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Guangming plans to invest 2.5 billion yuan to build a ranch group, Gree gaofali China, and Xicha Shanghai plans to add more than 500 jobs. The recall loss of jif peanut butter is $125million, and the daily excellent fresh food receives the stark letter

Hot company information and announcement


Guangming dairy plans to invest 2.5 billion yuan to build a pasture group

Guangming dairy announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary Guangming animal husbandry Co., Ltd. will invest in the construction of Dingyuan pasture group project in Dingyuan County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province. The project is designed to have 47500 cows in stock, with a total investment of 2.49317 billion yuan. It is expected to reach production capacity in 2028, with an annual output of 295900 tons of raw milk. (company announcement)

Jianhe: milk powder can be transported to the United States in a few weeks


Today, Jianhe group, the parent company of heshengyuan, said that it was communicating to deliver milk powder from France and Australia to the US market to alleviate the shortage of milk powder in the region. At present, it is still communicating with FDA and other relevant agencies for approval. If it goes well, it is hoped that it can be delivered in the next few weeks. (snack generation)

Xicha will add more than 500 jobs in Shanghai

Yesterday, Xi Cha announced that more than 500 new jobs will be created in Shanghai in the near future. At present, most of Xi Cha’s stores in Shanghai have resumed work. (Xinmin Evening News)

Daily Youxian stock price low acceptance letter from NASDAQ

Recently, Youxian daily announced that the closing price of the company’s ads was lower than US $1 for 30 consecutive trading days, which was lower than the compliance standard for continuous listing. Therefore, it received a notice from the NASDAQ listing qualification Department on. The company said that this notice would not affect the business operation of the company and the listing or trading of ads on NASDAQ. The company would take all reasonable measures to resume compliance within the specified grace period. (36 krypton)

Manner coffee Guangzhou company is listed in the list of abnormal operation

Recently, Guangzhou Yinhe Catering Management Co., Ltd., an affiliate of manner coffee, was listed in the list of abnormal operations by Guangzhou Tianhe District market supervision and Administration Bureau because it could not be contacted through the registered residence or business place. According to the shareholder information, the company is wholly owned by Shanghai Yinhe Industrial Co., Ltd., the main company of manner coffee. (business system)

Gregor plans to increase China’s annual sales to 15%

A few days ago, the Japanese food enterprise Glico announced that it has begun to officially represent the brand biscuit “BISCO” in China. It is reported that Jiangqi greeco launched the almond juice beverage “almond effect” in August 2021, and began to carry out the health food business in China in an all-round way. In the future, it will continue to launch health-related products, aiming to increase the annual sales growth rate in China to 15% by 2024. (Nikkei)

Yipin dairy: RMB 3-5billion in the next three years

Yesterday, the commissioning ceremony of Yipin Beikang (Qingdao) sheep dairy products Co., Ltd. was held in Laixi City. The factory can produce 50000 tons of goat milk powder and 500 tons of fresh goat milk per day. It is revealed that the sales revenue of Yipin dairy will increase from 1.2 billion yuan in 2019 to nearly 2billion yuan in 2020, and will reach 3-5billion yuan in the next three years. (Xianyang News Network)

Tomson Beijian has reached cooperation with several national teams

Today, Tomson Beijian officially announced that he has reached cooperation with many national teams such as volleyball, sailing, rugby, rowing, kayaking and tennis. (AP)

Yili promotes its first printing free environmental protection package

On this year’s world environment day, Jindian launched its first non printing and ink free packaging, and used plant-based dream covers. Some of its raw materials came from sugarcane. (issued by the company)

New “Chacha” and “Cha Cha Chi Chi Chi” on kellyone

Yesterday, kellyone, a cutting-edge beverage brand, successively launched two new tea products, namely, “Chacha” fruit juice tea and “tea tea with air” bubble tea. At present, the new products have been officially launched in tmall flagship store, and more e-commerce and new retail channels will be launched in the future. (issued by the company)

Russian company buys Pizza Hut franchise

According to Russian media today, noi-m purchased Pizza Hut’s franchise in Russia at a price of 300million rubles (equivalent to US $4.92 million). Noi-m is associated with rosinter, a Russian catering group, which owns the franchise rights of Costa coffee and TGI friday’s in Russia. Pizza Hut’s 50 Russian stores will be renamed, but the new owners have not yet decided on the name. (RTE )

Peanut butter recall caused us $125million in losses

The j.m.smucker Co, a U.S. food producer, said today that the initiative to recall some batches of jif peanut butter due to suspected Salmonella contamination will cause a loss of 125million US dollars to the annual performance. In late May, the company said that in the United States, the FDA broke out in many states

110000 pounds of Nestle milk powder will arrive in the United States

Yesterday, the US authorities said that they would organize a flight from Germany to transport 110000 pounds of Nestle infant formula from Germany to Texas in the United States on June 9. These milk formulas would be provided nationwide in the United States, and the delivery would be further announced in the next few days. (Reuters)

Saudi fund is named as the Middle East bidder of Starbucks


General Mills quits Israeli joint venture

Recently, general mills has sold its majority stake in the dough manufacturing business in Israel to the local company Bodan holdings. The core of the company’s strategy is to give priority to using resources to promote higher returns. (Just Food)

Mars joins hands with WFP to strengthen food safety system

According to yesterday’s news from Mars, Mars has re established a partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) to raise awareness of food safety, enhance exchanges and promote cooperation in the global food supply chain. (issued by the company)

Quick reading of food industry information


US Department of Agriculture says it will provide us infant formula exemption

Yesterday, the US Department of Agriculture announced that it would provide nationwide exemption for infant formula milk powder, so that families enjoying the federal WIC (women, infants and children) benefit plan can obtain formulas that are not normally approved for use in the plan. (CNN)

Dadukou exposes a number of typical cases of illegal operation of children’s supplies

Since the beginning of this year, Chongqing Dadukou District Market Supervision Bureau has focused on key commodities, key fields and key industries related to the life, health and safety of the people, launched the “iron fist” action, and investigated and handled a number of illegal business cases such as infant milk powder, children’s toys and children’s clothing. (among them, the cases involving milk powder are as follows, involving a platform called “Baoma time”) (upstream News)

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