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Danone nutritia has started new business in China and made a combination of “Chinese and Western”

Before the great promotion in the middle of 618, Danone newdihia was ready to roll up its sleeves and start a new business in the Chinese market.

Recently, a total of three products of the nutrition brand of newdihia, Ganmai series, have been launched in the official flagship stores of tmall and Tiktok. Different from other nutrition products of the same type, the Ganmai series for people over the age of 40 distinguishes different products according to the recommended consumption time period, and covers three different dimensions of “immunity”, “mobility” and “brain power” from the type of product formula, playing the brand of “precision nutrition”.

At the same time, as the first nutrition product for the middle-aged and the elderly developed by Danone’s open scientific research center, Ganmai has integrated the obvious characteristics of “combination of Chinese and Western” into the product concept and formula design, which is also the first bold attempt of Danone newdihia to expand its product line in the Chinese market.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Overweight localization

The snack generation noticed that the Ganmai series includes three products: Ganmai good morning probiotic diet fiber drink, Ganmai multi protein clear drink and Ganmai nutrition good night drink, which respectively correspond to the three time periods of 7:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. in a day.

As for the above product design, Danone nutrihia said that the above three products are scientific nutrition formula products designed according to the behavior and habits of consumers at different times of the day, starting from the nutritional needs of the body in the morning, middle and late.

Gregg ward, the head of Danone open scientific research center, further introduced that the dare step series products are the latest achievements jointly developed by Danone open scientific research center in collaboration with global and Chinese well-known experts. On the basis of quoting the world’s leading technology, they integrate China’s local consumption insight and local medical evidence, and advocate the nutrition supply concept of “time-sharing on demand”. It is reported that some products choose raw materials with Chinese local characteristics.

According to the official product data, the “good morning drink” in the above three products mainly contains probiotics, dietary fiber, VC and other ingredients, and the idea comes from the living habit of “getting up in the morning with a cup of water to manage the intestines and stomach”. The “multi protein white drink” at 2 p.m. focuses on the need to replenish energy. The formula contains whey protein, amino acids, collagen peptides and ginseng powder to replenish vitality.


“We have noticed that the ‘Oriental healthy diet model’ was first put forward in the newly released Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents (2022), which indicates that the concept of ‘creating a health solution suitable for Chinese people according to their daily habits’ is becoming the mainstream. The bold step series was developed based on this concept.” Zhouzhigang, senior vice president of Danone’s early life nutrition in Greater China, added that the product design of Gamay is deeply rooted in the daily habits and physical needs of Chinese consumers. It is inspired by the Oriental health philosophy and combines the cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements of Danone’s open scientific research center.

Xiaoshidai once introduced that the above-mentioned Danone open scientific research center was officially put into use in July, 2020. It mainly serves infants, the elderly and patients with special nutritional needs. The purpose is to help the company develop more innovative nutrition products that meet China’s local needs faster.

New growth engine

According to the financial report for the first quarter of 2022 released earlier, Danone nutritia’s professional special nutrition business in China has become a major growth engine for Danone’s overall business in China. This time, it launched the dare to step series in the Chinese market for the middle-aged and the elderly, no doubt hoping to seize the latest market opportunity under the aging trend in China in the new field of nutrition for the middle-aged and the elderly, so as to further tap the growth space of nutrition business in China.

“The listing of the whole line of products of the dare step series will help Danone Nutricia further build a life-cycle health product system in the Chinese market, and escort the life-cycle nutrition and health of Chinese consumers with scientific nutrition.” Danone newdihia said.

According to statistics, the scale of China’s health food market will be 1140.8 billion yuan by 2025, with a year-on-year increase of 5.6%. In terms of proportion, the middle-aged and the elderly are undoubtedly the major consumers of healthy food.

Under the above background, the aging trend in China is becoming more and more obvious. According to the report released by the China Development Foundation in 2020, it is estimated that by about 2022, China’s population over 65 years old will account for 14% of the total population, moving from an aging society to an aging society. If the age of 60 or above is taken as the standard for defining the elderly population, China will have nearly 500million elderly people by 2050.

Zhouzhigang said that in the future, Danone nutrihia will rely on its rich resources and experience accumulated in the nutrition and health industry for many years, combined with its insight into the health and consumption of the Chinese market, to launch more advanced products tailored for Chinese consumers, so as to better meet the constantly upgrading multi-level health needs of the Chinese market.

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