even camp… The “air fryer” alone has been searched more than 60million times, and the content of “camping at home” has increased by 940% year-on-year in the first three months of 2022. Compared with the culinary competition in 2020, the “exquisite house” at this stage directly fills consumers’ sense of scene experience of “beautiful house”. At the same time, smart home and smart wearable devices usher in new development opportunities. According to the report data released by IDC, a market research institution, in 2021, China’s smart home equipment market shipped more than 220million units, with a year-on-year increase of 9.2%. The “smart home” has become a new way of life.


Trend 2: parent child mobilization

Children’s growth cannot be duplicated, let alone repeated. Therefore, more and more families hope to give their children more quality companionship and pay attention to their children’s all-round development. The parent-child consumption market has also ushered in unprecedented enthusiasm: from healthy nutrition, to scientific parenting, from scientific and technological literacy to artistic edification, from returning to nature to multi omnipotence, parent-child consumption has become the general mobilization of the “one drag n” family, releasing unlimited potential.

As the post-85s and post-90s have become the main force of baopa and Baoma, parent-child consumption is also constantly developing towards quality. “Natural education” and “parent-child camping” have become the most concerned topics in the network in the past two years. According to the data of a domestic life service platform, among the parent-child related services, the top 5 services with year-on-year increase in orders are “ball training”, “hosting performances”, “scientific experiments”, “children’s programming” and “roller skating”. Different from paying more attention to the improvement of cultural knowledge in the early years, scientific parenting and cultivating more comprehensive comprehensive quality have become the common pursuit of modern parents.


Trend 3: new outdoor fashion

Tents grow wildly on the grassland, look up at the stars on the mountain top, challenge the limit on the ice and snow, and enjoy the countryside in the countryside

High quality outdoor has increasingly become a new choice for urban people.

Nowadays, picnics, camping, Frisbee, hiking, cycling and other lifestyles are becoming the “new favorite” of people’s outdoor life. According to the report released by China Tourism Research Institute, camping is moving from a minority to a mass. With its “versatile” attribute, it has become the first place in the “list of the most popular playing methods among young people”. On the social platform, since the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday in April, the search volume around campsites, camping equipment and camping teaching has exploded. At the same time, many outdoor lifestyles and outdoor consumer goods are also growing rapidly. According to relevant platform data, in 2021, the search volume of outdoor power supply increased by 10 times year-on-year, the search volume of outdoor equipment increased by 4.6 times year-on-year, and the search volume of outdoor tables and chairs increased by 3.5 times year-on-year. Outdoor catering has become more and more popular in the past two years. Many well-known brands have joined the ranks, ushering in a new outlet for the catering industry.

In addition, driven by the “Winter Olympics effect”, Chinese people’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports continues to rise. The report of the State General Administration of sports shows that China has achieved the goal of “promoting 300million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, with 346million people participating in ice and snow sports nationwide. According to the relevant survey data of the Ministry of culture and tourism, the number of ice and snow leisure tourists in the snow season 2020-2021 reached 230million, and the income from ice and snow leisure tourism exceeded 390billion yuan, not only in ski resorts Ski equipment, ice and snow tourism and other pillar industries of ice and snow economy are driving into the fast lane. Ski insurance, ice and snow technology and other sub circuits also deserve attention.


Trend 4: light and healthy

“Spin bike Pilates, soak medlar in a thermos cup”, refuse complicated actions, health preservation is no longer a deliberate arrangement, but has become a habit anytime and anywhere. Lightweight, instant and low reduction are becoming a new consumption trend.

With the awakening of health awareness, the health preservation of young consumers has gradually moved from the primary way to a higher-level exploration, from focusing on diet to sleep, sub-health, and even spent a lot of money to buy various health preservation instruments. According to a survey conducted by CCTV finance and Economics on the consumption of young people in China, health care ranked second in the consumption list of young people in 2021, and the proportion of increased consumption is expected to increase by 7.5 percentage points over 2020.

At the same time, the health of hard core should not only be “low” but also be “reduced” to the extreme. Zero fat, Zero sugar, zero calorie, non fried, simple salt, low salt, slight salt, zero addition… Are all becoming the protagonists in the discussion. On the one hand, they have high requirements for food health. On the other hand, they have not given up their original demand for “delicious”. New ingredients, new senses and new functions will open up more consumption space.


Trend 5: pet love is priceless

“There is always happiness in smoking cats and dogs”. For many people, keeping pets is not only a spiritual sustenance, but also a long-term companionship. Only when you raise a pet can you know the kindness of your parents. The consumption of cute pets is priceless. Eating, using, illness and burial are all money. Therefore, the anthropomorphic pet consumption market is becoming larger and larger.

According to Jingdong home data, in order to make pets eat, sleep and have fun at home, the demand for pet daily necessities has gradually increased, with sales increasing by 40% month on month, of which dog toys doubled, cat and dog bedding increased by 51% and pet health products increased by 40%. In addition, pet breeders are also increasing their pet knowledge reserves. Since the beginning of this year, there has been a sharp increase in the number of pet related questions and answers, with more than 300000 new pet related questions and answers. In 2021, the release of notes on “pet talent” in Little Red Book increased by 115% year-on-year. Once the “hairy boy” is rolled up, even human beings will feel inferior. It is really “talented”.


Only those who embrace trends

To become a leader

Brand is a culture full of economic connotation, a pronoun of trust, and a booster of consumption. The sustainable operation of the brand not only needs to focus on the product quality and brand value, but also actively embrace the consumption trend and constantly look for new growth curves. When the times keep surging up waves, the people who can push the times forward are always those who do not forget their original intentions, are tenacious, have a keen sense of touch, see and embrace the trend. To achieve leadership in the new business transformation and consumption wave, only by standing at the forefront of the trend and constantly evolving and iterating can they become the leader of the industry.

With the polishing of the national image in the world, Chinese brands are being supported by more and more young people. The people’s pursuit of a better life has been constantly upgraded. New digital industries have exploded rapidly. Chinese brands are also ushering in a new era. The Chinese soul of self-reliance, self-improvement and self-confidence is being integrated into Chinese brands. In the future, it is believed that more and more domestic brands will find a sustainable growth mode across the cycle through continuous innovation, and show the world the Chinese spirit, Chinese temperament and Chinese style in the new consumption environment.

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