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The past of the college entrance examination


The charm of the college entrance examination is that it makes people believe that it can change their destiny, but we do not know that our destiny is always in our own hands.


On June 7, the 2022 college entrance examination will officially begin. 11.93 million students will enter the examination room to welcome a big test in their lives. The college entrance examination, which is the rite of passage for Chinese teenagers, has also laid the spiritual foundation for their struggle.

At this moment, every candidate who goes all out for his dream is closer to his dream than ever! Entrepreneurship is the same as the college entrance examination. Only when there is a spark of change in the heart can there be a prairie fire that will eventually change the world.

In 1954, although he was born in a scholarly family, his family was destitute. He dropped out of school in Grade 5 of primary school, and was sent to study as a bricklayer and later as a carpenter. In 1977, Zhong was 23 years old. He could only make a living with his skills and could not see any foreseeable future.

In 1977, China restored the college entrance examination system, and countless people ushered in a turning point in their destiny. Zhong is one of them.

However, due to the early interruption of his study, Zhong didn’t even master the basic algebra knowledge, so it was difficult for him to enter the University. For the two college entrance examinations, he was more than 20 points away from the enrollment line each time.

At the suggestion of her parents, Zhong was finally admitted to the Chinese Department of RTVU. After graduation, Zhong worked in the Federation of literary and art circles and Jiangnan.

It is very interesting that at that time, Zhong Shuang, who lived in the dormitory of the Federation of literary and art circles, was preparing for the exam of Zhejiang Daily, while Ma Yun was downstairs preparing for the third college entrance examination.

However, they were also lucky in those years. Ma Yun was admitted to Hangzhou Normal University because of his excellent English performance, while Zhong Fuxin successfully entered Zhejiang Daily and became a rural reporter.

In 1951, liuyonghao was born into an intellectual family. His father was a local judge in Xinjin. His mother zhengkangzhi was trained in Huangpu Military Academy and became a local people’s teacher after the founding of the people’s Republic of China.

When many people were still illiterate, Liu Yonghao had “Reference News” and other magazines and books that only cadre families could have. The four brothers, liuyonghao, could not go to college without the edification of their families.

In 1973, liuyonghao participated in a temporary college entrance examination held that year, and successfully entered Deyang machine manufacturing school in Sichuan Province, majoring in machine manufacturing. After graduation, he naturally became a university teacher at that time, and met his later wife, school doctor Li Wei. With a respected job and a gentle wife, Liu’s future is full of hope.

Liu Yonghao entered Deyang machine manufacturing school in Sichuan Province to study machine manufacturing because he failed the political review.

After graduation, he naturally became a university teacher at that time. However, liuyonghao was not willing to take only 38.5 yuan of salary every month, so he sold his family property with his three brothers and collected 1000 yuan of starting capital to start his business.

Also lucky was chenxianbao, who, with his solid foundation, was admitted to Wuxi Institute of light industry (Jiangnan University). Four years later, chenxianbao was assigned to the management position of the sugar, tobacco and wine company under the jurisdiction of Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce. In the mid-1990s, he resolutely resigned from the post of section chief and devoted himself to the wave of establishing private enterprises.

Some people have won the title, others have failed, and more people have fallen and failed in the college entrance examination. But the failure did not knock them down, but made their extraordinary life. What is more valuable than success is the moment when you will never admit defeat after failure.

Going to college was not the only option at that time. There are also soldiers like Wang Jianlin, Renzhiqiang and Ning Gaoning, workers like Zhang Ruimin and Wang Shi, and delivery workers like zongqinghou.

Sensitive people have already felt the changes of the times from clues, and those who are willing to be buried by ordinary life.

Zongqinghou, born in 1945, went to the countryside to the “Siberian pasture” in Zhoushan after graduating from junior high school. In 15 years, zongqinghou has done farm work, built dams, picked excrement, and even learned to kill pigs.

In 1977, zongqinghou, who was over age, missed the college entrance examination. It was not until 1978 that he was able to work in Hangzhou instead of his mother. In the tenth year after the resumption of the college entrance examination, zongqinghou, 42, started from scratch by pedaling a tricycle to deliver goods. He borrowed money to set up Hangzhou Baoling children’s nutrition food factory (the predecessor of Wahaha) to process pollen on behalf of Wahaha, thus starting the entrepreneurial process of Wahaha.

In 1989, at the age of 42, Tao Huabi, with a little money saved from frugality and half of the bricks and linoleum asbestos tiles collected from four places, set up a simple restaurant overnight. It was a affordable restaurant with only two small tables, specializing in cold noodles and cold noodles.

No one dares to despise a cruel middle-aged man. Similarly, life can only see hope through persistence.

The charm of the college entrance examination is that it makes people believe that it can change their destiny, but we do not know that our destiny is always in our own hands. In this world, there is almost no dream that you can get a good job without finishing reading. Any job requires your sweat, training and learning.

The college entrance examination is more like a rite of passage for teenagers. After all, they have fought and struggled. It just declares that youth has ended and a new journey has begun again. And the only one who really decides his own destiny is himself.

May all candidates brave the wind and waves, write without regret, and live up to the struggle of life!

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