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Delicate cold extracted tea, the feeling of drinking champagne | daily new product stew Vol.8

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Blend the tea flavor into the sparkling drink, and bring out the perfect taste with the craftsman spirit

“Nolo” (no and low- alcohol) has become a hot word in the wine industry in recent years. As a consumer demand mainly driven by young people, the endless new categories of alcohol free beer and wine, fruit flavored bubble drinks, non-alcoholic fermented beverages, etc. have injected vigorous vitality into the development of the industry. Rich and layered taste and warm burning feeling are the unique sensory experience brought by wine drinking, and Saicho bubble cold extract tea is an excellent alternative wine drinking that takes into account both taste, flavor and unique personality.


Source: Saicho official website

Natalie, one of the founders, came from Hong Kong. She had the habit of drinking tea since childhood. She was convinced that tea could create a perfect product mix and put forward the new concept of bubble tea. To this end, they conducted a two-year sampling and experimental process, tested hundreds of varieties from all over the world, and finally determined three types of tea.

Different from the traditional hot drink method, this product carries out cold bubble treatment on tea. The tea taste is more delicate, the aroma is more intense, and the astringency is balanced, creating a more complex flavor and taste.

Saicho series all select tea from a single origin and are picked by hand; Specific varieties, specific time, location, water and soil, altitude and specific processing methods create a simple and pure unique tea flavor.

Source: Saicho official website

Each cup of tea is cold brewed for 24 hours to extract the most delicate and complex flavor of tea. Then add white grape juice, citric acid, with a trace of sweetness and a small amount of acidity to achieve the perfect balance of taste. Finally, as a finishing touch, carbon dioxide is added to enhance the taste of tea and finally burst out at the tip of the tongue.


High taste, elegant style, ideal substitute for champagne

Saicho has three flavors: Darjeeling tea, Japanese roasted green tea and jasmine tea.

Dajiling tea has the aroma of peach blossom, citrus, ginger and wood spices. The taste is as delicate as mousse. The slight bitterness and mild dry tannins make it very friendly to food. It is an ideal companion for roast pork or rich lasagna. Tannins and bubbles counteract the greasiness of the dishes, while bringing a fresh taste.

Japanese roasted green tea has the aroma of orange peel, roasted hazelnut, smoke and mushroom. It has rich taste, full body, mellow texture and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Perfect with roast duck and mushroom puree. The aroma characteristics of tea naturally complement the characteristics of this dish.

Jasmine tea has obvious floral characteristics, with rose petal like cream texture and fresh spicy taste. With boiled lobster and lemon verbena, the acidity and bubbles of tea are well integrated into the freshness and sweetness of lobster.

Source: Saicho official website

The product packaging is also a classic bottle of champagne Burgundy, simple and elegant. As an ideal substitute for a non-alcoholic beverage oriented at champagne and Prosecco (an Italian sparkling wine), its flavor is complex and refreshing. It can easily adapt to various scenes, such as a luxurious and light lunch, a romantic dinner, or a relaxed afternoon tea. It provides a “unique and refreshing” choice for those who want to avoid drinking.



Inject bubbles into traditional tea to create richer food collocation and application scenarios

As drinks with a long history, tea and sparkling wine have always had their own matching scenes. Dessert and tea are standard for afternoon tea, and a bottle of sparkling wine at the dinner party is also very suitable. If the two are combined, will a new scene be created?

Source: Saicho official website

Charlie, the founder, once said that Saicho aims to bring new drinks to dinner parties or leisure gatherings around the world. Based on this concept, this bubble cold extract tea can be matched with a variety of foods, so that people can not only experience the pleasure of wine, but also savor the elegant and long mixed fragrance. It is a new product form in the alcohol free wine market.



Country of origin: UK

Company & Brand: Saicho sparking cold brew teas

Category: beverage / alcoholic beverage

Applicable population: adults, especially those who are not suitable for drinking

Ingredient list:

Taste of Darjeeling tea: 24-hour cold brewing Darjeeling tea (93%), concentrated white grape juice, citric acid, vitamin C and carbon dioxide.

Japanese roasted green tea flavor: 24-hour cold bubble Japanese roasted green tea (93%), concentrated white grape juice, citric acid, vitamin C, carbon dioxide.

Jasmine tea taste: 24-hour cold brewing jasmine tea (93%), concentrated white grape juice, citric acid, vitamin C, carbon dioxide.

Nutrient composition table:

Storage condition: normal temperature storage

Specification & selling price: 700ml/10.99 £

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