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Shanghai RT Mart relies on the hot search of copywriting and has a great insight!

the ceiling of supermarket copywriting.

Hello, good afternoon, everyone.

How did everyone enjoy this Dragon Boat Festival?

I heard that Shanghai has finally returned to work. Shanghai friends in the circle of friends can finally “open their eyes to the world”!

It is said that the first thing Shanghai people can do when they go out is to buy a refrigerator and stock up…

I was still wondering if it was true. As a result, I saw the advertisement of Shanghai RT Mart this morning.

It can only be said that Shanghai people have been living at home for a long time.

It is said that inspiration comes from life. As one of the “victims”, RT Mart advertising department is definitely not idle at home.

As soon as the copywriter gets his hands on it, he will be the best in hot search.

Click inside to have a look. It’s so fun. I’d like to name this copy:

Harem food biography

Supermarket cold palace

“Fate has given me a thousand layers of armor. I will protect the mountains and rivers in one layer.”

“Not every sprout is worth rejoicing.”

“These two months, we loved.”

“Maybe I’m not your favorite,

Please allow me to leave with dignity. “

“I was born poor,

I am very happy to accompany you. “

“His shovel never belonged to me.”

“No matter how charming this onion is, who can I show it to?”

I can’t laugh anymore. What’s the matter with the full wind of complaining women?!!

It’s like an unwelcome lady in the cold palace…

Cold palace vegetables: can the Shanghainese love me again in the life of the rejected vegetables.

Hot comments from Shanghai netizens: it’s not that I don’t love you. I’ve had enough in the past two months.

Supermarket top flow

“Life has made everyone versatile.”

“Whether it meets with water or soil,

Always sprout with joy. “

“I didn’t expect that there would be another red day.”

“If the food is not green, garlic is the name.

There are not many dishes, but green onions are good. “

“Simple happiness.”

“King of currency, your happiness depends on me.”

“The antidote to the soul.”

Who thought of the idea of personification with vegetables? Add chicken legs!

Tomatoes – cool and cute

Shallot – self supporting star

Eggs – fanhong Xiaosheng

Garlic – King of all kinds

Potato chips – simple and happy

Coke — the king of circulation

Coffee – the antidote to the soul

This copy is at least the level of two months’ isolation at home.

The most interesting point is that his positioning of each food comes from his insight into the epidemic situation, such as coke hard currency, coffee life extension, self planting shallots

We may be looking at tuyile, but these are the real life in Shanghai in the past two months.

In addition to gongdou style, RT mart’s copywriting also has literary style, romantic style and funny style

“25 ℃ is the temperature suitable for fermentation,

It’s also the right temperature to see you. “

“This row of green vegetables,

It is the love Qin sea that I laid for you. “

“I didn’t expect to live a few more months.”

This wave of RT Mart has raised the level of supermarket copywriting on its own.

After all, it used to be: good news, especially good news. The original price is XXX and the current price is XXX. Come and buy it quickly

Seeing this, I just want to say who says advertising is useless?!! Facts have proved that good advertising can also be out of the circle!!

And thank the netizens for remembering the planner. You have contributed to the salary increase!

Well, back to business.

According to the observation of Toutiao brother, the publicity of RT Mart this time mainly relies on two points:

One is insight, the other is taking advantage of the situation.

First look at the insight, whether it is planning, creativity or copywriting are inseparable from the insight. The most special insight of advertisers is to find the truth that has not been found or forgotten.

“Discovery” is not difficult, “truth” is difficult.

In fact, during the period of isolation at home in Shanghai, we all had these life experiences. Presumably, RT mart’s advertising planning also experienced this, but the difference is that after everyone experienced it, it passed, and the advertisers recorded these life experiences to form the so-called discovery.

But only discovery is not enough. What matters is the truth. What is the truth? The truth is to explore the reasons behind the discovery.

RT mart’s advertisement moved people, not only because his “discovery” was special enough, but also because he could understand the romance of Shanghai people.

Shanghainese need romance, which is not hypocrisy, but an attitude towards life and optimism for a good life after a “battle”.

This is the truth.

Looking at the situation, I always believe that no matter what kind of advertising, insight is the first, and the situation is just a marketing means.

Of course, this is not to say that taking advantage of the situation is not important, but that no matter what kind of marketing means are based on insight, and then take advantage of the situation to maximize the marketing effect.

Just like this RT Mart advertisement, taking advantage of the unsealing trend of Shanghai, it showed those bad experiences during the Shanghai epidemic as “jokes”, hit the pain points of Shanghai citizens, and then spread this point to various media platforms through the strength of the momentum, attracting the attention of netizens to the greatest extent and creating a wave of good feelings.

This is not only a victory of taking advantage of the situation, but also a victory of insight!

Finally, do you have any friends in Shanghai who are really curious about the first thing to do after unsealing!




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